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The law of inheritance (Women gets more actually) ~ Mufti Menk

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baazal (11 days ago)
Majority of men are consuming haram because they don’t give their sisters and daughters their share of inheritance.
Jimmy Lim (2 months ago)
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Do we now understand why Eternal Hell and Eternal Paradise do not have the existence of time at all as clearly illustrated by Age of Universe. Would Eternal Hell have a specific prison term like we do for our prisoners? Then when will all Hell inmates including their own evil jinn companions be released from Eternal Hell? How to calculate without the measurement of days in Eternal Hell where the sun and the moon are non-existence as our yardstick anymore? Please always bear in mind that if all Hell inmates must be released from Eternal Hell, their partners in crime i.e. the devils as their own evil jinn companions must be released as well. They will certainly return to Eternal Paradise to create the same chaos. Indeed Surah 23:99-100 also includes all future Hell inmates as well. They are the unrepentant Servants of God here and in the hereafter. Unrepentant Servants of God? We are all actually the Servants of God primarily because of the Primordial Covenant with God, regardless of existing in this world as a Believer or Disbeliever. Yes, Surah 19:93-95 says so. Most Muslims and non-Muslims alike are still groping in the dark about our Primordial Covenant with God mentioned in Surah 7:172-174 and Surah 5:7. 19:93 When all there is in the heavens and the earth will come to the Almighty as servants. 19:94 He has encompassed them, and counted them one by one. 19:95 And all of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection, all alone. Read ☞Surah 37 and ☞Surah 57 in relation to the new diagram re The Throne of Allah extending to all His new creations and creatures. The Throne of Allah means His Dominion: ☞https://goo.gl/t5abx5 and nothing about His Royal Chair and its footstool in the literal sense. It is a misleading concept by blindly interpreting it as the Chair comprises a footstool as to mean God has a physical embodiment like we do from head to toe. 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On the Day of Judgement or in Eternal Paradise, the languageless Quran and the Destiny of all creations preserved by God would be like our museum where relics are securely displayed for visitors to view. This is to prove He has the absolute authority to be praised by all His Servants, regardless of Paradise-Dwellers or Hell-Dwellers. We don't feel God's Presence because He doesn't speak with us like human beings to another human beings as usual. Only when we kneel down before God on the Day of Judgement in the presence of all known and unknown entities as His witnesses and in our own new body parts, then we shall know His Presence has actually been intense right down here as in the hereafter. Read Surah 2:186 and Surah 50:16. This particular verse in Surah 42:51 is often abused by all copycat messengers of Rashad Khalifa. But if we continue the two following verses Surah 42:52-53, God was clearly telling Prophet Muhammad (obviously not to copycat messengers of Rashad Khalifa existing in our time) that all His Righteous Servants who have kept their words regarding the Primordial Covenant with Him as in Surah 7:172-174 and Surah 5:7 would be guided and interceded by Him personally. In actual fact, all Adam's descendants are Servants of God due to the Primordial Covenant with Him. If we have broken our Primordial Covenant with God by rejecting His genuine scriptures for Salvation as in Surah 7:172-174, only then we shall enter Eternal Hell instead. Why are those copycat messengers of Rashad Khalifa diverting us all towards fallacies based on their own baseless interpretations without considering about Surah 19:93-95 that each and every creature, regardless of earthling or extraterrestrial, is a precious masterpiece of God and His Servant. Whether we accept or reject Him as our sole Creator, we are still His Servant and we will be accountable to Him as an individual person alone. Any good or bad deeds we have done in this world is between God and us alone on the Day of Judgement. Those copycat messengers of Rashad Khalifa would think they are the only True Servants of God while we are non-Servants of God. How interesting misguidance indeed! 19:93 When all there is in the heavens and the earth will come to the Almighty as servants. 19:94 He has encompassed them, and counted them one by one. 19:95 And all of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection, all alone. If what this link ☞https://goo.gl/vZ6ozm says about our Human Race in Planet Earth is one of the best creatures of God among all creatures in the whole Multiverse but not best of all, then this link ☞https://goo.gl/wdDrFT telling us about some aliens are good while some aliens are bad is a fact. Watch: ☞https://goo.gl/L4pQt9 (LOL, Sufiism tells us Prophet Muhammad is loved by God as the best Human Soul among all creatures when it is so clear Quran tells us that our Human Race in the Planet Earth is not the best of all among other living creatures existing in the Heavens. "Heavens" in the Arabic Quran means "Universes" and not Eternal Paradise). I would advise the Muslim preachers not to use "Heavens" especially in English because it is always mistaken as Eternal Paradise which is dangerous. Please bear in mind that angels and jinns do not reside in the Heavens because the former are always on shift duties performing their own duty in our Multiverse (Surah 13:11) and they would have to return to Paradise to rest and eat as well while the latter are expelled to Planet Earth or to the Parallel Worlds. As real as Jinn dimensions exist, the dimensions of Parallel Worlds do exist. And there are similar jinns existing in the Parallel Worlds. Do not mix up with extraterrestrials existing in the other distant Universes. You decide: https://goo.gl/B6wfti Please refer to these links about why they debunk the contradicting ideas of all copycat messengers of Rashad Khalifa and you decide about their logical rejection: ☞https://goo.gl/vXPD1G ☞https://goo.gl/dmdrpz ☞https://goo.gl/bmsNHx ☞https://goo.gl/Ya7rkT ☞https://goo.gl/28AdvW It is always better to allow the Quran to speak and say what it says, rather than to exercise intellectual dishonesty and infer words into translations that do not exist in the scripture. Truly, Muhammad
Shahi Amen (3 months ago)
My mother was treated poorly because of the sharia law. Now my mother is dead.
firework girl (5 months ago)
What if the husband and father alive.and father gave 50million to boy and girl only 25 million. Then that so called brother will give his wife and his kids.how on earth he is going to give the daughter??then its unfair.cause parents property their kids can eat not brother's wife and kids.
Borat Sagdiyev (7 months ago)
No they dont get more!
Borat Sagdiyev (7 months ago)
Stop already!
Dulce Amigo (8 months ago)
As usual, Muslims are denying the facts, that the Quran is a backward, misogynistic book from the middle ages that keep Muslim countries in poverty and ignorance and that Muslims never discoverd anything. Inheritance, not only the Quran says that women inherit half, 4:11, but also, that their testimony is worth half of that of a man, 2:282, and that they can be beaten for "desobedience", 4:34
The third eye (4 months ago)
Dulce Amigo Describing Quran as backward, as medieval is ok but calling it misogynistic would be the last thing i would say. yeah it may be hard, even harsh perhaps ( medieval times pretty much right) but to label it as misogynistic would be the most misleading.
Mohammed Majid (10 months ago)
Masha Allah.. Sheik may Allah rewards you more. Everytime I listen to you is something enlightening and beauty of Islam is shown.... Love you mufti menk for the sake of Allah....
Meeza Sally (2 years ago)
daughters r spc,who cares about d cheaters as long as Allah is with d mu'min nd i'm d only daughter nd d beauty of true lv mufti my blvd dad is spending d rest of his life under me just unconcious but once in few days i hear him praising ALLAAH. that inheritance is making me strong enough.Alhamdulillaah.

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