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Venom X (1 minute ago)
looks like a pretty chill Friday night to me
rahon the eevee (4 days ago)
why is he making me think of the mask jim Carry XD
yung 40z (9 days ago)
Evan is how I imagine Randall in The Stand
A Basket Full Of Trash (14 days ago)
HABIT= Beetlejuice?
2:47 when you try to show people the slenderverse but there not interested
Montana Sizemore (26 days ago)
Motherfuckers beetlejuice
Emily Steele (1 month ago)
um so whos the camera guy??
Autumn Robbins (1 month ago)
Hello habit
l bolen (1 month ago)
0:17 habits sassy walk up the stairs XD
MacabreHouse (2 months ago)
That's a dope shirt, Habit
Yin Yang (2 months ago)
"I have knife collection on this table. Now, don't look at the table or the knives. And keep the camera focused on me." Camera man does the exact opposite of what they're told. Doesn't get punished. I don't the rabbits were treated as nicely.
Skylar Whisler (3 months ago)
Trevor Phillips, is that you?
poppy c (3 months ago)
honestly, i'm so late to this party, but habit is such a jackass and it's hilarious. i love his speech patterns.
Dosent Matter (3 months ago)
Rabit Or Habit? *Habit.*
Jetpack Blues (4 months ago)
Does he have a beard?
itsSkylerM's Memes (4 months ago)
Night Mind Anyone :D
itsSkylerM's Memes me
go gee (4 months ago)
Lavenderstar The Dragon (5 months ago)
Everyone is just like: "Evan/Habit is so hot!" or "I want those knives!" and im just: "I want that Haunter shirt"
EveryThingGirl238 (5 months ago)
Getting a Lucifer and Lucas, from Supernatural and Resident Evil feel for Habit's personality.
Jetpack Blues (5 months ago)
Does he still have the Krueger claws?
Feukka 1 (5 months ago)
Evan is just a carebear trying to sort out indifferences :D
Feukka 1 (5 months ago)
Guy has nice knives
Omar Juarez (5 months ago)
Ooo that they gave with life
Owen Razmus (6 months ago)
nice knife
screaming on the inside (9 months ago)
Habit is humming the Muppets. This is great
SinkingSailor (9 months ago)
My mind is screaming "Gamzee"
Jack Pryde (9 months ago)
Habits knife budget is so shit, he obviously couldn't buy enough factory new carving and sacrificial knifes and machetes
Sam Joyce (10 months ago)
Does he say Daddy O? Is he refering to Daddy O Five? That means that the child abuse is the work of the Habit... Makes sense I geuss
Eric Rachinsky (5 months ago)
Memesco/Hatsco, What the hell are you on about lol
Fawkes Pryde (10 months ago)
Sone of life's greatest mysteries like "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?" And "Hey guy, you ever notice that Evan's looking pretty evil lately?!"
Madison Bray (10 months ago)
... that's HabitHas to be
Statusinator (10 months ago)
Brad Pitt sure has a lot of knives
Creative Name (10 months ago)
I was requested to watch this series. But I didn't realize beetlejuice was going to be in it.
Josefin Vestlund (11 months ago)
Hellsing? Good taste, dude!
Lunar Emotional (1 year ago)
This guy would start to go into insanity he is taunted so much and filled with anxiety and determination
Autumn Vredeveld (1 year ago)
ghetto chair?
jadesthetic. (1 year ago)
I completely disagree with both the Rake theory and the Firebrand theory. In the short blurry clips we saw of the Rake, it was clear he is very animalistic. I find it hard to believe that he was standing up, or that he is smart enough to operate a camera and so on. Not to mention, after all of the incidents with the Rake it would be very familiar to Vinny, but when Vinny first saw the cameraman he didn't seem scared at all, considering all of the damage Rake has done. Firebrand isn't stupid. HABIT told the cameraman to stop looking away and focus, but the cameraman did it anyway. Not to mention that Firebrand seems talkative from what we saw on the TT channel, and in this video the cameraman was dead silent. People in the series also called the cameraman a thing. This leads me to believe that the cameraman is some kind of semi-smart creature that HABIT found, maybe from another series and maybe not.
tomimn2233 (1 year ago)
...2017 and I still don't know who NUMBNUTS was.
SuperiorZteve18 (1 year ago)
Okay Night Mind, here I am
Robert Junior (1 year ago)
Hasn't it been obvious that Evan was Habit all along though
Bad Habit (1 year ago)
AHHHH YOUR HOT HABIT !!!! I love you
Debbie Ronca (1 year ago)
Going to watch the next video right away, then write my thoughts.
