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Workout MONSTER - Serbian BEAST (Motivation No Limits)

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Dejan "STIPKE" Stipic - Calisthenics, Street Workout Athlete. Workout Monster, Calisthenics Master Trainer, World Championships, WorldCups, Athlete. ★ LIKE ★ COMMENT ★ SUBSCRIBE ★ SHARE FOR MORE VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=barfamily2011 ★ Music by Diamond Style (www.DiamondStyle.com) --------------------------- ★ Thank you so much for the video DEJAN STIPKE: ★ Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamstipke ★ Facebook: www.facebook.com/STIPKE93 ★ E-mail: StipkeWorkout@Gmail.com --------------------------- "Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something will take it’s place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever…" ★★★ PLAYLISTS★★★: ► Sport Motivation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboDbX9O8U1zAm8pfGiwmc-3L ► Street Workout, Calisthenics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboCBzw0fnKl0tKmu8vciNXme ► Bodybuilding & Fitness: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboBXEYX0WDCov4Iq3wIGrFn3 Street workout is a physical activity performed mostly in outdoor parks or public facilities. It originated in Ancient Greece, but became a popular movement in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the United States, especially in New York City's urban neighborhoods. It has now spread all over the world. It is a combination of athletics, calisthenics, and sports. Street workout is a modern name for bodyweight workouts in outdoor parks. Street workout teams and organized competitions exist. A typical street workout routine often consists of physical exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, muscle-ups, sit-ups and squats. Street workout also involves some static (isometric) holds such as the human flag, front lever, back lever and planche. Street workout can be divided in two branches, one being strength training and the other dynamics. Strength training includes the isometric holds like: planche, front lever, back lever, etc. Also, strength training includes single arm pull ups, hefestos, muscle-ups and many others. Dynamics includes movements like 360's and its variations, switchblades, and an incredible variety of tricks developed by the athletes which are connected with other moves in order to create routines or sets. Some of the main benefits of street workout activities are: It is completely free; It can be performed anywhere outdoor or indoor; No training or gym equipment is required; It promotes a healthy living and a desirable physique can be attained with it; It is a social event. Athletics exercising - a system of exercises with various levels of exertion provided for health strengthening, development of strength and stamina, as well as, for shaping an athletic constitution. Athletics exercising is used to increase strength level, develop physical shape and for rehabilitation. Isometric exercises - a type of strength training whereby you hold a static position. Calisthenics (Kalestenos) – is a complex of many simple exercises which are performed using purely body weight. The aim of these exercises is to train muscularity strength and to evolve comprehensive fitness. Urban Calisthenics - a form of body weight exercise performed with no or little apparatus. Individuals and/or groups train and exercise in urban areas and spaces. Advanced Urban Calisthenics skills include Muscle Up's, Typewriter pull ups and both Front and Back Levers. Street workouts are usually performed outdoor or in specifically designed street workout parks. A typical street workout park looks like a play ground with a soft underground and consists of several bars, poles and other objects used for body weight exercises.
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Text Comments (920)
Stipke (9 months ago)
Thank you for the video! Salute
Daulet Abylgazin (1 month ago)
Stipke you are the best!
Holy Paladin (1 month ago)
Vuk Jovanovic decko ja sam 197 i kazem da je Stipke legenda i veci covek od mene, majmune
Вањица 1992 (2 months ago)
Napokon nesto za nas zene 😀. Kakav frajer, jos je i Srbin 😍😍😍
dea gt (2 months ago)
Svaka chast momchino! ;-)
Nissan GTR (2 months ago)
Stipke svaka cast brate
David Horváth (9 hours ago)
Only other dudes mirin
oussama d (22 hours ago)
bodybuilding my ass
devi prasad jarajapu (3 days ago)
Extreme physic....does any one know his height and body dimensions?....
Shadowx Talion (3 days ago)
1:52 slav dude confirmed that lol
OYUN BAŞINDA (16 days ago)
Adam efsane amk
Братья сербы , благополучия и счастья вам !
alex nelson (20 days ago)
Siberian’s are lit🔥🔥😱 not to mention that’s where I’m from😂. Adopted yo😂
alex nelson (3 days ago)
Gaunter O'Dimm oh ok 😂
Gaunter O'Dimm (3 days ago)
alex nelson Serbian, not Siberian
M D (20 days ago)
he is five feet tall...
Ит из реал? ай донт финк со....
CIEŃ PRAWDY (21 days ago)
ну-ка и банки у него
Anton Borisov (25 days ago)
что за трек?
ms-verder (25 days ago)
очкарики дохрики дизы ставят
nikolai moroz (25 days ago)
уже и турникмэны на химле, мде...
Karolina Bącler (25 days ago)
it looks so easy when he does it but it's damn hard. So much respect. Looks nice😍
D Storm (26 days ago)
This is fine, but show the video of him running fast for 3 miles outside on a 90 degree F day.
Sabu R (27 days ago)
Intresting workouts
TRAP MUSICHDTV (28 days ago)
Kamikaza (29 days ago)
Respect from Croatia svaka cast
98josemam (1 month ago)
Is he natural??
Yes 👍
Dimitar Dimitrov (1 month ago)
Møhà pàtçhïkã (1 month ago)
One month. i don't go to Gym but today i will go
Talib TeRRoRysta (1 month ago)
Kosovo je Srbija !!! :-D
MV (1 month ago)
Sta je ovo...gimnastika
Lazar Galić (1 month ago)
This guy will return Kosovo
Thu Gi (17 days ago)
Lazar Galić I will Kick His Ass Soon
Truejustice100 (1 month ago)
holy crap, this is some serious power. Respect
ples name this is case Protecteur
а что в воркауте с допинг контролем ???
