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Six best Android smartphones out now!

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We take a look at six of the best Android smartphones out now, the LG V30, BlackBerry KEYone, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, Razer phone and the Huawei Mate 10. Check out the video to see your favourite in action and fire any questions in the comments section below. Thanks for watching Btekt :) For more from our sponsors, visit: http://directmobiles.co.uk http://filofax.co.uk/enitab360-universal-tablet-holder-large.html

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Text Comments (203)
yafey shuaib (1 month ago)
waaa! what a nice phone. .. still wnt that huawie.. love it dude . nice. :-D
rackum44 (4 months ago)
I have the droid m11. I need to get another phone. I watch YouTube and play games, what would you recommend. The droid m9 was my favorite phoneto date. I really liked the front speakers. Thanks
Abdullah AwD (4 months ago)
Mate 10 pro 4gb or 6gb i want to know the difference please is it big or nah
AssistanttoRM (4 months ago)
Samsung may not be the best at one certain thing but it’s the best all around
ProCheese- Yierail (5 months ago)
cuz dis guys like bezelless trend *** (some of the guys.
ProCheese- Yierail (5 months ago)
guyss why fight over sony in top 5?
Robert Spreitzer (5 months ago)
Quick charging capability would be a valuable and even critical feature I feel, given most people's usage, in addition of course battery life. I had an LG Stylo, and the stylus was something I personally did not use hardly at all. Quite honestly, I would be reluctant to purchase what I would consider (for my wallet) an expensive phone, if only for fear of dropping and breaking, or getting stolen. I recently bought a ZTE Blade ZMax to replace my LG G Stylo, and, apart from the 6" screen being slightly unwieldy, has been satisfying to use and does the job for my needs. And it has quite a good battery as one of its pluses.
ViidGaming (5 months ago)
Where is oneplus 5T?
Sujeet Haldar (5 months ago)
One plus 5t?
c v (5 months ago)
Iphone sucks
Jerry Berglund (5 months ago)
sorry, crappy list... the best phones isnt even on the list. for instance Sony Xperia XZ-models that all burn those phones to crisps. HTC seems to be good too...
Vinuz HD (5 months ago)
Hey, are the hidden navigation keys a feature of the lg v30? Or do you have a custom rom / rooted your device, that allows you to do that?
karen Liu (5 months ago)
I like the Htc u11 plus (ip68)( 3930- mah) All day battery too. running q. 835. All these phones are really nice. Finding the one with the options that are important to you will be your winner. Thanks for sharing...
Jesse 1 (5 months ago)
Dam so many Sony fanboy hear... just cut the shit Sony has great specs but that's almost all your going to get. An ugly 2015ish design. A display that can reach 4K but doesn't support vr. Slow mo camera which is cool but nothing stands out about Sony phones. Even apples iphones 8 and under has a better design. And the reason I'm not bashing razor for their design is that it's meant for gaming n has the loudest speaker out of any phone. I'm not a Sony hater but calling a review fake for not putting a phone you bought on their opinion list is absurd.
Jerry Berglund (5 months ago)
well I guess the reason why vr is missing isnt because the screen or hardware are bad, but that google desided that oled was the only screen that should support vr. Nothing Sony really could do about it. Sure they could theoretically develop their own version. And ugly design. Its a timeless design, and beautiful. Its even more beautiful in reality than on pictures. Love Sony design.... By the way tried out to film a 4K video with my Sony Xperi XZ1 compact and yes it filmed for 10 minutes, before the FAT32 stoped it. In a sense I could havefilmed longer. It wasnt even hot. Not even close to tepid either. My old X compact couldnt even film that long without getting really hot.
Anand Singh (5 months ago)
S8????? 😕
hesam sabetmand (6 months ago)
which to buy ? battery and audio and camera is my opinion .
Josip Meaški (6 months ago)
No xz premium or xz1/c on the list?
