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A big thanks to Chromebooks for sponsoring this video! Tag along with us on a typical day and see how we use our Chromebook for our daily activities. Find out more about Chromebooks here: https://goo.gl/zZyM4s
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JIM HAMPTON (3 months ago)
pj and thomas ... you both have such great smiles, especially when looking at each other
Hasan Anower (5 months ago)
I need a boyfriend
Sid Sid (5 months ago)
Gawd they are boring AF
Mauricio Dubz (6 months ago)
iPad Pro???
Maxime (6 months ago)
I understand you guys are approached by brands to sponsor videos but don’t forget you have a community that is not necessarily interested in seeing ads - we already see ads before the video starts
RVHobo (6 months ago)
Was this a day in your daily life or AD for Chromebook?
brettcameron (6 months ago)
A day in the life or a just a Chromebook ad featuring my fav couple? 🤔
Bill M (6 months ago)
Has anyone else’s YouTube essentially become your own personal Gay cable network I watch Dan and Jon, Lance The Driver, Husband and Husband, Andrew Neighbors, DadNotDaddies, Tom Daley, Mark E Miller, Steve Grand, Eli Lieb, Matt and Blue, and of course the lovely Property Lovers, If there are any others I did not mention you are watching I would love to add them to my huge gay subscription list. Thanks to all the YouTubers that spend the time and effort to make this possible. Also thanks to all the sponsors who have no problem sponsoring gay content without their help I doubt some of the above would still be making content.
-GZU -MCSR (6 months ago)
Aindrila Chakraborty Stepsof2Foreigners 😍❤
just a parrot (6 months ago)
Idk why but this channels are like drugs for me, after seen their videos im depressed
Bill M (6 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestions I already follow Travis , The Double Dose Club I will check out the rest it's always fun to find new gay channels.
just a parrot (6 months ago)
Aindrila Chakraborty (6 months ago)
Bill M Check out : Stepsof2foreigners (my #1) Travis Bryant (my #2) The Double Dose Club Justin&Nick Joey Graceffa Two Beeps Kyle Krieger Jack Merridew Dion Yorkie Sebb Argo
LetMeTouchIt (6 months ago)
Interesting commercial
Bill Radcliff (6 months ago)
Sad that the video was just a commercial for Chromebook. I was expecting better from you guys
Wolfgang Romine (6 months ago)
tbh even though this is basically just a commericial I still enjoyed it. It's filmed pretty well!
Joseph Thurman (6 months ago)
You two are so awesome! I envy all of the amazing people that get to be your friends.
Alan Jones (6 months ago)
Hey PJ and Thomas thank you so much for sharing your video with me I really enjoyed watching your latest video 💚❤️💚❤️
No Copyright Music (6 months ago)
Quality video! I think you have potential to be a HUGE YouTuber and make so much money that this becomes your full time job! It's just I actually noticed that your channel isn't growing very fast, which is holding you back! I actually experienced the same exact problem on my main channel until my friend hooked me up with his promotion service on Fiverr. He wanted to test his promotion strategies on my videos and WOW my main channel practically exploded after that. he advertised my video in front of millions of people and now I have thousands of views, subscribers, and comments because she brought the right traffic i needed for my particular channel and content. We want you to grow and get the views that you deserve, so I'd suggest you look into a promotion service like his. The link to his service is in the bottom right corner of my channel banner. Please keep working on your channel! Success is right around the corner!!
Frank Salerno (6 months ago)
Great video one thing I see when u talk if ur looking at camera why does your eyes look away from us some of the time lol just thought I ask
Frank Salerno (6 months ago)
What are u looking at aren't your eyes suppose to look at us while we are watching but it doesn't lol not that it matters I'm just pointing something out still love video keep up the great videos
xadam2dudex (6 months ago)
Chromebooks are primarily designed for use while connected to the Internet...Chromebooks have limited offline functionality. even though Chromebooks and Android OS are both Google properties they have only recently been attempts to make Android apps available on Chrome OS...what I don't like is your apps AND data are in the cloud not on the device...I'd rather use a 2 in 1 table or the new SSD notebooks which keeps your apps and data on the device
Gregory Gyllsdorff (6 months ago)
Dear PJ: I hope that I didn't interrupt your day, or put you out. I did want to share some thoughts. You and Thomas mean a lot to me. I love this video. I hope to see you online soon. You two are amazing guys. Big hugs. Greg
William m (6 months ago)
You guys are real businessmen. Advertise this and that and staying in the game. Good going guys I wish you all the success that comes with your new adventures.
Kendra Patterson (6 months ago)
Why are you guys staring off to the right instead of looking into the camera? Sorry it's nitpicking, it was just distracting. Otherwise nice video. 😀
dahtal michaels (6 months ago)
Hey Pj & thomas ok, i know that this is just an elaborate advert, but you two are so damm cute!! have a great weekend sending you love xxx
gcjerryusc (6 months ago)
What a great couple. Here's another Gay couple you may enjoy_ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIb7s0ej1pWP9iuvm4-IbMw/videos And want some eye candy? Skip to 7:00 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b80mHpCyLyI
xadam2dudex (6 months ago)
oh yeah I've been following Bernardo and Adam too...hot and they know it
Calvin Wongn (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your day!
transpirit20 (6 months ago)
You guys.... I just love to look at you both... adorable couple
Brandon and Christian (6 months ago)
Mohammad Z (6 months ago)
You two are love ❤️ ❤️

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