Ilja Semjonovs (1 month ago)
и кто мне потом этого произнесет что качалка это единственная возможность накачаться?
киборг какой то однако мотивирует....
молодца хули здесь скажешь)))
fullgamesNM Srb (1 month ago)
cao ljudi ja sam jedan od hjih iz srbije sam iz grada cuprije!!!!
Med Bemlotte (1 month ago)
What is weight Dejan ?
Pavle SW (1 month ago)
Serbian beast! Ajmo srbii
Đại Vinh Vinh (1 month ago)
Body đẹp mơ ước
neos sonex (1 month ago)
0:34 : AMAZING, bravo brale svaka cast :)
RGRG .RGRG (1 month ago)
how is this possible ?
Jonas_119 (1 month ago)
2:35 Kreuzberg
Khalid ait ouahmane (1 month ago)
Emir EC (1 month ago)
Idk his height and weight but based of his strength and skills I would say he is natural
Emir EC (1 month ago)
I love how they are enforcing a strict standard on the reps. It's simple and genius too, just tapping the guy to let him know that was a full rep you can go again. CrossShit should take note
SvearViking91 (1 month ago)
0:41 being such a professional athlete, he should know better than to fuck up his elbows by snapping them when the arm extends... Not dissing him, he's doing a great performance in the video and is in good shape, but he still sets a bad example by doing such a common mistake.
Sibam (1 month ago)
Nexo (1 month ago)
Gorilla Gang!
JoBeatz Beatbox (1 month ago)
0:23 whoa
MC cashMax (1 month ago)
Pretty impressive
Arian Martic (1 month ago)
This guy is a fucking beast, damn, greetings from Croatia to serbian friends!!!
UFC Matriks (1 month ago)
Bravo full kondicija
WØRKØÜŤ STREET PKA (1 month ago)
Nice video like like like
Rupakk53 (1 month ago)
YoungLuLe 26 (1 month ago)
Kakvi giganti
Houssam Kharaoui (1 month ago)
l have question please Can someone answer me did this peoplr who have body like that goes to the gym ?
KEDON (1 month ago)
I am Macedonian 🇲🇰
Valentin Pavlov (1 month ago)
In ancient Greece if you look like this you are royal who is above all and being worshipped as a God
AbgAdli Channel (1 month ago)
Lazar Novovic!!!
themike e7 (1 month ago)
serbian bitches
4thengineer (1 month ago)
Молодец, бро!
Camilo Hernández (2 months ago)
Dejan stipke trains with weights?
Emamul Hoque (2 months ago)
Nc video
Богатырь из Братской Сербии ! Россия любит Вас , братья !!!!
Rishav Thakur (2 months ago)
Anonym 77 (2 months ago)
what's the song pls
Nenad Lapacevic (2 months ago)
Srpska krv brate nikad ne staje
Что за трек?
Shawn Robinson (2 months ago)
Good shit
Sin Sobaki (2 months ago)
music pls
Сергей Бизов (2 months ago)
Milton (2 months ago)
These guys only train bodyweight? I’m looking for the biggest guy from bodyweight training
Kapiko Gamer (2 months ago)
how mamy reps dips , pull ups and squats?
T Lèo (2 months ago)
круто однако без курса не обошлось 100 пудов!!!
Leo Low (2 months ago)
After years of hardwork and determination, I finally able to become like you. The tapping guy. 👋
Dante DMC (2 months ago)
Dennis K. (2 months ago)
"calisthenics builds no muscles" ... yeah i know right
asad s (2 months ago)
this is amzing gys
asad s (2 months ago)
KLASICAN FUDBALER (2 months ago)
Sunitha Suni (2 months ago)
what is the name of this music
Youssef Ssefyou (2 months ago)
That's what I call hard working and real strength, not some weak ass gays on steroid flaunt a fake gains
서정빈 (2 months ago)
진짜 ㅈㄴ 멋있다... 👍👍
X-RnG-X Player (2 months ago)
pusite kurac hejteri i albanci evo vidite ko je beast
jony radioactive (2 months ago)
Sviđa mi se sto nema mrsave noge ko ostali
Stevan Selmanovic Selman (2 months ago)
Intro Song? 😁
duran tokmak (2 months ago)
adam rawın üstüne tanımam.
Toxic Pufi (2 months ago)
Iskreno, meni se tijelo ovog momka ne sviđa, govorim u smislu da ja ovakav ne bih nikada bio jer nisam neki ljubitelj prevelike mišićne mase, definiciju volim više, ali šta momak radi i kako je svoje tijelo izgradio je za nepovjerovat. Skidam kapu momku i jako bih ga volio upoznati, kao i Jovana Bogdanovića, Vladimira Vukovića(dov.la), Nemanju Tomaševića... Šteta što nisam u prilici da dođem na natjecanje u Novi Sad koje se sad nekad održava, ali blizu sam, iz Bosne, pa će ako Bog da valjda nekad biti prilike :)
Milovan Vidakovic (2 months ago)
Pogledaj te zuljeve buraz...
Emiliyan Yankov (2 months ago)
You have to be some new high level of prick in order to dislike such videos...
Iscander SkyGuide (2 months ago)
Лучше заниматься спортом, а не войной. Молодцы мужчины, хорошее видео классная атлетика.
money talks (2 months ago)
slavs brothers -- R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from SLOVAKIA
MyjePachy (2 months ago)
do film about kura workout street workout polish champion
Piotr Szczyrba (2 months ago)
Super man
Piotr Szczyrba (2 months ago)
Motivation men
fashion homme (3 months ago)
great ; like machine
EnsTex (3 months ago)

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