Gabor Legar (6 months ago)
I am thinking to change my OnePlus 3T but I have no idea what to buy. It doesn't matter what I am going to choose I have to make compromise. Let's see what I am saying. Samsung Note 8 and the S8/plus they are on black Friday sale, so their prices are very good now and the design is excellent the camera is perfect but the fingerprint scanner is in an awkward location, the back of the phone can collect dirt and fingerprints easily, because of the glass back the case is essential and the software updates are very slowly. Pixel 2 or the XL they both have a lot hardware issues unfortunately. They would be the choice for me because I love the stock android look and the regularly software updates but it is too risky to buy them. Huawei Mate 10Pro is a very good phone but it's skin is just disgusting and again the shiny fingerprint magnet back is just not good for me. HTC U11+ maybe it would be the one but the price is going to be £699 so it won't be cheap, I am not sure about the updates in the future and again that back... OnePlus 5T so far so good but I still don't know nothing about the camera quality. I know that on my 3T is not the best but OK and I know that the panorama is very weak on my 3T. The software just can not stich the pictures together. Hope it will be better in the 5T. The 5T is not going to be water resistant, there is just one bottom speaker, the battery life is going to be bad because they keep the same size but the screen is larger. And the company is a bit spying on its customers as you guys heard in the earlier news. Razer phone got everything I need but the camera is just not good enough. It is the weak point of the phone. So I have no idea what to buy. I am also thinking in mid range phones. BlackBerry Motion or KeyOne Black edition, but because I play a lot it the hardware won't be enough for me and sometimes the software is a bit laggy I have seen in a review videos even during in normal not heavy use. HTC U11 Life. The only downside for me is the plastic shiny back. For me the best phone would be a phone with big battery like on the Razer phone, with a good camera like on the Pixel 2 with a stock droid with regular updates like on the Pixel 2 with big screen with small bazels with top notch hardware with a back like on the Motion or KeyOne
Asimov Nicholas (6 months ago)
HTC U11+ and sony XZP are better than Mate10 and V30 without doubt.And Blackberry? Are you kidding me ?
Asimov Nicholas (6 months ago)
Mate 10 is not good. Huawei Paid you???? It cannot last two days even with 4000mah battery. All you said is bullshit.
nikhil आर्य (6 months ago)
only pixel 2 xl #teampixel
JZ VR (6 months ago)
Love the Mate 10 Pro.
Anthony Parker (6 months ago)
Note 8 has Snapdragon 835 not 830
Ningthou Ali (6 months ago)
Hahaaaa, you are hate yet you are unknown
#SamsungKnights Legend (6 months ago)
The S8, S8plus, S8Active, and Note8 are the best handsets on the market period at the end of 2017. Nothing else matters in technology today.
Benno Lenno (6 months ago)
Maybe the U11 Plus?
I Am Prometheus (6 months ago)
The Galaxy s8 and note 8 are at the top of that list.
Øystein (6 months ago)
Note 8: Snapdragon 835 in US. Exynos in EU
Benny Ong (6 months ago)
Do one next month when the OnePlus 5T and HTC U11+ is released.
Henrik Koukku (6 months ago)
2017. Huawei Mate 10 Pro. 👍🏼👌🏼
Robert Banu (6 months ago)
Regular Mate 10 >> pro version. Reasons : truly big screen(no 18:9 gimmicks, even bigger with fingerprint home button), 3.5 jack . Cheaper ! Only thing missing AMOLED display .
sausama77 (6 months ago)
My list would be Note8 LG V30 U11 + OP 5T Razer XZP Mate 10 P xl 2
Praveen Ashura (6 months ago)
No xz premium? Come on it's fantastic. Edited I didn't see comment section before commenting. It's filled with support for xzp. Great
Sergei.Shestakov (6 months ago)
Lg v 30 Note 8 Galaxy s8/s8+ Pixel 2 xl Oneplus 5 Essential phone
Stephen White (6 months ago)
Note 8, V30, Mate 10 Pro, I agree with these 3, but swap the Pixel 2 XL for the regular Pixel 2, just as good and without the screen issues and you need a small phone in the list. Chuck out the Crapberry, its far too niche and with one foot in the past; I would put the OnePlus 5T in there instead. Finally, the Razer...? I know it has some cool features, but its untested and again too niche. You could argue the Essential Phone should be there on the same basis, but I say skip both and add the venerable Galaxy S8 instead. People forget about it because it's 6 months old, but it has the same specs and probably outsells all of them.
Arsenal Glasgow (6 months ago)
No s8 really
jadeja yashvantsinh (6 months ago)
V30 and pixel 2xl all the way
Where is Nokia 8 128GB 6GB RAM for £450 GBP in UK??? That's a bargain flagship with all latest stuff in there... 1. OZO Audio - excellent sound quality 2. The brightest 2K IPS display on a market 3. The best 13 MP 4K front camera on a market 4. Very fast performer - faster than Galaxy S8+ and Note 8 5. Top Processor, Top graphics, Top storage and 6GB RAM. 6. Stays cool at all times - Graphite sheet and copper pipe dramatically reduce heat 7. Record or Live Stream in 4K from the front and rear camera at the same time 8. Excellent Durability & Exceptional build quality 9. The best reception and call quality in the industry 10. The Price - £450 GBP - total bargain !!! You offer phones for £700 - £900 GBP, not so many can afford them. And why pay so much more for a slower phones with a high price tag????
