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iPhone 8 Four Months Later: Finally Right

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dbrand iPhone 8 skins: https://dbrand.com/TB Although it doesn't have the panache of the iPhone X, Apple's iPhone 8 offers a solid experience that's great for everyone. https://www.technobuffalo.com/2018/01/25/iphone-8-four-months-later-still-reliably-great/ iPhone 8 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXU8GqaMsQc iPhone X Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdNW144W74Q Music from Epidemic Sound. Start your free 30-day trial! https://goo.gl/ibDfse More tech goodness: http://www.technobuffalo.com Deals: http://bit.ly/1JMh2qc Follow us! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technobuffalo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technobuffalo Instagram: http://instagram.com/technobuffalo Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnoBuffalo
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Text Comments (870)
TechnoBuffalo (29 days ago)
Did you pick up an 8/8+? Did you go iPhone X or switch to Android? Why?
lyrics earth (5 days ago)
went from iPhone 5s to iPhone x but iPhone x was not gud for me so went to the pixel 2 xl the camera is so gud
maxiopti (6 days ago)
I changed from my 6s to the X and not the 8(Plus), because of the awesome display in a normal formfactor, Android just doesn't work for me (iPad, MacBook, Applewatch...)
Monty Dizon (6 days ago)
I went with the iPhone 8 Plus rather than the X .. I tried both and went with the Plus for battery and size.
XJ (9 days ago)
Picked up the 8+. Not used to the notch and the lack of home button. For some reason the vertical camera bothers me as well 😂
Nathan Holmes (12 days ago)
I went from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X and I've never looked back. It was totally just because I prefer IOS and I was looking forward to Face ID and wireless charging. (I know that wireless charging is available on the 8 and 8+) No disappointments so far. I love the experience.
rovan ashour (6 hours ago)
Should I buy iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 8 ? I care much about camera and videos??
emman malik (1 day ago)
Click on link + User fill in name & email for a chance to win an iPhone http://sharepop.me/3e5833
Nupplopolis (2 days ago)
What's more future proof iPhone 8+ or Google Pixel 2 XL? I need to decide on the two phones. I love the Android ecosystem, but Apple's processor has my head turned, I just want a phone for 3 years that will not be super slow by the 3rd year and will generally be able to keep up with the newer phones. I've owned a Nexus 6 or the last 3 years and it's just gassed now, slow at multitasking, battery is easy to drain, just not snappy. Don't want a repeat, so opinions pls
Miguel de Barros (2 days ago)
Captions it: "iPhone 8 four months later". Starts video: "Let's play a guess the month game"
Argie Santos (3 days ago)
Upgraded from iphone 6 plus to iphone 8 plus silver. No regrets since day 1.
Macky Mehra (6 days ago)
Your hair looks like an iphone x's notch !!
mohammad shahwaz (7 days ago)
Did ya'll notice the notch on his head🙄
Srikanth Rajan (9 days ago)
Question to the techies out there.. In terms of data security and overall phone security, which mobile platform - android or ios is better? Thanks in advance for your help.
Tyler Wilson (11 days ago)
Interesting song selection.
Dan (11 days ago)
Around a year ago I absolutely resented iOS devices, being the ultimate Android fanboy. My hatred for iOS devices was so prominent that it even contributed to the breakdown of my relationship at the time. However, as my current Android phone ages, it did not receive a single update, while all of my friend’s iPhones, including older models such as the 5 and 5C received continued software updates. This, along with the updated (and fucking beautiful) hardware, reliable software and general ecosystem of the iPhone led me to ditch android and make the switch to the iPhone 8, and has definitely been one of the best tech decisions so far. My number one takeaway from the iPhone 8 is fantastic battery life, better than any previous iteration of an iPhone. It and that feeling of the glass back are just phenomenal and my favourite parts about the phone.
Devin DeHart (11 days ago)
Switched to the iPhone went with the 8 and I love it
123 456 (11 days ago)
his hair got the notch
Sam Luppino (12 days ago)
Have the iPhone 8 plus
Potenti4lz (12 days ago)
iPhone 8 battery life? I have a P10
Carol Jean Fourie (13 days ago)
I LOVE my iPhone8 ... except that my Whatsapp notifications are not showing or sounding anymore ... why? I have NO idea!! :(
thedreadedzero (15 days ago)
Jon, help me out here. I like the color of the Space Grey better, but once you said it was a fingerprint magnet i got worried. I am absolutely NOT putting a case on the phone, i like the way it feels without one. I don't mind the Silver color this year as much as in past years because it's white on the back instead of silver. Should I go with my number 1 choice of Space Grey and just wipe the fingerprints off, or should I just go with Silver since they don't really show?
upgrading from 6 plus to the 8
Boltvolution (18 days ago)
I am going to get the 8 as the 8+ seems like it's a bit too big for me
Iz Putra (18 days ago)
Iphone se squad!
