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Samsung Galaxy S4 - 10 Tips & Tricks!

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What is the point of owning a cool new phone if you can't make it your own? Kris takes us through 10 tips and tricks to get the most of your Samsung Galaxy S4! Read the article here: http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-tips-tricks-207516 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AndroidAuthority/posts - http://www.facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://www.twitter.com/androidauth/
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Text Comments (622)
GoldenWarrior456 (12 days ago)
I got same 📱📱📱
Abdul Mannan (1 month ago)
How are we lock the favourite apps for example facebook. Instagram etc
jenp27 (4 months ago)
This is the most informative video I have seen about this phone. Great job, sir.
Bob S 535 (7 months ago)
Wow great information had an S4 for years never knew this stuff
NLS S. (1 year ago)
I found the sound and auto brightness to be the most helpful/useful. Thanks!
NLS S. (1 year ago)
Thank you for this helpful video. I am not a person to have the latest cell phone with all the bells and whistles. My S4 keeps going to sleep and doesn't stay bright (even when I wake up the screen).
Avinash Mehar (1 year ago)
Help please Samsung galaxy s4 ....created...4G LTE.....
W L D vynzs (1 year ago)
Julie Johnson (1 year ago)
In my texting msg. all of a sudden the print changed to very small and I cannot get it back to normal reading size. What can I do to fix this?
daniyal Nadeem (1 year ago)
u forgot to mention that it has built in remote ir as well
Hazrat Ali (2 years ago)
what he says about more detail on his website
Skye Voya (2 years ago)
Can't wait to get mine >__<
aaronroach (2 years ago)
is the s4 still worth it in april 2016??
DutchCountryBall (5 months ago)
aaronroach3 Or In 2018 Because I Have A S4 Now
Chelo (2 years ago)
had it a year ago and dropped it many times on concrete nothing has cracked and i find the phone amazing
Chuck Barrientos (2 years ago)
still using a s4 no dents whatsover lol
MANI (2 years ago)
why not i am still using it
Bibek Nagarkoti (2 years ago)
The transition to home screen is good, now I wana switch it back to S voice how do I do it ?
Maria Valenz Maria V (2 years ago)
Thanks, Kris! Your tutorial was awesome and I learned so much about my S4. I will enjoy my phone a lot more now.
Mike-2363 (2 years ago)
Does anybody who owns a Galaxy S4 (SGH-m919 running 4.4.4) notice "breaks" in the signal bar in battery stats? It's not a matter of bad signal either. I noticed the signal bar is completely green, but there are random black gaps throughout (I think it only shows it to be during screen off). This doesn't seem to cause a problem with the phone's functionality, it's just something I noticed. This is pretty similar to my girlfriend's S3. The stats show WIFI to be on constantly, even though it's not, and this also doesn't seem to cause any issues with the phone. So maybe these stats just aren't reliable? I appreciate anyone's thoughts :)
Axel Alex (2 years ago)
The transition to home screen tip works quite nice. Works so much faster
Chris Hayley (2 years ago)
posted in may 2013. I guess u have the iPhone 8 now 😂
Dāvis Heinrihsons (2 years ago)
why my phone dont have video fast motion recording and slow motion recording?
Dāvis Heinrihsons (2 years ago)
i have s4 too
blahh blahh (2 years ago)
I just got this phone yesterday
WhiteFeather (2 years ago)
+Edward hill I have iphone 6s and s7 edge so?? I still have my s4 and I love it
Skipless Gaming (2 years ago)
+Chris Hayley it was uploaded in 2015....
Chris Hayley (2 years ago)
+Edward hill read when it's uploaded.
Edward hill (2 years ago)
u must be 9 since you have a s4 when I have iphone 6s and s6 edge shame for you ha
Aja Anderson (2 years ago)
I'm an owner. :3
khal khaled (2 years ago)
thank u some much guys i realy injoyed
Joe G.P. (2 years ago)
"If you're like me, and i know i am" ... lol, you get a like just for that :) PS. mine has no multiple lock screen widgets option, but mine is running Android 5.0.1
Donna Castillo (2 years ago)
+Joe G.P. okay, thank you. I'm running the latest software.
Joe G.P. (2 years ago)
+Donna Castillo it should appear automatically but depending on the region of the world you're in, your carrier and exact phone model you might not get the latest update. My S4 is model I9505. To check if you can upgrade or not you have to go into the phones settings -> about phone and you should find something there, like "check for software update" or something like that. Or just google it.
