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What's On My Phone: 2018!

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My daily smartphone setup in 2018! 🐼 That wallpaper: https://i.imgur.com/jPvRQJh.jpg The sub: http://reddit.com/r/MKBHD Flamingo for Twitter: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samruston.twitter&hl=en Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track by Jordyn Edmonds: https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD

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Text Comments (6336)
Dedo Playzz (12 hours ago)
Listen to the true Geordie podcast
- - (1 day ago)
lift? what are you lifting, bonebag? :D
- - (1 day ago)
so, if u rob this guy, u already have 2 phones for 1000 each
night vale
Ace (4 days ago)
My personal shortlist of the best general listening podcasts. #1 Hello Internet #2 Waking Up with Sam Harris #3 The Tim Ferriss Show #4 Skeptics' Guide to the Universe #5 The Joe Rogan Experience/H3 Podcast (guest dependent)
shehraiz ahmed (5 days ago)
please link to that iphone wallpaper
Kasper (5 days ago)
Google has broads in Atlanta
Kevin Doherty (6 days ago)
Reply All is a pretty awesome podcast
LoL Exabite (7 days ago)
whats in your camera roll ;)
AndroidFusion BLADE (7 days ago)
Dear MKBHD, I am a very big fan for you nearly up-to 3 years. I am only on instagram. skenroule5 is my name. I am also following you there. I have one complaint on you. Why you are not making videos on smartphone hacks. Please try to make any smartphone hacks video. 👋
Lone Wolf Ethan (8 days ago)
RIP Flamingo :c
Podcast suggestion : stuff you missed in history class
SOLOMAN (8 days ago)
Nokia Health app review is best 😂
R Baker (8 days ago)
I’ve been wavering on the edge of defecting over from iPhone to android, I have my eye on Pixel XL.......this video just pushed me over the edge, gonna go for it when the 3 comes out, assuming it’s even more awesome than the 2......
Abu Ahamed Rafi (8 days ago)
Your favt. Music player is Spotify.but here in Bangladesh we have no access.we would be grateful if you suggest a similar music player with Spotify goods.i wish you will notice this.......✌ Love your work and best of luck for the future.
Mr Romantic (8 days ago)
WTF! You American Guys Don't Use WhatsApp?..
Uzel1731 Box (9 days ago)
Yes, Btw about that shopping list... My greatest question?
David V. (10 days ago)
@MKBHD: you should use business calendar pro in combination with your gmail calendar. Way better, no bugs! ;)
Roger Curran (10 days ago)
Yes!! Freaking yes, that Google home shopping list tie up with Keep was gold, why did they break it!
Brad Kuhn (9 days ago)
To push people towards shopping through Google Express. Stupid move.
IVAN tandoc (10 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday
MRcoolcat tv Gould (10 days ago)
offical podcast
Jonathan Lozada (11 days ago)
I'll get a Google Pixel when they get rid of that chin and forehead.
Magmoner (12 days ago)
Aay I use canary but it occasionally crashes
Magmoner (12 days ago)
Ear Biscuits. (It's a podcast)
Kareem Darweesh (12 days ago)
"I fly united a lot" shame.
Joyel Jacob (13 days ago)
Hey,if you got google pixel 2 and oneplus 6 at same price which one will you choose
Oxi Nigga (14 days ago)
Hi. (Sorry for my bad english)
Sucharith Battina (16 days ago)
Good boy.
Sven Paton (17 days ago)
podcast recommendation: 99% invisible by Roman Mars
Karthik Balaji (17 days ago)
Hey Marques, you gotta hit the three dots in the top right corner of every news card in the feed and tap on "hide this card" to remove stuff, or "not interested" to stop getting cards based on that topic. Please do some research before posting videos blindly.
Geoff Lewis (17 days ago)
Podcast... No Such Thing as a Fish
Dean Thomas (17 days ago)
the pete and sebastian show is a really good podcast
Fany Hugo (18 days ago)
Did you guys see the cover
Minerman1462 (19 days ago)
if a new ipod touch comes out would u get it to replace your iphone
If you literally have to choose between the Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone X. Which will be your ultimate flagship phone? And the reason for your decision?
Lues (13 days ago)
Watch the video from Unbox Therapy about it.
Alex (19 days ago)
Question. How do I integrate my calendar into my Pixel 2 so seamlessly like yours where you can just swipe and its right there? Is it possible with Google's default calendar?
Piznick64 (20 days ago)
The flamingo app doesn't exist anymore
Chad S (20 days ago)
That wall you linked is only 640x480. Did you originally find it in an app? And when I click on flamingo it says app not found. Damn... I'm striking out.
Lues (13 days ago)
Flamingo is no longer available because they reached the limit of tokens.
MStar10 (21 days ago)
Email? Gmail? Not on your home screen?
Sunny Singhi (21 days ago)
Which wallpaper
Lues (13 days ago)
You can find it in the video description...
Danny Nehra (21 days ago)
Yo Marques, Greetings from India ! I prefer Castbox for podcasts. Definitely subscribe to Sam Harris. I can't stress this enough ... just listen to a couple of podcasts of Sam Harris and you'll understand. Cheers mate !
Willow Fisher (22 days ago)
Influence operating southwest progress typical hence lots finger subject
Concon W (22 days ago)
32 F? That is freezing
Zaid Bedekar (22 days ago)
