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New York metro WiFi: as it prepares for its new metro WiFi, USB ports and digital displays.

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New York metro WiFi: as it prepares for its new metro WiFi, USB ports and digital displays. Discretely New York is becoming a state with smart cities when nobody expected it, because the last couple of years have launched aggressive initiatives to modernize the metropolis, this through the implementation of "smart" buildings, free public WiFi modules with gigabit speed, future dumpsters with WiFi as well as the adoption of e-books for schools statewide. Following this trend, the government of New York is announcing an exciting new plan to modernize the city subway, covering both stations and carriages, which means a deserved upgrade to one of the transport systems most commonly used in the world, which in turn, is also one of the most neglected. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, has announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will receive a budget of 27,000 million dollars, which will serve to start up a plan of five years for the renewal of the system city ​​subway. This renovation consists of 1,025 new cars, digital displays with mobile connections that will inform details of the routes in real time, better safety features, illuminated by LEDs and deploying WiFi and USB connection for this both new cars and for seasons. These new wagons equating real-time locating system, which will report its location via a mobile application to any person, or will be available through the screens of the seasons; you are also screens will be placed inside the car, which will be used to implement a new system of mobile advertising, plus it will be informative. The cars will also feature a new design with wider doors to allow people in and out in less time, plus they have a "free" design from start to finish so that users can be distributed throughout the car. In the coming days will start with the renovation of three seasons in Manhattan, where the plan is to modernize 31 stations in the metropolitan area before the end of the year, from 2017 start with upgrading the remaining 170 stations will have a new standard unified design, where the architectural legacy of each is respected. This project joins the city initiative to update and make safer transportation systems, which together with the recent launch of the new generation of buses with WiFi in Queens, the plan is that by 2020 the entire system transportation has a new face. #NewYorkMetroWiFi #NewYork #MetroWiFi #SuperfastWireless #CityCentreWiFi #WiFi #metro #LEDlights #SmartCity #PublicTransportation #Vehicles
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Text Comments (28)
LightningGamer18 (11 days ago)
0:51 Is that even a real number???
Fred Suero (2 months ago)
wow great ! they will have more room to fight in !
Daniel Smith (9 months ago)
he said 27 thousand million -.-
psychic friend freadbear (10 months ago)
pink sheep?
K Train 8 Av Local (6 months ago)
psychic friend freadbear yes
AlexMustang (11 months ago)
Thank god. These old trains have been killing me
Sean i forgot (3 months ago)
How about the r179 that's new
AlexMustang The older ones are so shit, the noises are unbearable
Sean i forgot (1 year ago)
Do new MBTA Subway
Sean i forgot (1 year ago)
My metro is getting new red line subway and orange line subway car for MBTA it is the oldest transportation
No thanks. those trains look gay.
CoolMaster Gamer (1 month ago)
LinesEM (1 year ago)
you know whats gonna suck ass? the R211 will replace all of the R46s, it was the oldest good model
K Train 8 Av Local (6 months ago)
The R211s should be scrapped when they enter service and why is Pink Sheep talking about these ugly tech trains Pink Sheep doesn't belong in this video. You should've added somebody else or the CEO of the MTA dude. That's not cool when you added Pink Sheep. That's not cool. The R211s Gangways will break because of turns which would break the gangways and the whole train will be separated into parts but my god it would be hilarious.
TheGamingBoy (9 months ago)
R68 N/W Train those cars had to go because it's a new generation
Arif Akyuz (1 year ago)
Not all of it, but it is still terrible. And WHHYYY???!!! THERE ARE GANGWAYS BETWEEN CARS????!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOO!!!!!
R32 G Crosstown Train (1 year ago)
Two Things:1. The first of the station renovations will be along the R Line in Brooklyn (not Manhattan, and2. Why does the speaker sound like Pink Sheep
john (1 year ago)
I didn't know Pink Sheep talks about subway cars XD
dubreil07 (1 year ago)
usually i dont trust concepts but the wifi buses in nyc have a whole new color scheme so maybe ill finally trust the concept for these new r211 trains.
LuckerHD (1 year ago)
I love it, but some americans will get them dirty in 1 week.
TimDaEmeraldWizard (9 months ago)
Eward Webb Stop bringing race into everything. He never mentioned anything about the color of their skin. Assuming that he means black people shows that you think that the black people are dirty yourself.
mark op (1 year ago)
change new lots ave station
mark op (1 year ago)
my line
mark op (1 year ago)
it myvline
mark op (1 year ago)
change L train cars plz
Sean i forgot (3 months ago)
Alex Felipe it stras in 2019-2021
Aban Tech (1 year ago)
#NewYorkMetroWiFi #NewYork #MetroWiFi #SuperfastWireless #CityCentreWiFi #WiFi #metro #LEDlights #SmartCity #PublicTransportation #Vehicles
Erik Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice video

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