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Intelligent Scan vs Face ID - Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan vs Apple iPhone X Face ID Full Detailed Comparison including Speed, Accuracy, Photo test, Glasses, Sunglasses, Iris Scanner and in the Dark. SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 The Samsung Galaxy S9+ features a 6.2" Super AMOLED Display with a QHD+ 18.5:9 ratio, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 3500mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner, Intelligent Scan, AR Emoji and Samsung Bixby AI assistant. The iPhone X features a 5.8" Super Retina OLED Display, Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 7MP Selfie Camera and Face ID Scanner. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (1653)
SuperSaf TV (1 month ago)
Most requested video recently! Wasn't easy to put together, hope you enjoyed it! Which do you prefer, Intelligent Scan or Face ID?
Mostafa Jalloul (2 hours ago)
SuperSaf TV can you tell me what or which model your computer scream is thank you
Zaheer pees17 (22 hours ago)
SuperSaf TV i need a phone will you give me one please
Frenkli Hasimllari (2 days ago)
SuperSaf TV you didn't try them with your eyes closed
Glen Aranha (4 days ago)
Intelligent scan
Slime Asmr (12 days ago)
lorame I mean with the s9 it barely works in the dark but the x works in the dark and the s9 highest their brightness when about to be unlocked but I’d still rather just take my face of the pillow rather than turn the lights on
abdul azees (3 hours ago)
Rogith Shankrish (3 hours ago)
Intelligent scan is far superior in coding and faaarr more secure than face id!
LEGEND OF COC (7 hours ago)
Face id is best
WeiLy (11 hours ago)
You should try with photo on paper, its different if device see on monitor layer
29kalel (13 hours ago)
iPhone X worked every time. Much better tech on the x
Ajai Vamsi (1 day ago)
yousef sa (1 day ago)
The topic should be galaxy s9 PLUS,this why I disliked it
MIZAN KHAN (2 days ago)
You look like imran khan
Teach Meach (2 days ago)
Nifemi Alade (3 days ago)
if u love samsung like😘😍😛
Thanadol Sinthubodee (5 days ago)
Y does a red light on top of the S9 appears when I’m trying to use intelligent scan?
ravi ananad (5 days ago)
Finally something on this topic I use a note 8 and iphone x And the iris scanner is really scary And irritating to use As shown in the video it bright up to maximum enough to strain your eyes But as shown in the video the iohine is on a different level alll together The solution I found for myself was Use only face scan in day light And in night don't even bother Just place your finger print right Waallah It sucks because note 8 indeed was an awesome phone for media consumption but for the minuscule speakers AND PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON HOW EASILY THE NOTE 8 SCREEN GETS SCRATCED
Rohan JS (5 days ago)
Samsung is best in this video
DiTrx Hack (7 days ago)
im using my note 3 right now :D
Jitendra Faldesai (7 days ago)
I need a iPhone
shrishchawla (7 days ago)
I thought you were a good tech reviewer, watched your video for s9 ! Finally brought my s9 plus and you know what intelligent scan isn't that intelligent , i think you are a fake ! Most probably sponsored.
AFA (7 days ago)
How do you activate the LED flash on the front camera ?
Khan Usama (7 days ago)
Super Plan Man (8 days ago)
+SuperSaf TV There's some unaccounted for flaws in your test! You assume the IphoneX facial recognition software is superior to the Galaxy s9 because it can open the phone up with you wearing sunglasses and by you placing the phone in front of a monitor with your picture on it! But that doesn't necessarily mean the phone's security is working in a way that's intelligent! It may simply be that the phone isn't discriminating between a face without sunglasses and a face with sunglasses on! And or, making no discernment between a screen's photo and a real time 3D face of someone! If anything, the Galaxy s9 face recognition is more selective in how it works, which adds to the security! As long as the Galaxy S9 facial recognition software functions fast and efficient I think that makes for the better security measure! I don't want my phone being able to open up while I have sunglasses on! Or someone being able to use a picture of me to open up my phone! If the phone could talk to me like Tony Stark's AI and be that intelligent then I would think that the phone would be intelligent enough to be able to discern my face with sunglasses on or off, or be able to know a picture of me from my actual face! Then that kind of security would prove itself!
ali raza (8 days ago)
Iphone X is legend dont compare it with motherfucker samsung
Asen Andreev (8 days ago)
Hahaha android fans 👀👀👀 iPhone 📲 is best in World 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
me.priv_ ac_2k2 (9 days ago)
Don't lie
me.priv_ ac_2k2 (9 days ago)
U can't use iris and face I'd in the same time on the s9 🖕🏻
Sweeto Toffee (9 days ago)
Try to unlock these devices by a short video clip of yours
Cardiff Maxwell (9 days ago)
i thing the one of the best way to to day this is by using a twin persons
Kuzeo (10 days ago)
I think the S9+ is better because it has a higher security.
