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The Property Show 2015 EPISODE 134 - Vipingo Royal Villas

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The Property Show welcomes the holiday season. This Sunday, we explore a splendid upcoming holiday home in the heart of Vipingo – Vipingo Royal Villas as well as the just concluded Coast bus tour that was different, fun and exciting. @home with Nancy follows another unique home ownership journey filled with Adventure. We celebrate Kenya power lighting up Mombasa County and Orange Dual play services. Join Nancy for all this and much more and be the first to know the changing real estate landscape
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Text Comments (26)
Dennis Okallo (3 months ago)
Amazing Word. If your thoughts aren't Locked then there is great potential in what you can achieve without Borders. Aim higher each day but achieve it in bits.
ven wangechi (3 months ago)
I love it but would love to furnish on my own.
Ardena Hollins (4 months ago)
How much in American money please
ven wangechi (3 months ago)
350,000 $
C. Lincoln (5 months ago)
Do one on Vipingo Ridge.... that's why I clicked on this video.
Matheline oketch (5 months ago)
dear lord you know i dream of this,so make it happen please.
Michael Owusu Kyereko (4 months ago)
Matheline oketch recieve in Jesus name.
Kamonde Dennis (2 years ago)
Excellent holiday home. Visit to appreciate the serene environment
Felloh Sochez (2 years ago)
God knows this is my type of lifestyle. I love this. I will work towards owning a villa
Skitah Lego (9 months ago)
Felloh Sochez Haha we should be friends
tuforu4 (1 year ago)
+mariam lizz Why you saying things like that,,,,,dreams/random thoughts are just dreams inside your brain,,
Honey Mk_1 (1 year ago)
U welcome.work hard n pray..rem dream always come true
Felloh Sochez (1 year ago)
mariam lizz Thanks girl 👍
smoothskindeepertone (2 years ago)
It would be nice if you could convert your money into us dollars for your overseas viewer.
Design Interforms (3 months ago)
smoothskindeepertone You may want to check this out to.... https://youtu.be/W6gGNmL8vG8
Etta Umezuruike (6 months ago)
smoothskindeepertone poll
tuforu4 (1 year ago)
know off the last 2 zeros,, but they not sell to europeans...
Anthony Odede (2 years ago)
+smoothskindeepertone 1 american dollar = 100 kenya shillings
Zindzi (2 years ago)
This is beautiful!!! #Goals
tuforu4 (1 year ago)
u would get bored after a week,,,
aziz abz (2 years ago)
Very nice show. Congrats to Dorcas. Keep up the good work Nancy
tuforu4 (1 year ago)
they would have to pay me 50,000 a week to go there,.,.
Mangle Rose (2 years ago)
Developers need to engage proffesional sales people with expertise in the housing market who are both eloquent and able to offer a great presentation. This house is breathtaking but you dont get that from the presentation

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