Donna Castillo (2 years ago)
how do you upgrade os? I'm running on 4.4.4 only. 😕
Simon Samuel (2 years ago)
cool tips bro
Leah Reinke (2 years ago)
I Have a? I have Netflix on my Galaxy S4 now can I plug my Cell Phone into my TV using my HDMI cord to watch Netflix or Does it have to be my Tablet? Can anyone Please help me out by chance?
Nicole Beaulieu (2 years ago)
I want one so bad. I'm so close to getting one online. I desperately need an upgrade. I've had my iPhone 4 for a year and it's already dieing out on me. I want to make sure I have enough info before I buy it though. This video helped out a lot.
Nicole Beaulieu (2 years ago)
+Noreen I have a new phone now. I've had it for quite a while and I love it. I have the galaxy s4. thank you though. :)
Bjørn Simonsen (3 years ago)
It sucks that im not able to see all the comments on the different videos on youtube. Some comments where more people have comment specifiks comments, and you example can press "view 34 comments more" Then after clicking that the rest of the screen under it is jusy white screen. It so unbelievely frustrating. And you are even not able to see some people that comment your own comment sometimes.
maxine fallone (3 years ago)
thanks cool tips
Daniel Buchanan (3 years ago)
When i go into my device then lock screen, there is no swipe options and the favourite apps or camera option is faded out and cannot be activted, plz help
RareLord (3 years ago)
on my Galaxy s4 there is no slow motion and fast motion help :/
piczasso (3 years ago)
 1* when I double tap, nothing happens. can sb help me ?   Also can't change  ISO in camera  settings. its blocked
sandra warner (3 years ago)
Itapped it 7x to do as you say in the build number but that did not come up
Asn Jay (3 years ago)
Great video! This helped a lot to save battery! Thanks - via YtPak(.com)
ilhami ÖZDEDE (3 years ago)
Konuşma ya türkçe olsun ya da türkçe alt yazıyla verilsin çok faydalı bilgiler veriliyor ama çok hızlı konuştuğu için anlaşılıyor.
Kevin Farrell (3 years ago)
Any idea on how to change your device status from custom? I'm unable to do a software update because it says my device is modified
Lane Lawrence (3 years ago)
Some great tips, especially the adaptive sound. My music sounds studio quality now :)
lokus TF2 (3 years ago)
Is there any way i can change my Samsung light to Samsung avant? Like a download?
jisozaki (3 years ago)
I enjoyed your video. it was well editted, clear and concise. I hate when guys try to do things on the fly and start mumbling, pausing and repeating things. Great job
ashley jensen (3 years ago)
thank you for this video!! i just got my s4 today 
Soumojit Sarkar (3 years ago)
thank you very much for your reply buddies.
the darkin blade (3 years ago)
+Soumojit Sarkar i have s4 and its great. The battery isnt that amazing but still good
Soumojit Sarkar (3 years ago)
How is the device & its battery life. Please soon as I also want to buy it.
Rayyan Warasarwala (3 years ago)
OK, here's the deal. I am currently using an iPhone 4s and I am thinking of maybe switching to a Galaxy 4s. Now don't go fanboy on me saying that I souls get te galaxy, tell me truthfully. I Ike simple stuff, I don't want to go into too many settings to change my preferences or things like that, so should I switch to a galaxy or stick my trusty iPhone?
Fatal Goldmaker (10 months ago)
Rayyan Warasarwala i got one if very Good but if u like iPhone that Good too
soi phouikham (3 years ago)
Refik Tairi (3 years ago)
ozair habib (3 years ago)
Yeah do it
LOL LOL (3 years ago)
+Rayyan Rw You see, Samung Galaxy S4 comes shipped with a modified version of Android, which can still be edited like Android. A few older IPhones were smaller than the HTC EVO 4G, a phone i previously had. Samsungs are notorious fir having big screens, therefore I think you should grab a Samsung.
AAA AAA (3 years ago)
The camera tip at the beginning is a little misleading. The '9mp' image is only lower due to the aspect ratio. The pixel density is exactly the same and therefore so is image quality. The higher 13mp image is only so due to it's 4:3 aspect ratio
andy arijs (3 years ago)
'if you are like me, and i know i am'..... *LOL*
Ansel Mac (3 years ago)
It will help better if you have a slower demo version.
Green Goblin (3 years ago)
Where is the clipboard feature Peter?
Green Goblin (3 years ago)
Pete------erghhhhh !