Zerakyuu Sama (6 months ago)
Nokia 8’s night shot needs improvement but overall is good but unfortunately the night shot.... But in terms of graphic with light it might better . But try to download some apps from Google play store as a lens and see how the apps will help it to perform.
jad hzim (6 months ago)
Where is the u11?
Robert Markoš (6 months ago)
The Mate 10 Pro is so expensive, yet I want it so bad...
Jasmin Eskić (6 months ago)
Where is xiaomi
markus rayna cars KSA (6 months ago)
You know what, i tried xperia xz premium vs all other smartphones and its fastest of all in 2017,and you did not include it in your list ?!! Wth
killerpants (6 months ago)
Note 8 best phone of 2017
One One (6 months ago)
I have xperia xz1 since one month i can say it is the best ever
Boris Boca (6 months ago)
Nice line up but I'm leaning towards the HTC U11+
Чошуа Чошуа (6 months ago)
Pixel 2 best
Sujat Ali (6 months ago)
Lg v30 👌👍 nice and good
Life82 (6 months ago)
I'll take the razer phone any day it's time for something new
KingSam (6 months ago)
Note 8, v30, mate 10 pro. Top 3
Боря Дюпон (6 months ago)
The Note 8 is definitely on top of anything else.
Maxismaximal (6 months ago)
Mi Mix 2 No doubts
Drongorius (6 months ago)
What about HTC u11?
Mahmoud Sallam (6 months ago)
Where is Sony Xperia XZ1 and Premium ?!!
Uros Stankovic (6 months ago)
LG V30 SONY XPERIA XZ1/XZ PREMIUM NOTE 8 HTC U11 PLUS GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL (good phone,but there are lot of problems with him,screen,not installed software etc) ONEPLUS 5
Yoshiepoo (6 months ago)
Uros Stankovic razer phone is good too
KaizerFaith (6 months ago)
Lmao @ the Sony fanboys. Just because it's not on his list doesn't mean he's saying the phone is bad.
Minh Pham (6 months ago)
For me, I would replace the Razer and KeyOne with the iPhone 8+, HTC U11 or Xperia XZ Pre.
Member Berry (6 months ago)
No Sony? Savages!
Bro652 TecH (6 months ago)
Wheres the lg g6 or lg v30
Bro652 TecH (6 months ago)
Member Berry my bad
Member Berry (6 months ago)
Bro652 TecH You blind? V30 is there, dude!
Nawaz Waseem (6 months ago)
No U11 Plus? What a shit video.
carver 9 (6 months ago)
Nawaz Waseem ... it's not a top phone
gavinurey1 (6 months ago)
Sorry basil mate I enjoy your channel but xz premium should be there, a normal 16,9 screen, front facing speakers, and one of the few phones with oreo on it, half those phones do not and unlike the pixel xl 2 this phone actually works 😂
Δημήτρης A (6 months ago)
u dont have xperia xz1?really dude?!
Carl Nii Nortey Quist (6 months ago)
This is amazing, how can u not add the Sony Xperia xz premium, wow what has Sony done to YouTubers, such high level of hypocrisy. 😖😔😒😠😡😠😡😒😒
Dandle01 (6 months ago)
I really wanted to like the XZ premium spec wise it had it all. It just wasn't very good to me in real life when I went to buy it. The speakers were rubbish compared to the original nexus 6 and it looks so dated. It seems most of the internet agrees because it's not that rated anywhere.
Imran Hussein (6 months ago)
Carl Nii Nortey Quist I really don't understand this too. Too much hate
Pip Hacker (6 months ago)
Why Not Sony Xperia XZ Premium in your list ?
Chandler Korth (5 months ago)
Cause of its bezels
MozkoŽrout (6 months ago)
Well because there is razer phone, device that gets praised for thing, xperias had for some time now but is often criticized for it. Design, front facing speakers, that side fingerprint scanner ? yeah it is all xperia ripoff
KaizerFaith (6 months ago)
come on What a surprise a Sony fanboy saying I didn't touch the phone despite getting it from my carrier for a great deal (500 bucks) with 3 months of use. Maybe you're the one that hasn't touched it and are just projecting because you never tried it and just read the spec sheet? Either that or you haven't had any other flagship for you to compare because the stuff I mentioned is pretty obvious if you test it side by side. If you get a deal like I did the phone is great. But don't delude yourself thinking it's flawless. It's far from it. To your lag comment maybe you should learn how to read because I said it never lagged on me opening apps (dropping frames in games is not lag). If you think the brightness is enough go outside in direct sunlight and tell me it doesn't look dim compared to similar phones. Even my friend's iphone 7 which isn't even 1080p looks brighter. It's a joke. Clearly the only retard here is you because you can't accept reality.
