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Top 5 upcoming Smartphones in 2017-2018 ( Will Change Your Smartphone Experience )

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Text Comments (156)
Jose Carlos dos Santos (2 months ago)
nossa muito bom
trequon davis (3 months ago)
Hey dude i follow u for a long time will u send me a phone
abdul mutlib (3 months ago)
read the article here about new iphones in 2018 https://blogshlogtime.blogspot.com/2018/02/best-new-phones-coming-in-2018-by-apple.html
Franklin Sharp (3 months ago)
I dont think most will agree with me but Ill take a phone that looks different over the SSDD that is out now. They are all the same shape and boring, not to mention I went android after my iphone was taken by mistake on many accessions at work. It could also do way less, I am not addicted tho them in the least. In fact mine lives in a bowl by the doore most of the time untel I need it those 2 days a month then I have to feed the starving thing because its dead. Its probably there now or possibly the car or my desk at work.
Research Guru (3 months ago)
Please subscribe to my channel. I need 1000 subscriptions. Please I request you all. I accepted challenge from a friend that I will get 1000 subs. Thanks in advance
Whoo Youu (3 months ago)
Song in between phones?
Syed Ali (3 months ago)
Best smartphones 2018 - https://youtu.be/eT8xoqYs08g
Kumar Sinha (4 months ago)
This video is very informative. Just checked other video about the same topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywh-AtpkIWg
Suzy Siviter (4 months ago)
In 2050 ITransplant where the OLED screen is wired behind your retinas and you need to plug a USB type Z up you arse every night before bed to charge.
24Seven4You (4 months ago)
Stevanxo Tutor (4 months ago)
If Samsung makes phone with this design, it will be the end for them.
ReeShav Ghimire (4 months ago)
Hey guys this is my blog about upcoming Sony phones in 2018 http://bit.ly/2Cxqwx3
Leo Mararac (4 months ago)
Samsung is the king of innovative but useless designs. But thumbs up for the effort.
Md.shaon Prince Shuvo (4 months ago)
Galaxy f**k knew version...i named it
SHIVAM JADKAR (4 months ago)
I love samsung mobile.........
zxxXMETALLICAXxxz (4 months ago)
Samsung galaxy papyrus?? hahah im dying xD
Sahil Tech (4 months ago)
Sir m aak chota youtuber hoon kya m apki video le sakta hoon m description m apki video ka link de dunga
innn (5 months ago)
none liked. try more
md jashim (5 months ago)
HANSA Mapi (5 months ago)
which software you use to make video
jin kazama (5 months ago)
Im going with nokia 😘😍fuck iphone & fuck samsung
adil sha (5 months ago)
V. Best xoamai technology
Rajesh Shirsagar (5 months ago)
Most of them are just fugazi .... so check out http://forummantra.org/best-upcoming-smartphones-2018
Finsch Belserion (5 months ago)
Conceptual design?
ANJAR GANJITO (5 months ago)
*Holiday Event - Ans wer the question now for a chance to win a Galaxy S9.* --> holidayevents9.blogspot.com/giveaway
Wonderful South India (5 months ago)
leandro rios (5 months ago)
muito show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abdelrahman Ehab (5 months ago)
Nokia Edge 2018 have been released !!!!!! http://www.adyou.ws/0MZLV
Anfas Shah (5 months ago)
Hemanth C Reddy (5 months ago)
Fuck smartphone
Red Tiger Gaming (5 months ago)
samsung galaxy papyrus lol are you kidding me
rajesh rajesh (5 months ago)
all fake
luke bandah (5 months ago)
epic phones
Techie Jo (5 months ago)
Best android phones expected in 2018 - https://goo.gl/qvuBkM
Rajesh R (5 months ago)
A smartphone with Displays on both sides ... That will be awesome !!!!
Iakwbos Nomik (5 months ago)
fake about the Samsung
laukiami (5 months ago)
Fake or not fake phones, but definitely Motorola looks like from 2010......
Chi Wong (6 months ago)
New cellphone every, 24 hours. How do you keep up with technology? One way is to buy the best features at the lowest price. Then you don't feel bad when it breaks. Don't waste your money on insurance 😱.
