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Jaybird Freedom: Best Wireless Earbuds?

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The new Jaybird Freedom are the complete bluetooth package. Jaybird X2 Review: https://youtu.be/LObJOc5u7sY Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (2520)
UnseenSpirit (17 hours ago)
My dream is to own these with a Samsung S6. Too bad I'm from Vietnam and only have a pot belly pig as a friend
Raian Levy (6 days ago)
Damn, got them for 40usd on best buy
0 (27 days ago)
These are the worst Jaybird headphones ever made. They shouldn't have even made a second version. X3 are cheaper and better.
Velrethar (1 month ago)
Anyone else get crazy stuttering with these headphones? Can’t have them farther than 2 feet from my phone without problems at the gym.
Barna # (1 month ago)
It has got noiss cancalling?
Jazz1587 (1 month ago)
Just got them, not a fan. It feels like my ears are plugged and I didn't like how deep I needed to keep them in my ears. I'll pass
Zymon Ramirez (2 months ago)
These are now 70ish dollars btw. Buy them now if you want them
How to buy Charing clip for it
Alexthejoyconboy (3 months ago)
I personally hate the cable and fell stupid while wearing them plus I have trouble connecting and turning on and off
Sammysosa3 (3 months ago)
Unfortunately I lost my Jaybird x2's this week but these are only $65 on Amazon right now so that's awesome! but I do see a lot of people getting it for cheaper haha.
Ramanjaneya raju (3 months ago)
We can resound in this video
Hans Fomem (3 months ago)
Really lile the product, good enough sound quality and battery life. But, i can't understand the control/battery brick location... Would be so much better if you could adjust it to rest on your shoulder or behind your neck. It doesn't only look ridiculous.
Lolita Holiday (3 months ago)
Bought this for my husband and my cousin. They love it!!!! Thanks for the review
Kaustubh Athawale (4 months ago)
Listing to it on Jaybird F5s 😌
Mundane Box 15 (4 months ago)
They are for £60 in the UK right now which is a huge bargain
Choi Minho's Lacefront (4 months ago)
I got these, and they constantly drop the bluetooth connection. I'll probably exchange them for a different pair before I decide if they're any good.
Flame Tower (4 months ago)
could someone tell me what the difference between these and the jaybird f5 is?
tin nguyen (4 months ago)
its no difference its the same earbuds
withramya (4 months ago)
I am going to buy a headphone by tomorrow, should I get the Jaybird freedom or BeatsX? We use iphoneXs, ipad, macbook and a pc at home! Please help Marques!
nils van helden (4 months ago)
I hear noise behind my music ?? how do you solve such a thing?????
DaSmoov54 (4 months ago)
Good review!
Noe Zuniga (5 months ago)
Picked some up at Best Buy for $50 dollars ,Great Deal!!!
Blackdragon79 (5 months ago)
Picked these up last night at best buy for 49.00 great sound.
Andy Lee (2 months ago)
If you have iOS devices, stay away. These worked great on my Android phone, but when I moved over to iOS, there is audio delay with videos on YouTube and Facebook and who knows what else. The audio starts playing a second or two after you press a play button. No audio issues on Macbook Pro. If you have Android, then they're awesome,
Waffe (3 months ago)
Really good sound, I got used to them, but I lost my charger clip and it's now I have to get one for $44.
Justin Cordova (3 months ago)
Blackdragon79 same with mine, they don’t fit well at all
John S (4 months ago)
Blackdragon79 so it's not just me my ears get so sore after wairing them for just 10 min or so
Blackdragon79 (4 months ago)
Unfortunately I returned them. Sounded great but very uncomfortable.
LegoMrAndy (5 months ago)
Black Friday $50 buyer squad where you at
PistolStar21 (5 months ago)
These won't stay in your ear, especially if you workout with them. I wouldn't recommend them because they keep falling out.
Riley King (5 months ago)
Got em for $50 best buy Black Friday ;)
Samuel Chan (5 months ago)
Just picked these up for only $50 from best buy during Black Friday I love them
Andy Lee (5 months ago)
These work great with Android devices. They have audio/video sync delay issue with iOS devices. Don't buy if you're an iOS user.
