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The BEST Smartphones You Can Buy! (MID-2018)

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The Best Smartphones you can buy right now. I've reviewed tons of phones from the OnePlus 6, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the Huawei P20 Pro. But only 5 I usually recommend. Here's my list for mid-2018! Don't forget to list your top 5 favourite smartphones in the comments below. Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Here are my top picks! I also want to give an honourable mention the XZ2. I want to know your top picks are. Feel free to list them below!
FAHAD MEYON (2 days ago)
Matthew Moniz I really loved and want that leaf logo t-shirt 😊 please send to me
titomaxbr (24 days ago)
pixel 2xl - iphone x - one plus 6 - lg g7
Robert Banu (25 days ago)
My pics would be: Best of the best: 1 Samsung s9 plus (every possible hardware feature) 2 Galaxy note 8 (close to s9 but cheaper and with s pen) 3 IPhone 10 (it just works) P20 pro and pixel are very overpriced in my country. Great alternatives: Mate 10 pro (great all-rounder) One plus 6 (great speed for the money) Xiaomi mi 8 (best buck for the money)
Irina NYC (25 days ago)
Do you think LG G7 will make it to this list? 😋🌸🌸🌸
Random Reviews (25 days ago)
1. Pixel 2 xl (for best camera and software and current price) 2. Lg g7 (display, camera, price) 3. P20 pro (display, design, camera) 4. i phone X (display, design, camera) 5. Zenfone 5z (design, price, decent camera at price point) Why not s9? look like s8 which isn't a big deal but user experience isn't great with the curved display (becomes unresponsive if your palm touches the side of the phone!) Why not op6? Looks like S9 clone from back, price is close to Pixel 2 xl and twice as much of Zenfone 5z!
It's Em (5 days ago)
So right now im in the search for mid price smartphone and i'm thinking on buying oneplus 6 is it worth it ? Does anyone has it? Shoud i go for it? P.s. sorry for gramatical mistakes english is not my motherhood language but your comment whoud realy help
acidtone (6 days ago)
The OnePlus 6 doesn't come with 8GB ram for that price. Do better research bro
noah raymond (7 days ago)
1) OnePlus 6 2) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 3) LG V35 Thinq 4) Google Pixel 2 XL 5) Huawei P20 Pro
ColouredIndigo (7 days ago)
Did you even put in some research, or did you just name the most impressive flagships already on a shortlist?
EduardEpc (11 days ago)
S9 plus is THE KING , a smartphone to rule them all!
Mat Steel (15 days ago)
Hi, Matt do you have any news or information on the new Windows Surface phone and what the Andromeda operating system is all about?
Muhammad Saleh (15 days ago)
if i had to pick between samsung s9 (not +) and Pixel 2 (not xl) what would be the best choice?
Byungmook Im (16 days ago)
LG G7 deserves top 5.
bassmansoundking99 (17 days ago)
@$529 on OP6 you only get 6gb ram but still equal to S9+
FrostBlade01 (17 days ago)
How about Xiaomi Mi 8?
3DFX (18 days ago)
----- > > > Where the Fidgety-Midgety are: HTC U12+ & Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S...??? <<<-----
Kira XcX (19 days ago)
Currently using the s9plus n i subscribed 😅
Bugs (19 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL
Chris Toft (20 days ago)
Soooo many good phone!!! Nearly as good as this video!! Loved it!!
Brandon Lim (20 days ago)
I want the s9plus
BlueFlames26 (21 days ago)
What about Huawei mate rs porsche design? $2,000 I know, but arguably best smartphone currently in 2018 in screen fingerprint reader and best quality picture taking with the triple camera, I'm just saying xD.
Matthew Moniz (21 days ago)
It's a very niche device and not something most consumers can afford or have access too! But ya it's a cool smartphone
神Kamui (22 days ago)
P20 pro, pixel 2xl, galaxy s9+, op 6, xiaomi mi 8
Adil Alkanzy (24 days ago)
iPhone 10 and S9 plus.
