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Building the Ultimate Nintendo Switch

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If you want to build the ultimate Nintendo Switch console, this is probably a terrible idea. Upgrade your Joy-Con tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCUo1SHc7es Nintendo Switch Joycon and Shell replacement on Amazon: http://austin.tech/joyconshell 128GB MicroSD card on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchsd Switch Glass Screen Protector on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchprotector Switch Wired LAN Ethernet adapter on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchlan Bionik Power Plate for Switch and Joycon on Amazon: http://austin.tech/powerplate Hori Playstand on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchstand Nintendo Switch USB-C to HDMI hub on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchhub Switch Battery Charging Case on Amazon: http://austin.tech/switchcase Nyko Clip Grip for Switch on Amazon: http://austin.tech/clipgrip Huge shoutout to Kevin Kenson! https://www.youtube.com/user/KevinKenson/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (4385)
McPoke (9 hours ago)
"the switch has ok battery life" Did you get a limited edition extra large battery Switch or summin?
Superbro Moossi (13 hours ago)
The next day: Build the ultimate Austin Evans
Devin Payan (23 hours ago)
Thought he was bringing etika out
gecko gaming (1 day ago)
Do a video on the cheapest gaming mouse
AlpellaDroid (1 day ago)
Pls Make Ultimate New 3ds
MemeTerminator (2 days ago)
The battery case is neat
amos gamer (2 days ago)
Hey guys szs austin. Subscribed
Clutzmut (2 days ago)
The switches dock USB type 3 isn't enabled with current softwear correct?
Abs Rivera (2 days ago)
MUSHY MM (3 days ago)
New Name004 (3 days ago)
This is a horrible mistake you should stop
Colin Milmine (3 days ago)
Don't use anything but the Nintendo brand docking station!! I believe 5.0 causes this, but my Nyko portable dock bricked my console!! Beware. Still under warranty so I was lucky!
Itai Bordaty (3 days ago)
This is not ultimate, at all, my switch have a skull and co gripcase a case for the joycons a grip for thumbsticks and of course a pro controller, much better than your not portable switch at all
Awesomeman 222 (4 days ago)
Is it just me, or do the joy-cons last for FUCKING EVER
Armen Keshishyan (6 days ago)
and tuned on bell notificons
Armen Keshishyan (6 days ago)
i subed and liked butit still is funny
Armen Keshishyan (6 days ago)
lol no offense
Armen Keshishyan (6 days ago)
can some one please teach this guy how to say internet
Cerystal Gaming (6 days ago)
The last one is good if you don't use that case
Iambent (6 days ago)
I would love a fully portable switch without detachable joycons though, a truly dedicated handheld system that would still be able to be hooked up to a tv just as the psp from 2000 up. A bigger battery life would also be very welcome, or at least faster charging so that the switch when using it ad a handheld charges faster than it uses battery power. I’m still on the fence about getting a switch, but a newer, revisioned model ironing out some of the flaws of the current one might make me change my mind
Finn Aerts (7 days ago)
Deck brother bishop either English emphasis left teaspoon session problem.
SpookyPal (8 days ago)
Building the ultimate Ouya
Cody Coghlan (8 days ago)
How do you connect your switch to your computer???? Please help!
Henry Eckhoff (9 days ago)
I’m a YouTuber
jacob Robinsonmayer (9 days ago)
THX YOU SO MUCH ! i was looking for a shell now i know where to look
ihey4 animation (9 days ago)
Stupid but good
Rayzajw (9 days ago)
No link for the Duct tape?
Zach Borgan (9 days ago)
What is with Austin’s wheeze laugh?!
Building the Complicated Nintendo Switch
Felix Källström (10 days ago)
Building the ultimate dslr camera.
ramcess the bird (10 days ago)
The joycon swap looks like an gameboy color
Nicholas Ball (10 days ago)
C'mon that is not the ultimate switch, the beginning is Good, but some of this stuff is completely unnessecary. Also you can get better stuff, metal kickstand, a better SD card, Bluetooth, glowing dock. But the fact that bothers me is you use stuff like ducktape. I mean I love things like your ultimate PS4 and Xbox, one this just seems kinda lazy. Not to bash on your channel though it's awesome I would just like to see something better.
Sarp Günaydın (11 days ago)
We want xbox one x too to watch
Leeboy Morgan (11 days ago)
Fincaran Plays (12 days ago)
You are smart, but, this is something a dingus would do
Sierra Dickerson (12 days ago)
Best collaboration ever!!!
You_talking_to_m3 (13 days ago)
I really want those green and pink joy cons...