Logical Network (6 months ago)
good music finally
Ryan H. (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed the phone on the thumbnail is running Windows Mobile 6.5 which is about 9 years old now?
Johnny Calderon (6 months ago)
#2 Imaging opening the phone to watch a movie... ALL the black space on the top and bottom of the screen.... that's just one con...can't waste time listing the rest... and #1... WTF was that sh*t???
wahyu rahmanda (6 months ago)
Ngaco semua tuh
MyAmazonReviews (6 months ago)
Giveaway https://youtu.be/YHVigULjtVA
celsoCitrini (6 months ago)
Fake news
Henry Baum (6 months ago)
...and the new XIAOMI !
Henry Baum (6 months ago)
i love the new NOKIA !!
JANET NYABOKE (6 months ago)
how much is it
adriaan nikken (6 months ago)
I find videos that have text lose my attention fast partly because some of the words are obscured by conflicting colours in the video, and partly because the text is moving too fast to read and take in the vid at the same time. The "music" that is often paired with text is nasty. The phone market is ultra competitive. The vids that phone companies use are boring
UC Tech (6 months ago)
Great amazing video keep it up the good workhttps://youtu.be/4tzpC1szyEU
FOOT BOY (6 months ago)
Ok.. Let's Put Your Photoshop Toy Back In The Drawer And Go To Bed.
gerry chan (6 months ago)
FUCK ! Only ads will load.
Abdul Qayyum (6 months ago)
Ma Qayyum
The King (6 months ago)
Nokia is the best! Fuck iphone and samsung!!!!!!!!!!!
VladisOG (6 months ago)
That samsung phone is the ugliest piece of tech ive ever seen
Anthony James (6 months ago)
samsung phone at the end.. man going to be hard to get a case for that one! Not to mention in and out of your pocket!
Bajungadustin (7 months ago)
Stop using fake thumbnails you fuck
김환국 (7 months ago)
you need a Xperia samsung lg xperia believes the buddhism come to korea japan China is greatest country fuckin Christian
jiggybilly (6 months ago)
Jesus loves You
deejayGOLDEE (7 months ago)
fake video :DDDD
Arctic Seraph (7 months ago)
Why do people make these videos on things that don't exist but claiming it is on it's way?
wadi mtwana (7 months ago)
I like all windows phone
Latest Technology (7 months ago)
syafiq afiq (7 months ago)
Garrosh Hellscream (7 months ago)
oo yeah turbo charged phone
Daniel Bradler (7 months ago)
LOL! That was some ugly Shit!
Mark Sheldon (7 months ago)
These arnt real
Ryan B (7 months ago)
Why would anyone need a bendable phone anyway. Like for real.
FUN ACTIVE (7 months ago)
Which software did you use?
MéLis- (7 months ago)
06.10 --- Black Mirror :) xiaomi i love you so much. TURKISH: GELECEĞİN EFENDİSİ SİZ OLACAKSINIZ (NOT APPLE!)
Fernando Sor (7 months ago)
Your intro music is shit.
Elijah El (7 months ago)
Can you turn the volume down of your music? Your vids are unwatchable.
Mika_0814 (7 months ago)
bro ur videos suck
RJ Services (7 months ago)
I have no doubt we will see higher MP phone cameras as there has already been a 41mp camera in the older Nokia, the main problem it had was a lousy lens with super soft corners that looked worse than  a 5mp camera with a good lens, the center was fine.
Harrieth William (8 months ago)
Samsung GALAXY PAPYRUS 😵😵😵😵😵😱😱
H S (8 months ago)
galaxy papirus hahahahahahahahahahaha fake video
How the hell do you become so obsessed with boring mainstream masturbation phones to miss RED's 3D/4K Hologram Phone or Purism's privacy-secure phone?