Robstunner (24 days ago)
Top 5 phones of all time: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. Because it spits hot fyre! (Note: Dylan = Pixel 2 XL)
Fun Zone (24 days ago)
S9 plus : does this explode?
K F (24 days ago)
2 phones are from China. Amazing!
55 44 (24 days ago)
So I don’t really want Samsung s9+ because it is too expensive and I’m bored of Samsung ui
ccombest2002 (24 days ago)
Moto z2 force
Michele Platts (25 days ago)
Note 8, iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Huawei P20 Pro.😎
Paul Heyman (25 days ago)
what phone does Matthew use? The iPhone?
Mehdi TAGHOUZI (25 days ago)
Artem Nesterov (25 days ago)
It's a great list, no doubt! But I prefer the best relation between price and quality, and Iphone X is too much in price side for me. So, here goes my list of favorite flagships (adjusted for better price than quality anyway): 1. OnePlus 6 (but I will likely buy 5T because of metal case and not so many differences in performance, but a big difference in price) 2. Asus Zenfone 5z 3. Google Pixel 2 XL 4. Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Snapdragon 845 (it is the best smartphone from this list on my opinion, but unfortunately I can't afford it) 5. HTC U12+
David Xuereb (25 days ago)
Dope vid, how come no mention of LG? [I'm a Samsung loyal] 😜
Sudarsan Rahul Koppolu (25 days ago)
Op6 vs s9+
markus rayna cars KSA (25 days ago)
SAMSUNG GALAXY is the phone which is fast and smooth only for 2 weeks then shit starts..same as s8+,even note8 lags....iphone x got the worst design which can be seen on a smartphone,specially with that 25cm camera bump...pixel xl,OP6 and p20pro are actually better... so bad that you didnot include xz2,g7 or even lg v30s,htc u12+ which is better than iphone shit,p20pro and OP6
Per K Petersen (25 days ago)
Super Nice video 😃👍. Love my iPhone 8 plus 🙂. Love you Videos. Cheers from Denmark
Scott Benedict (25 days ago)
Loved the video. Solid content. Loved the porn music at the end. LOL
Michael Gusevsky (25 days ago)
Something something xiaomi for budget. Or moto z for lower(/budget) - mid range
Michael Gusevsky (25 days ago)
Remove P20 add G7 for wide angle imho plus brightness and accurate colors.
Balázs Jeney (25 days ago)
Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS
Pantherera Tigris 99 (25 days ago)
S9 is great phone😅 but software updates 😨😧😒
Arun Punamiya (25 days ago)
S9 & iPhone x best combination
tawsif mahdi (25 days ago)
why iphone x? battery life really!
Abhisek Rout (25 days ago)
Mathew made another great video. Yep!! 😂😂
Fidel Pablo (25 days ago)
LG or HTC?
Zulficar hamid (25 days ago)
Give me any extra phones for free
Tristan Haley (25 days ago)
Bluetooth LDAC support is a big reason for pixel and android. Sony 1000xm2 and my pixel 2 sound mint.
Rad Dreamer (25 days ago)
Would love to see budget devices.
elvin dsouza (25 days ago)
Good video Matthew, keep it up.
Matthew Moniz (25 days ago)
Thanks Elvin!
Antphoneigh (25 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus
Jasper Greenhill (25 days ago)
Oneplus 6 becuase of the Guaranteed Custom ROM support
Andrei Gal (25 days ago)
Top 5 is :Huawei mate 10, Google pixel2xl, One plus6, Samsung galaxy S9 plys, Xiaomi mi 8
Geoff Lim (25 days ago)
Where can i get the oneplus 6 at $528 . Possible i get the link ??
