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5 of our favorite Android custom launchers

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Here are 5 of our favorite Android launchers that we have tried and used in the past. Enjoy! __________________________________________________ Enter Nova Launcher Giveaway: 1. Retweet this Twitter post: https://twitter.com/AndroidPolice/status/893540325184217088 2. Follow us: http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice __________________________________________________ ▶ Smart Launcher 3 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ginlemon.flowerfree ▶ ASAP Launcher https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.citc.asap ▶ Pixel Launcher (Lawnchair) https://github.com/amirzaidi/Launcher3/releases ▶ Action Launcher https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.actionlauncher.playstore ▶ Nova Launcher https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher __________________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (244)
Addam Robin (11 days ago)
egzon hoxha (1 month ago)
Apus launcher is the best!!
Joyjeet Paul (1 month ago)
What's ur view on Microsoft Launcher ?
kaimax02 (1 month ago)
Which live wallpaper use in pixel launcher ? Any one know than tell me..
Error 404 (1 month ago)
Ale (1 month ago)
0.11 wallpaper?
kaimax02 (1 month ago)
Your wallpaper collections are good... Which app you get those wallpapers???
Tyson Wright (2 months ago)
I use Microsoft Launcher.
Nathan Otis (3 months ago)
Figured it out... https://www.google.com/amp/s/9to5google.com/2017/06/14/nova-launcher-google-now-integration/amp/
Nathan Otis (3 months ago)
How does one set up the pixelesque, swipe from the left side shortcut to Google now in Nova? That's the one thing Nova is missing for me!
Jhon Wick (3 months ago)
Hey I need this
Paul Sergides (3 months ago)
I use Apex launcher
Tamara Girodie (3 months ago)
But of course I'm using Nova Prime!!! I even got my new-to-android sister to download it and buy prime
Roberto Escobar (3 months ago)
Google now launcher #1 2018
Nick Bradley (4 months ago)
Where can I find that wallpaper at the end ?
Bryn Cormack (4 months ago)
What was that wallpaper on Nova Launcher
Harry 18 (4 months ago)
try microsoft launcher
Rabin Sapkota (4 months ago)
How to enable Google now in any country
Milanche (2 months ago)
You can go on Google and download a addon for nova launcher, it is a Google now addon with the swipe away option, if you can't find it, I'll try to get you the link! :D
Manpreet Singh (4 months ago)
I will make my first video on TSF launcher it's a best laucher I hv ever tried... Nothing like TSF. Try it out easy and too good.
Django Groen (4 months ago)
Why don't you use the oneplus 5T?
Shubham Sharma (4 months ago)
vignesh kumar (5 months ago)
Ricardo Moura Rocha (5 months ago)
I actually love the Microsoft Launcher, and I feel weird even saying it...lol It looks great, easy to customize, it's free, has a shelf, like the one plus, and works great...
Alejandro Javier (5 months ago)
Evie launcher is cool.
R E (5 months ago)
Pixel launcher. It has the new pixel 2 features. I like the simplicity.
Heather Thompson (5 months ago)
My favorite is the 3D Launcher
Usnain Sani (5 months ago)
Which icon pack you use???
Vechrozilator (6 months ago)
Next launcher is the best from those launcher
Pyramid Head (6 months ago)
I use Nova Launcher Prime and have been using it for 4 years now simply because I hate having to set up a new home screen layout when I get a new phone. With Nova Launcher you can backup your home screen layout and settings for Nova Launcher all you have to do on the new device is set up your Gmail account and restore all your apps once they're all installed recover the backup file and done you will be back to your familiar layout you have been using. Very simple and I find the features of Nova is excellent and I say without a doubt that Nova Launcher is the best launcher ever period no argument as Flossy would say it's a major go.
TONI PRAJAPATI (6 months ago)
I want nova Prime.. it's best way to experience vannila Android...and also fastest...
