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What's On My Phone: 2018!

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My daily smartphone setup in 2018! 🐼 That wallpaper: https://i.imgur.com/jPvRQJh.jpg The sub: http://reddit.com/r/MKBHD Flamingo for Twitter: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samruston.twitter&hl=en Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track by Jordyn Edmonds: https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (5939)
Brandon Dierker (3 hours ago)
MKBHD - For your calendar widget, try out "Calendar Widget: Agenda". The look is like what you have but no glitch and full functionality with Google calendar with custom icons even.
Michael Schipper (6 hours ago)
Hardcore history and freakonomics best podcasts
Mokkery (10 hours ago)
Any podcast from Radiotopia is awesome. Checkout 99 Percent Invisible, about hidden deisgn and stories in everyday life, good stuff.
Hazeem Hanif (12 hours ago)
Does anyone know what the calendar widget is called?
thegiantwalrus (16 hours ago)
Interesting... "YouTube" I might check that site out. **Looks for link** Wait a minute! WHERES THE LINK!?
Goodcat007 (17 hours ago)
9-10 Lift... Lift? Must have just started, then
Akshit Dadheech (20 hours ago)
make videos on cryptocurrency please
Jc Cesar (1 day ago)
Where do you hide your Grinder app?
Alex Stewart (1 day ago)
Your welcome 😉
WHAAAT you cant swipe away cards anymore? That was the best part about it. Swipe away some cards, swipe down to reset and load in new ones. Well I guess my decision to disable the google assistant was not in vain.
TheSpencemen (1 day ago)
Is the blue shift still bad on the xl? I want to switch from iPhone to Pixel and want to know if the blue shift is as bad as the display model in the store was
Jose Luna (1 day ago)
the smoking tire podcast!!!
Chess TownKing (1 day ago)
Such a great video man! Keep it up
Amateur Singer (2 days ago)
Nothing from Microsoft 😒
Sergiu Poenaru (2 days ago)
Podcast suggestion: The Kevin Rose Show
Gowtham Raj (2 days ago)
Please do behind the scenes
Riccardo Catalano (2 days ago)
what do you use a day to day messages app, as whatsapp doesn’t transfer between ios and android?
Peruvian Ninja (2 days ago)
Steve Zaragoza’s podcasts are fucking hilarious also check out hello from the magic tavern it’s great
Mateo Vazquez (2 days ago)
deal own muscle brown share broad pole plane opinion paint drive.
Tomoki Sasaki (2 days ago)
Hey Marques, I used to use Today Calendar widget too, but stopped because of that annoying bug. A good alternative with a similar design is Event Flow. I changed since the bug and have been satisfied by it. I'm watching this quite late I know :p
Andrew Stefanelli (3 days ago)
Why doesn't the pixel 2 have duel Bluetooth speaker connection capability?
闕志學 (3 days ago)
Hey Marques, how do you keep photos and documents sync between phones?
Sadiq Ali (3 days ago)
newfnshow031 (3 days ago)
Risk is a good podcast u should check out
GATTU Mehta (3 days ago)
Playing games or only testing
Your Boy Mcleon (3 days ago)
Himachal HunterZ (3 days ago)
I love 1 phone X amazing
Kenny S (3 days ago)
I been watching your videos since u been reviewing my touches and black black pearls 😂 keep up the good work but I gotta ? I was trying the pixel xl in bestbuy and the camera was very noisey on highest quality setting could u explain?
Scott Prazak (3 days ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the shopping list swap to the web browser sometime a couple years ago was a terrible idea.
Movie clips HD (3 days ago)
What is the intro music
Spinickus (4 days ago)
Podcast Suggestion: JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE Thank me later.
Luke D'Sylva (4 days ago)
If I was going to get the google pixel 2 xl I would probably pick full black
Justin Ramos (4 days ago)
best channel (4 days ago)
there was no link for youtube in the description
Ansh Chawla (4 days ago)
My favorite podcast "Lower your expectations" the podcast of the youtuber Marcus Butler
19messi33 (5 days ago)
Joe Rogan Podocast...with Lawrence Krauss..-let you mind be blown
Dave-A-Flav (5 days ago)
Coinbase? You invest in crypto?
The Doc (5 days ago)
You tube? What are you, some kind of hipster?
Irvin Romo (5 days ago)
Help I cant find a screen protector for my Pixel 2XL!!
BEVIN MANUEL (5 days ago)
Bro just checkout redmi note 5 pro recently introduced in india. Its amazing , i am pretty sure , you gona enjoy it
Addison Graham (5 days ago)
Skeptics Guide to the universe good podcast
Rico (5 days ago)
I just came from your first video (for some reason yt recommended it). Goddamn you evolved.
Techy FJ (5 days ago)
In MOTO E4+ can remove the cards by swiping right
童帅铖 (6 days ago)
I wonder how to setup like your second page calendar widget
Early Access Gaming (6 days ago)
i use the shopping list but i just a short cut to it on my screen. i think google did it because not everyone uses keep. but i agree you should be able to choose where the shopping list is.
Chase Bouchard (6 days ago)
The Bill Simmons podcast is pretty dope
AZ420 (6 days ago)
Joey for Reddit & Talon for Twitter
AZ420 (6 days ago)
Can't stand not swiping cards!
Square Eyes (6 days ago)
No games?
Ritvik Arora (6 days ago)
When u said u wud link youtube below it shouldve been i will link it above
Noah Stolee (6 days ago)
Marques, try 99 Percent Invisible, it's a great podcast
budakhan1234 (6 days ago)
Why can't I find Dark Sky on the play store?
