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Zenvo's Brilliant Centripetal Wing Maximizes Grip

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How The Zenvo TSR-S Centripetal Wing Works - More Tire Grip Recommended Books & Car Products - http://amzn.to/2BrekJm Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - https://goo.gl/VZstk7 EE Shirts! - http://bit.ly/2BHsiuo The Zenvo TSR-S has a trick not many other supercars can match. The new aero package as a whole results in three times the downforce as the Zenvo TS1 GT, partly from the massive rear wing. The so-called 'Centripetal Wing' can not only pivot to change the angle the wing faces the wing, but also the tilt from side to side of the car. As the car goes around a corner, the inside of the car sees the wing lift up, decreasing load transfer to the outside wheel. By keeping the loading on the inside wheel higher during cornering situations, the Centripetal Wing increases lateral grip, with little sacrifice in overall downforce. The benefits don't stop there. With a high pivot point, the wing acts like an aerodynamic anti-roll bar, preventing excessive body roll. And since it tilts front/back as well, it can act as an air brake, increase downforce, or minimize drag. Engineering Explained is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained Official Website: http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained Car Throttle: https://www.carthrottle.com/user/engineeringexplained Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/engineeringexplained EE Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrY4q8xGPJQbQ8HPQZn6iA NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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Engineering Explained (19 days ago)
Hello all! If you enjoyed this video you may be interested in learning about a similar technology Lamborghini uses in the Huracán Performante, which lead to numerous lap records, called ALA: https://youtu.be/FG2lWRAW-aU
Sérgio Amorim (16 days ago)
Hello Jason. I sent you a message in Facebook so we can see what do you thing about friction testing oils. What can we learn from that? Just check on Facebook messages cause someone already made hundreds of tests on many, many brands, viscosity and temperatures.
Christopher Benham (17 days ago)
make a vid on the 919 Evo
sonny boy Kristiansen (18 days ago)
yeah like i wonder now, why don't formula 1 cars have this if it makes you able to corner at greater speeds
John Lopez (18 days ago)
Can u make a video comparing Disc brakes and drum brakes
Josh Hand (18 days ago)
Blanchy10 My guess is that there are regulations that keep the car within certain guidelines: weight, overall dimensions, engine displacement, tire diameter, etc . The further back they can put the wing (relatively), the more downforce they can put into the front wing to equalize the forces to allow you to steer “safely”. My guess is that the front and back wing act together across the long lever arm of the car, while also considering the other restrictions, to give you the most downforce on the rear tires.
Brilliant, you have the best skills to explain the things in a very simple manner, really appreciate your work. Love you bro
Anton Zuykov (4 days ago)
Nice video, i think there is also another factor to that. That part of the wing that moves faster, produces quadratically more lift force, comparing to the part of the wing that moves slower (turning creates that condition). In other words, outside part of the wind will produce more force, because it moves faster in relation to the airstream, than the inside part of the wing, because the former moves along a bigger radius.
3wkidd (5 days ago)
thank you !!!!!!!
Pietro (6 days ago)
Does the wing move manually or automatically when you turn?
Cyba IT (7 days ago)
I'm pretty sure if you had one of these front and back you could take corners at full speed. If there's a malfunction you'd be in trouble though.
S550 (9 days ago)
wow, zenvo's becoming more mainstream
ChunkyIguana2 (10 days ago)
I wish this guy was my physics teacher :D
elektro3000 (10 days ago)
Genius idea but...if it's only on the back, isn't it going to make the car incredibly understeer-y?
nucnik (11 days ago)
Just read an interesting article explaining why this wing would make the car handle worse, if it works at all. It's over at RoadAndTrack and I think it makes quite a few good points - increasing rear DF on one wheel would increase understeer at the worst possible moment due to diagonal weight transfer to the wheel doing the turning etc...
Phillip Kost (11 days ago)
Wouldn't this effectively drop the load on the left front and produce understeer? In watching the videos, this car seems to be handling the corners at a much slower pace than some of its competition.
