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Nexus 6 revisit: It's been two years!

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▶ Check out some dbrand skins to spruce up your Nexus 6: https://dbrand.com/ The Nexus 6 is now a two year old device, is it still competitive in 2016? Watch and find out! _________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. Background Music: ▶ Back Alley Kat: https://soundcloud.com/back-alley-kat ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (619)
Corey Johnson (6 months ago)
Still using my Nexus 6. Been using it since release.
Reza Husein (6 months ago)
Really amazing phone
usama uzair (7 months ago)
I have this mobile now...love it from allover
craszhtube69 (8 months ago)
$229 at Amazon as of 8/9/17 LOL just FYI still have my nexus 5 and decided to get nexus 6 for my wife since it is on sale. Hope it is worth it.
Christopher Jimenez (8 months ago)
170 on swappa 💯 recommended
Montana Bowers (9 months ago)
downplaying the hell out of it
sadffgh (9 months ago)
ANWEN GONG (10 months ago)
Which version of your mobile phone system is Andrews?
Bhikamchand Pincha (10 months ago)
Make more of these 2 years later revisited videoss..
You Can Trust Me Do It (10 months ago)
from nexus 6 to iPhone 7 plus gold 256gb
Sufyan Malik (1 year ago)
why you didnt made Nexus 5 revisited video
¤T'CHALLA¤ (1 year ago)
This is a great phone! I still have it and will not be getting a new phone for a while & it's still like new and I've been getting the Android updates.
GreenArt4 (1 year ago)
Pretty great phone, had it for a little over 2 years now. Performance and feature wise I'm still satisfied, even though I have a custom kernel/ROM. I just wish the battery life was better :/
Castrrr (1 year ago)
I totally miss this phone. :(
Moses Bharshankar (1 year ago)
i am gonna buy it..MOTOROLA RULES...
Le_Combattant (1 year ago)
Whoa its so smooth... more than my 6P...
Diddy (1 year ago)
"compared to more expensive midrange smartphones like the Nexus 6" @ 1:02 do you even watch your own stuff idiot? Fix your voice and your review.
Javier Igartua (1 year ago)
After The disappointed Nougat update than never comes to my Nexus 6 I just deside buy an IPhone 7 Plus and finish with almost 5 years of buying Google products. My last update in my N6 was a f... 6.1 and was all and never more came any update. Why buy another Google phone with the same price like an Iphone?? For the next year the update for Pixel will be installed or I have to change for the next f... Google Phone....No way body, no way. I can install all the same Google apps in my new IPhone.
Jamie James (1 year ago)
I just traded my pixel in for a nexus 6 again. no lie
FooFan Ger (1 year ago)
german surename....good review greets from germany
I think Google kind of made a mistake with this phone. They made an almost perfect device... big screen, front facing speakers, decent processor, easy to root, etc. There's just no reason to upgrade until they make another one with 128/256GB and 64 bit.
The Gripmaster (1 year ago)
I've been using this phone for two years now. My only complain is the camera. The camera app often crashes and camera stops working totally. The only solution is to reboot the phone.
DJohn NineOneSix (1 year ago)
Best phone ever no lag at all... Now running Nougat 7.0.. I bought a zte axon 7 and I returned it because connectivity is not even close to the Nexus and the axon cpu sucks
Desk Jockey (1 year ago)
battery life sucks
Matt Brooks (1 year ago)
Nexus 10 was the first Nexus with front facing stereo speakers
Gabe Ulrickson (1 year ago)
I just wish this had a Micro SD card slot as my music takes up a ton of space.
željko stankić (1 year ago)
me just got one
Samy_06 (1 year ago)
so what it's been two years , do you buy a 600 or 700$ device to use it for two months , i still have my almost 3 years old xperia z2 and it's still blazing fast
Tom Ient (1 year ago)
what is that icon pack?
Mel .McCants (1 year ago)
the screen bleeding is serious
C B Taylor (1 year ago)
Would you buy this phone over a Nexus 6p or Motorola Pure ?