Andrei Gal (25 days ago)
The best is Google pixel3
Manish (25 days ago)
The best smartphone is the one you didn't mention - it's the HTC U12+.
suvam sipun (25 days ago)
Do a drop test of one plus 6 PLZZZZZZ
Matthew Moniz (25 days ago)
It’s coming in 3.5 hours : )
Dorantt :D (25 days ago)
1) OnePlus 6 2) This spot is waiting for Asus zenfone 5z 3) Pixel 2 XL ( It just sucks that it doesn't have headphone jack) That's it. No Iphone X on my list because I really don't like IOS and also no S9+ because I hate that egde design.
P20 pro 😊💪
Sunny Singh (25 days ago)
1. Pixel 2 XL 2. OP 6 3. iPhone x 4. S9 5. P20 pro
Tech John (25 days ago)
tell review of xiami mi8 mathew bro
wallace miranda (25 days ago)
Note 8 💙
Lima Charlie (25 days ago)
all there until the mi8 comes out
Lefteris Papadimitriou (25 days ago)
I can't buy any of these
Ryan John Ubay-ubay (25 days ago)
My Top 5 Pick from Flagship Smartphone from Mid-2018 1. Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Almost Perfect) 2. iPhone X (Software and performance is just so fantastic but battery is not that good enough) 3. Google Pixel 2XL (Just like a iPhone X when it comes to Software Update) 4. OnePlus 6 (Budget Smartphone) 5. Huawei P20 Pro (Just the Camera and battery is awesome) Best Flagship Smartphone Camera of 2018 1. Samsung Galaxy S9+ 2. Google Pixel 2XL 3. iPhone X 4. OnePlus 6 5. Huawei P20 Pro PS: Just in my opinion guys. Thumbs up if you agree!
Jade borromeo (25 days ago)
watching this on my Huawei p20
Ayush Malhotra (25 days ago)
S9+ and pixel 2 xl are best 😊
Vernon Warren (25 days ago)
1. Note 8 2. Pixel XL 3. iPhone 8 plus 4. Mate 10. 5. S9 plus
Prasad Koli (25 days ago)
Nice video,love the crispiness 😍
Soran Nova (25 days ago)
Team Oneplus
Anita Prasad (25 days ago)
Just bought the OnePlus 6!!! Really nice..
Nido نيدو (25 days ago)
you put the worst phone in the first place... the Samsung galaxy S8.5 Plus
Arba3tach (26 days ago)
I love how people are mentioning the Asus zenphone 5z even though it has not been released yet. But I get it I have been excited for it since it's announcement and have been using an out dated phone with a broken screen for some time just waiting for it. It should take the oneplus6 slot when it is released
Jeremy DeForrest (26 days ago)
Sounds about right. Using the OnePlus 6 and love it.
Surein Padmanathan (26 days ago)
Very good choices, couldn't agree more. May also consider LG g7+ and HTC u12+ when it comes. Looking forward to Sony's XZ2 Premium too.
A very nice video bro! Continue nice videos!
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Thank you !!
One plus is garbage
Vernon Warren (25 days ago)
Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. Not true
Samsung is crap
Dame Mello (26 days ago)
If you say so i do so!
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Kevin Davis (26 days ago)
Great video, as always Matthew, thanks.
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Thanks Kevin and thank you !
John Fitzgerald (26 days ago)
Really want to get the oneplus 6! But don’t even know if it works in Ireland, wish they made it easier to find out
David Colborne (26 days ago)
iPhone X is a great phone but Siri can’t match the Google assistant, and no always on display. Otherwise very good imo
richard ratner (26 days ago)
For me it's the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, my daily driver or my new LG LG7, which I suprisingly like.. kInd regards as ALWAYS, Richard, U.K
jose sampaio (26 days ago)
My exact choices!!!! You are the man...
Darwin Cruz (26 days ago)
How about midrange smartphones of budget smartphones to buy this mid 2018? Thank you Matthew
sydjaguar (26 days ago)
Love the Canada t shirt!
