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Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 & S9+ Release In Cold | FREEBIES

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For more videos & Subscribe : https://goo.gl/ytNBiQ Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 & S9+ Release after few month in 2018 Samsung could have made a statement in Las Vegas when the word’s press was expecting a show, It could have made a statement at any point in the last few and kept control of the story. It could have decided at any point to go big and herald the start of a new generation of mobile hardware. It may still do the later, but the management of the story has escaped the South Korean company. Tucked away in a statement discussing the South Korean company’s fourth quarter results was a quiet, understated confirmation: In the first quarter, the company expects the mobile business to improve its earnings, led by an increase in sales of flagship products with the launch of Galaxy S9. And that’s it. No Vegas chorus line, no setting up story lines of an improved camera, no details of the increased security options that use facial and iris recognition, no discussion about improved software. So, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S9 is coming. The needle moves forward a bit more. But I can’t help feeling that this approach to the confirmation and launch is wasting so many marketing opportunities… Source: www.forbes.com
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Rohit Sharma (4 months ago)
Nice galaxy s9+

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