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Is the Surface Laptop Worth It?

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Review of the Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S - is it worth it? Microsoft Surface Laptop: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/surface-laptop/90fc23dv6snz Trying the New Surface Pro 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFlSbPMAY6o Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (1940)
Unknown Boy (2 hours ago)
Malware.exe lmao
GamingWithGav 17 (6 days ago)
hey guys this is Austin,is being sponsored worth it?
NathanOA (7 days ago)
In the sea of laptops, there's only one that rises to the surface!! 😉
Calvin Guy (8 days ago)
Its nicely built but it does not justify the price, this CANNOT be compared to the mac product line. There are WAY too many competitors for this out there (HP spectre, xps, razer blade, etc) they all basically offer the same (or even better) quality for cheaper. Mac is different since they did the optimization so well running their Mac OS, if you want a proper mac you HAVE to get it from them, and their user experience is one of its kind that windows simply cant offer. Thats why Macs are crazy expensive but keeps selling and no one gets these surface laptops
Muhammad Umer Tariq (8 days ago)
less connectivity because you want high end laptop not high end spec that microsft think.
Nick The Flipper (18 days ago)
You can swap windows 10s for windows 10 pro in windows store on the computer. I got this computer and I love it.
M N (20 days ago)
tharong Phath (22 days ago)
How about Inch??
King Beef (22 days ago)
2.75 pounds is heavy lmao, you fucking idiot
Aaronn sixx (25 days ago)
nothing about this laptop is “cheap” including the price
Andrew Nelson (30 days ago)
The Technology Tracker (1 month ago)
Is Austin Evans Worth It? LOL
The Projector (1 month ago)
School Gives You Surface Laptop, Download Windows 10 Pro On it for free
Brett M. (1 month ago)
Is Austin worth it?
Murtaza Sadri (1 month ago)
Yes you said honest to goodness.
Vikhyat Kaushik (1 month ago)
Windows 10 ASS 🤣😂🤣😂
Ben-kitty Jones (1 month ago)
I am watching this on my tablet while nervously watching my laptop rendering 4K footage praying that my laptop won't blow up because it has worked too hard.
Tom OMG (2 months ago)
I am getting it tommorow
FEND1X (2 months ago)
wirth it
PSR (2 months ago)
Is austin evas worth it ?
Anthony Huynh (2 months ago)
Does it have enough power to edit videos if you were to switch to Windows 10 pro?
Farqad Mazhar (3 months ago)
Oi Check out the mi laptop.
TheSRT Superb8e (3 months ago)
Would this be a good option for using as a workstation for my computer science degree?
great lion (3 months ago)
thanks for adding the gameing review
teylor richardson (3 months ago)
So if i buy the laptop today in 2018 I would have to pay to upgrade it to windows 10 ?
Kristoffer Vølund Stahl (3 months ago)
i updated mine yesterday for free?
QipilafTV Dank (4 months ago)
hey Kenny this is guys
KYoung2 (4 months ago)
holy shit i thought you were the actor that plays Beast in xmen anyways... great review
Sean Scully (4 months ago)
looks like a microsoft mac book
Sebastian Sanchez (4 months ago)
Why does it look like a MacBook
Anirudh Singh Chauhan (4 months ago)
i booted windows ten pro just for 0.23 dollars in my old pc which had windows vista then 7 followed by cheap 10
VyvRΞousTM (4 months ago)
Looks like a MacBook Pro!
sharif abul (5 months ago)
Can u game on it
Chrissy Phan (5 months ago)
You got a professional overwatch player? Why not just grab a random 12 year old in the street
love video (5 months ago)
How much?
s leach (5 months ago)
However however however. Get a thesaurus dude.
Gabifuertes (5 months ago)
If they included a TB3 port where the DP is I'd buy the $1300 model. I'd love it more with an extra HDMI port so I wouldn't need a dongle but probably there's no space there so...
AlexMaz81 (6 months ago)
watching this on the surface laptop
Carl Miller (6 months ago)
You are buying a SURFACE dumb ass....... always trying to discredit Microsoft. Hate all you want, it’s worth it, Luxury cost dumbo.
Akash Arun (6 months ago)
Hey guys this is the Microsoft Surface laptop here and today I will be discussing whether Austin Evans is worth it.
Akash Arun (6 months ago)
Be sure to subscribe
rose edits (6 months ago)
I really want this computer and my mom is questioning me what it has that other computers don’t have so this is kinda helpful
Aksana Nurme (6 months ago)
Austin evans again trying to get sponsored by apple
V. Sriram Sundar (4 months ago)
No but Aksana Nurme is paid by microsoft. Poor MS fanboy can't agree MS is shit.
Aiden Roberts (6 months ago)
I don’t know what to get. this, surface pro, or MacBook pro(all lowest specs). Think about school work and gaming
lun4rD35p4ir (7 months ago)
Savage Kenny :)
yee_ bofa (7 months ago)
my friend downloaded roblox on the school computer and it was running windows 10 education
Rayan Abusidou (7 months ago)
Is an Austin Evans worth it
YoungsterChris (7 months ago)
Calls Ken Mlg: Plays mercy
Neckslit (7 months ago)
I've bought this laptop 5 months ago, the first day it came out.And i love it! The fabric on the keyboard is still clean, just watch out and it won't get nasty. The only negative i can come up with is the price. It's more expensive here in Belgium. It costed me 1300 euro, which roughly translates to 1533 dollars, for the second model. The i5, 4 gb of ram and an ssd of 128gb. But i have a main gaming rig, if i want to do anything except watching video's, browing the web, or any other basic thing. If the price would drop a little, then it would be a serious deal. This ultrabook is amazing, but a little overpriced. Especialy in Europe.