Mark cbay (1 year ago)
You cant beat stock Android .Nexus to Android is what iphone is to ISO .Samsung ,htc ,lg etc have given Android a bad name with all the bloatware and skins Makes it so much more complicated for the average person to go from one make to the next Dont get that problem with Nexus devices or Apple.Once you have used pure Android theres no going back
Kris Insy (1 year ago)
I can't decide between this or the moto x pure
Yselacreyó (1 year ago)
anyone knows what icon pack is he using?
Alfredo Durán (1 year ago)
I'm very happy with my Shamu XT1103 32gb, no issues yet!
I haven't found a phone I like as much as my Nexus 6.
彧彧 (1 year ago)
that phone does not worth $350 now.
MrMister1227 (1 year ago)
Im wondering if i should skip the new updates and keep my recent Nexus 6 on android 5.1.1 since i would imagine android 7.0 would be more demanding on the phone?
Joseph C (1 year ago)
How large is this phone compared to the LG G3? got that as my current smartphone.
Mathew Joseph (1 year ago)
In case no one know you can use multi window now on Nougat
Brandon Hoover (1 year ago)
Jonathan Temkin (1 year ago)
Looking to upgrade from a nexus 5. Should I get this, a moto x pure edition, or something else in the 200-300 dollar range?
Michael Harding (1 year ago)
love Nexus 6 wish there was another one this size or bigger
Prodigy Developer (1 year ago)
Nexus 6 is still a great phone,I still have it, and my note 5 lags slightly more than it. Nexus 6 update to android 7.0 works smooth and fast
Matthew Truscott (1 year ago)
Shamu has better AnTuTu ratings than the 6p, my 6 battery lasted longer than my now 6p. Put the USB type c and the fingerprint sensor on Shamu, I would buy it for twice the price of a pixel. Why don't they get with the program and start using 16 mp and up camera sensors?
timothy liska (1 year ago)
I love my n6 but been thinking n6p but I don't think it's worth it
Chris Polanco (1 year ago)
With Nougat, this phone is even more appealing finally making use of it's large display. Anyone contemplating this phone keep this in mind: my Note 7 (R.I.P) with 4GB of RAM and SD 820 lagged and hiccups more noticeably and more consistently than my Nexus 6 with only 3GB of RAM and a 3 generations old SoC in the SD 805 (God bless you Stock Android) The camera isn't going to win any shootouts, and it may be a hair larger than you're used to; hell depending on what your doing it may not be the fastest phone available but you buy this phone for the whole package. With how boring and expensive the Pixels currently are, this along with the 6P are great alternatives.
John Bremo (1 year ago)
I'm running cm14 and its still going strong
Israel Jauregui (1 year ago)
cm14 is buggy and crash's alot on the Nexus 6 that I went back to cm13
I ❤️ Nexus 6
Kunal Tanwar (1 year ago)
It really helped me.
Yselacreyó (1 year ago)
Anyone knows what icon pack is he using?
Peter Hindes (1 year ago)
got a new 64 gb model for 250$ on ebay
Idan Winter (1 year ago)
I own the 6P, and ever since my dad saw MKBHD's video about the Nexus 6 he was sold. Over two months later, and he absolutely LOVES this phone.
Jaimy Michiels (1 year ago)
Still got mine! Starting to lag a bit on 7.0.
Mario McIntosh (1 year ago)
I'm rocking mines with cdroid 14.1, nougat 7.1 now...I don't see anything wrong with it. this phone is plenty fast...
TyrannoJack (1 year ago)
i'm an enthusiast and the nexus 6 is still the only choice imo.
C Hiebert (1 year ago)
dbrand sponsorship is getting old. great video though!
ditismijnwereld (1 year ago)
i gotta choice for christmas. this or the nextbit robin ???
Camera Phill (1 year ago)
just bought on ebay Nexus 6 with nougat installed 64gb and is 98% mint condition for £200 really excited now waiting for postie to come :)
x111 x111 (1 year ago)
Nexus 6 is the greatest phone and still be in use until google will finally Make Phone Great Again !!
