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Top 5 Best Dual Camera smartphones 2017

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Hello friend's here is the top 5 Best New Dual camera smartphones.Dual camera in mobiles is becoming a trend now. These phones have two lenses on their back, as opposed to one in normal smartphones. This dual setup helps you capture more detail, in some cases optical zoom or 3D photos too.Dual Camera Smartphones are the new Swag in the market and there are some of the really good Dual camera mobiles available in India/ globally right now. If you are a photography enthusiast there are plenty of options available in different budgets. We have listed some of Dual Camera smartphones, excellent for photography. While there are many single rear camera smartphones which are excellent for photography. All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and Great camera, better performance and good battery backup.All smartphone work very well. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! check this video also:- Upcoming Amazing Nokia smartphone :-https://goo.gl/sogHGB Top 5 best smartphone with 6 GB Ram :-https://goo.gl/UkmQe1 The Smartphone Pc :-https://goo.gl/a9f4ol Top 5 best smartphone with 4 GB ram under 15000 :-https://goo.gl/FA5GjW Top 5 best budget smartphones:-https://goo.gl/xksg08 Top 5 best smartphone under 30000:-https://goo.gl/P5oEwt Top 5 best smartphone under 20000 :-https://goo.gl/vBOvL7 Top 5 best smartphone under 15000 :-https://goo.gl/5xYgbV Top 5 best smartphone under 10000:-https://goo.gl/YjtgQv Top 5 best smartphone under 7000:-https://goo.gl/p3XW02 Top 3 best 4G/LTE smartphone under 5500:-https://goo.gl/iIxuP4 Subscribe :- http://bit.ly/2e1ZOkE Facebook:- http://bit.ly/2dXOzoV google plus:-https://plus.google.com/u/1/111669875983746769268
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Text Comments (80)
Mustafizur Rohman (7 days ago)
A.K. VERMA (11 days ago)
I like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy note 8.
aizat rahman (1 month ago)
Thumb down for phone at the 1st place. Noob
Bilal Rasool (1 month ago)
Where is google pixel 2
Samudram Bhavani (1 month ago)
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Rinku Saini (1 month ago)
Samudram Bhavani ù
Akhilesh Satwiik (1 month ago)
Note8 ko first pe rakho x se bhetar h uska camera
Ipone x first?? WTF
ayush abhishek (2 months ago)
Haha iphone x at 1st. I already disliked the video
No bro . ..look where it is fingerprint scanner
DEV BISWAS (2 months ago)
Lg v30
raja babu (2 months ago)
8 king
Funny viseos (2 months ago)
note 8 😍
Aubri Kelcey (3 months ago)
Note 8 is really good
fahmin rnd (3 months ago)
Camera iPhone x 😍
Beyblade Masters (3 months ago)
Are you mad where is one in lus 5t
Beyblade Masters (3 months ago)
Oneplus 5t
Raaj shah (3 months ago)
Pixel 2 is best camera phone
Dipi Ram (3 months ago)
Sir please help which phone is best in 10k which have good processor,camera,looks
Matthieu Sanchez (3 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 pro is the best.
SHIN CHAN (3 months ago)
but where is Google pixel 2 xl
bram sean (3 months ago)
Note 8 is far better
Alvy Ahmed (3 months ago)
Where's pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl
G_loz-Roblox FX (3 months ago)
Note 8 is the winner!
Vaishvik Maske (3 months ago)
IRL Alan Barrett (3 months ago)
FUNNY! 4 years ago...41 MP camera ( Nokia lumia 1020). We are going backwards!!!!
Other Account (4 months ago)
IPHONE X doesn't deserve to be in the the top 5 are you out of your mind?? The Galaxy Note 8 is 1st
What a remarkable piece of equipment!!! 👍👍😉😆
Aritra Das (4 months ago)
Sorry iPhone is not the best. I think the camera of Google Pixel 2 XL is better than it.