Wong Candi (8 months ago)
Belum tentu di produksi karena masih dalam rancang bangun
Nagendra kumar (5 months ago)
bagus style (5 months ago)
Wong Candi bentar lagi vrohh
Octavian Nistor (5 months ago)
Cintece ptr copii
Octavian Nistor (5 months ago)
Cintece ptr cop8
Think_Care (8 months ago)
I want the foldable one but in small. Want to carry it my pocket and unfold it for larger screen.
nytehawk tawadi (8 months ago)
Don't want don't need it.
Jose Carlos Canto 2 (8 months ago)
O melhor celular fabricado até hoje foi o Xperia da Sony, lindo pequeno e versátil, tenho dó de não terem mais continuado com esse modelo, ele cabe na palma da mão, entra em qualquer bolso, teclado é uma maravilha, pois tem o teclado virtual e o real. Esses celulares tijolão que fazem hoje em dia são umas porcarias, verdadeiros tijolos que não cabe nem no bolso. O Xperia ainda esta a frente, tecnologicamente, de muitos desses tijolões, PENA QUE NÃO ATUALIZARAM MAIS. E digo mais, esses tijolões são horríveis, mais feios do que os tijolões de 1994. AS PESSOAS PARECEM QUE ESTÃO CONVERSANDO COM UM TIJOLO!.
The first one one being a concept it dosent look to bad
Kiran Khan (8 months ago)
Doogge BL7000 Is Out can't believe I'm Going To order One from Banggood
Mike Hartman (8 months ago)
Uhhhh... What? Memory and Storage are two DIFFERENT things. RAM = Random Access Memory (Volatile data - lost during reboot) ROM = READ ONLY Memory (NON-Volatile Programmed data not altered but can be RE-programmed - i.e. Operating System, etc.) Flash-RAM = Storage (Volatile data - not lost during reboot) = Data Storage 64GB or 128GB of READ ONLY Memory?!?!? (Good Lord! That is more than a Super Computer!) Do you mean Storage (Flash-RAM)? This is where you can install apps, save contacts, appointments, music, video, pictures and other data.
Þór Sigurðsson (8 months ago)
RAM and > ROM < ? Do you even know what ROM stands for? Sigh! You lost ALL credibility at that point!
MrCougar214 (2 months ago)
In today's market, Rom refers to the amount of space taken up by the operating system and default apps. So if you have a smartphone with, lets say, a 8gb rom, the system has a total of 8 gb's to itself for OS and apps necessary to run it that you have no control over. It's more accurate to call it what it is, which is a prom or eprom because it can be written to, or reprogrammed to be technical. To put it another way, people understand "Rom", they are clueless to words like "Prom" and "Eprom".
Anirban Ghosh (7 months ago)
you are correct. but most people who buy these phones doesn't have any idea about what they are buying. its like a fashion trend
sumit kumar rao (8 months ago)
You are right man this video maker was just in his dreams.
Not really. Even though it's technically incorrect it's become part of the mobile scene's vernacular.
Mike Hartman (8 months ago)
Amen Brother!!!
Dr. donna Walter (8 months ago)
I hear no volume and may times have these on in the background as I have too much to do to sit and just watch YouTube videos. I am able to gather a lot by listening...why no audio?
_John The Gamer _ (7 months ago)
Dr. donna Walter Because you got deaf from the horrible audio
MobySmartCat (8 months ago)
Okay, I did not know there's still a lot of my stolen videos, great, when I'm all reporting this, your channel will be deleted from Youtube in minutes.
Tahir Mohd (8 months ago)
Nokia and Sony Edge should be on top two. Samsung at no. 1 totally funny, very un ergonomic and awful design. I hope Samsung will not produce this phone.
Israel Cabral (8 months ago)
Lindo queria tanto comprar um ,porque que o fabricante não vem pra o Brasil
SunnySzeto (8 months ago)
how come there are no Mi Mix?
Highly Aware (8 months ago)
Super loud and unnecessary intro that nobody pays attention to.
Liam Lieber (8 months ago)
The end of summer.... Not surprised that they didn't come out cause they are FAKE AND. 1. PHONES CANT BE 4K CAUSE THE HIGHED PIXEL PHONE IS THE GALAXY NOTE 8 AND LG V30 (1440p) AND PHONES LIKE THOSE. 2 there's not such thing as a 32 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA ON A SMARTPHONE
James Nothing (4 months ago)
The only bend in the phone is in between two large displays and you could easily just connect 2 separate pieces of the motherboard Jesus Christ man. and a bendable phone has been on the market for a long time , the LG flex. I understand you wrote this 3 month ago but it was still available.
