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Top 10 Recently Launched Best Surprising Smartphones Sep-2017

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Please watch: "Recently launched high end Smartphone 2018 Top 5" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQMS-4CU04o --~-- Recently Launched Best Surprising phones 2017. Here all are recently launched phones so no one is in a particular order but all are launched by popular smartphones brand so all are good in specification and design, ram, performances. Also, watch our awesome videos.... Smartphones with the world most powerful processor 2017:: https://youtu.be/6vju55HPiWg TOP 5 Fastest Android Smartphones in the World 2017:: https://youtu.be/EQx2c2dVhf0 Top 5 Upcoming Magnificent Smartphones in 2017-2018 -Future Phones: https://youtu.be/_FGWZwHmoqg 10 Best dual camera phones (July 2017):: https://youtu.be/auJO1l7vStY

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Text Comments (25)
All4 you (8 months ago)
Which One you buy? 1) Lg v30 2) Note 8 And Please like share and subscribe...Thanks for Watching.
Armaan Verma (7 months ago)
Note 8
All4 you (7 months ago)
Good Choice man:)
cjcav gr (7 months ago)
All4 you V30.
Sharique Siddiqui (8 months ago)
Note 8
Justin nikku (8 months ago)
Not 8× V30 I like
Akash Masih (3 months ago)
Vivo is great smartphone
Ganavak (5 months ago)
Just a bunch of promo vids stitched together..
kuyukurtt (6 months ago)
Is it me or nah? Is VIVO, a mix of Apple (iPhone) and Samsung??
pasupathi .A (6 months ago)
iPhone 7plus
Mark Anthony Gonzaga (8 months ago)
all I can say is WOW!!! LG and SAMSUNG are AMAZING... ALSO SONY..
Mark Anthony Gonzaga (6 months ago)
thank you very much.. ^_^
Ibrahim Awoniyi (7 months ago)
Mark Anthony Gonzaga Lg stylo3 plus is the best that money can buy right now. It's just as good as note 8 and the price is not cheap but reasonable. So I will give LG Stylo 3 Plus a 4 and half Star.
Mouad Chadli (8 months ago)
song name at vivo y69 ?
axel tuijten (7 months ago)
Mouad Chadli really wanna know as well
chanhtha wangmixai (8 months ago)
Justin nikku (8 months ago)
Fuck samsung
you fucked up man f
cjcav gr (7 months ago)
Justin nikku apple sheep
Justin nikku (8 months ago)
Sony not gd. ..fucking small screen. .nd bettry life to low👎 Lyk V30👍
Superfalcon101 (8 months ago)
Justin nikku do you speak English?
Suicidal Duck (8 months ago)
The v30 has features I doubt are true
Sourav Mondal (8 months ago)
All4 you (8 months ago)
Thanks Sourav

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