George (7 months ago)
4gb of rammmmmmmmmmmmm
Hankdafishtank A (7 months ago)
Remember windows RT? Me either
Adventure Guy (7 months ago)
My only complaint are the ports and I’m still wondering how the alcantera will hold up, but this is actually my dream laptop....
Name Creative (7 months ago)
Hey Austin this is squarespace brought to you by guys
Ma Te (7 months ago)
pratip kumaraa (7 months ago)
Hi I am UI UX designer to start my career now I have mac book air 13 2015 model but I feel surface pro will more useful for me. Because I am freelance calligraphy and topography model designs. I was confused. So would you suggest me a best device for me. Macbook air or surface pro @austen evans
Pat Shala (7 months ago)
- I will not say that it is overpriced because it has the best design I've ever seen on a laptop. But having another USB 3.0 port and a Type C Thunderbolt 3 port would have been nice for that hefty price. I'm a tech lover and I like it. "Sometimes I re-watch these videos , and this comment may be out of date, I mean, I might be changing my mind lol."
Juda Black (7 months ago)
my $900 pc cant run overwatch. i need this laptop right now
Canadianbearman (7 months ago)
looks like a macbook pro
John L. Reed (7 months ago)
After spyware(windows 10) now they did malware(windows 10S) I am waiting adware,trojan...etc from Microsoft from now
Theo Stadick (8 months ago)
Actually, at this price point, I'd actually say the Macbook air is a better option than a windows laptop. At least OS 10 can run 3rd party apps
IME MP (8 months ago)
Wats $
Kit Jay (8 months ago)
Is that background real?
Mim Moshreffi (8 months ago)
i love it
andre rio (8 months ago)
i like it because its made by microsoft, and they say its the best quality laptop made for windows that there is.
Alex Fitz (8 months ago)
They are copying the macbook air. It has the same ports and overall design. Plus, the macbook air is $100 cheaper.
karthik kumar (8 months ago)
@Samantha Foltz u can
Mizan (8 months ago)
Make a update surface laptop after 3 months
Samantha Foltz (8 months ago)
wait so you cannot download google chrome ???
dada baba (8 months ago)
Could someone give me a review on the alcantara material? How does it look after a few months?
Elias Ojala (8 months ago)
I would replace that mini DisplayPort with USB-C...
ImNotCody (8 months ago)
My laptop's hard drive just died just a week ago and I only had my laptop for 2 months
jaw287 (8 months ago)
Could this replace a Surface Book?
Don Bond (9 months ago)
Is guys this Hey Austin?
Lil Poppy G (9 months ago)
I bought the surface laptop and I absolutely love it.
Kelly Johnson (9 months ago)
Does it have a backlit keyboard?
simebody someone (9 months ago)
wish it was better screen and surface pen and USB C
Recho Official (9 months ago)
ummm im watching on a suface rn
Leslie Green (9 months ago)
You speak like an announcer
the washer (9 months ago)
that negro is homosexual
the washer (8 months ago)
like you fuck you
Ragna (8 months ago)
like u
Martin Mendoza (9 months ago)
I liked the video until you spoke about Windows S and complained about how bad it is not to be able to install real programs and then... you mentioned you can upgrade to Windows 10 which in my opinion, made your criticism of Windows S, well irrational. After all, people have an option: either you stay with Windows S or if you don't like it, you upgrade to Windows 10. I would say it's a good thing to have a choice. I agree with you when it comes to lack of ports. That sucks.
Detox (9 months ago)
Should've given the Surface the normal Windows 10
Amar Jadav (9 months ago)
Hi bro wtsup I need your help most of the time I'm shooting on 4K and I need good editing laptop
Compare Surface Laptop and a macbook!
Hydra 2000 (9 months ago)
waiting for Surface Laptop 4 which may handle OW with integrated new gen graphic chip
mikpol (9 months ago)
What did you expect? The only Microsoft product I know of that doesn't suck is the Microsoft vacuum cleaner.
nnenna nwagwu (9 months ago)
who cares about USB c if you already have a charger
Hayden Riden (9 months ago)
Spectre x360 pro is better
RJIVHalo (10 months ago)
I can only imagine how dirty that palm rest will get. Stupid idea
Sniping Every Day (10 months ago)
It's basically a expensive as hell windowbook
muneem islam (10 months ago)
Do Lenovo miix320
fasial king (10 months ago)
Can you do the hp envy next?
Torex (10 months ago)
the immediate thing that turns me off about computers is windows S is just useless
Phon Productions (10 months ago)
I like ken
SuperK677 (10 months ago)
More ports than cr*pbook pro
V. Sriram Sundar (4 months ago)
miCRAPsoft surface book is shit, macbook pro is better.
SuperK677 (10 months ago)
Drink every time he says this
Ailtonic YT (10 months ago)
Starting to feel like a MacBook 💻
10k riders /Clips (10 months ago)
MJ T (10 months ago)
if you want to get work done and install and run programs that you like  get a MacBook pro not this if you want a computer that can do anything including running windows and even android then get a iMac
Fernando Alao (10 months ago)
Can you do an in depth comparison with the Lg gram 13 2017? I'm not sure which one to get
Jeremy Chua (10 months ago)
Microsoft stop becoming Apple because the laptop is becoming fucking useless
javier marrerro (10 months ago)
Oh my that burgundy

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