Andreas Larsson (6 months ago)
come on well it's not really among the brightest screens around so he isn't wrong
KaizerFaith (6 months ago)
1. It's 1080p most of the time. It only bumps to 4K when you're watching media (which can even lag games which defeats the whole purpose of it). It's also very dim in sunlight which is not acceptable for a flagship. 2. Oreo is not something worth having atm: It force closes apps too easily so even with 6GB of RAM it will not keep everything in cache. Not to mention it's constantly bugging you about apps wasting power and you can't disable that. 3. The slow-mo is too short and extremely fuzzy unless it's a very sunny day. Even then the quality is jarring when transitioning between resolution when you're watching it on a big screen. 4. The design has been the same for years and it wasn't even great to begin with. It's not ergonomic and it's way too big so you're practically required to use it two handed. 5. It's fast charging is probably the slowest out there and it doesn't even have a 4000 mah. 6. It's dual speakers can be quieter than a single bottom firing speaker which again defeats the purpose of them. 7. If you use this phone for media your battery won't even last you a day because of the 4K. 8. The still photos are way too oversharpened so if you see them outside the phone they look oddly pixelated. 9. Despite having an headphone jack it cannot drive good headphones that well so just like the speakers it's too quiet and the quality isn't the best. The only uncompromise is the software experience because it doesn't lag and is very snappy. If any of those reasons is a deal breaker for you then it would make sense for the XZ Premium not being on your "list". The phone is still great if you can get past it's issues but to parrot it's specs without mentioning its glaring flaws just shows you're a fanboy.
tflynn124 (6 months ago)
The BlackBerry KEYone is awesome and i bet nobody else says that in the comments! haha
Bro Swirski (6 months ago)
Love it that the KeyOne is in there!!
Is Az (6 months ago)
Doesn't the razer phone have better speakers than the axon 7? Razer 24DAC vs 32 DAC on Axon 7 (yes I know Axon 7 is old phone but the speakers are yet to be beaten)
Member Berry (6 months ago)
happylegoleon I never mentioned the camera, dude.
happylegoleon (6 months ago)
Member Berry if people want a good camera then buy a camera
Member Berry (6 months ago)
Is Az Yeah indeed. Also no XZ Premium for the 4k HDR.. I 'd choose that over 120Hz any day.
Is Az (6 months ago)
Member Berry thanks for clearing that up. I'm probably just annoyed he picked the Razer for the speakers when U11 has great speakers (as well the axon 7) also u11 has a great camera too. He should say he chose the razer because of the 120hz screen imho.
Member Berry (6 months ago)
Is Az a DAC is only a thing with headphones.. You cannot hear a difference in the phone speakers with that. The Razor speakers are much fuller and louder then the Axon 7 ones. It is really the new king. Axon 7 still nr2 tho...
kaijuhk (6 months ago)
People who recently bought a certain phone not in top 5 crying in comments section LOL
why didnt put in your top the htc u11 plus?
Z. Al-Anbia (6 months ago)
No Xperia XZ Premium? The First 4K HDR screen phone? Really?
Andreas Larsson (5 months ago)
funkyguy99 no it's not ahead of it's time it's a useless feature with no application value what so ever. If you could use it for ex. Virtual reality then it would have a purpose and be ahead of the competition. But no Sony only did it as a useless gimmick sadly
funkyguy99 (5 months ago)
Andreas Larsson how is it a gimmick? More like sony is ahead of its time. Pretty sure other brands are going to follow suit since 4k is the better quality then what any other brands has to offer.
Andreas Larsson (6 months ago)
Z. Al-Anbia there is a vast difference between having 'a gimmick' and having 'only gimmick'
Z. Al-Anbia (6 months ago)
Andreas Larsson then, mention the phone that has no gimmicks
Andreas Larsson (6 months ago)
Z. Al-Anbia gimmick only
#Benito (6 months ago)
Nice video. Multiple phone reviews in one video and it's exactly the one I'm looking for. And Christmas is near, I'll go ahead with the BB Keyone even though it's half a year old.