Mahmoud Shokry (19 days ago)
I picked up 8+ its all I need and I love it 😍
David Herrera (19 days ago)
I still have my 6
Drongorius (20 days ago)
I switched to Android 4 months ago , one of the worst decisions I ever made. Will switch back as soon as I sell the android device .
Curt S (20 days ago)
way too expensive.. my grandparents use an iphone. Get A Blade Z-Max for 150.00
A E (20 days ago)
Should I get the Iphone 7 plus or the iphone 8? And is it worth buying the 7 plus in late 2018?
Mohammed Ali (15 days ago)
A E Better go with an Iphone 8, as it has the all new A11 bionic chip than the A10 fusion in the 7 plus . We even know apple has been slowing down their older phones. Also you get 64 gigs of base storage whereas you get 32 as base in 7 plus.
Davy Chinkatok (21 days ago)
I'm android user but i might switch to iphone 8 plus becuz it look like a it 50 dollar or a hundred dollar cheaper then the s8 plus
wyatt parnell (21 days ago)
I'm perfectly happy with my Moto z play Droid 😂
Brody Phillips (22 days ago)
relationship activity colleague channel oral front photographer.
Guys 8 or 8+ and 64 GB or 256 GB
Karim Salloum (22 days ago)
The 8's make no sense. Either buy the X or go for a 7 / 7 Plus.
Jeff Martinez (22 days ago)
I bought the 8 plus and I’m happy with it. I know a handful of people at work who own the X, ya know besides Animoji, I’m satisfied with my purchase.
The Rolls Royce Trent (22 days ago)
I stay with Android. They have a better and way larger selection of Phones compared to just Apple.
Robbe Michiels (22 days ago)
god international abandon barrier vary devote visit pleased subject hence laugh.
Yonathan Hardjoko (22 days ago)
hi! Did you have issues with this phone? Such as tiny dust inside lens (iphone X suffers this problem too) and crackling/pop sound issues while playing music? Thanks
shadow (23 days ago)
Watching this on my iPhone 8 gold
Dante Mendez (23 days ago)
Where are those iPhone cases from! I want one
Kris Juarez (23 days ago)
Ended up grabbing the 8 and Im glad I did. Also the battery life is non-issue considering the Smart Battery Case also works with the 8.
Ace Rockola (23 days ago)
i went from a iphone 6 to an 8+. even though the design is the same. the performance and battery life are night and day.... i did want to grab a X but the price and notch were 2 things i could not get pass, plus Face ID was untested.
Marko Đorđević (24 days ago)
Nice re-review. Why would anyone consider moving to Android instead of waiting for the next generation, unless you really need a change of design and you don't like X version?  I have 7 plus and I wouldn't change it for nothing yet, especially because it is stunning how fast it is. Waiting to see what will come in 2018. Not to mention that benefits of whole eco-system is the best possible user experience by a wide margin.
COD (24 days ago)
iphone 7s
HarbingersPug1 (24 days ago)
I got the iPhone 8. Went to the Apple store and tried all three phones: 8, 8+, and the X. 8+ felt too big for me, with the X, it felt weird not having the home button plus I didn’t want to learn new gestures. So got the 8 instead. No complaints.
Jonathan J (24 days ago)
Dude you said Apple is always behind on raw horsepower ?? Was that a mistake ?? Apple phones benchmarks completely blow any Snapdragon benchmark completely out of the water they’re not even in the same league. This is with less cores and less ram.
tonynitrox (24 days ago)
I got the 8+
Salcau Sergiu (24 days ago)
i got the 8 plus. this phone is perfect. the X would now be too small for me. maybe when the X plus or whatever it ll be callled, drops, i might reconsider.
Àlex Ribé Bachiller (25 days ago)
I have an iphone 6, and im plannig to switch to android bc there is no waze app for carplay and it works with android phones
Armin Abdi (25 days ago)
iPhone 8 is my first iPhone and the small form factor is super easy to use.
karolis112assassin (25 days ago)
Where i can find your iphone x wallpaper grey collor? Thanks
David Thomas (25 days ago)
Amazing review Jon! Such good production value
thegreatcalvinio (25 days ago)
I got an iPhone 8. The phone is very quick, 64gb of storage is good enough for me, I don't take too many photos. The IP67 is great, I can use it outside in Portland with no worry, and the wireless charging is a plus for when I want to charge and listen to music.
