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The Property Show Episode 148 - Runda View Apartments_Ruaka

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how much is the rent
Candy Dolly (1 year ago)
very cheap made balconys,that price is too high for the qualities of this runda view aptmnt
Tracy Njoro (8 months ago)
Candy Dolly much how does each cost ?
joseph mureithi (1 year ago)
what pisses anybody here
Missy Kay (1 year ago)
nothing pisses me off is when african realtors real estate tv shows are always stealing western real estate image to use for their promos. You cant fool everybody. I am an african realtor in US and as i watch the beginning of the show i see several images clearly STOLEN from american websites 1:41 1:43 1:45 1:46 etc
Nzamu Lubasi (10 months ago)
Missy Kay omg, so true all those balconies ....Why would she do that?
Dani Anugrah (2 years ago)
di jual tanah di pusat kota pontianak.. jalan dokter wahidin total luas 13000 meter2..harga permeter 2300000..minat hubungi.. 081258743917...dhany anugrah..
Maureene Danielle (2 years ago)
I enjoyed the show...Must watch show for every upwardly mobile individual interested in the Kenya Real Estate market. Keep it up
kiambu rentals (9 months ago)
Agreed with you.She sets the pace to all realtors http://kiamburentals.com/

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