Eduardo A. Álvarez (5 months ago)
They are selling that for 50 dollars at Costco
Nathan Collins (5 months ago)
Black Friday $50 #2017
Bruno Koharevic (5 months ago)
Theese or the x3
METTRIIK (5 months ago)
These are fucking garbage took them back to best buy. Got Beatsx way more comfortable and way more bass.
sorryer904 (5 months ago)
These are on a early Black Friday sale at Best Buy for $50!!! You're Welcome!
HypaNova (5 months ago)
Are these worth $50?
Darkslide (5 months ago)
Just ordered these from bestbuy for 50 dollars. Was looking for a nice bluetooth ear buds.
Hans (5 months ago)
Picked these up today from Best Buy for $50... for that price it’s 100% worth it...
Tyler D (5 months ago)
$50 at bestbuy rn
Joshua Mack (5 months ago)
Best buy has these for about 50 bucks at the moment. I may try them out and see what I think of them.
49Giants (5 months ago)
Does anyone know if you can wear the controller on your left ear?
VWRabbit2008 (6 months ago)
Dose the strap feel like it gets hung up on like a shirt or make the earbuds strap feel uneven while hanging? My beats suck for that
PLANESWALKER83 (6 months ago)
Just picked up a pair today. After fully charging it, I was getting less than an hour. Not sure why
Wilbur Skweezy (6 months ago)
Should I still get these because where I live theyre priced at 60 euros ?
Why Utripping (6 months ago)
These headphones kill any sports headphone in the market! Hands down!!
Vxneji (6 months ago)
can u compare the New freedom 2 to the X3?
Hka9a (7 months ago)
Really struggling to decide whether to buy the freedom's or the X3's when they are both the same price (£100), any ideas?
Brandon Miller (8 months ago)
Any idea if these are good for motorcycle helmets and riding? I can't tell where the mic is so will it pick up my voice (and not so much wind noise) while riding?
J Perez (8 months ago)
I just bought the beats x. And they are not very loud. Not too impressed. I liked the wired version a lot. Are the jay birds better. I'm thinking about exchanging but unsure where to go. Can you help ?
Smidget (8 months ago)
god the s7 looks so outdated now that I'm used to seeing the s8
2 20th Century Fox (9 months ago)
Be wary of these common charging issues
ReBootEnzo (9 months ago)
Worthless piece of shit! We're going to split the power in half and add an extra part to lose. The battery indicator is also useless if you have the sound at high volume. You can't even hear what it's saying and it just becomes an intrusion.
Nacho B (10 months ago)
Hi! Which one sounds better, the Jaybird X3 or the Jaybird Freedom F5?
Mr Everything (10 months ago)
I found these brand new at my local Walmart for $45. That's 75% retail and they still go for $80-100 on eBay so I was thinking about reselling them but the quality of them is exceptional, they fit well, and what I like most is I can lay on my side with them in and not feel them pressing into my ears from my pillow. I'm not sure if they are trying to clear out old stock or if they're just on sale but recommend checking your local store just in case.
Bear Smith (10 months ago)
rewatch with freedoms
Mark Lavalla (10 months ago)
just scored a pair for 52.00, this video sealed the deal
sweet sour730 (10 months ago)
dope ...he said
Lesley Harrys (11 months ago)
Are these actually sweat proof? Or just about as "sweat proof" as the X2's and X3's, which I've had to replace three times due to them failing because of sweat.
Ben Boudreaux (11 months ago)
Is there a way to use these earphones to listen to the audio of my living room tv?
FcukCensoredSht (11 months ago)
Requiring you to use the app to connect sounds like they can track what music you’re listening to like Bose have been accused of doing recently. Not really sure on that.
Miguel Valdivia III (11 months ago)
Hey MKBHD what theme are you using?
Eddie Zea (1 year ago)
Picked up a pair today $80 . Time to test them out . Let's see how i like them
Aryan Jain (1 year ago)
Is it still worth it for 130 cad dollars?