Iboy aliraza (10 days ago)
Damn...even though the X doesnt have fingerprint scanner....its face id best all the other flagships....nice move Apple!👏👏👏...even im impressed how the s9's new intelligent scan struggle in the dark and bear in mind guyz that intelligent scan has 2 securities: the eyes and the face!😍
kooldudes597 (10 days ago)
I just got the galaxy s9 about a month ago and I find the intelligent scan works about 90% of the time even if I am wearing a baseball cap or sunglasses.
Timothy Coleman (10 days ago)
False. he turn the iphone x brightness down and he put the s9+ brightness on auto which means when u interact with the phone it's automatically gonna get brighter
Mike Giba (10 days ago)
Im s9+ user, but wow! I like how FaceID catch your face in the dark... s9+ have to swipe for a little bit light for unlock that situation
hOMEY TECh (12 days ago)
approx : 74,000 more subs to reach 1 million . good luck
Both are very good options and work well. It just comes down to which OS is your personal choice. Neither will sway loyalest away from there preferred brand. Good comparison. Personally I like the configuration of the s9 because of the options to unlock. I like that it gives you the options of Finger print, intelligent scat, personal id. But Im a Sammy fan. However, if your loyal to Apple these extra options are not going to sway you to get a Samsung and vice versa for android users. Enjoy what you have.
LittleDude250 // MCPE (15 days ago)
I got s9 for my 13th birthday, it’s amazing
Steve Badolato (15 days ago)
Pushing the side button every time on the Galaxy sucks. Much better to simply touch the screen and swipe.
Manav Rao (17 days ago)
iPhone X is best
Arthur Parker (17 days ago)
Code oven climb angry British briefly mean plan nonprofit satisfy.
Suj (18 days ago)
Monica Sherley (18 days ago)
I hate how close the Samsung has to be, Face ID is not like that. It just works, I hope they allow us to change the swipe bullshit though.
Isnalda Torres (18 days ago)
The galaxy s9 is more protected
P IR 3 D 4 T 0o IR (19 days ago)
I never wear any glases so... Welcome Samsung
Raj Kishan (19 days ago)
I don't no ho is the best
Mohammad Ovi (20 days ago)
Apple never compromises with their security But the F*** samsung does
It's Akile (20 days ago)
One of the dumbest Vs
HAMZA ISMALI (20 days ago)
No it is not secured as I PHONE X
Alejandro Gallo (20 days ago)
What if you are an identical twin with minor different facial features like beard vs no beard??
#DRW (20 days ago)
Just wait till 2020
Forever iphone
APPLE win ... yeahh....
Faizan Wani (21 days ago)
We dont need to unlock our phn just to see the time and date....thatz y apple doesnt have direct unlock.....smart
Shane Vlogz 2 (22 days ago)
Samsung is better than apple
MarvNTreyHD Blog (22 days ago)
face ID does get bypassed by twins though unfortunately Iris scanner doesnt
Haris Noor (22 days ago)
Iphone sucks just waste of money
Jasmin Music (22 days ago)
When I look at the s9 does it also shows me the hidden messages? (When somebody looks on the iphone x, he cant read the message, when i look at the iphone x it shows me the message on the lockscreen)
Well done. Useful tests. I appreciate it really.
San yasi (23 days ago)
Should i buy S9+ or Apple X??
Tina Bains (24 days ago)
good video
Tina Bains (24 days ago)
there is no need to swipe up!!!!!!
carlos pereira (25 days ago)
S9 the best
Maxi kashi (25 days ago)
Samsung gets better than apple
Ravi Sankar (25 days ago)
Hi Sir, recently I bought Mi A1, I would like to bring one issue to your notice that Mi A1 unable to pair with Bluetooth headsets , please check and provide solution if you have, Thank you Sir
Shihab Mohammad (25 days ago)
Iohone 10 better than S9+
Zachary Law (25 days ago)
It doesn't matter either way because Samsung kept their fingerprint scanner (as well as a load of other useful features *cough* headphone jack and expandable storage *cough*). Just goes to show you can have your cake and eat it too, Samsung make the effort to develop not drop things people like and use.