Agooze Teruhiko (6 months ago)
Lg V30 all the way
Kurtis Soosay (6 months ago)
Sony Xperia Xz premium better then all of them
Kurtis Soosay (6 months ago)
Trust me don't get any of these phones they are garbage
carver 9 (6 months ago)
Kurtis Soosay ...no
Keisha 868 (6 months ago)
How can u talk about adding an iPhone to 'Six best android smartphones' line up?! Also, I think the only phone missing from the line up would be the Oneplus 5 as I think it offers best bang for your buck overall.
Johnny Since (6 months ago)
No. Mi 6 carries the title for the best budget flagship.
Harry K (6 months ago)
I personally like the Huawei and then the LG and then the Pixel and then the Razor and although I like the Samsung I think it is way too big (for me) but overall I think it should win and is probably best overall. I just wouldn’t be interested in the BlackBerry . As for the iPhone X it has that awful notch and it is way too expensive
The MZ's Thing (6 months ago)
I honestly agree with u. BTW any giveaway for v30?
dwayne edwards (6 months ago)
whats wrong with you guys is it that you just don't like sony products or HTC products. come on Razr in front of SONY and HTC hmmmm you Don't know your phones at all......
marco salazar (6 months ago)
Xzp,xz1 and xzc. Sony phones can be distiguish from these phones. All of them except bb are iphone wannabe design.
Rahul Shakha (6 months ago)
simple guy LOL How come the mate 10 and note 8 and even the razer are iphone wannabe ?
Surein Padmanathan (6 months ago)
Good review and good selection. I would consider also the Nokia 8 and the moto x4 for a mid to high end. Thanks.
baby shiba (6 months ago)
Gimme some of these phone since BTEXT got so much phone😐😐 If possible Razer please....🙏🙏
Mitch (6 months ago)
Why was the s8 omitted?
Law First (6 months ago)
BlackBerry got it, why xz premium not in rank so strange? I am not agree with that
prithvi raj (6 months ago)
When is the Razer phone review coming btw
prithvi raj (6 months ago)
Only tech reviewer tht gives easter eggs on their vids
prithvi raj (6 months ago)
Those easter eggs
prithvi raj (6 months ago)
Razer phone review is gonna get filmed in 17mins
prithvi raj (6 months ago)
Razer phone review
prithvi raj (6 months ago)
Where is the Razer phone review??
Sami Bari (6 months ago)
No iPhone🤔 well good the lgv30 is what I have cuz it's the best
AssistanttoRM (4 months ago)
The v10 was terrible though lol my friend had two die on him
Anthony Parker (6 months ago)
Sami Bari the title tells you it's the 6 top ANDROID phones..so no iPhone
Stephen White (6 months ago)
Sami Bari the video is best 6 android phones... Why would there be an iPhone? V30 is the biggest surprise this year. Great phone.
Z. Al-Anbia (6 months ago)
Martin Anderson (6 months ago)
OnePlus 5T perhaps?
NBageliss (27 days ago)
The sponsor doesnt sell it thats why...
Chandler Korth (5 months ago)
Martin Anderson I concur. It's faster than all these phones
paul jones (6 months ago)
Going from Sony z3compact to razer phone. The cataclysmic leap is real😄
Liion B (6 months ago)
The only appeal that I found for the Note 8 is the stylus... The Razer seems to have a middle of the road camera and a not so bright display And the Pixel, is a source of problems (screen, touchscreen...). I would have seen a Sony phone here because they have a lot of hardware for what they are
Liion B (6 months ago)
carver 9 The Note 8 has only one bottom firing speaker... And that's not because some people think one way you have to follow them... Every people needs are not the same, if you want a good video quality there's the V30, audio, there is the U11+... The Note 8 as I said has the stylus going for it, the rest is OK. And I also forgot to talk about price, that's ridiculous!
carver 9 (6 months ago)
Liion B ... but the stereo speakers are good. Every reviewer is putting the Note 8 above every phone this yr. Regular consumers that have a hard on for a phone that they have or like opinions doesn't matter when we have high end reviewers putting the Note 8 as the best phone. Cry a river. Even this guy said he would use it as a daily compared to any phone.