Wallpaper on the iPhone X?
Shan Mathis (23 days ago)
Brilliant Idiots podcast
Jake Smith (24 days ago)
ha I bought Nova Launcher Prime so there's no going back
Dux :D (24 days ago)
What happened to Flamingo? Dead link?
Brad Kuhn (21 days ago)
Flamingo ran out of activation tokens. Twitter limits how many activation tokens any given third party app can have so none of them become more popular than the official app.
Jose Cisneros (24 days ago)
Yeap, I also uninstall the PornHub app when Im asked to show people my phone, by the way the PH Viewer discrete icon isn't that discrete anymore some people recognise sometimes ;) Greetings from Portugal.
Seth Clevenger (24 days ago)
What Facebook app? I'm using tinfoil and it seems decent so far.
MrMusicMaster (25 days ago)
accidental tech podcast is a pretty good podcast
Brandon Infante (25 days ago)
Wait! You always have a iphone in your pocket but android is your main phone?
panatha tube (25 days ago)
The best weather app by far is Transparent clock & weather
Jason Dsouza (25 days ago)
Which wallpaper
micah (25 days ago)
The intro clip is actually reversed... yep I noticed :D
Sebastian M (26 days ago)
What are those bookshelf speakers? Paradigm?
james green (26 days ago)
Jocko Podcast and H3 Podcast, also neebs gaming has a podcast that i think is very enjoyable
Popa Radu (26 days ago)
But on the iPhone x?
Lalu Moh Taufiq (26 days ago)
Why you don't make, whats on my subscription list.. :D
Voidex Gaming (26 days ago)
Joe Rogan experience podcasr
fallenentity2 (27 days ago)
Man, this whole video just shows to me how Google can't make a good UX to save their life. I so wish they would/could.
Robert Russell (27 days ago)
the h3 podcast
RU TECH (29 days ago)
Big fan, any advice to build a channel in the Tech spectrum? No camera yet or Studio setup :) need to start from scratch
Dax Fitzwilliam (29 days ago)
What about tinder?
Keegan Hatfield (1 month ago)
The H3 podcast and the wan show are my favorite podcasts
Ankit Mihawk (1 month ago)
I have to wait a whole year for the next vid?! 😢😢 You should do it like every 6 months.
Aleks Zee (1 month ago)
Cani have any phone I literally still use an iPhone 5
iliace55 games (1 month ago)
Podcast - suiting up with Paul Rabil
Renxy Baluyot (1 month ago)
1.6K dislikes?! Why?! -_-
Richard Pickering (1 month ago)
Pocketcast suggestion. The boring talks. BBC radio
Rameez Safdar (1 month ago)
Why didn't you review nokia 8 tho?
Ahmad Alaa (1 month ago)
I can't find falmingo for Twitter :(
Ahmad Alaa (26 days ago)
Brad Kuhn I have download it from Google 3:
Brad Kuhn (27 days ago)
It's because it's not on there anymore. Third party Twitter apps are only allowed so many 'activation tokens' by Twitter so that none of them become more popular than the official app. Flamingo ran out. Developer said he currently has no plans on creating another one.
KoPlexis (1 month ago)
Add me on SC: @Koplexiss and I will add you back I’m a artist and I like to see what you think 🤔
Saurav Ghosh (1 month ago)
What's on your phones are the apps you need, like it should be. Really a bit immature these sort of videos.
Niklasfrilander (1 month ago)
casey neistats podcast will be good when it starts
Safiy Farooqi (1 month ago)
Cmon MKBHD ‘What’s on my iPhone X’
TJ Estes (1 month ago)
rndmgoon (1 month ago)
Love the reviews man. Best of YouTube for sure
Mikolaj Starczewski (1 month ago)
Try the agenda wigdet app it's almost like today :)
Fabian Constant (1 month ago)
What is the name of the live calendar app
Furaribi Senju (1 month ago)
The official poscast???
Ali Allaoua (1 month ago)
2 T-shirts
lucii b (1 month ago)
NPR podcasts are good
Kapil Kalra (1 month ago)
As for podcasts : Hello Internet, Freakanomics, Hidden Brain and Invisibilia.
THE SANIC (1 month ago)
In the google feed press on the dots from the article
Sanj Gadhvi (1 month ago)
Intro track:- Jordyn Edmonds - Childhood Dreams. You're welcome.
gicofied (1 month ago)
What happen to flamingo for twitter?
Brad Kuhn (1 month ago)
It ran out of Twitter activation tokens. Twitter limits how many activations third party Twitter apps can have to prevent any from getting more popular than the official app. Flamingo developer said he currently has no plans for a 2nd one.
Prateek Banga (1 month ago)
A. Thor (1 month ago)
4 pockets 4 phones.
Weekee Chelsea (1 month ago)
Whats that calendar app u use?
danteyoutu (1 month ago)
At least 3 of his apps/widgets had pretty bad bugs!! That’s exactly what Android offers
ceeg93 (1 month ago)
What's that YouTube thing everyone's talking about?
Bruce Lim (1 month ago)
I can easily swipe any news on my Google feed. Stock Google feed.
Muhammad Haji (1 month ago)
background music name pls ?
Elena Cavazos (1 month ago)
If you dont want it in your web browser you should download google express
Anthony M (1 month ago)
‘This week in tech’ is a great podcast that you’ll definitely like. The name of the show gives you a pretty good idea for what it’s about
On my phone, i'm just using WhatsApp, YouTube (i watched YouTube video all day long), and Google Chrome.
Karel Sitanggang (1 month ago)
Listen to h3h3 podcast
Daniel Uchanski (1 month ago)
Can't get Flamingo anymore.
dogrrr (1 month ago)
Bjanna channel (1 month ago)
Shane's podcast is great and David dorbrik own too

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