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Finding Fairmount.

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Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!
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Beth Ritter-Guth (2 days ago)
Gamelover254 (3 days ago)
TribeTwelve & Everymanhybrid are kicking it up! 😆
Euthvil Discord (3 days ago)
You know Vinny, for a fitness channel you sure are packing on a few pounds. Must be the paradoxes.
TheWillsterPro (4 days ago)
I was watching this and then as soon as slender man showed up YouTube crashed
Laura Henriksen (4 days ago)
Well played!
DOUBT THE HABIT (5 days ago)
Mioponnu (5 days ago)
6:48 left corner of the room
Plague Doctor (6 days ago)
I swear to god, im so used to seeing slenderman every corner in slenderverse videos, I can't help but think hes gonna be standing right in front of vinny everytime vin turns the camera. Its practically instinct to think of it that way.
rivers in the woods (7 days ago)
look at baby jeff
Venetin Official (7 days ago)
6:48 Hello, visitor.
KassienBlackcloak (7 days ago)
Yes! New EMH!
Eric Fapton (8 days ago)
Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget! he doesnt seem very happy and that lifestyle doesnt seem very healthy lel
James M (8 days ago)
Maybe we will see all the boys back together again?
me Me (9 days ago)
Blue Legacy (9 days ago)
29:28 There's that symbol from FMA: Brotherhood. Wasn't expecting that, but I like that it's there.
Derpy Hooves (10 days ago)
Hold on a second. That paper Vinnie has at 22:24 has the same symbol on it as WhisperedFaith. Now that EMH, TribeTwelve, and several others are coming back, is there this whole years worth of information that we missed out on!? Wtf is going on?
Blue (10 days ago)
EMH and TribeTwelve both uploading.. God, this month is starting off great.
Matt Petty (13 days ago)
4 dislikes almost a week after the upload. That's pretty good. Honestly the best series on YouTube. It's a shame there's not more subs for you guys to be had. More people should be aware of these vids
yugoslavia.jpg (13 days ago)
dr peters sounds like seth rogen
yugoslavia.jpg (13 days ago)
dr peters sounds like seth rogen
yugoslavia.jpg (13 days ago)
dr peters sounds like seth rogen
george brownsea (13 days ago)
Ya think Vinny is having a bad time lets turn over to Noah and see hows it going there
Explore Christchurch (14 days ago)
All the animal collective references are making me wanna get out all my CDs and (strawberry) "jam" out
Patrick Sketch (14 days ago)
The irony is that if Vinny had followed his own health tips he probably would have not been out of breath all the time
Rukia Kuchki (14 days ago)
Vinnie I hope you find out what your looking for still becareful I also think Habit was just mad you left him behind I mean he is still your friend good luck .
CraZMait CM (14 days ago)
@everymanhybrid if things are coming back this way, have you considered maybe asking HABIT if hes experiencing anything? I know hes insane and everything but hes human enough he might know or have seen somthing.
jen powers (14 days ago)
I was over the moon to see Habit...and yes, Vinny and dead Jeff! I really hope you keep us in the loop, Vinny, and good luck! No protection! 😱💀❤
jen powers (14 days ago)
Habit... Pull Noah outta his boardwalk hell! We need tribe12 back too!
CreepsMt (14 days ago)
Ayyy im in ohio I'll meet u up
CreepsMt (14 days ago)
futuredeathgun 6 (14 days ago)
Where is this in Ohio because I live in Ohio?
futuredeathgun 6 (14 days ago)
futuredeathgun 6 (14 days ago)
I didn't mean to but a question mark
Grakho (14 days ago)
Is Vinnie going to be able to control when he goes through a different iteration, while keeping his memories, making him basically immortal?
Hues (15 days ago)
well hot damn vinny, there are a lot of trolls in the comments. wish they’d take it more seriously :/ you’ve certainly been through a lot. have you been taking care of yourself?
TheTotoasted (15 days ago)
This is definitely great exercise on a budget. Can't wait for further tips!!! Please fix you camera for next time, also you seem to be being followed link me where I can buy one of those nifty stalker detector boxes
Yo Girl Pearl (15 days ago)
"Looks like i'm going to prom" This just killed me lmao
Larrey (15 days ago)
HABIT, Slendy and the Rake disliked this
I’m not sure if I follow this anymore.
It’s Nearly 5AM (16 days ago)
Maybe running away from the Operator was the secret to living a healthy lifestyle all along
Phoenix Pilot (16 days ago)
Fyrsiel (16 days ago)
MAH BOI SLENDY BREAKIN' IN also, that map, it's just like a video game map with dead ends marked up and it is glorious~
Karla Nóbrega (16 days ago)
Acho que sou a única Brasileira aqui...
Nameless (16 days ago)
I love how this episode played out! :D Stories with multiple timelines and mixing realities always is a fun concept to play around with.
Matt Bohfriggundy (16 days ago)
Look, honestly Ive been putting on a lot of weight and I just need you guys to go back to showing me how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Idk Uh yeah (16 days ago)
Anyone else think Slenderman sounds like a vacuum about to suck up vinny?
RedSpeedPlays (16 days ago)
Yo does anyone else think slender man sounds like a vacuum about to suck up vinny?
Marali Ettlin (17 days ago)
ok yeah i was right, i noticed this in the last video and im seeing it again in this one. there are purple ribbons tied to random trees and stuff all along the paths through the forest that vinnie has walked through. in the last video i counted 3 but there were probably more. one showed up last video right as he was talking to himself about not needing habits help to get back to the car so im guessing that habit was in fact helping vinnie through his whole adventure through the woods. guess the guy has a soft spot
Ollie Oil (17 days ago)
I picked the right time to pick up this series..
