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How To Spot A Fake iPhone

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/jjOar44Hbn0?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 This video features a knockoff of the iPhone 6s. It's actually quite similar in appearance and could probably sneak past the untrained eye. The software is an iOS lookalike skin on top of Android. This video identifies some of the key differences between a legit Apple iPhone 6s and a fake Apple iPhone 6s. Remember, if your App Store icon opens the Google Play store and you're using an iPhone, you're not using an iPhone. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (4009)
Julianna Landry (11 days ago)
My iPhone 6s has the same box.. does that make mine fake?
Sassine Aboujaoude (12 days ago)
My wife fakes all the time :(
Chuxian Shang (14 days ago)
u guys know why these fakes look and feel so real?? cause all of the real iphone were assembled in China and some parts of it are made in China toooooooo, if u need to make a iphone ur self, go order it.
OpTic Schwina (14 days ago)
Plz tell me
OpTic Schwina (14 days ago)
Where do you buy them
OpTic Schwina (14 days ago)
Plz tell me where tf do you get these knockoffs????
OpTic Schwina (14 days ago)
Piggy Knight (15 days ago)
I want an iPhone 2g that runs android and I'll be fine
Sujiit Shrestha (17 days ago)
Coool video.
Jinyee Lim (18 days ago)
Iphone 6s if dont have the “FC CE do not dispose”is is fake or real ?
The All BeSt (23 days ago)
would u plz give it to me(Fake Iphone) bro plz😊
cookie avegs (25 days ago)
I've had I phone forever and never use iTunes. I use Spotify. Picture quality is not sharp. I have a real one bought at the Apple Store. So I really don't see what's the big deal with getting a fake one.
SUMIT KUMAR (27 days ago)
China product are always want to copy original product,, love from India ,, can I get a like from you
Dylan Power (27 days ago)
I have a real iPhone 6s Plus gold 128gb from a Apple store in the UK and I have the FCC labels on the back
Muhammed Nafi (29 days ago)
Does fake iphone have fingerprint scaner?
Gorilla Playz (29 days ago)
4763 63 (30 days ago)
Very helpful video THANKYU Sir❤️⭐️👍🏼
Smriti chowdhury (1 month ago)
hit like if u think that his reaction is vast better then others reactions on fake iPhones...!
stealthsushi (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice that the back facing cameras are different sizes?
pawan Soni (1 month ago)
Hey guys.....can someone unlock my iphone 7 while i sleep??? If yes please suggest how can i prevent this!!!!!
hujsa je neger a neboji sa toho
m Kay (1 month ago)
Ide like to pour shit on you
Yash Gupta (1 month ago)
Fuck I think my roommate has a fake one 😂😂😂
Alex Paul (1 month ago)
Alen D (1 month ago)
Why does apple charge so much for the iPhone when the clone uses the same aluminum material and sells it for a way cheaper price... ! ??
Jacky Tonny (1 month ago)
By Dialling this number-1-855-837-9963 get troubleshooting problems iphone battery backup
Mister R (1 month ago)
Everything is made in China,except vaginas because they’re made in Vachina
Anne Diche (1 month ago)
Funny hahahhahahaha!!!!
Jack Manning (1 month ago)
Or check the serial number on Apple Support’s website
Rhys C (1 month ago)
Am I the only one here thinking that the knockoff isn’t actually that bad at all??? I mean, I’m not a huge phone snob, I have a bloody iPhone 5s for goodness sakes, but man, as long as it was like, a cheap alternative - I’d so rock a fake Chinese iPhone. I’d have a phone I like, and all my snobby friends would stop begging me to get a new phone! Win win! Sign me up man where do I get China iPhone???
Che Tra (1 month ago)
ITunes=sportify App store=play store Lol
CLTG MAN (1 month ago)
Why you did not test the fingerprint?
Lord Lenny (1 month ago)
V88x_ PJING (1 month ago)
Well their not fake their the same
Kabixy (1 month ago)
So....it doesn't have iOS emojis?
Vlogs and Gaming Cz (1 month ago)
How to make FAKE iPhone 1. Get real iPhone case 2. Get iPhone Parts 3. Install any android 4. Install iOS version of real iPhone 5. Voala You Have Your Own Fake
Levente Kocsis (1 month ago)
I bought my iPhone from an Apple Store and there’s the writings on the bottom of my phone. Why? How? Does that mean they gave me a fake one?
Frame 24 (1 month ago)
Imao Android running ios
Carlos Campbell (1 month ago)
I have bought a secondhand phone and next to that home button it a little circle hole that is visible but is smooth is that just a different screen or a fake
Shane 99 (1 month ago)
Ummmm I just got an iPhone shipped from Hong Kong for Christmas....am I in trouble
Irfan Bazli (1 month ago)
Can I get the fake iphone
Alyson Gregorio (1 month ago)
Bitches at my school be sportin fake iphones, lmao
Mr. Unknown (1 month ago)
So tell me, where can I buy a real iPhone?
Znet Fusion (1 month ago)
That fake one sounds like a andriod
Malayna S (1 month ago)
my iphone doesn’t have the lines on the top or bottom of the back. does this mean my phone is fake?
Firy RBLX (1 month ago)
ajlover41 Animal Jam (1 month ago)
Thanks! I thought I had a fake phone..