YawnGod (11 days ago)
I genuinely could have explained it better, without tyres and with more circles and tangents.
Noah Finney (12 days ago)
But understeer
ChallahRajni (12 days ago)
Mhmmm, Chaparral flashbacks.
Paul Desrosiers II (12 days ago)
What happens with the diagonal forces ? Wouldn't this wing just cause understeer ? If when going through a Right hand turn the "Wing" produces more downforce on the right-rear tire, that in effect just take weight off the left-front tire , which is the main tire responsible for turning , meaning less grip and more understeer .... Basically making the car less stable and resulting in slower turns because of less grip.
Logan Holmes (13 days ago)
I just got done reading an article with most people saying that it would produce understeer
ORANG MIN (13 days ago)
i dont think this would be happen on F1
thomas peltz (14 days ago)
Spoiler Alert!
JohnWilmotAfrica (14 days ago)
Does Zenvo use anything dynamic at the front end to match the various effects you discuss? Thanks for the videos, they are fantastic!!!
GRD PROJEKT (14 days ago)
I hope this doesn't get applied by any other manufacturers and/or racing teams. It's ridiculous.
Raymond K Petry (14 days ago)
*_...why only the rear end, not the front..._* *_...does the WIG effect do suction too..._* *_...why not fender side-active spoilers..._*
stellarfirefly (14 days ago)
It seems to me that having the fulcrum of the wing at the center of the car at all times hurts this system more than anything. What may be better is to have two different, independently-articulating wings side-by-side, one mounted 1/4th of the way from the left side and the other mounted 1/4th of the way from the right side. This would allow left vs right customizable downforce in all situations.
Kara G (14 days ago)
The bigger question is what is Zenvo?
Surtile Cryx (15 days ago)
You should go into more car reviews. You have a larger and more consistent audience than saabkyle.
eivis13 (15 days ago)
Haha, mercedes should have made this on the first gen a class.
PenguinXd •_• (15 days ago)
When engineers lose their minds...
Kyrian Rahimatulla (15 days ago)
You really hate lambo's ala, don't you?
Aron Estabillo (16 days ago)
I like your explanations but you need to use better visual representations. There's a lot of third party content makers you can contact that can produce for you.
angelorso969 (16 days ago)
There's so many mistake, if you are logically capable you must know that the wing sistem is completely wrong. Even "centripetal" dosen't match, centripetal force is that what make you fall inside the corner when you ride a bike, what does it match with this features?
aditya mifta mahmud (16 days ago)
I think it's almost same as Huayra Active Aero
Ragekill grp (16 days ago)
Somehow i dont think its efficient in its purpose...ALA by lambo still looks nd feels like the best active aero system to date
flashpuppy167 (16 days ago)
Same principle that makes an aeroplane turn. I guess the 3% loss of downforce is an acceptable penalty as opposed to the drag increase if it increased the angle of attack to keep downforce the same.
Jed Kahn (16 days ago)
The efficiency end the force generated of the wing can decrease substantially when it is lowered closer to the bodywork (lower moment arm v.s. rear wheel axis, loss of aero efficiency due reduction of clean air flow due to closer bodywork proximity, etc), so I am curious how a 3% loss is arrived at. There are many variables to consider, like corner entry/mid/exit, that place ever-changing demands on the car throughout its corner traction envelope. Simply adding grip in the corner to the rear, can have a significant negative impact on the front end overall grip and overall car balance( under/oversteer issue). As this wing also acts as an active anti-roll bar as well as active aero device, what is happening with the front end aero/suspension/roll bar to compensate? None the less, I appreciate the thinking outside of the box approach. Would like to see more data, so as not take this as a simple marketing ploy by Zenovo.
USARAY1947 (16 days ago)
It would be interesting to compare lap times with a standard wing and the centripetal wing, all other factors being equal, for real world confirmation the centripetal wing works better better than the standard wing.. Inquiring minds want to know.
mgsboedmisodpc2 (16 days ago)
I wonder if lap times have improved...I wonder if sector times that include curves have improved? Has there been any testing proving the theory works in practice?