Obama bin laden Vel (1 year ago)
I am running nougat it and I was able to get about 4 hours of browsing reading videos on screen on time. I got a new battery today i knew this would give me about an hour more ... oh man I was wrong... I'm at 4 hours on screen on time already and it's at 51℅ maaaaan I'm happyy take that pixel phone!!! just as good as a new one
DJohn NineOneSix (1 year ago)
Oh and by the way you can use the Nexus 6 XT1103 with any carrier... Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T GSM 'n CDMA
DJohn NineOneSix (1 year ago)
I don't care any negative comment below my comment because yeah it is a old phone but the specifications still great and not easily reached by other flagships the only thing I will add to this phone is a SDcard slot, I'm not rich but I always buy my phones cash up front and I was thinking on get the V20 but nop specifications shows my XT1103 still rocking plus the Super High Definition screen,
Reazon Giovanni (1 year ago)
just gave my nexus 6 up for the pixel. its been a good 2 years
_ хороший вариант фаблета "Motorola Nexus-6 " 👌
techfan42 (1 year ago)
good node to apples stupidity at removing audio jack 2:58
Justin Cheeks (1 year ago)
my note 5 was broken and i am trying to figure if this phone is better than the moto g4 plus
Geli Moriarty (1 year ago)
My Nexus crashes quite often, always multiple times and I don't know why. I love this phone in every other aspect, can't even imagine having a phone that isn't 6 inches, but I just hate this struggle. Everything else works perfectly, it's just this one thing that ruins the whole smartphone for me. I got it in May 2015 and I don't want to buy a new smartphone till I had it AT LEAST 2 years, which even then seems like such a waste. Anyone got a similar problem? Or a solution?
John Smith (1 year ago)
Pixel is too pricey and featureless. I'm keeping my Nexus 6 for another year at least. Just need to replace the battery eventually..
Jerry4050 (1 year ago)
After all the hate I got it in 2015 for $350 but its a backup phone if my Nexus 6p ever dies or get stolen
llsa13 (1 year ago)
"Great efficiency", but "won't impress"... you're wack.
Mustafa Arif (1 year ago)
what launcher does it use?
Mustafa Arif (1 year ago)
it looks like the Google pixel one
E G (1 year ago)
+Android Police I just actually bought this phone Summer of 2016 for $250 USD as I was feeling nostalgic... This 2014-made phone still works like a beast except for the 2MP front facing camera and lack of fingerprint scanner. But if you're in a budget who cares?!? It still gets the latest OS update Nougat 7.0, download & install the *Google Assistant* and *Pixel Launcher* from XDA Developers and you got a brand spanking 5.96-inch 2016 Pixel phone for 1/3 of the price! In most ways, this phone's specs were way advanced back in 2014. Everyone bitched about its humongous screen. Now in 2016, it's rocking a *just right* screen as most Android phones these days rock 5.2, 5.5 or 6.0 inch screens. The screen is gorgeous with 2560 x 1440 (~493 ppi) *AMOLED.* Compare that with iPhones and others that still sport *only* 1080p (~367 ppi). So yeah, this is *still a definite buy* in 2016.
pdraggy (1 year ago)
Nextbit Robin is the gsm Nexus 6 at 200 bucks I'd suggest this phone before nexus
Tam messi (1 year ago)
which launcher is facundo using ?
Miguel Ortega (1 year ago)
the Nexus six is still my daily phone I love it
Murad Shawar (1 year ago)
And this device has Nogut 7.0 so this will still be usable for at least another year and a half until android O comes out with the next Pixel devices.
Danish Sajid (1 year ago)
i love my nexus 6 <3
Richie Mcleod (1 year ago)
Still no OTA for my Nexus 6. Anyone got theirs?