MOTHsan (1 year ago)
The knives aren't perfectly ordered. However, they are pretty. I really like the handcuffs in the middle, nice touch there.
sodanmilk (1 year ago)
Hiding in the comments? This is what we serve 🔪🔨🔫⛏⛓💣🔩⚒
Harper Matsuyama (1 year ago)
he reminds me of beetlejuice
MOTHsan (1 year ago)
sassy psychopaths are fucking hot, who's with me
1Kenny30 (1 year ago)
I hope that Evan gets an acting job, he's fucking fantastic!
sv_omega (1 year ago)
I will slap the magic out of your mouth! -soldier
Jazzy (1 year ago)
This comment section is full of knife collectors and thirsty females...
that reminds me of someone from a game... hmmmmmmmmmm
Ashley Deaton (4 months ago)
Jazzy Habit is a sexy peice of dick and I think you know that
MOTHsan (1 year ago)
_ Dodo _ don't forget us thirsty gay males.
god why is he so edgy
Anxious Gamer (1 year ago)
FandomTrashStalker666 (1 year ago)
Triforce Mario good luck with that :D
HungerGamesFan88 (1 year ago)
_evan is my baby. i will protect my baby. so help me fucking god._
Beebs May may bunker (1 year ago)
*what he said*
Creepy Noodle (1 year ago)
This was uploaded a day before my birthday!
BlueMeaniesCrusade (1 year ago)
2:00 Meow? lmao xD
sv_omega (1 year ago)
BlueMeaniesCrusade (1 year ago)
I know. I was just being silly.
sv_omega (1 year ago)
BlueMeaniesCrusade pretty sure he said now
Allie Pierson (1 year ago)
Dem knives tho
Aladdin (1 year ago)
1:58 you don't look at habits fucking table dipshit.
Mike Dutra (1 year ago)
no table
dayrohan (1 year ago)
Why would anyone give Evan a knife!? Everyone knew he wasn't feeling alright!
Re Tend (1 year ago)
What's Ben "Let's Get This Shoah On The Road" Garrison doing here?
Óglach Miller (1 year ago)
He collects them
Cole Schjott (1 year ago)
Ghost casket (1 year ago)
Waa? I can't understand what Evan or the habit is saying. All I see now is a kids chair... How to run away from Evan. 1) freak this I'm out! 2) your already dead anyway. So it doesn't matter.
Ghastbuster13 (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thought HABIT/Even sounded kinda cute when they were singing Manamanah? Also, who else thinks this is like Bill Cypher and Dipper?
Kate Em (1 year ago)
yeah, sock opera is pretty much my fav episode, tho this is far more creepy and disturbing
Toby Janus (1 year ago)
Hey HABS. you take the padding off those handcuffs??
Orthodoxical Knave (2 years ago)
1:09 ... ..? Is he charging his attack? :o
KarmicBead7193 (4 months ago)
Orthodoxical Knave Thank God I wasn't the only one who thought this.
DawntreaderUK (2 years ago)
YES, Nick sent me here
Noroi Chan (2 years ago)
Evan: BLEH BLUH BLEH BU BA BLU singung on fleek
EJwolfyXD (2 years ago)
EJwolfyXD (1 year ago)
+HungerGamesFan88 oh lol. *yeash ih am defnetli a demonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*
HungerGamesFan88 (1 year ago)
EJwolfyXD I was just trying to be a silly
EJwolfyXD (1 year ago)
+HungerGamesFan88 I mean that jokingly. I'm not *THAT* edgy
HungerGamesFan88 (1 year ago)
You're a demon?
Adlez Ethreal (2 years ago)
existential crisis (2 years ago)
I admire Evan's knife collection
existential crisis (1 year ago)
HungerGamesFan88 this sounds edgy but I have four in my garage,, they were all bought at a flea market lmao
HungerGamesFan88 (1 year ago)
Especially that axe. I want it for some reason...
JTVenom (2 years ago)
+EJwolfyXD me to
Adlez Ethreal (2 years ago)
+Toby Rogers Yup
existential crisis (2 years ago)
Shy Wolfy (2 years ago)
at 2:24
Shy Wolfy (2 years ago)
I know who this guy is and I seen him before I reginze his voice and other he's from TribeTwelve
Shy Wolfy (2 years ago)
+Ashley lougaming I've notice that he's every where but not like all over the place but like from some other places
Shy Wolfy (2 years ago)
+Ashley lougaming yeah
LgnD Gaming (2 years ago)
He's from this but he's made guest appearences in tribe twelve and others
Shy Wolfy (2 years ago)
I'm thinking I'm not so 100% sure
King George III (2 years ago)
muppet show
Lady Toxic (2 years ago)
he sounds like beatlejuice
22Titus22 (2 years ago)
Nick sent me here :D
Safty Torch (6 months ago)
22Titus22 me too.