Bruno Pinto (16 days ago)
Hi @Engineering Explained It's that a mistake or i'm wrong one or another =) ... in the top right drawing the compensation it's due to the wing so, the blue arrow (wing forces) should be bigger and the red arrow (weight forces) should be the same size as the drawing in the top middle... Am I right?
Canal Pé de Chumbo (16 days ago)
Same principles of Mitsubishi HSR II
Adhithya Srinivasan (16 days ago)
Apart from evening the loads on the tires, doesn't it directly add lateral force to help turn in addition to the force from the tires? Kinda like how the shark fin does
Hebekiah (16 days ago)
How is the wing activated? Is it all electronic or could it be done mechanically?
Duncan Keith (16 days ago)
Not convinced by this - they would need to have an equivalent system on the front too (they have have this covered already but it's not covered in the vid?). Otherwise they will be upsetting the front/rear load in tyres, it's important to have the load as you want it on all 4 tyres and not just the rears.
dimitris tryfonos (17 days ago)
In my opinion it resembles (in a weird way) rear steering as it applies torque/turning forces to the rear of the vehicle (mostly) and I thing that this could make the car a bit unstable. Just like rear steering where the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front, the Corresponding wing forces are for high speed cornering adding stability. But at low speed it should be the opposite like the rear wheels turning the other way to make the car more agile, though the wing doesn't provide as much Downforce at lower speeds. Plus the turning center of the torque applied to the car is completely different to the turning center of the car ==> instability. Again in my opinion zenvo should go with both this wing and rear steering (or at least rear wheel torque vectoring) not only to counteract the negative effects of this system but to complement it's function and enhance it rendering any instabilities null!! I would love to hear your opinion on this matter, maybe a follow up video, maybe your own ideas for a better system (although I'm not hoping for much :p). Great job as always and keep up like this, your work is perfect!!
Soe (17 days ago)
doesn't it mean the car looses more tire threads?
JKB DK (17 days ago)
Danish designed car, a beast of a car. And soon, other big car manufactures will do the same
corvanphoenix (17 days ago)
Ailerons anyone?
electronicsNmore (17 days ago)
Excelente! ☺
Gears Ghetto (17 days ago)
Are there diffusers on cars that rotate in the direction you want to go? It would act as a rudder but for air.
angelorso969 (17 days ago)
This innovation will change the automotive story like Tyrrell P34
kw0060 (17 days ago)
wonder what's the minimum speed that wing will generate a usable amount of downforce - if it is like 30 mph+ then they are onto something cool and functional. but if the whole system needs to be doing 100mph+ for any significant downforce, then it's more show off than actually making a difference. anyone got any stats on that wing?
TheMarshall92 (17 days ago)
why not eliminate bodyy roll completely in such a car instead?
U r really awesome bro!
Yusuf Abdul Basith (17 days ago)
Hmmmm... this system can reduce body roll
Piston Head (17 days ago)
That's something different, I like the idea.
Indrid Cold (17 days ago)
Now all the ricer racers will try to put one on a front wheel drive, four cylinder, automatic transmission, Honda or Toyota.
Jacob Gross (17 days ago)
can you make a video about timing chain vs belts vs gears plz thank you your channel is amazing, you’re the reason i’m a mechanical engineering major
NotAsian (17 days ago)
i wonder if they will do the same with a front splitter too
T L S (17 days ago)
Video Idea - Braking distances. Why are 100-0 braking distances always more than twice as far as 60-0 braking distances when 100mph is less than twice the 60mph?
Shahariar Nakib (17 days ago)
I think i saw that in pagani hyra.
jamesc (17 days ago)
Isnt the force just on a single pivot? So how does it distribute?
Marko Rajić (17 days ago)
Why hadn't anyone thought of this before?
flashpeter625 (17 days ago)
When I was about 9, I seriously didn't understand why cars don't use wings to assist steering the way airplanes do. I knew nothing about downforce then, but I knew that airplanes pull more G's in corners. This is the closest I have seen to that naive idea.