Angelica Martins (3 years ago)
Roz (3 years ago)
I can't turn anti shake on. any suggestions?
nemolovesyou (3 years ago)
+Rosa Robbins XD yeah. Hope you got it fixed :>
Roz (3 years ago)
+nemothefish haha I actually forgot about it. thanks!
nemolovesyou (3 years ago)
Ehhhhhh this is a really late response, maybe you already figured it out but if you haven't, turn of auto detect night Mode under settings :)
Angelica Martins (3 years ago)
Angelica Martins (3 years ago)
+Brendan kerstein X um CD b X SC 14-
jodee doherty (3 years ago)
I've had my s4 a week now. Paid a lot of money but there's a few things I don't like. It won't log out of email. It won't connect to my car stereo using Bluetooth, it won't show everything on my memory car. I would think that this big this big flash phone could do anything but apparantly not. I'm very disappointed.
Christine Fisher (3 years ago)
I can't delete photos, no delete button and i haven't synchronised to anything, very annoying.
Green Goblin (3 years ago)
get an AUX cable for your car, along with a casette adapter.....> +LaauR. Ionuț well thats sorted then !
LaauR. Ionuț (3 years ago)
You can logout of email: simply go to 'Settings', 'Accounts' tab, 'Email', then tap 'Remove account', at the bottom of the screen.
Gustavo Martinez (3 years ago)
Dude, thanks for this tips!! Just awesome
Richkid Alexander (3 years ago)
thaks it works very well !!
Susan Kadel-Fehr (3 years ago)
too FAST
Ann Marie (3 years ago)
Where is my clipboard feature because I have stuff saved there
Macca Taylor (3 years ago)
I have a samsung galaxy s4 in a waterproof case and the volume buttons don't work can you help me out please
Green Goblin (3 years ago)
Get a better case, you get what you pay for Peter.
Yuna Park (3 years ago)
Why do some of these not work for my Samsung galaxy s4?
yennifer martinez (4 years ago)
Dennis B-Man (4 years ago)
Great! Thanx! Excellent video! I'm ordering MY Samsung Galaxy S4 tonight! I should have it in less than 5 days!! Woo, hoo!! =D I got tired of waiting for OnePlus to finish jacking off in our faces for the 'privilege' of being able to BUY one of their phones AT REGULAR PRICE! Fuck 'em.
Cleofe Mae Encarguez (4 years ago)
my s4 is missing some settings such as camera modes, the pencil thing that enables you to customize notifications, the palm motion setting, and who knows how many more. is this normal? or is there really something wrong about my phone? help!
MindForge (4 years ago)
As an audiophile i thank you for reminding me of the adapt sound thinghy. The highs and lows are much more distinct. Has a much more punchy feeling to it now. And my earbuds are not even the expensive kind, because i go through a pair earbuds in about 4 months.  I have owned a couple of beats by dre but they break to easy. This feature alows one to use relatively cheap earbuds but get that quality sound still, i love it.
Great video I bought a galaxy s4 advance one year s4 release and it works well. Thanks
S4 advance, not s4 original
I paid this 450€ much cheaper than s5 and in my opinion better in size, same power processing
you know I'm so happy with it, very fast, battery is great 4h on screen, screen awesome crisp on pro mode, for battery back cover you can change it for a leather like note3 and it's with a cover protect from china.
Janice Rael (4 years ago)
I'm supposed to be getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 some time soon, I'm sure I'll need to rewatch this video 800 times to make sure I can figure out how to use it. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful and I don't even have the phone yet.
Mindy Chan (4 years ago)
Very useful
Cathi Faggart (4 years ago)
Thank you for the battery life saving tips and for all tips in general. I would to have gotten a tip for installing adobe flash so I can at least stream church services when I'm not able to go.
Harry Grewal (4 years ago)
Wow.. Thanks .. I still don't know that s4 can shoot slow motion and fast motion videos . I have it from 6 months. But didn't know that . Thank you very much sir 😀
Nuska Radcock (4 years ago)
I have a youtube playlist of videos on my phone but I can't get them to play all the way through. I have to manually start the next song once the previous song is done instead of just letting it go through the list automatically. This is irritating, especially when I'm at work. Is there a "play all" setting anywhere?
kanneebannee (4 years ago)
Oh thank your for showing me the adapt sound thing! Owe you one, big time.
Magnus Storaker Moen (4 years ago)
Is there possible that doing changes in the developer options can make permanent damage on the software? Because when you turn on developer options, you do get a warning! Please help! Sincerely young boy with a brother tired of getting questions.
Hunter Todd (4 years ago)
I don't have those lock screen options wtf Help!!!
jason knighton (4 years ago)
Love it thanks a lot
jason knighton (4 years ago)
Love it thanks a lot
abdalla ali (4 years ago)
and here you can download all of your andriod apps for free http://ReferralRound.com/?refer=25220
moononsaturn (4 years ago)
New samsung galaxy s4 will not open up videos posted by facebook friends. Also can't open youtube videos. Anyway to fix this?