Mike Hartman (8 months ago)
Their not There
Mike Hartman (8 months ago)
Sony and Nokia are 2 different competing companies.
Gareth Williams (8 months ago)
Ah let me clarify. The screens can bend and I know that is true but microprocessors cannot. The way Samsung achieved this was on there phone its very boxy at the bottom. Same sort of technology LG has with there brand new oled screen that is really thin. Although the technology seems great its whether or not people would find it useful and what the trade offs would be (less performance, less durability or more durability, water proofing and general practicality). In order for new technology to surpass current technology it has to work the same or better than previous otherwise the new technology could be viewed as a gimmick so for that reason we are still a long way off. Samsung reckons there phone could get released at 2019 but I don't think it will be that soon. The other thing to consider is price and whilst a bendable phone sounds great it does boil down to trade offs. Take oled for instance, Sony released the first oled screen in 2007 but it took years to enter the mainstream and for oled to match current size and surpass the current technology. A bendable phone is not on market yet and will still have a long way to go before it is publicly available.
Garett Button (8 months ago)
Uhhh, every thing you said is wrong. 1. Phones can most certainly have a 4K screen, in fact Sony released a phone earlier this year with a 4K HDR screen, the Xperia XZ Premium. 2. There is such thing as 32 MP cameras on phones and even higher, Sony launched the Nokia 1020 in 2013 with a 41 MP camera.
Bennyamin (8 months ago)
Why do we always need to start watching these video in order to discover whether it's a review or pure advertizing? I hate this.
Tyrone Nelson (8 months ago)
Oh f@kin great, these phones may seem to be getting better and more expensive, but yet more fragile and unreliable at the same f#kin time!
keuper (3 months ago)
Dilip Khedkar (4 months ago)
Dilip Khedkar (4 months ago)
deari900 (8 months ago)
maybe don't throw them around like 50 dollar garbage tech and they won't break
Melo (8 months ago)
whatever floats your boat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Król Olch (8 months ago)
Nokia looks great
sumit kumar rao (8 months ago)
This video maker is mad guys most of the phones are not possible or still a not so far future.
RoadRage (4 months ago)
Foldable displays and phones are a reality already, they are working on its durability problem. But it will come either this year or early next year.
김환국 (7 months ago)
sumit kumar rao you need a Xperia samsung lg xperia believes the buddhism come to korea japan China is greatest country fuckin Christian
Sublim' Tatoo (7 months ago)
sumit kumar rao iii
FUN ACTIVE (7 months ago)
Guys any idea how to make such types of videos? What software l will require?
Gerry Armani di Somera (8 months ago)
This phones can't be real........please, tell me they could exist!!!!
Saptarsi Mondal (8 months ago)
Yes but does it have a headphone jack?
numb3r6 (4 months ago)
A wired jack sounds better...you should have a hearing test done.
Mike Hartman (8 months ago)
Love it Mr. Stark! 3.5 mm Stereo headphone jack. Invented by Jon Koss in 1958... Still in use today. With, USB Type C, Bluetooth, 900 MHz, etc... Why? Home Telephone Invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Still in use today? Sort of if you're a senior citizen. Do you still have a home phone? Well... How old are you? ;)
Tony Stark (8 months ago)
do you still have a house phone?
Luis Rodriguez (8 months ago)
I would definitely buy that Xiamio or however you spell it! I wouldn't mind it being a little thick in my front pocket if I can unfold it to a tablet size with that huge battery! Just dope..! I'm saving up now ;)
Lone Wolf (8 months ago)
galaxy papyrus XD and somebody believe it ?
sean m (8 months ago)
i couldnt stop laughing at that hideous "phone" samsung would never release such a terrible design oh and that name lmfao
DHIRENDRA OTTI (8 months ago)

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