Steve. Lopez (1 year ago)
these headphones suck. worst design ever.
David Alexander (1 year ago)
These or the Jaybird X3?
Caymenava (1 year ago)
I can't get these cause I have a windows phone :(
Ivy A Nguyen (1 year ago)
How is the range? I had the Bluebud X model & it skipped when outdoors with the phone in my pocket & headphones on. Such a shame as they had great sound quality when they didn't skip. Customer service eventually told me the effective range is only FIVE FEET (1.3 metres)! NO WONDER why they skipped.
tyrone jacobs (1 year ago)
bro i have a huge problem with earbuds staying in my ears ..do you have a way or a pair of in ear headphones that stay put..i have Jay bird x2 and Samsung circle and lg tone and bose in ear wired headphones.
Jose Cuervo (1 year ago)
Brand New Jaybird Freedom. Selling on EBay starting at $65. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Jaybird-Freedom-Carbon-NEW-Factory-Sealed-/272601401829?hash=item3f784f49e5%3Ag%3AyM0AAOSwXYtY04Jq&_trkparms=pageci%253Acaf71321-10e3-11e7-baef-74dbd18096c3%257Cparentrq%253A0280653c15b0a357f39b9621fff63078%257Ciid%253A15
soundiscomforting (1 year ago)
I've bought these and just tried them when walking to the store. I bought them for working out, so I'm using them in a "behind the head, over the ears" configuration. Now, I have my Sony Xperia XZ in my chest pocket and that's enough for the signal to drop. The audio is dropping out.. I even tried moving my phone to the side pocket and although it gets a bit better, it still drops out. What is this? Both devices have full battery. Any ideas?
colombia18fm (1 year ago)
your awesome thanks a lot
Gunner1423 (1 year ago)
They say 30ft wireless range but believe me I've gone 100 ft without any static. Anyone else experience this? I play basketball with these and can go completely across courts with no problems whatsoever.
Tech8K (1 year ago)
Which one should I get freedom or x3
SA Golovenko (1 year ago)
Have you tried the Jaybird SHAREME setting?
Luis Aldaz (1 year ago)
The moment I started sweating my headphones died, i'm so frustrated
Skylake -E (1 year ago)
Is this at $120 worth it?
AHMAD AHMADI (1 year ago)
I bought one but I'm not happy with it it doesn't keep the charge sometimes it doesn't know my phone just waste of money
Vamsi Krishna (1 year ago)
i am millionth viewer
AciDicVenOm (1 year ago)
999,999 views holy shit
duke86fan (1 year ago)
the battery killed it for me.. just i use headphones very often in school and need the 8 hours
Gili Briggs (1 year ago)
just won these Jaybird's in a competition for push-ups so happy
Abhishek Negi (1 year ago)
love the starting tone of #mkbhd
stas pavlenko (1 year ago)
I've ordered jaybird x2 for 88$, which are much better than x3/freedom since they have heavy remote+special charger+cost twice more! Only an idiot would buy x3/freedom!! Buy hey, suckers are everywhere ....
Keeper Boy33 (1 year ago)
I really want these but they are to expensive does someone know a cheaper alternative but still look like these?
Keeper Boy33 (1 year ago)
*** I mean earbuds that have small earbuds
Adan Ortega (1 year ago)
so freedom or x3? I'm deciding which ones to buy regardless of price
Itz Vida (1 year ago)
Adan Ortega x3
Mark Anthony (1 year ago)
Beats X.
Evan Radecki (1 year ago)
I got these for free because my X2 broke and they ran out of stock of them, because they didn't make them anymore. They replaced them with the Freedom.