VapoRubJR (17 days ago)
Is that a Geiger counter
Sir Toby (17 days ago)
At about 1:18, after Vinny says "Am I nuts?", I could hear someone quietly say "Yes." It's only the beginning of the video, and I'm already scared of my own house.
Matthew Darocha (17 days ago)
29:28 so is slendy a fan of anime?
Grimjazz25 (17 days ago)
Braver then me brother
ItsJackDolan (17 days ago)
Luna Nightingale (17 days ago)
I'm a little concerned by some of the comments here...
Cloud Fall (17 days ago)
Did the guy just call him a determined little cunt?
Starry (17 days ago)
Im quaking in my boots
lolrus555 (17 days ago)
32:13 *WHAT GOD DO YOU SEE HERE?* Hoooly shit. That statement in tandem with that horrific illustration of Dr. Peters is fucking horrifying.
Nick Stratton (17 days ago)
I really love that you guys are posting again, and regularly!
Jessica 13 (17 days ago)
I could not make out most of what was being said by the Doctor in the recording
Hugh Jass (17 days ago)
Can we get an EMH movie petition started?
Zed C (17 days ago)
This is the worst fitness channel ive ever seen
Tudor Morar (17 days ago)
18:48 EXACTLY what i wanted to see!!
Spazzy Adult (17 days ago)
Vinnie: More afraid of spiders than he is Slenderman.
Countable Snow (17 days ago)
Welcome To Ohio
Vallee Martin (17 days ago)
23:20 rip my ears
We Are Here (17 days ago)
Don't you see you already found the dr a long time ago? Well, he found you technically and he showed himself to you. You just missed it because you weren't paying attention to the details...slow down and think
Crying Child (17 days ago)
16:05 Is it bad that I laughed at this?
Curtis Kaiju (17 days ago)
6:48 anyone else see that?
Donald Griffith (17 days ago)
Eh insanity is only a matter of weather or not what you do cause pain or not.
Jundas (18 days ago)
06:48 Jeff?
Nathan Spain (18 days ago)
Vinny: "Let's try downstairs first, maybe?" Me: "Vinny have you ever seen a single horror movie?" Vinny: "Naaahh, let's try upstairs." Me: "Good! Yes. Thank you."
Robyn Jakubiec (14 days ago)
Nathan Spain the Slender Man detector started going off
judas (18 days ago)
ok but when r we gonna see their toes tho
Dominique McNeil (18 days ago)
Color me confused. I've been kinda lost since the update before the Drive West with the recordings. I thought I had it but this one lost me. Can anyone give me the run down here?
Acrobatoy (18 days ago)
That paper with every logo is awesome
celestinenox (18 days ago)
Me: Vinny, you need to nope the hell out and turn around. Vinny: *peers at scary abyss* ... nah. *turns around* Me: Thank you for listening.
392Firepower (18 days ago)
But, thanks for seeing this through guys...don't quit!
392Firepower (18 days ago)
Why is the original EMH logo not showing up anymore for the youtube avatar?
392Firepower (18 days ago)
cuz the more times you say F**K the more authentic your S**t is!
392Firepower (18 days ago)
STOP with the noseclips!
Chloe Poole (18 days ago)
24:31 See the symbol??
SaxyGirl08 (18 days ago)
I love how I still fallow this after all these years. Almost a decade now.
Jessecole3 (18 days ago)
Marmy (18 days ago)
@ 6:48, who is that?
woobiehastelly (18 days ago)
So basically, Slender Man is about a skinny, shitty guy?
Blondie Boy (18 days ago)
6:47 Who the fuck is standing there?
Cieara Doster (18 days ago)
hell yeah baby go kick some cryptid ass!!!!!
abber though (18 days ago)
Ike Moon (18 days ago)
Sounds like a slowed down audio clip in the background at the end
Sýnchysi (18 days ago)
Mah boi, Vinny!
Damn, im surprised videos are being released so frequently
ethan hambrick (18 days ago)
Person standing in corner wearing a teal and black striped shirt at 6:49
PridefulSoul (18 days ago)
The dedication to this ARG is the coolest thing I've ever seen. This thing is 8+ years old! I remember watching this stuff when I was back in middle school, and I'm almost done with college now. We're still being given game pieces, still being given information. Hella props to EMH.
ACE the killer (18 days ago)
I'm still so sorry for your living hell so far...
Runnersthehedgo24 DT2 (18 days ago)
25:39 Ready here we go motherfucker come on face me like a man
StanLee4Ever (18 days ago)
holy shit! SLENDY!?.. IS DAT YOU?
ManPersonHumanGiraffe (18 days ago)
7:17 Is that Slendy down the hall?
Kayla lyfe (18 days ago)
bruh i ONLY just got this notification YOUTUBE EXPLAIN
Fredrick Wheeler (18 days ago)
listened to it a dozen times and can't figure it out, can anyone make out what the other man on the tape says from 4:04 to 4:07? Almost sounds like "you're a determined one, aren't you?" but with too many syllables
Morpheus Anderson (18 days ago)
This reminded me so fucking much of marble hornets
Kalin Dustin (18 days ago)
What the fuck where have you been this is so exciting.
Spicy Golem (18 days ago)
Can someone please explain the current situation of EMH to me? I mean, I know the premise and I've watched a chunk of the series, but especially regarding the new episodes I'm not sure what's going on. Have they explained Slenderman's motive? Is Slenderman even still relevant? What is the main goal of this series?
ManPersonHumanGiraffe (18 days ago)
Spicy Golem Watch Nightmind. And they said they won't explain Slendy because that would mess up all the other series' stories.
Explore Christchurch (18 days ago)
My boys are back

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