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Building the Ultimate Nintendo Switch

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If you want to build the ultimate Nintendo Switch console, this is probably a terrible idea. Upgrade your Joy-Con tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCUo1SHc7es Nintendo Switch Joycon and Shell replacement on Amazon: http://austin.tech/joyconshell 128GB MicroSD card on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchsd Switch Glass Screen Protector on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchprotector Switch Wired LAN Ethernet adapter on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchlan Bionik Power Plate for Switch and Joycon on Amazon: http://austin.tech/powerplate Hori Playstand on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchstand Nintendo Switch USB-C to HDMI hub on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchhub Switch Battery Charging Case on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchcase Nyko Clip Grip for Switch on Amazon: http://austin.tech/clipgrip Huge shoutout to Kevin Kenson! https://www.youtube.com/user/KevinKenson/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3781)
Brian Voll (45 minutes ago)
Does that battery case work with the 3rd party dock?
marek Gnojek (2 hours ago)
WHHHYYY do you not get a dock sock? WHy
Forsakenh8red (2 hours ago)
Austin! Velcro all that to a usb powered portable 15-17 inch monitor with integrated hdmi and speakers for a truly ultimate experience and team up with Joel to 3d print the joycon mounts to basically make a giant switch 🤓🤯
Crosswalk (2 hours ago)
Wow nintendo really thought of everything when they released this...
Juan Urdaneta (5 hours ago)
Build the ultimate RED camera
SeiferTV (8 hours ago)
Joycum swap ? That sounds weird.
ExCillenT Clan (9 hours ago)
The Expensivest console EVER
Jogador Viciado (13 hours ago)
where is the portuguese subtitles
Rory Schiffbauer (16 hours ago)
All this shit and you didn't even get a bluetooth adapter for headphones? Im seriously disappointed in you Austin.
Angelus Nielson (17 hours ago)
Elmo21 (17 hours ago)
For some reason you look like a pornstar
ProBalloon Gamer (20 hours ago)
I have that exact stand. It only has 2 positions to adjust it..
Caleb Smith (21 hours ago)
my question is, why didn't nintendo already make the switch like this in the first place?
WayOfTheSword 37 (23 hours ago)
If you listed everything in the description, then where are the replacement joycons after u broke the other ones?
Wtf is the point of a joy con charger if u can just charge it on the nentendooo switch
kira thompson (1 day ago)
The ultimate pasta dish
Think Speed (1 day ago)
There's only two things you need in life duct tape and Wd 40
Evan Blenkinsopp (1 day ago)
Do not put a D-pad on the Joycon. You *need* to use the buttons separately.
Retro Stuff! (1 day ago)
Shame it's under powered port filled crap lol
BlackLense (1 day ago)
You should state the whole price :D
I wanna buy that now i wanna play something
MetoF50 .Narliev (1 day ago)
looks like Nintendo Shield :D
Rakesh Kumar (1 day ago)
Can I have the ultimate switch C:
ViciousGamer (1 day ago)
And this my friends is how you start a fire
AEoXwarrior《BE》 (2 days ago)
Building the ultimate raspberry pi...
Florke (2 days ago)
On jest w chuj podobny do gimpera
- ProPenguinGames - (2 days ago)
Perfect for otakus!
ayanna preyer (2 days ago)
Wow. I have no words
WorstCriticEver (2 days ago)
He looks like logic lol
David Cohen (2 days ago)
To conclude this is a video on how to waste your money!!
Time Bandit (2 days ago)
MrPomnqwzx (3 days ago)
So its a DS with one less screen?
Alan Sanchez (3 days ago)
Can u build the ulitmate xbox one x?
M4TT EXE (3 days ago)
$800 in 3rd party accessories lul
This is the funniest one of your videos I've ever seen lmao omfg 😂
Ulysses D'Amboise (3 days ago)
Basically making the Switch Immortal
matthew salavarria (3 days ago)
Can that power case hook up to the HDMI dongle with that USB-C port on the side so you can have it kickstand up and on your tv?
I'm you, but stronger.
Luke J (3 days ago)
Oh. My. God
loafobread 12 (3 days ago)
1973Washu (3 days ago)
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Adan Contreras (3 days ago)
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhey guys, this is Austin.
Jahzaras (4 days ago)
so ultimate yaaaaaaaaay
Cheese Pizza Gaming (4 days ago)
Hey guys zizizostin
I HACKED I hacked (4 days ago)
If the controller had lights it would of been nice
Dunpeal 192 (4 days ago)
Andrew Maloney (4 days ago)
Austin build the ultimate Xbox one x !!!!