Aj Sth (2 months ago)
Aritra Das this video only about dual camera...GP has no dual camera yet...but yes still better than others
Rr Rr (4 months ago)
Rr Rr (4 months ago)
Potluck CH (4 months ago)
Asu gk berguna
Sniper Dark Sniper (4 months ago)
i phone x
Muhammad Arif (4 months ago)
lg v30
Yogesh Waran (3 months ago)
Muhammad Arif v30's front cam sucks bro
CYKA BLYAT (4 months ago)
iphone sux bros!! Dont buy!!
Crazy Audioswaper (2 months ago)
CYKA BLYAT Just If you cant afford it it doesn’t suck You know cheaper isn’t always better
Zain Zaidi (4 months ago)
One plus 5 is best
ansar basha (4 months ago)
how is it Asuszenfoneselife 4pro
ansar basha (4 months ago)
how is it Asuszenfoneselife 4pro
TheAMZ (4 months ago)
first place IPHONE really???
TheAMZ (2 months ago)
Ibrahim K ??
Ibrahim K (2 months ago)
John (5 months ago)
Undoubtedly the smartphone King of 2017 is 'The Note 8'
Arnav Arya (5 months ago)
IPhone X can't compete the S Galaxy note 8 in anyways..N8 is strong, better camera, better RAM, more fast etc..compared the any other phone
TMG - Football And More (5 months ago)
Arnav Arya lol check geekbench
Gerald Velasquez (5 months ago)
Quedaron iguales el note 8 y el iPhone ...pero y Google y el mate x
Silent Wish (5 months ago)
nokia 8 capture photo in focus like note 8 and other phone ?
Silent Wish (5 months ago)
nokia 8 better or lg v30 in camera ?
hieu pham (5 months ago)
Lol the #1 dual camera phone is the one that's on pre order
Kenneth Sanchez (6 months ago)
Where is Google Pixel XL 2? The best of camera phone
hieu pham (5 months ago)
Kenneth Sanchez dual camera dude..... pixel lx is a single camera
Aman Afzal (6 months ago)
i think I phone 10
akib jabed (6 months ago)
nokia 8
Juli Naz (6 months ago)
Galaxy Note 8 is the best
Mohsin Ali (1 month ago)
Henry Diaz (5 months ago)
Juli Naz
readit2day (6 months ago)
If this channel wants to be taken seriously, it has to cut the bias rubbish towards iPhone. I have seen nobody favouring iPhone camera over Samsung, LG and Pixel latest offerings. Infact a review should only consider released handsets and leave out LG V30 and iPhone X. Then in December do an update.
PREMMMzz (6 months ago)
I thinks Note 8 is the best Bros.
Lg v30
TheAMZ (4 months ago)
Other Account (4 months ago)
ZOXX But the Iphone X is more expensive
TheAMZ (4 months ago)
I agree but galaxy note 8 is expensive
Ramalingam Damodaran (6 months ago)
Ivory Taste (6 months ago)
Google Pixel 2 !!!!!!!
Katz (6 months ago)
Lol its not even out and it's number 1......how about the samsung galaxy X
TMG - Football And More (5 months ago)
Katz it’s confirmed, Samsung x uhh not yet
Gregorio Castillo (6 months ago)
LG V30
Aghlaoui Mustapha (6 months ago)
Hello, I hope you asked if you could help me if I need to publish the link at for 10 days, please help me and thank you
amol patil (4 months ago)
P 10 India me kun aayegaa
yamato uchiha (6 months ago)
ASDLOR (6 months ago)
yamato uchiha Can ur smartphone do this -https://youtu.be/MZR2lTO4gCU
Anujan S (6 months ago)
yamato uchiha FM on
Anushka sen (6 months ago)
Oxm bro
Aissa Csc (5 months ago)
All About Solution jotme 0550222649
Aissa Csc (5 months ago)
Anushka San o
VideoWorld! (6 months ago)
Imo LGV30 has the best camera with f1.6 specially for low light, so it's a more allrounder I think
Samir Ahmed Laskar (6 months ago)
Anushka San hi
All About Solution (6 months ago)
+Anushka San thanx 😄

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