Erik Kovacs (17 days ago)
Dude I can't wait to install one on my 1996 Honda Civic!
Metalfricker (17 days ago)
has anyone made a "hello everyone and welcome" compilation yet?
Steven West (17 days ago)
Let's face it though, it's ugly as hell. Prone to failure in moving parts, ugly as hell, and will probably catch fire. If this was really such a great idea, Ferrari would have done it a long time ago. I seriously doubt the benefits of this wing too over something like ALA as this seems much more a gimmick considering no other manufacturer has done such a thing because it probably doesn't work to any noticeable effect and Zenvo will go bust without a gimmick from all the negative attention they've gained through fires.
Supertrucky (17 days ago)
cars are defiantly becoming like air planes now.
zGJungle ZG (17 days ago)
Aren't cars already doing this, or at least have the capability with all the hidden aero flaps and such in each corner of the car?
KULFON (18 days ago)
shouldn't the orange orange arrow on third drawing be the same as on the second and only blue arrow representing downforce vector become longer? also i wonder how much time they spent on designing the shape of that wing.
Engineering Explained (17 days ago)
Originally I was thinking of drawing it the way you suggest, but in reality it's altering the loading of the car, so the car's weight is actually more evenly split. I think either way is fine.
Legilis (18 days ago)
Isn't this similar to Pagani Huayra's active aero? If so then IMO Huayra is the more elegant solution.
Engineering Explained (17 days ago)
Yes, as discussed in the video, however Pagani's solution sacrifices overall downforce more, hence the differentiator between this design.
Michael Dodson (18 days ago)
I think you should give some credit to Jim Hall who got all of this started back in the sixties with his Chaparral race cars.
Darren Hughes (14 days ago)
Nor powered flight,thats Whitehead.
Michael Dodson (17 days ago)
Engineering Explained If memory serves me, Hall got a patent on the use of a wing to create down force. The slippery slope is not knowing the whole story. As a retired ME I have enjoyed your analysis on all of your topics. Keep it up.
Engineering Explained (17 days ago)
I think that's a bit of a slippery slope when providing credit, as there's always someone before them who also worked on a similar idea (ex: the wright brothers, but they didn't invent the wing, etc etc).
ATF Ace. (18 days ago)
hello everyone and welcome. today we are talking about the transmodulated aero-finesser on the Cenamaster 6900.
Cars are starting to look and function like a plane now!
PJr01 (18 days ago)
Why is this technology not yet implemented in Formula 1? F1 used to be the test bed for car tech like this.
Engineering Explained (17 days ago)
F1 has to work within the regulations, which limits innovation to what rules allow. F1 doesn't allow for active-aero, aside from DRS which is universal amongst all teams.
MigluGamer (18 days ago)
Why does more even weight distribution (i.e. more surface area) increase grip? Everyone knows that wide tires decrease grip
Engineering Explained (17 days ago)
Wide tires do not reduce grip. They do the opposite (why do race cars have such wide tires?). Here's why wider tires improve grip: https://youtu.be/kNa2gZNqmT8
Gambantein (18 days ago)
They should focus more on design, performance and reliability...
Hari Haran (18 days ago)
Can we play around with it just like the 90s kids did with the pop up head lights?
Boris Villar (18 days ago)
I feel the took inspiration from dirt sprint cars they have a fixed wing the oval has an angle and the track is only goes left. They just implemented a center pivot so that the wing opposes the turning angle on the car and aides with traction/weight transfer. The changes in wing height side to side trick the rear tires into driving as if the car were on flat ground
Hari Haran (18 days ago)
I was thinking about this kind of wing last month while pooping👻
Bhavik Mugeraya (18 days ago)
Can you please explain in detail about the RollBar Aspect that you mentioned at the end .
Dimitris Kepenos (18 days ago)
I bet I could get more fuel economy if I installed it to my Prius. (It's a joke)
Sean Bailey (18 days ago)
This honestly seems more like a gimmick than actually anything useful.