Vivinko Pisar (4 days ago)
Ultimate Xbox one x !!
michael1234252 (4 days ago)
Just a quick tip about those portable USB-c hdmi docks is that it's a hit and miss. Cause some of the cheaper ones don't work well. Cause I've bought one awhile back for about $15 off of ebay and the thing about it is that the HDMI out didn't work, slow charging, and the USB-c lead only works like a normal USB-a where there is one one way to put it in.
bob no last name (4 days ago)
How much did all of that stuff cost in total
Anonymous Dan (4 days ago)
you idiot
kaustubh paliwal (4 days ago)
Hey Austin, the only bad part of the pixel 2 is that it doesn't have a "HEADPHONE JACK"....
Sahil T (4 days ago)
I see logic in the background, you are a man of culture as well
Dan (4 days ago)
Hey Austin, this is Nintendo Switch guys.
fraydoh805 (4 days ago)
Shouts to logic
Omar Moncada (4 days ago)
Bro that shit is a mess! Nintendo has really fucked up and it used to be real good
Alexander The Gamer (4 days ago)
Why have the ultimate switch when you can have the ultimate mistake?!! (this video)
Maximus (4 days ago)
He just kept pulling things out of the table....
Jackson (4 days ago)
The worst thing about Amazon is it's fucking one click delivery, why? I was looking at joy cons and clicked it by accident
Octobell (5 days ago)
Mike Biondo (5 days ago)
You should try to connect to the ultimate PlayStation 4 to the ultimate PlayStation Pro
marley tennant (5 days ago)
do ultimate ps vita
TazDaMan (5 days ago)
all you probably need is a screen protector and micro sd card
Kuro (5 days ago)
What a fucking disaster
BTbroadbrand (5 days ago)
Your teeth are too big
JuventusFC05 (5 days ago)
These dudes were definitely in the drama club in highschool
why would you have a joy con remote for the nintendo switch that has 2 joy con on it already
Geek In Da Kitchen (5 days ago)
Stop it now.
Run- Chan (5 days ago)
Hot mess .. but nice.
Whomstd.v1 (5 days ago)
Ah I see that Incredible True Story and Everybody poster Austin!
Skyler Cogburn (5 days ago)
Can you build me a Nintendo switch that looks like a Disco 💃 ball?
ResinDreams (5 days ago)
The duct tape 😂👍🏼
uh waste (5 days ago)
How is this guy not spiderman
Rafael Sparks (5 days ago)
Well its still portable...until your arms break.
LiteGaming (5 days ago)
You can even get 400GB of storage!
Jamie peng (5 days ago)
Ultimate forehead
pooper50505 (5 days ago)
I did that but in 4k
Toaster Head (5 days ago)
Wait what if we have a SD card case that is just a giant SD card
Vini Play Diversity (5 days ago)
Esse cara é muito bom em criar vídeo games (i AM Brazilian)
O Doutor (6 days ago)
Mute Me (6 days ago)
this was DUMB
Tetra Sky (6 days ago)
I'd just get the battery case and screen protector. Or just an external battery bank.
Cam Pro (6 days ago)
Pk il y a EMB?
Build the ultimate child
luca lie (6 days ago)
Nice gut you are ILL
Arthur Wacker (6 days ago)
the|Gamer (6 days ago)
I have the USB-C to HDMI/USB/USB-C Adapter as a portable Dock in my Switch Case also it doubles for my Macbook Pro. But I also have a XBOX One/PS4 to Switch Adapter in my Case. So I can play with people, that don't have a Switch but a XBOX One or a PS4.
JMotion (6 days ago)
So he got a USB-C dongle that has USB-C and USB-A input, as well as HDMI output, so he could charge his switch with a portable battery that also charges a pair of Joycons, while he plays with another pair of Joycons, and has the HDMI connecting him to the TV in 1080p. You know what else does that? The included dock...
Araragi Kun (6 days ago)
Building the ultimate Logic fan Oh hey it's Austin Evans.
Bruva Galathos (6 days ago)
Dunno if you can reach out to JERMgaming, but if it is possible, how does "Ultimate Potato Masher Pro" sound to you?
Vinny V (6 days ago)
Umm, 'cough' you are forgetting something. Switch Pro Controller.
Jonah Scapelliti (6 days ago)
The Nintendo Shield
Dragonite Playz (6 days ago)
Yeah I regret watching this......
Uganda Youtuber (6 days ago)
3K pounds of "That's unnecessary" and 40K loads of "Ultimate"
Conner Blase (6 days ago)
Flashback to the DMG days
Monica Vega (6 days ago)
Finally have something that's not totally stupid........ My parents said the same thing...
Mussu 05 (7 days ago)
Build the ultimate Xbox one x please
Edgi - (7 days ago)
Building the ultimate aluminum can 1080p monitor included
Electron_InThe6ix (7 days ago)
austin evans is probably a Logic fan because of the album pictures there

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