Xavier Thull (4 months ago)
TONI PRAJAPATI download an apk
15heartz (6 months ago)
I just here for free stuff 😊
Magesh Kumar (6 months ago)
I want Nova launcher prime do badly.. but I can't afford that much for an app..
Subjective Gedachten (6 months ago)
Forever Nova👴
Shafin haque (6 months ago)
nova is ♥️♥️♥️
Tani mesh (7 months ago)
which icon pack are you using ???? please tell
Bhaskar Singh Rawat (7 months ago)
I think NN launcher is best launcher
mel johns (7 months ago)
Earle Hunter (7 months ago)
Nova launcher by far the best option the most customizable using lg g5 it rocks
Carlos Pérez (7 months ago)
Hi , how can you change the apps menu to transparent ( you can see your wallpaper) in nova launcher?
SEniL (5 months ago)
Carlos Pérez app drawer list.
anureet bhardwaj (7 months ago)
Yonatan Avhar (8 months ago)
But why nova you should try total launcher
Walter Esese (8 months ago)
I use nova launcher. I tried using Lawnchair but I'm not a fan of the lack of customization and also it was really buggy on my 3T
Sandesh Trendz (8 months ago)
Nove has poor icon details so I switch to Apex launcher pro. Which is very customable like nova.
GeekyHirab (8 months ago)
I use Nova launcher, Action Launcher,ASAP Launcher,ADW Launcher 2 and Google Now Launcher or Pixel Launcher. I love ASAP Launcher... It's just looks good to me.
Rohit Saini (8 months ago)
It doesn't matter how many launchers i try i always end up to Nova launcher
Usnain Sani (8 months ago)
Whats that icon packs??
Usnain Sani (8 months ago)
How to get those icons?
Memo (8 months ago)
Usnain Sani play store
Santhosh playz (8 months ago)
ah tinder why bro
Rix Morales (8 months ago)
Lawnchair is a rootless clone of Pixel Launcher
Frieder Zi (8 months ago)
Go launcher is the most popular third party launcher in the play store, not nova. Yeah, it's shit, but still.
Kami Ore (8 months ago)
N Launcher For LIFE!!!! FTW
Purvesh Pandya (8 months ago)
Pooja? huh
Robert Leal (8 months ago)
Wonder when Oneplus Launcher will be available for any phone?
Hariom Tiwari (8 months ago)
I am using the novo launcher beta ❤ and it is a best launcher for customisation on Android💟
no (8 months ago)
nova is best
Whatever It Takes (8 months ago)
I love Smart launcher pro
Andro Guy (8 months ago)
I suggest Nova launcher for awesome customization and to make amazing setups
Peggy Scarborough (8 months ago)
I have used Action launcher for a long time but have now switched to Nova and am loving it...
Douglas Smith (8 months ago)
One page launchers too limiting. Nova Prime is still the best for anyone wanting to customize (and yes, could use only one screen too), but I find I need about a three page Nova setup.
Anthony Sewell (8 months ago)
Nova launcher all the way
Vijay (8 months ago)
I like to use nova launcher but there is option for hiding bloat apps untill purchase that's why i am using Evie launcher simple and sweet and its Universal search bar works well!✌️ Peace
Sandeep yadav (8 months ago)
Look at 4:29 Pooja Indian??
Droid Gyaan (8 months ago)
Nova user since 5 years
Mir Shahjahan (8 months ago)
Using Nova since past 2 years 👌👌
VisualGamerBF (8 months ago)
£20 off accessories for oneplus https://oneplus.net/uk/invite#VIO1ON6G5ZEH6L4
Luke et (8 months ago)
My new favourite is lawnchair it's amazing! Not on the play store though you'll find it on xda
Jose Maria Hernández (8 months ago)
Wich wallpaper is in minute 2:23
Ramaseshan Parthasarathy (8 months ago)
You can find this wallpaper and many others courtesy of Zan Cerne on https://zheanoblog.eu/
Iqbal Hassan (8 months ago)
ASAP LAUNCHERS is so underrated
Varun Girish (8 months ago)
if you know how to install a launcher, then you know how to download an apk of a paid app
Ananthu Selvam (8 months ago)
Are you sure that's Lawnchair?!! I think that's Launcher3. bc lawnchair is totally customizable!