Erick Chavarria (13 days ago)
Jay G (13 days ago)
😂 that was good!
XStudiosGAMING (14 days ago)
Hey u can get a 512 gigabyte micro sd card for 9.99 and it works look it up
Mr. Justin (14 days ago)
I can build a better one with some money
ggWasNp (14 days ago)
Just use an Ojo
Angel Lombera (14 days ago)
Dustin Ortiz (15 days ago)
build the ultimate nokia 3310
Niilo Malmivaara (15 days ago)
"Comes innnnn"
How do you tech review guys get money?
Julian The Niga (16 days ago)
What’s your friend code for the switch
Ryan Cleary (17 days ago)
Building the ultimate Gameboy.
Jaxon Pliley (17 days ago)
Is that monstrosity me?
Shiba Inu / Ethan (17 days ago)
How are you doing this, are you a millionaire Austin? Buy me a switch please im poor XD
Katie George (18 days ago)
So much money...
super hub (18 days ago)
Just why
ADAM (18 days ago)
Pro controller?
승규송 (18 days ago)
만수르 ㄷㄷ
Beedle Boi (18 days ago)
Maybe the joycon charger is for if you have multiple of them
The DTX Drum Tips (18 days ago)
My Birthday In 8 December
Jordan Joestar (18 days ago)
sad how none of the more useful shit comes with the console.
Jaxon Snyder (18 days ago)
Do the building the ultimate nes this is a joke
KiddtheGamer (19 days ago)
This was pretty good, but i think MyMateVINCE (youtuber) made a better one.
Brady Productions (19 days ago)
What is the intheret
Plz build the uItimate iPhone x
Sandeep Banwait (19 days ago)
mcassattack (19 days ago)
The way you talk is obnoxious
the reed 2x2 (20 days ago)
I need another joy con can you sell some please💝🎈🎁😘😇 and thank you
Lilja Maj (20 days ago)
I sadly dont have a Nintendo Switch. I want one but I cant have one my mum won't buy me one. ...
TheGoldenPikachu (20 days ago)
How bout you call it Nintendo swap?
S-chan Higurachi (20 days ago)
S-chan Higurachi (20 days ago)
Cool good idea
michael Gabriau (20 days ago)
Good luck when your accessories brick your Switch.
Michael Karol (20 days ago)
The Player (21 days ago)
Is he saying Ethernet or internet
PİXEL GAMERS (21 days ago)
wow just wow 😐
Jayden La (21 days ago)
where is this money coming from
Unhappy Kirby (21 days ago)
or we can just pop it on and..... play?
FeedArtiFact3 gaming (21 days ago)
Today i just bought a switch lol
ArkFalcon (21 days ago)
What did he turn that poor Nintendo into
Leonardo Persson (22 days ago)
Patrick T. (22 days ago)
don't use 3rd party docks/chargers/batteries.. your switch might brick
Frozen Zombee (22 days ago)
sub-zero (22 days ago)
dream scenario: sony get the right for nintendo games...... like if u agree
Cyber133888 Gamer (22 days ago)
Keven looks like CDNThe3rd
Tom Burger (22 days ago)
2nd version fortnite on the switch
BryannTheKid (22 days ago)
The joy cons last a long time, mine lasted 6 days until they died
MrGizMob (23 days ago)
I saw mimikyu in the background..
Antonio Ortiz (24 days ago)
esta de putamadre soy méxicano putos
Karl Chiasson (24 days ago)
Don't use 3rd party docks, unless they are licensed by Nintendo. -_-
ZEUTRON XTREME (24 days ago)
I like the Nintendo switch. Especially when it’s built to be ultimate.
Ferrero Gaming (24 days ago)
Ooh now build a portable Nintendo Switch
1blisslife (24 days ago)
Hope none of those peripherals brick the switch with the 5.0 updates!
lagoveride (24 days ago)
you should not leave this video up knowing 3rd party docks brick switch's after the 5.01 update
Ethan Bernaldez (24 days ago)
Whos watching this in 2018?
ender mimik (25 days ago)
Mimikyu i Saw Mimikyu
TheAvirus (25 days ago)
Bruh u are rich
Bob Ssoss (26 days ago)
Is there a way I can buy joycons without buying a Nintendo switch?
FlameCubes (26 days ago)
Oh boy.
MHD (26 days ago)
this motherfucker looks like the one nerd in your class that's tryna look cool
Jannet Magpie (26 days ago)
Carlos Jones (26 days ago)
Peep logics recent albums in the back 🔥😤
Ben Willock (27 days ago)
That guy who wears a beanie indoors.
ahrdgi (28 days ago)
Stop the forced laughing, man.

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