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Honor 7X vs Honor View 10 vs Oneplus 5T comparition | 7X vs V10 vs 5T palyginimas Arvizas tipslt

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Honor 7X vs Honor View 10 - Phone specs,Honor 7X vs Honor View 10 vs Oneplus 5T comparition,Compare Huawei Honor View 10 vs. Huawei Honor 7X,Honor View 10 Vs. OnePlus 5T,Huawei Honor View 10 price,Honor View 10 and Honor 7X Arrive Europe For €499 & €299,arvizas,honor v10 unboxing,honor v10 official video,honor v10 review,honor v10 animoji,oneplus 5t face unlock,oneplus 5t vs iphone x,oneplus 5t camera,oneplus 5t unboxing,oneplus 5t review ►Subscribe for more videos: https://goo.gl/U3Tw9B Huawei Honor 7X, Huawei Honor View 10 price, specifications, features, comparison, Honor View 10 and Honor 7X Arrive Europe For €499 & €299, The Honor 7X wasn’t the only great phone to come out of Honor’s factories recently — the Honor View 10 is aiming to blow the midrange market apart, with a Kirin 970 processor, a hefty dual-sensor camera, and a massive bezel-less screen. But here be dragons; the OnePlus 5T is still fresh on the scene, and it’s eager to prove its dominance. How do these two amazing midrangers stack up against each other? We took a look to find out. The new Kirin 970 processor runs the Honor View 10 — the same processor we saw in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It’s an impressive piece of kit, capable of beating the Snapdragon 835 in the Galaxy S8, though it falls short of beating the same chip in the OnePlus 5T benchmarks. It’s a good reminder that benchmarks aren’t always indicative of real-world performance, but it’s still enough to tell us the Honor View 10 and the OnePlus 5T are neck-and-neck in processing power., Overall winner: Honor View 10 It’s been a close, tough fight, with quite a few categories ending in a tie. It’s a compliment to both devices that they’re able to put up such a good fight against each other, and both are fantastic midrange devices with flagship-level specs that you should be proud to own. But for us, the Honor View 10 is coming out as the slightly stronger device. It might not have the AMOLED display or the staggering amounts of RAM the OnePlus 5T has going for it, but it is running the latest version of Android, has the slight edge on the specs sheet, and we’re willing to bet it’ll have the stronger camera in tests. But that’s not to say the 5T is a bad choice; either phone would be the perfect complement to the new year, and will be a worthy companion until your next upgrade.

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