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Hama CD LASER LENS CLEANER ●Subscribe for more videos: https://goo.gl/NyRJEh Arvizas Tipslt2 More product information Designed for gentle dry cleaning of the laser optical system in a CD player Improves the playback quality of sound carriers Accompagnied by music from "Carmen Fantasy" Description Improve the quality of output from your CD/DVD player with this cleaner from Hama, without spending a fortune on improvements or repairs. You will be amazed by the improvement it provides through gently removing dust and grime that has accumulated and is clogging up the system. Fast and efficient, cleaning will never be a bore as the device is accompanied by music from 'Carmen Fantasy' as it works, leaving your CD/DVD player as good as new at maximum optimal performance. So crack out all those old tunes and films that were hidden away to due to a sluggish or non-operational player and begin to enjoy them at amazing full quality with the assistance of this great product. What's in the Box 1 CD laser lens cleaner 1 CD box Operating instructions Note for Consumers Do not use this cleaning disc in slot-in drives. Insert the cleaning disc into the player in the same way you would a normal disc. Ensure that the arrow on the cleaning disc is pointing to the cover of the disc drive. Warranty 2 years legal warranty only

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