Phone Daft (26 days ago)
My 2 friends tell me the battery life is poor on iPhone X. I don't want to buy if that's the case. The other thing that stops me is I have 2 friends that's sold them to go back to an iPhone 8 Plus due to Face ID being a pain, first friend Scott always wears sun glasses and constantly had to take them off so he was typing in a pin all the time, then Brian said everything he wanted to check his phone in the morning it wouldn't always work.
Lumi Kløvstad (26 days ago)
Can we get a list of the best phones the average college-debt saddled millennial who also enjoys making rent payments on time and eating occasionally can actually afford, please?
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Mahesh Walatara (26 days ago)
S9 is Jack of All trades, Master of None. lol. Plus it blows.
John B. (26 days ago)
Good choices
Anuar Oryngaziyev (26 days ago)
Since when a “camera” is the number one reason for people choosing their smartphone? Yeah, everyone keep telling: Pixel pixel best camera blah blah DxO mark and so on. To me, just another regular camera at any flagship smartphone. And the DxO stuff feels like another marketing dust in the eyes of a customer. To be precise, I saw and experienced this device and personally haven’t found anything extraordinary in this “Best camera ever”. The best smartphone, I guess, it’s the one you use and have in your pocket. It’s my opinion, whether you like it or not:)
Ryuga Law (25 days ago)
Camera is a feature like any feature in a smartphone, and consequently is as important. However, I am with you that this DxO mark hype is all over the place. The dudes haven't even reviewed the XZ2? Are they so incompetent that they didn't have the opportunity to review it, or do they review only what they get paid for? I think all phones have great cameras these days. And it shouldn't be the purpose for choosing a phone over the other.
Daniel Mladenov (26 days ago)
For me the HTC U12+ looks to be N1 by far. Great camera with natural colors, Boomsound, that screen (OLEDS tend to age poorly, the LCDs on HTC phones are really good), a near stock, fluid experience and that Flame red... just gorgeous!
kramshiron (26 days ago)
Apple...iPhone x.....Android....pixel 2.....for user experience,screen Samsung S9,speed oneplus 6.
Anthony Parker (26 days ago)
Note 8 still great!
Vernon Warren (25 days ago)
Anthony Parker absolutely!
Mahabuba Bithi (26 days ago)
Awesome video man!! Keep at it
Gopz kO (26 days ago)
So no op5T anymore on the list 😣
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Can’t even buy it anymore
Pro Design (26 days ago)
What's about the of LG G7
Arnold Melvin Xavier (26 days ago)
LG G 7 definitely deserves a spot
Yannis Fraselle (26 days ago)
I really agree with these tips. Frankly a reference video to advise which smartphones to buy. By cons you forget to mention for the Google Pixel 2 that it is a smartphone that is available only in 2 countries in Europe. Like most Google products that are hardly available a Europe. Even the Google Assistant impossible to have in Belgium, we often criticize Samsung with Bixby but it is the only Assistant to be available in Belgium and also for other countries that sell Samsung smartphones.
EmperorTerran (26 days ago)
what a shocking and helpful list, really a great and unmatched insight
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Thanks man! I really appreciate it !
Lg g7 Thinq
Matthew Lowman (26 days ago)
Google Pixel 2 xl. I only had iPhones before and just became sick of the same phone being released every year. The Pixel has a great software experience, great camera, and great little features like the always on display, squeezable assistant, the now playing, etc. Definitely the best phone experience I've ever had.
HarD TarGeT (26 days ago)
Samsung OS was already having many features well in advance that was later added on android Nougat, Oreo & P. However the problem is due to the mentality of ppl that it is laggy, they tend to ignore mentioning those features or giving much deserve respect to Samsung Experience/TouchWiz OS.
barani daran (26 days ago)
Sir do a drop test for one plus 6
barani daran (26 days ago)
Tq sir
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Tomorrow it comes out
Connor Hibbert (26 days ago)
Samsung os is personally my favorite because of its modern sleek design. I like it better than almost anything. I would take s9 or iPhone x thi

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