Matthew Bradley (6 months ago)
Nocturne made me watch it.
NotSpherical (8 months ago)
Lord ShitBiscuit (1 year ago)
Jacket 50 Blessings I was brought here by him smartarse
NotSpherical (1 year ago)
LORD SHITBISCUIT yeah I'm surprised this guy never heard of Nick Nocturne.
GayTrash (2 years ago)
Once again… What re hell just happened?! Who was video taping?! Where were they?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
+TheRacoonasaurus it's not called a thing they call it a Camara man even the wiki
TheRacoonasaurus (2 years ago)
Check the wiki They're called the things
egyheadow (3 years ago)
ok..... for research...... is this shit real at all.... it seems they are just turning a real slenderman attack into a joke.... what is habit? wtf is this....... the slenderman in the other vid call Property seems like its an actual creature.... see my dallema, im trying to get factual, real evidence of this thing.
Óglach Miller (2 years ago)
+egyheadow Yes because everyone acts like this in real life teliporting, getting full swat teams to kill one another, summoning demons who have good taste i do it every week
Jessica :3 (2 years ago)
Oh ok lol
UniKemik (2 years ago)
+Jessica Lang Oh I accidentally replied to him. The message was directed at egyheadow
Jessica :3 (2 years ago)
+UniTheLord I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm from Krash....
UniKemik (2 years ago)
+Krash Kharma Except this is all filmed as a web series. All of this is fake.
Donika Mornar (3 years ago)
Anyone else notice the row of Hellsing manga on his shelf? lol
Lucy Pollock (3 years ago)
Nothing like the muppets to really put a person at ease...
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
+K-C Rhoder IN THE YEEEAAAR 2016!! he only has knives man get a nerf gun man
+Veselin Ivanov Yeah.
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
+K-C Rhoder IN THE YEEEAAAR 2016!! really ?
+Veselin Ivanov He's humming that "Mahna mahna" song from the Muppets and Sesame Street.
Wandering Child (3 years ago)
…I don't think he has enough knives.
Cajero A.Brine (1 year ago)
Wandering Child Nah... maybe 10 or 20.
CaptainCraft1213 (1 year ago)
Wandering Child I think he needs at least 5 more.
FandomTrashStalker666 (1 year ago)
Wandering Child not nearly enough
oriana garrido (3 years ago)
Firts of all, this is my table, my f@/* table! don't touch the table! don't even look at my table ... LOL XD
Calamity Productions (3 years ago)
Why do I love Evan so much more when he's under Habit's control?
Yin Yang (2 months ago)
Because insane people are more interesting than normal people.
Stuart Pawley (3 months ago)
Calamity Productions he has that joker crazy
Aimon Maza (6 months ago)
Here's a better question. Why are people so obsessed with Evan/HABIT
Caitilation Damnation (2 years ago)
You sound like my best friend, she's like 'why is Evan so much cuter when he's Habit even though they're the same person?' And all I can say is evil=awesome
JamJam LiLoLi (3 years ago)
IKR.... I find it amusing and hilariously...funny? I dunno but I'm the same way especially in two videos before this...
Bryce Bailey (4 years ago)
Mahna mahna do do do do do
Nexus Carey (3 years ago)
Bahad a da
Toxic Laker (4 years ago)
dude....i want those knives badly
MOTHsan (1 year ago)
Toxic Laker i want those knives inside of my tummmmy!
Jadlyn Shadow (3 years ago)
+ImReallyTired100 -.- you don't have to be rude. Really I was just saying something.
ImReallyTired100 (3 years ago)
+jade shade Ooh. Aren't you hardcore.
jade shade (3 years ago)
me too.... I have and obsession with knifes, daggers, swords, sharp things, and old tailor scissors
Emma Jackson (4 years ago)
Well at least Evans having fun
Anonymouse (4 years ago)
*Steals knife from table* No one tells me what to do.
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
u dead
James Piercey (4 years ago)
Dat description doe
Thana Hatchet (4 years ago)
Well... Someone seems possessed!
RedLuigi235 (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who completely LOVES HABIT?