Uthman Nasser (6 days ago)
Is snapchat on pixel like ither android phones or better?
XxepicmasterxX xx (6 days ago)
February 5 my birthday
Rakshit Joshi (6 days ago)
that iPhone wallpaper please !
SIBIN M S (6 days ago)
I like to have an iPhone x, if you have one can u give it to me plz 😊
شَفِيْكْ (6 days ago)
I want all wallpapers u have using or tell the best app pls bro.
Ikshit Parab (5 days ago)
Shafiq wallrox or backdrops
loser5858 (7 days ago)
The best ever marquees
Charlie Diaz (7 days ago)
Man please go back to your IPhone X .......
Mark Cohen (7 days ago)
@mkbhd you should check out weather timeline
Thomas Frank (7 days ago)
Aw yeah, another Pocket Casts guy. If you haven't checked it out, IMO Hardcore History is probably the best podcast out there.
Ishan Mishra (1 hour ago)
Thomas Frank, what about the college info geek podcast? 😂
JoePlaysDemGames (7 days ago)
"My Dad Wrote A Porno" is probably the funniest podcast ever
Paulo Cordeiro (7 days ago)
Hidden Brain is a very good podcast. You should listen.
lightswarm175 (7 days ago)
For podcasts I'm a big fan of Dear Hank and John.
Md Shämîm (7 days ago)
Brother make a video of the Apple Watch series 4 release date and what’s new ..!!
Kim Joosse (7 days ago)
No snapseed or VSCO Marques?
Finn Wilkinson (7 days ago)
firm manufacturer consist again impression performance horn integration build enemy let.
I3IllyI3adAss (7 days ago)
Joe Budden PodCast
Imam Farouqi Faisal (8 days ago)
What widget do u use for the X? 😳
SmartyYang 2016 (8 days ago)
If you use the same app every year, why do you need to update your phone???
Walter Bova (6 days ago)
the apps change and become heavier every year
francisco montano (8 days ago)
The Bill Burr monday morning podcast will make you burst your spleen laughing.
BananaBread (8 days ago)
Podcast Last Podcast On The Left
abdifatah yæ4 (8 days ago)
i don't know why you like american products!!! couse you are an american or...!?
😂😂😂The last one
Wahaj Muhammad (8 days ago)
Though I enjoy watching many videos I can't afford to buy a phone. Like if you do same.
TheFraglife (8 days ago)
love the wallpaper but for my galaxy s7 edge no so good
yitz tic (8 days ago)
You don't use whatsapp???
Matthew Knipfer (8 days ago)
Great podcasts: Freakonomics and Hello Internet
Kalyan Yasaswi (8 days ago)
Marques! Do check out SMS Organizer by Microsoft. I found it via an instagram ad. But works pretty well.
Live Strong (9 days ago)
I deleted apple maps because Apple maps is stupid and Google maps is way better. I'm glad u can delete stock apps that you don't need on iPhone X!
Shadowjago 101 (9 days ago)
Everyone buying iPhone 📱 rip google pixl 2
Courtney Price (9 days ago)
Podcasts: SYSK, Hardcore History, History unplugged, Pod Save America
Kevin Roa (9 days ago)
What if you don’t use Google? Transferring from phone to phone sounds like a pain.
Joel Anaya (9 days ago)
That two gripes he had about the Google cards and the shopping list are the perfect example of why I'm considering switching to an IPhone. Android is so damn inconsistent with its software features. Like they never seem to be happy with their set up, and just continously switch things up, annoying users as a result. Makes it really hard to fully leverage an operating system. Pardon the rant, but he touched on a soft spot for me lol
Seto Kaiba (9 days ago)
Oh come on..you are only using iPhone because you don't want people to think that you are an Android user...we know you are, no need to pretend you like both equally.
Faris Syakirin (9 days ago)
Dear MKBHD, please provide a link for that wallpaper in high resolution. Cheers, much love
rdash23 (9 days ago)
I saw you subscribed to JJ Redick's podcast in Pocket Cast. If you like the NBA you should check out Breakaway by Rob Mahoney from Sports Illustrated. There are only 8 episodes and they are slightly dated as they are all from last season. However, the theme of each episode is still very much relevant. The show has an NPR-like vibe to it and does a deep-dive into different aspects of playing in the NBA. I've been an NBA fan my whole life and Breakaway gave me an even deeper appreciation of what the league is all about.
Sérgio Vieira (9 days ago)
Google calendar widget app?
Can you please send me one of your phones or the most damaged one ? Thank you
Ule Kõrtchn (9 days ago)
you can remove cards through the 3 dot menu in Google now
Tomàs Lepoutre (9 days ago)
i would like to have that widget for my agenda. but on my phone it is another layout and you can't see through it. is that agenda widget typical for android 8 + ?
Prajwal Patel (9 days ago)
No porn?
Busisani Dube (9 days ago)
Do you use Whatsapp????
Utsav Kalra (9 days ago)
How to get that see through calender app ? The widget of calender on my device is not the same
Arthur Cruz (10 days ago)
Hi, can i have the wallpaper. Thanks in advance.
Jameo360 (10 days ago)
I’m sorry but I don’t really care what’s on your phone.
Kenneth Runge (10 days ago)
The link for the wallpaper is not the greatest quality, any chance there's a high res version?
Salman (10 days ago)
Joey Sack (10 days ago)
Radiolab is a really good podcast. They do super interesting stories about science and psychology and rare occurrences in the world
Omar Farghaly (10 days ago)
Your iPhone X wallpaper, please?

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