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The Property Show 2017 Episode 210 - Buying Property Off - Plan

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Grace Kahugu (3 months ago)
In case of🔥 what how safe is it? How would people get out???
Matheline oketch (5 months ago)
the amani courts are really beautiful and very affordable too.i am really working hard hope by the time i make the millions ,i would still get properties between 25,000_75,000 usd
ayub hussein (9 months ago)
I have learnt alot
ayub hussein (9 months ago)
nice job
Lina Artan (10 months ago)
Hi Nancy I want to buy house can you contact me plz
lifes entertainment (8 months ago)
Lina Artan I can help you out, reach me on emuhinyu@gmail.com
Everlyn Lubembe (1 year ago)
Hi Nancy,i enjoy watching your show and have learnt alot.Please dedicate one episode to residentail green home building tehcniques in particular solar water heating,waste management(diference between bio digester and septic tank,their pros and cons),water harvesting etc.i think your viewers will benefit alot from expert insights on this.Thanks
Dennis Kamonde (1 year ago)
good job Nancy

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