Alaska Young (4 years ago)
i have an important question which btw most of us s4 to be users want to know. i made a few research about the s4 and i found out that this phone os 16 gb. interestingly, the s4 has limited storage which is 8. something. IS THIS TRUE? IF SO *PLEASE, PLEASE, * MAKE A VIDEO ON HOW TO ADD MORE STORAGE TO THIS PHONE. Sincerely, a dissapointed s4 user-to-be. >:(
multimak007 (4 years ago)
probably just add a micro SD card to the slot provided inside the phn....thats what i did
Kay2be2mr (4 years ago)
Nevermind I got it.
Kay2be2mr (4 years ago)
How do you get access to ISO and Anti shake? Those 2 options are darkened out. When I click on it nothing happens.
Jakub Jakub (3 years ago)
rrtx250 (4 years ago)
Also I can't find the options on my galaxy s4 to use the slow motion or fast motion camera. Can someone help me? Thanks
rrtx250 (4 years ago)
On my galaxy s4 I don't even have the option to take 13 mp photos in the settings. Also how do you access the other features in the camera such as anti-shake? Everything onmy phone is darked out and when I tap on these settings nothing happens.
kalpana gupta (4 years ago)
you might be on the auto mode..... go to the mannual mode and you will be able to access everything out there in the camera settings. 
James Farias (4 years ago)
Deb this may be a help. it shows how to use the tablet.
Glenn Lognseth (4 years ago)
this is the worst phone i have had i years..its laggy, unreliable( have to reboot 2-3 times a day or it wont accept calls). and if your out or something you cant use it because the battery dies as soom as you start doing somthing with it..sad because samsung used to be the best phone..but this s4 its just crappy..
Terry Kraus (4 years ago)
adapt sound is the shit!!!
David Landsman (4 years ago)
Watched a bunch of vids about my new phone this was the best because it was short and to the point ....grerat lob
Draven Oats (4 years ago)
For some reason it wont allow me to access ISO or Anti-Shake, why is that or how do I fix it?
Cauldric Williams (4 years ago)
You need to turn off the auto night detection mode
Draven Oats (4 years ago)
It wont let me go to mannual either, but it doesnt matter, somone brok
kalpana gupta (4 years ago)
you might be on the auto mode..... go to the mannual mode and you will be able to access everything out there in the camera settings. 
Alexander Elia (4 years ago)
Asad Noah (4 years ago)
Mine has all the features but when I did that camera trick, I only had limited and normal, anyone know why ?
Gabriel Muniz (4 years ago)
If you needed this vid to learn these "Tips & Tricks", you were probably an iPhone user...
Ralph Humarang (4 years ago)
never thought there was a slowmotion feature right there same as the 5s, S4 rocks! gonna try that slowmo right now! ;p
Yadimom82 (4 years ago)
Crapy phones!!!
Theodore M Leyva (4 years ago)
Great job!  Very helpful. 
Utterly Insane (4 years ago)
I am not able to access my lock screen options or my home screen mode or screen monitoring. Does anyone know why this is?
Jim Petta (4 years ago)
I give you a couple of like for the Red Fang clip...  Nice tips too... ;-)
Ruel Gulapa (4 years ago)
Thanks! It was very very helpful. More power to you android authority!
Just a girl i guess (4 years ago)
never thought it had a slow motion
Jerry Moreno (4 years ago)
great clip
Katie Peterson (4 years ago)
going too fast, i can't keep up
Mustapha Ahmad (4 years ago)
how do u make iso on camera option not auto
mag9671 (4 years ago)
Thanks for the informative video. How can you change the small weather/clock screen on the home screen? Example it's light blue with white lettering whereas on the S3 it had a color pic that looked more appealing and you could see the weather/clock better. I am speaking about the home screen not the lock screen clock. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Busta Nuts (4 years ago)
Awesome adapt sound!!
fanjapanischermusik (4 years ago)
on my s4 in the settings for the auto brightness there is a usefull function. i can set autobrightness to 0, then its just autobright. and i can go a few steps higher or lower then 0 so its always a bit brighter or darker then just autobright. very usefull.
Han Lockhart (4 years ago)
7:17 `If you`re like me- and I know I am`. lol. I`ll have to use that one.
Agathe Jean Michel (4 years ago)
LOL just realized he said that
Liz Ferla (4 years ago)
when I go into the camera settings, ISO and anti shake arent highlighted. How do I highlight them please, simple terms lol x

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