Adewale Adeyemi (8 months ago)
Lawnchair N Evie. The Best
Anmol Kohli (8 months ago)
I use Evie. It's just fluid and works so smoothly. Simple and efficient design.
Pronay Ghosh (8 months ago)
Nathan Shlapobersky (8 months ago)
I use Nova. Nothing is more feature packed and snappy than Nova. Apex and Action try their bests, but it just doesn't feel as smooth as Nova Launcher. Besides, with Google Now integration that's this good, why wouldn't I use it?
Phillip Prado (8 months ago)
Lawnchair does in fact all for customizable icons..I've been using it for just over a week now and I've been using a custom icon pack the whole time. You can even change each individual app icon with a long press
Bradley Larcher (8 months ago)
You need to update Lawnchair because the version I'm currently using supports icon packs, resizable widgets, Android O Dots, and more
Nanda Kishore (8 months ago)
sayan hussain (8 months ago)
sayan hussain (8 months ago)
sayan hussain (8 months ago)
sayan hussain (8 months ago)
ABHISHEK AVPS (8 months ago)
One plus 5 has the same UI as pixel? Or is it different?
Nischith Shetty (8 months ago)
That moment when you realise you don't have a Twitter Account.. Y U Do Dis? :(
David Rowland (8 months ago)
what about arrow by microsoft?
egzon hoxha (1 month ago)
One of the best
SomeRandomGuy (8 months ago)
David Rowland my favorite launcher
MN (8 months ago)
Damn that jello effect
PumaTimez :P (8 months ago)
Are you someone brother's name Edison?
Edwin Jonah (8 months ago)
Where can I get the wallpaper at 3:20 used to showcase Action Launcher?
Juan Manuel Tastzian (8 months ago)
I couldn't use a device with that jelly effect seen, for example, at 1:07. And I wasn't even looking for it. It's just way too wrong (and I had a OnePlus One, 3 and currently using 3T).
E G (8 months ago)
+Android Police I've been using *Action Launcher* It's *settings menu* is simpler and a lot less cluttered than Nova. Though *Nova* would be my 2nd pick on this list.
Abhijeet Singh (8 months ago)
Good video, though, you have to give a lookover to Evie. It is simple and gets the job done faster than any other launcher on this list, IMHO.
Videoscord (8 months ago)
Amirzadi a developer who developed a pixel like launcher is called rootless pixel launcher or launcher3 and another pixel like launcher developed by another developer called delete-scape media which is in fact called as lawnchair https://github.com/Deletescape-Media/Lawnchair/releases
Nedal Hanna (8 months ago)
Lawnchair launcher DOES support custom icon packs and resizable widgets!!! I'm using it since about a month and i can say without hesitation: *It's The Best Launcher For Android*
Patric Gasmen (8 months ago)
I like Evie launcher. Super simple and reminds me of eevee.
Dominic Cellini (8 months ago)
I like how with Nova Launcher you can replicate so many home screens from default launchers found on other phones. I was able to make the home screen on my Galaxy S3 look like it was taken directly from the Galaxy S8.
Yash Vasava (8 months ago)
I see you are a 9Gagger as well.
Prajwal Nagabhushan (8 months ago)
Omg fuck the jelly effect on the op5. What the actually fuck is that shit ?
wayne G (8 months ago)
LIKE!!! Always looking for something to change my phones look. Most launchers look the same to me but will have another look at your list.
Hrishikesh K.S. (8 months ago)
Nova launcher is the unbeatable King of launchers
FainterStreak (8 months ago)
Another one that is super pretty is Evie Launcher. I used it for a couple of months before I switched back to Nova Launcher. It's very pretty with amazing animations and it's quick and easy. Customization could be better, but it's still remarkably pretty
Sumedh Pathak (8 months ago)
2:50 how did you do that?

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