Samuel Zoller (1 year ago)
i have a nexus 6
Jake Rowan (1 year ago)
at 4:28 when you zoomed in on the corner and the time was 7:47 it was legit 7:47 for me lmao wtffffffff
Mathias (1 year ago)
Still use Nexus 6
Sean Cook (1 year ago)
I just got this as a back up device. I like it a lot. Maybe I should have gotten this instead of the nexus 6p. waited and got the 6p later at a discount also. I got Nexus 6 for $250 on Swappa
james borzoni (1 year ago)
just bought a refurbished one of these for 180 bucks!
Stalin (1 year ago)
Shamwu? Excuse me?
ditismijnwereld (1 year ago)
shamu is the codename for this device
Lo (1 year ago)
should i trade my nexus 5x with a nexus 6?
Hector N (1 year ago)
Fucking dbrand
Hayden Ong (1 year ago)
What wallpaper if that? It looks abosultely gorgeous!
I'm watching this vídeo through my Nexus 6, and I have a big question, can some one tell me why did my Nexus 6 still dont update to Android n :(
Still haven't received Nougat ..
Pedrameke (1 year ago)
For €200 is it good ?
RingSight91 (1 year ago)
TrollTechRUS That's not the only thing funky with it. Before the Nougat update, it wouldn't do over-the-air patch updates to Marshmallow; had to do image loads over USB. But anyway, since I'm overseas and it won't work with my carrier's LTE, I benched it for home WiFi use only and got a local Apple-Refurbished iPhone 5s. Had already been using a iP3GS and iPad Mini 2 before, so I have bunch of stuff saved in iCloud. Shame, I liked the 4K camera too, though I only use 1080p to save space. If I go back to an N6, I'll have to get the International Version for LTE compatibility.
TrollTechRUS (1 year ago)
+RingSight91 What? wow... my 5yo uses mine n6 now and she abuses that thing... its shower proof too. lol btw, on amazon, I beleive you can grab new ones for 225 or so... should have some warranty?
RingSight91 (1 year ago)
Pedrameke I got mine Used for $220 in January of last year. Everything worked fine for six months until the rear camera mysteriously broke overnight. No kidding, my a photo of my movie ticket stub for _Independencr Day: Resurgence_ was the last image it took, next day "App could not connect to the camera" it began to say. Official Repairs at Google is quoted starting at $179. I'm not certain it'll be worth the cost and hassle.
TrollTechRUS (1 year ago)
fuck yes! Youll love the screen size as it makes consuming media pleasant af and the dual front facing stereo speakers are great! I dont buy phones with kess than 5.5 inch screen and dual front facing speakers now. so when i returned my Note 7 I picked up an axon 7 and an idol 4s. The nexus 6 is still badass.
Mike M (1 year ago)
got this from Canada Computers today for only $299
sayantanutbe (1 year ago)
Given the recent crop of smartphones, Nexus 6 stands out as a great option. And that's including Google Pixel. Nexus 6 is still fast and lasts me a little over a day on my battery.
Anthony Pike (1 year ago)
Anybody else have a really crappy battery?
Ryan Mochrie (1 year ago)
Anthony Pike get it replaced all battery's degrade after a while
Livius (1 year ago)
Looking back at some old phones from 2013 maximum 2015 they were much better built and it was the time when everybody made slim bezels also it had front facing speakers . But now look at thise horrible Pixel shit designed phones . I feel like the newer phones get the more shit they are .
Jaden Kalis (1 year ago)
I don't like the pixel either seems overpriced
Coqui (1 year ago)
I have a love/hate relationship with my Nexus 6. Just because I can't give it up. Still very capable in 2016.
Víctor C. Rivera (1 year ago)
Still have mine and it works as new!
QDogg (1 year ago)
This phone was ahead of it's time. Great value for it in 2016. I hope Amazon does a Black Friday sale again on these, I'd like to buy a lot of them on the cheap. Android 7.0 will be the last update via OTA for this device. I can see it still being used in 2017. Imagine if it had an SD card slot, this phone would still be worth a decent amount.
JFomo (1 year ago)
I miss seeing curves on a phone. All the straight rectangular phones these days look too plain.
Disco Panda (1 year ago)
That's icon pack makes it look nasty

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