CapTain CS.123 (1 month ago)
Idk If My Iphone 6 fake or not but one thing i find that it fake is the fc thingy but other then it good the camera is great the sound the speed not laggy at all But Am So Confuse with the fc
A BC (1 month ago)
Apple iPhone 6 has FC labels on it. The one on the video is a 6s.
Rodrigo Dias (1 month ago)
Don't send my grandma? I wouldn't send myself
Mr Zubair (1 month ago)
coooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssssssmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
RuBy RoSe0503 (1 month ago)
An iTunes Store takes you to, Spotify?
Chelsea Matilda (1 month ago)
Ha i love this 😂😂😂😂
Yokemon (1 month ago)
Alex aaahhh (1 month ago)
Please send me the fake iphone plesae
Lil duchess M (1 month ago)
U gt me depressed 😫😫😫😫
fire boy (2 months ago)
this is why I don't by stuff like this from amazon ebay craigslist or any other webites that have lots of scams
Ashis bar (2 months ago)
i like the grandma joke......
RED DEATH (2 months ago)
Just because it has the labels on the back does not mean it’s fake mine has them and it’s very much real
HairyGaz (2 months ago)
Does the Ff cc thing on the back means it’s fake my 6s has it and it was bought at teltra
Letuz La'Fleur (2 months ago)
That's really caught me when he say that 'TWO' 😂
Gianna Molina (2 months ago)
My iPhone has the extra writing FC stuff on the back and has an outline around the iPhone charger plug in but everything else is normal. The camera is bright and clear, the sound on YouTube is great like the real iPhone.. I’m confused now
Grace C. (2 months ago)
My iPhone 6s has that LCC and FCC writing on the bottom but it’s real... what does this mean?
679 Whiskey (2 months ago)
I keep on typing "inbox therapy"
Sofia Acasio (2 months ago)
yey♥👌thank you for this vid. i have a real iphone😧😂
Sofia Acasio (2 months ago)
yey♥👌thank you for this vid. i have a real iphone😧😂
Oliver Markusek (2 months ago)
Buy Iphone 6s Fake ? plsss
Vijay Bshihora (1 month ago)
Oliver Markusek clay mati
ACME CLASHER (2 months ago)
can u make a video on how to spot fake boch drills
Vilma Quirino (2 months ago)
Onde comprar essa replica
Soraya Haidari (3 months ago)
I'm watching this because I wanted to buy an iPhone for my grandma lol
Kwabena Asare (3 months ago)
Please I need a reply as soon as possible. Please is the 32gb iPhone 6+ original??
cat torres (3 months ago)
my dad just bought the iphone 7 for me and that shit's expensive asf
David A (3 months ago)
So all real and legit iPhones will have the FCC IMEI info in the back?
Mia zuki (3 months ago)
im gonna buy a perfectly well copy of the next iphone buy the actual thing and then just replace in the original box the phone itself if the copy looks just like the original, send it to you with a letter that its special lets see if you find out xD
MobHeataEnt (3 months ago)
Real iPhones are made in China as well.
Xenobia Barr (3 months ago)
One looks more long /fake model
Miguel J (3 months ago)
How to spot an iPhone 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. =MADE IN CHINA=
populer- 9 invader (3 months ago)
There both fake
Itsalexkelly (3 months ago)
Can I have the fake phone please
кιηg ғlσcкα _ (3 months ago)
Lmao stoppppppppppppppp @ the app store taking you to spotify lulssssssss
Razor X (3 months ago)
Just put the serial number of the selected iPhone on Apple's service site. It'll verify and give exact purchase date and handler info. Simple as that. Or one could also verify by trying SIRI as it shouldn't work on a fake
Vince Vids (3 months ago)
Mine in the outside is a knockoff BUT on the inside it’s pure realness
Ghizlane El khatib (3 months ago)
That evil laugh tough when fake iphone showed spotify
HonestlyImLush (3 months ago)
theres an iphone 6 im gonna get and its 209,99 is that a good price for it??
Adolf Trump (3 months ago)
My iphone has the ce numbers on the back, but it did go to app store and itunes store and the quality is good
Sara Aibar (3 months ago)
Tbh in some countries, they sell Chinese iPhone as original. And many people never know 😅
ntxim ntxub (3 months ago)
I thought iPhone was made in China...
J Holyfield (3 months ago)
Micro Potato (3 months ago)
I wish china didn't existed
Ankit Dhage (4 months ago)
today is my birthday so
Ankit Dhage (4 months ago)
please give me a smartphone and make my day really special
Ethan Gal (4 months ago)
Idk Idk (4 months ago)
How to troll Read more
Jamima Luis (4 months ago)
Are GPP Iphone orginal? I was thinking of buying one but I dont want to waste my parent's money. Thank you.
Electromusic4you (4 months ago)
Wht not just get the EMEI number and check online?
Gourav Slathia (4 months ago)
Can u gift me a iphone 7 ,,or iphone 6s ❤️🙄
Breanna Smith (4 months ago)
This video is actually a pretty good video. lol didnt expect it to be as good.
AIMarEmar (4 months ago)
Fuck chinese. Go get a job to make money
BokA la chepav
Krimson King (4 months ago)

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