Liion B (6 months ago)
carver 9 Always that well known typical Samsung answer that it doesn't need stereo speakers, that's becoming boring... So it doesn't have EVERYTHING since it lacks dual speakers 😂 And the phone to beat is certainly not the Note 8, but the V30. And personally, the Sony design is more classy than the Apple and Samsung ones, that are too curved and shiny like toys...
carver 9 (6 months ago)
Aaahhhh, you care about that square box, outdated looking phone. The Sony??? Lol... no one cares about that outdated crap. It's not comparable to the top phones that are out right now.
carver 9 (6 months ago)
Liion B ... lol, it doesn't need dual speakers because it have a headphone jack. Most normal people don't go out in a crowd or at a public place listening to their phones out loud. Unless your ghetto. The Note 8 offers EVERYTHING plus interest that a smart phone offers which is the reason it is the phone to beat. If you mind me asking, what phone do you consider the best...lol?
Abhiseka Pranajaya (6 months ago)
xz1/xz 1 compact/xz premium ? cmon dude
Wobby (6 months ago)
what launcher is on the lg v30?
Daniel Boich (5 months ago)
I use Nova launcher for my V30. Works awesome.
Kasidit Praman (6 months ago)
Xz premium should be here.
Craig Davies (6 months ago)
I'm probably going to upgrade January/Feb so this is interesting. I was Sony for years but the cameras always let me down especially lowlight then I had an S7 which I love. Still thinking of an S8 as notes over the years are just too big but I will have a look.
Craig Davies (6 months ago)
Lawrence Simms I really like the look of it. I find the S7 great and if the camera is more or less the same I've had great shots with the S7 so may go for the S8. 👍
Lawrence Simms (6 months ago)
Craig Davies the regular s8 isn’t too big or too small
Fuyu Hikari (6 months ago)
half of them don't have 3.5mm jack. i hate this trend...
treymtz (6 months ago)
I dont think this is a trend. No one doesn't want a jack, however its easier for design choices and is honestly the next evolution. Just like in nature evolution doesn't correlate with being better all the time. This is something thats going to continue until we find better ground in between.
jad hzim (6 months ago)
happylegoleon if you have the money why not
happylegoleon (6 months ago)
Samnun Chowdhury every year is stupid...
Samnun Chowdhury (6 months ago)
Fuyu Hikari I buy a phone every year mate. N I think my options r gonna b very limited next year. Coz, like yourself, I like my 3.5mm jack. Sad times.
Milan Sottnik (6 months ago)
U11+ vs Oneplus 5T
Craig Smith (6 months ago)
I am a LONG time iPhone user wanting to make the switch to Android. The only thing holding me back is iMessage and the ability to send and receive HD videos. Is there a good Android app that allows that? And if not, are any Android platforms considering doing something like iMessage??? Any help would be great! Thanks.
Craig Smith (6 months ago)
carver 9 that actually explains a lot. Thank you.
carver 9 (6 months ago)
Watch this vid. It will help you. https://youtu.be/fIrYx9n_X5A
D Walker (6 months ago)
RCS messaging is slowly rolling out (it's basically iMessage for Android) but you'd still only be able to send videos to other Android devices running RCS. Not to iPhones though. If you want to send video to iPhones as well, you'll need WhatsApp or Facebook messenger
Adam Hanek (6 months ago)
WhatsApp is way Better than Imessesge and widely used my friend
Yong Mei (6 months ago)
No Sony xz premium??? 🤔🤔🤔 specially it beats the iPhone X in almost all categories, wtf is wrong with you? Didn't Sony pay you? Com'on bro, be honest with your reviews.
come on (5 months ago)
the camera is a beast not for photos for videos and the 4k recording is amazing
Andreas Larsson (6 months ago)
Yong Mei no I don't. But you do 😂 I currently own a Sony tab, and my main phone is a huawei but I got an LG v30 incomming
Yong Mei (6 months ago)
Andreas Larsson what phone do you used? Now, you sound like a iPhone user or fanboy.
Andreas Larsson (6 months ago)
Yong Mei no not the us, the world. Sony software is by and large made in Sweden and I live here. Unfortunately the only advantage Sony had was software and now they don't even have that. The only thing they got now is fast updates and nobody cares
Yong Mei (6 months ago)
Andreas Larsson in the US yes. But, Sony's phone quality is on par with the best. The only thing that is not popular here is lack of major advertisement. Major carriers such as Verizon and att are shy away from it. My point and issue here are mobile guru guys Basil and every other YouTube self proclaimed mobile gurus that didn't even mention the Sony premium as one of the best phone out there. That's not an opinion, that's a fact! I guaranteed you if you try to use it, you will love it. 😋
gaurav k (6 months ago)
no Xperia xz premium.....wtf...

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