Brandon Hightower (18 days ago)
How long before we get "wings" or adjustable kinards?
Bimo Prabowo (18 days ago)
Great Video Jason! With that being said, how much speed that can be gained in corners with this wing?
PROcrastiDRIVE SV (18 days ago)
I think this is an amazing invention, but all I are about is how DAMN SEXY THIS NEW ZENVO IS!!!! I thought the original Zenvo ST1 looked fantasti and unique. This turns that up to 11! Bravo Zenvo.
DavyDave1313 (18 days ago)
I did not know centripetal was a word. I always thought my physics professor just had a really thick accent when saying centrifugal
David Stankoski (18 days ago)
This is all very interesting. I've had this sort of an idea of how wings should work since I was a kid but never thought someone would actually do it. Interestingly enough I wonder if it's possible and maybe you could do a video of what perhaps would happen if they took the ALA system from Lamborghini and channeled air normally whilst removing those shocks or whatever they are that are adding weight on the back and adding the same with only with certain angle at which the wing can't move anymore (simplest solution i can think of is an angle cut bar with some rubber band on it when it hits that angle to stop it going further.) I think it'd be doable and much more efficient, cost savy and weight saving aswell. What do you think?
Kris Rogers (18 days ago)
Brilliant indeed, but wow does it look... terrible
Giulio Posenato (18 days ago)
I'm waiting for the moment when race cars will mount active longitudinal and vertical elements like a fighter jet to take curves even faster
Sheung Hin Ho (18 days ago)
How about side wind... Can anyone tell how the wing duel with it...
Alex Jester (18 days ago)
Why not have a perpendicular wing like an airplane tail fin? I think that would be easier to implement.
Alexander Koso (18 days ago)
Reminds me of the Pagani Huayra, a bit different approach but leads to similar benefits and looks pretty cool, too.
Chengfei Lim (18 days ago)
Only if it don't catch on fire
Jim Cole (18 days ago)
The technology for active aero is getting further and further along, but the one big question still remains. What happens when the active aero fails?
Engineering Explained (17 days ago)
I guess you could say the same about any technology. What happens when your tire blows?
Jim Cole (18 days ago)
If there is anything left to pick up after the crash LoL
Fred Smartt (18 days ago)
Jim Cole: when it fails you pick up anything that might still work.
HighFlyer (18 days ago)
Makes sense. Aircraft bank into turns as the horizontal component of lift pushed to the outside of the turn. This causes the plane to turn. On the car the wing produces negative lift so for the horizontal component of lift vector to be pointed in the correct direction it needs to bank away from the turn.
John Miller (18 days ago)
very interesting to see this on a road car
Zander Meiring (18 days ago)
but your overall downforce, and so your overall normal force on both tires, remain mostly unchanged? so mostly you're just decreasing load sensitivity on the outside tire, not really increasing traction that much. The active stabilization of canceling out the rotational acceleration is neat though
Elan Jacobs (18 days ago)
I expect to see one of these on the S2k by next week :P
Silvio Vigolo (18 days ago)
Great video! The first time i saw this I was wondering if it had anything to do with the relative speed of the air while touching the wing. Colud it be partially true?
v10 f1 (18 days ago)
I'd rather have a fairly conventionalwing with small deployable small wings (or gurney flaps) tucked under the main wing. Same function, no downforce sacrificed while doing the same job. The wing mount itself is causing a lot of drag (Or even stalling). Though the design is an absolute oddball, still appreciate what the Danes in Zenvo were thinking. Cool factor is high though.
GLR (18 days ago)
Cools to show off, but I believe in reality a big dif and some deplorable flaps like the Pagani has, can do better than this wing in absolute control and less drag. Therefore more efficient.
Savantjazzcollective (18 days ago)
all this "man-plaining" is getting my triggered!!!
Chris S. (18 days ago)
Because it doesnt lock left and right suspension together it should be better than a typical ARB. Also it defeats the need for expensive heavy torque vectoring differentials because the load on the tires is more equal. What a brilliant idea.

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