Eric Robbins (25 days ago)
iPhone 8/8 plus are maxed out models of old tech. There is no future to it nor the Touch ID button. It’s history. Time to move on or switch to Android. After 2 months of deciding I went with the iPhone X, and while some apps are not optimized, I couldn’t stand the iris scanner nor backplate fingerprint. The iPhone X is silky smooth and has no hiccups. The only phone to surpass this phone will be a larger display coming out in late 2018. The “notch” annoyed me while deciding on the next phone to purchase, but I don’t even notice it any longer.
Aaron Briggs (25 days ago)
I returned my X for a 8 plus and I am much happier with it, battery life alone is worth the switch
Tic Toc Productions (25 days ago)
I'm glad I'm getting the 8 plus...the X seems to have more problems and fewer specs
Johan Dz (25 days ago)
iphone 8plus 256gb space grey=)
we lla (25 days ago)
I have space gray.! Superb iphone 8.. super fast touch id...very good battery. .Super reliable phone
Dru 1 (25 days ago)
Tech reviewers on here friggin love the iPhone X, but the public don’t. Maybe because we can’t afford it lol. Tech reviewer need to take more responsibility advising viewers. Unbox Therapy’s approach was dead right!! He kept it real
Kanan Jackson (25 days ago)
The iPhone 9 is the greatest phone, the gelatin on the back feels like a cat, absolutely amazing. Nah, but for real I'm really happy with my iphone 8, it works like a butter knife
Harendra Singh (25 days ago)
I bought the 7 which is more expensive than the price of iPhone 8 in US. Well i am in India😞
minioojawor (25 days ago)
I got 8 and I have to say that this phone is impressive for what it is. Definitely more user-friendly with touch id and control center from the bottom.
Ronnie Jindal (25 days ago)
1:07 They're (Latest iPhone) always behind when it came to raw horsepower ... What are you talking about? A11 Bionic obliterates every other mobile processor.
breezy (26 days ago)
The design is 💩 compared to any other flagship out there including the iPhone X. The iPhone X is better in every way. I wish they would’ve went with a bigger battery because of the oled display. That’s the only department where the 8+ wins
crumcon (26 days ago)
how is glass back gets a ''finally right'' ?? , iPhone 6 to 7S are the best iPhone yet
Russell Redell (26 days ago)
Best reviewer on utube. Guy’s brilliant.
Baconface McGee (26 days ago)
Watching this on my iPhone 7.
I Saac (26 days ago)
I have the 6 plus but it’s starting to get pretty slow. I’d be able to tolerate it but it just recently started getting touch disease and it’s nearly impossible to use. I can’t justify 200 bucks into a 3 year old phone, so it looks like I’ll be buying an 8 soon.
Tamara Girodie (26 days ago)
"Which one did you pick up?" Umm... Pixel 2 in the blue ♥️ can't resist stock Android and a very well built smaller pho e
Byron Compton (26 days ago)
Who has an iPhone 8 Plus like if you have one!
Da HeartBreak kidd (26 days ago)
TEAM 8 PLUS. I went to the store and look and held both and I chose the 8 plus. The X looks nice and it’s different but I’m a fan of the plus phones plus my 8 plus is awesome and my battery does feel like it lasts two days. I don’t even charge it till I’m about to go to bed
Melo (25 days ago)
I owned an iPhone 6 for three years, didn’t feel like switching to android and got tired of small sized phones, so I got me the black iPhone 8 Plus. And man.. this is the perfect mobile device for me! The battery life is ridiculous, two days on a charge is standard. It’s very fast, even tho I’d love if I could just turn off the animations so I could get the most out of its potential. Screen is really good (don’t listen to geeks and spec freaks). Speakers are the best out there. I love the so called “dated” design with “huge bezels” (😅). I would never change it. Camera is ok but nothing special in my opinion, still sucks in lower lightning, I think there are way better cameras out there. And it’s definitely not too big, except you have tiny fists. I didn’t buy the iPhone 10 because of the price, Face ID and guestures. Its base version now costs at least €1100 here which is insane. For example I bought my 64gb iP8+ for €770, new vacuum pack. Face ID? 😄 no thanks, Touch ID is very practical. Hopefully there’s gonna be an iPhone with on screen Touch ID. And the guestures? No need to explain. Tried it out, didn’t like it, didn’t buy it. I can only recommend an iPhone 8 Plus if someone’s a long time iPhone user. It’s a very, very good phone! 😉
Teresa Michele (26 days ago)
I choose the 8 Plus :)
Adrian Choong (26 days ago)
bad lighting....