Xenon Agoncillo (26 days ago)
1 like = are on team SAMSUNG
Xenon Agoncillo (26 days ago)
andrea D'Souza (26 days ago)
which phone has the best camera I really want to know my preference is android but for a good cam I can switch to Iphone
GeNRLcosMS1o1 # (26 days ago)
Did u realise the infared lights only the camera could pick up
Scan and lD face code is designed by not be used in a 2nd 21st. This will help 3rd ,I promise
alishan ahmed (27 days ago)
ComputeR WaliSarkar (27 days ago)
review the camera result both mobiles and brief the the which is better blur
Khai Veal (27 days ago)
He sounded surprised everything the Samsung got it 😂. But great video
Dylan white (27 days ago)
Another great video!
T.Watcher (27 days ago)
s9 is the best
NH Komaiha (27 days ago)
It loses when iris+facial vs faceid But fp vs faceid.. definitely fp faster
Gerwin Vink (27 days ago)
Samsung sucks
Peter Reichert (27 days ago)
the different are really minor, as you said in the video. But I notice that little different, the Qualcomm is reacting to the touch a little bit faster than the Exynos. From that point on it´s the same process and loading schema I guess. So, in fact there is just a little minor difference, only the peoples with a deep sight will notice the difference, for the most peoples it should not noticed so great.
Mohammed Kawthar (28 days ago)
We need a twin test 😂
Face ID is best
Redpill Prophet - Mike (28 days ago)
Intelligent scan is dope
Meti Saciri (28 days ago)
S9+ is best ever
Lee Droxxy (29 days ago)
Wow samsung
Maria Style (29 days ago)
World best smartphone is the S9 Plus
jeff (29 days ago)
Lol you said very scary. Maybe it's the beard
jp adel (29 days ago)
You forgot to test unlocking them while wearing a mask. You tried the shades which obviously will work for ix favor and will barely work on s9 so i think its fair to try it while wearing n95 mask or ski mask right?
Robert M (30 days ago)
Try doing a video of your face to unlock not a picture on your computer.
You don't have class in iPhone Samsung best iPhone is deckles
Moveid Naqvi (30 days ago)
I love how careful he is when putting the phones back on the table.
Ayush Sharma (1 month ago)
Nice video
chirag mohanty (1 month ago)
5:20 lmao
David Zhong (1 month ago)
In places where it is cold and dusty, you wear a hat, mask and gloves, you reach out to your iPhone X, crap this thing doesn't unlock unless I take my mask off. Then you reach out to your S9, FPS got disabled by wearing gloves, but iris scanner works perfectly! The conclusion is, some faces are similar, ever heard of child unlock the parent iPhone X? lol, but iris scanner & finger print scanner are MUCH more securer than face ID. Go truth.
cruz (1 month ago)
0:08 just take a look at that s9 such a beautiful device to look at, Samsung just nails the design of their phone, absolutely stunning to look at.
girl dollkar (1 month ago)
It was s9 plus n not s9. Misleading caption.
Emma Peeters (1 month ago)
Reporting square drink topic away sculpture temporary bear.
faisalkhalid1982 (1 month ago)
Both devices are doing great
sec fol (1 month ago)
technically ,face id use 3D mapping ehich is far suferior than facial recognition.. but this facial unlock is just a small side of the coin compare to bunch of useful features galaxy have.. and galaxy have super fast finger print scanner make it turn on before you stare at your phone, which is more useful to my multitask and very fast pace work.. both phone are good device but being said, not for everyone.. thanks for a straight point and good review..
gopal raju.v (1 month ago)
Does intelligent scan works with eyes closed ..??? ..... an idiot posted video showing that it's working worth eyes closed... plz clarify
dalin dany (1 month ago)
GUYS plzz subscribe him!!!! CaUsE he iS neAring!!!!! 1 miLLion!!!!!!!!!!
Sule Keles (1 month ago)
SAMSUNG IS THE BEST ONE !!! the best comment is i love samsung and i have the safest phone (samsung) and the safest car (brand new volvo v90)😍Samsung is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!ive got s8 but im gonna get note 9 after comes up!?!!!!
Cassius Marques (1 month ago)
You should had done a printed photo test. Cameras can detect the monitor screen refreshs.
saket ranjan (1 month ago)
Can you give me a phone

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