Sam Colvett (8 months ago)
Riku Kingdomhearts (4 years ago)
2:12 he sounds like Laughing Jack ;-;
Sangodan (4 years ago)
The cameraman was FireBrand from TwibeTwelve, if you remember, habit freed FireBrand from slendy's grips so FireBrand is no longer a Proxy.
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
Firebrand is noah
Adam Ⓧ (2 years ago)
+Docevsie No proof
HannahNancyWolf (3 years ago)
proxyjack spicer (4 years ago)
i wonder what kind of camera man could give habit the creeps 
Eric Rachinsky (5 months ago)
Y not rake?
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (3 years ago)
+HannahNancyWolf It's one of many pocket dimensions that supposedly exist which have to do with HABIT and Stick-In-The-Mud.  Humanoid roamers that lack emotion.
HannahNancyWolf (3 years ago)
+MrGameFan WTF is candleverse .-.
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (3 years ago)
Pretty sure they are human-like manifestations that have a "thousand mile stare".  They come from the Candleverse, or slendy's dimension.  Basically a human shell with something mysterious lurking on the interior.
proxyjack spicer (4 years ago)
maybe,but the camera man can't talk,when he does he can only make a gurgling sound,and firebrand can talk.maybe it's mr.scars?i'm guessing having a sliced throat would cause anyone to have a bit of a hard time getting their words out 
kilroy washere (4 years ago)
I love how he actualy sat there and planned it all out.
Amy Pickering (4 years ago)
Y no gore??? D: PLZ DOODE
Nash Before (4 years ago)
what's with that description?!
Firebrand is the cameraman I just fucking know it!
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
+Ryanne Wight well firebrand is Noah so I don't think so
Ryanne#84 English Lops (2 years ago)
If it was Firebrand the camera would be freaking out XD
Adam Ⓧ (2 years ago)
puzzlii (4 years ago)
I think it's Firebrand.
AJsnitty (4 years ago)
Camera man= Firebrand. Can't wait for the next TT
FandomTrashStalker666 (1 year ago)
Veselin Ivanov FUTURE NOAH!!
MEOW MEOW (2 years ago)
+MrGameFan firebrand is Noah soo um Idk
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (4 years ago)
I really see that happening.
Riku123445667 (4 years ago)
Please, let me elaborate. Whatever is possible possessing Evan(and I use the term possessing because it refers to Evan in the third person), is more than likely Habit, but not Evan himself(note the saying "Habit made me do it"). Second, habit is never the big boss; neither is the Rake. Slenderman is stronger than all of them. Most likely the reason Slendy "fought" the Rake is because it's most likely a pet of sorts to him; and he was probably punishing it and stopping it because he had not finished his game, and it wasn't time for their deaths in the game yet.
i liked the camera man, he was kinda clueless... :3 he reminded me of gir and even was zim :P
CaptinHavoc1 (4 years ago)
You keep the camera on me, you follow? Evan sounded just like the Shamwow guy. Similarly, i think Evan and the camera guy are people who work alongside HABIT.  In the theory that Evan is the HABIT, then the camera guy could be Slender himself.  Remember, HABIT's the big boss man around  here.
jjtninja (4 years ago)
I suggest you watch both TribeTwelve and this...And then reevaluate your theory.
IDontKnow090 (4 years ago)
Kinda creepy to say this, but Evan as a psychopath? Sexy as hell.
nikkishocker1 (8 months ago)
Y’all are just fuckin nasty
Neutronex Productions (1 year ago)
IDontKnow090 you into necrophilea?
Madoculos (2 years ago)
+IDontKnow090 Evan? No. Habit, yes.
puzzlii (4 years ago)
MiaPlaysMC (4 years ago)
KnittedMitten (4 years ago)
That's definitely Firebrand filming.
Place (4 years ago)
Honestly I think the camera man is firebrand and it kinda makes sense. As shown in Tribetwelve Habit has freed Firebrand so its quite possible that he's the camera man. However the thing that really makes me believe this is in the last 4 seconds of the video where if you listen carefully you can hear Evan/HABIT say "You things give me the fucking creeps, I hate you so-". That being said I think it seems more reasonable to think that a proxy like firebrand would be the camera man.
xionshiyon (4 years ago)
and the question on everyone's mind is...WHO WAS CAMERA
SylphineTongue (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks it is exceedingly obvious that the one holding the camera is just someone else possessed by HABIT? On canyouseethewords, HABIT mentions in several stories that he is capable of possessing people beyond his host though not to the same degree of control; he has 'proxies' in a similar way to Slenderman. Or is that too blindingly obvious for everyone else?

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