Basil Fabian (26 days ago)
I like compactness with my phones and im more of a standby battery guy so the iphone 8 was my choice.
old Radio (26 days ago)
its fast!? after a few months apple will release some new software to make it slow.
Sameer kothari (26 days ago)
iphone 8
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk (26 days ago)
So you've basicaly got another 4 months until it suddenly goes to shit
D'metrix (26 days ago)
Svante Oja (27 days ago)
Really love my iPhone 8!
Harvey Specter (27 days ago)
I search the wallpaper from the iPhone X at 2:04 Anybody an idea? :D
cody litwiller (27 days ago)
I have the pixel 2 and love it, no regrets at all.
joseph muscat (27 days ago)
I absolutely love my iPhone 8plus!! Best phone I have ever owned!!
Michael Lonergan (27 days ago)
Switched to android. Apple are not getting any more of my money. Taking the piss!
Nathyk (27 days ago)
Went from a space grey 6 to a space grey 8 and I love it.
ProudiPhoneOwner (27 days ago)
Love my 256GB iPhone 7 Plus I bought for $600
Ben Holmes (27 days ago)
...I just got the 7 instead. Honestly don't see a reason to buy anything else running iOS rn :/
chriszeedyk (27 days ago)
I almost switched to the Galaxy note 8 but I still ended up going with the iPhone X in the end
Adil Zohrri (27 days ago)
Pre ordered my 8 Plus and got it on release day over the iPhone X. Prefer the larger phone size, screen aspect ratio, and did not want to wait or shell out an extra $300 CAD for a better screen and Face ID with the iPhone X.
Neeraj Agrawal (27 days ago)
Got the X and I really love it, it’s a new experience sure the notch was annoying at the beginning but now it doesn’t bother me at all, the multitask gesture is the best thing
t d (27 days ago)
stupid video
Clark Riggins (27 days ago)
I have an 8+ and I love it. I didn’t want the x the 8+ is all good for me.
Harvey Specter (27 days ago)
I need this wallpapers ;))
gotcoke795 (27 days ago)
I'm skipping all and I'm still on my iPhone 6! Apple messed up big time with these iPhones, they're all pretty much the same internally with the same processors and the cameras on the X and 8 plus are nearly identical! Waiting to see if apple can create a much better form factor this year. Hopefully a phone with actual battery improvement and more differentiation between the cheaper models and the higher end models.
Christopher Akiwowo (27 days ago)
I got the iPhone 8 Plus 4 months ago, and it’s been a great experience so far.
Kanokon Chatnok (27 days ago)
upgrade from 5 to 8+, no regret :)
Project Martin (27 days ago)
Got The IPhone 8 Plus :)
Nick Verrillo (28 days ago)
Battery life is impressive. One of the biggest reason I went with the 8 plus.
KT Productions Germany (28 days ago)
Love my 8
eboyblackout (28 days ago)
+TechnoBuffalo: @1:17 The phone isn't fast because of iOS 11, rather it's the chipset...iOS 11 was anyway a fail, lol. Guys but I've to say your content has become way better no doubt, stay on this track and you'll see yourself grow more this year.
Rohan Surse (28 days ago)
Why people are crazy for IPhone? Apple simply thugs people by charging huge money, android phones are much better.I love my pixel 2 xl
acighe (28 days ago)
mr. squeaky voice 2:11
Jim Gallagher (28 days ago)
As an Apple fan boy I'm so disappointed in Apple. Due to the 4yr old design the 8+ will be gone for good by Sept and as good as a design as it is I do not want to buy a phone on a 2yr contract which will be discontinued and replaced by and 8+ sized X this year. The X is just to small, can't understand why they did not launch an 8+ sized X!! Instead they launch the 8"s and X which just shows how they had to compromise on the iPhone line up this year because they just couldn't get their shit done and they are so far behind the other brands now its embarrassing for them. Jobs would not have allowed this to happen to Apple. After 10 years of iPhone they forced me to leave iPhone and buy a note 8! I miss iPhone but my money is scarce so I have to be sure with my purchases. I was sure this time that being stuck with a 4th gen phone for 2 yes was not for me. #applenolonger
ONYX.G (28 days ago)
The iPhone 8 and 8 plus reminds me of the iMac 21.5 inch and 27 inch. The 8 has a small screen and noticeable bezels. (Like iMac 21) But the 8 plus has a nice large screen and you don’t mind the bezels (like the iMac 27)

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