Shengran Qiu (1 year ago)
Freedom or X2? I can get the X2 for 119€ and the Freedoms are for 149€, I would like to know If it is worth the extra 30-40€
Shengran Qiu (1 year ago)
Not daily but I just dont want any more things to charge at night
Shengran Qiu (1 year ago)
Well, at the end I think is too much money and I decided to go for the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear which are only 78, and needing to charge a headphone, a smartwatch, phone and Ipad daily is a bit too much xd
Mike Arow (1 year ago)
Avocadoe (1 year ago)
damn he's hot
Guni Gugu (1 year ago)
What more could you want? A cheaper price because 200 Euros is ridiculous
YeroJero (1 year ago)
Man the signiture eq sounds ass. The flat is not too bad though.
Jagerhunter (1 year ago)
YeroJero the point of the app is to tailor the sound to how you like it, I made my own and have been unsung it ever since I got the buds.
Gary Doolin (1 year ago)
So jaybird freedom or bose soundsport? Does anyone have any opinions? I'm not keen on the jaybird charging
Gary Doolin (1 year ago)
Cool, thank you very much for your opinion, much appreciated. Can I ask what is the microphone like for making calls if it's in the 'xfit' state (over the ears, behind the head)?
Jagerhunter (1 year ago)
Gary Doolin I have used both and the freedoms (in my opinion) destroy anything else on the market, even the X3s. The soundsport is bulky and has pretty bad cable management. The freedoms are the smallest wireless headphones out right now and have the best sound as well. On top of that with the app you can tailor the sound signature to your liking. They beat any other earbud around their price point no problem.
TheLunarFX (1 year ago)
But but but but. but. does the volume control work with android?
Mike Arow (1 year ago)
yh it works
Bryan Umana (1 year ago)
I was navigating your page and I cant find a video of the best WIRED earbuds. I have been looking for the best set of ear buds for my LG V20, I have the jaybird bluebuds x2 but I want to take advantage of the quad dac do you have any recommendation for a great wired earbuds for my phone?
Juan Munoz (1 year ago)
So I just got these, about two weeks ago. They're amazing, best sounding and most comfortable and best sounding earbuds i've ever had. However, I really can't stand having to wait 15-20 seconds to use the app every time I open it. For some reason it's saying they're not 'synced' even thought they are. So I have to wait for the earbuds to 'pair' I don't know if it's my iPhone or what's up. That's really my only complaint, I love them when i'm lifting or doing some cardio. Either way they're amazing. Longer batter life would be so much helpful though.
Toai Tran (1 year ago)
Marques, what camera and lens are using? Thanks
raT_Ttat (1 year ago)
MKB u my fucking nigga homie
cyigen85 (1 year ago)
Wow i was so surpriced when i got these. I bought them thinking they were overpriced and they woudnt sound good.. I took them to the gym, for the first time i felt free at the gym doing all the workouts without having a cable in my way (that was awesome because these are so small) and the sound is amazing, the bass is so nice when you change the setting to "Bass" and it will sound like the bass you get from beats by dre... I wish someone told me this before... and i got them for 100 dollars...
Pasi Sallinen (1 year ago)
cyigen85 True. Saying you can't get bass out of them because of the small driver is wrong because you can adjust it with the app.
Iam Soymilk (1 year ago)
90 before tax bucks after cartwheel discount at Target.
Kyle Schwanz (1 year ago)
My x2's acctually just quit working after 5 uses lol, the customer service dept is awesome and is replacing them for me and offered to give me the freedom's as a free upgrade.
still takes at least a one month (if you're lucky) for a new pair, which is so long id have to buy a stand in pair in the mean time.
Protective Dad Pranks (1 year ago)
Kyle Schwanz - my X2's died and got he Freedoms as well. That says a lot about their customer service!
Zachary Terrell (1 year ago)
Kyle Schwanz same thing here
Matthew Freeman (1 year ago)
just get the original bluebuds x. I got mine for $40, and it sounds just as good as the new ones.
Jagerhunter (1 year ago)
Matthew Freeman to anyone who really enjoys music the freedoms are noticeably better than all of the bluebuds other than the X3. Unless you own the freedoms don't make comments about their quality
Alex Paterson (1 year ago)
Picked them up for 90$ on eBay brand new
mkelebay (1 year ago)
Just bought some for 90 bucks, seems like a good price for these

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