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Mystery Chinese New Year Tech Box!!

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#abacusnews @abacusnews Products featured: Audio 1: AudioJungle Glitch Pack Audio 2: Audio 3: Audio 4: Audio 5: Audio 6: Audio 7: Audio 8: My Gear: http://bit.ly/2tutT24 My Social Media: Instagram: https://instagram.com/NBT88YT Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/nbt88yt Snapchat: NBT88YT Thank you guys all for watching!
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Text Comments (60)
Bryan (18 days ago)
hi sexy
Mexie Mex (22 days ago)
Good video, and nice little haul. BTW the Rubik's Cube was invented by Ernő Rubik who is Hungarian not Chinese, but most modern speed cubes are now made over there.
Debra Dukes (23 days ago)
Jacklyn Nice Video and absolutely loved watching it's nice that you went through the whole process of the meaning.Second time I seen this and absolutely loved watching.Thanks so much for sharing Deb ✌️👌👍 Happy New Year's
McBreezy (23 days ago)
Wow ! Came across your channel while surfing YouTube Tech. All I can say is that your an amazing young lady and know your Tech. Very well produced, keep up the outstanding work.....I predict great things in your future.
shop tube (25 days ago)
Review s9!!!!
pretty solid video. i do have to say, do you happen to have a small clip on mike so that we don't hear too much background noise? other than that, great vid!
anthodote (1 month ago)
Good unboxing video. Seems like you know a lot about Chinese culture! Why no music?
NothingButTech88 (16 days ago)
Thank you:)
Instrating product well done
Rabinarayan Sethy (1 month ago)
New fan of yours... Indian Edition 😂😂😂😂
Darkbyte2005 (1 month ago)
The red envelope with coin is called 'Lucy money' its very popular in China. Great video its all very nice to sit down and listen and watch you video.
Raul Villanueva (1 month ago)
that voice crack !
Wes K (1 month ago)
@Nothingbuttech88 lucky money is also only given to single people
kushal raj (1 month ago)
Use some background music
Umar Farooq (1 month ago)
Didn't like it . Poor tech video
Chis Reginaldo (1 month ago)
Watching your videos from the Philippines. Keep up the good work 👍
Prasanna Gamage (1 month ago)
Whoooo whoooo 👍😍❤️
Troy Vietnam (1 month ago)
JD Tech TV (1 month ago)
100%...one.....hundo.........percent bring back the mystery tech series. Loved it.
Adam Sowa (1 month ago)
Was/is the usb cable in the bottom portion of the blue box?
Nandan Neo (1 month ago)
One plus 6 Review
Bandhan Jha (1 month ago)
China loves you I guess
Shami Arshad (1 month ago)
Love your videos!keep doing your job......ILU❤ don't forgot my name i will always comment on your videos
Baconface McGee (1 month ago)
Mark Protik (1 month ago)
very good.....
Adler Irene (1 month ago)
What a lovely girl!
Angultra (1 month ago)
Not as much tech as I expected inside, but seems like a nice Chinese New Year starter pack for sure.
curtis chant (1 month ago)
how old are you?
Carl CIFER (10 days ago)
You must be in your 40s for sure
Mexie Mex (22 days ago)
+joshphillipssr 1, because he doesn't want to feel like a pedo LOL
why does it matter?
Chinmay Dhumal (1 month ago)
Was not expecting this video, but ended up liking it.
Mario A (1 month ago)
yay new video :D
k6lsn (1 month ago)
Very interesting. It seems like this company might be able to benefit you and your channel, a relationship worth building upon. Who knows, maybe you can grab a passport and find your way to China, its a huge world, could be amazing :) Peace, Wheelchair John in Idaho :)
EpicMango (1 month ago)
Never heard of abacus. Good video
Android Helpline BD (1 month ago)
hay My Crush please contact with me
Greg H (1 month ago)
Jacklyn, start a travel vlog please. I have a samsung phone, an apple watch and an amazon alexa so I guess I'm kinda over tech so you should move on too.
DerekNeftt (1 month ago)
Great Video!
Łuffy's Channel (1 month ago)
dltReviews (1 month ago)
Woah those candies are giving me some real flashbacks to when I was a kid lol. Great video, 新年快樂 (Happy New Year)
Adrian H. (1 month ago)
Didn't expect this type of video!! I was not disappointed. Great video.
Brian L (1 month ago)
Md Asifuzzaman (1 month ago)
Awesome... How are you...?
Carlos Mendoza Morales (1 month ago)
Nice video!! maybe you could use some background music the next time, greetings from Mexico!
Ed Woodcroft (1 month ago)
Chuc Mung Nam Moi ! Happy New Year from VietNam. Great vid !!
Ed Woodcroft (1 month ago)
Yeah,why not ?
Troy Vietnam (1 month ago)
A white sexpat
NothingButTech88 (1 month ago)
Ed Woodcroft happy new year to you as well.
Rahul sharma (1 month ago)
Good work
White Mail Privilege (1 month ago)
A junk box?
yogesh kumar (1 month ago)
dope 🔥 video
Anth.Tech (1 month ago)
Nice unboxing, Jacklyn! Great video like always!
Ayecolee A (1 month ago)
The mystery box! :D
GrumbleGamer 18 (1 month ago)
Also how do you reach out to companies to do things like this?
Kid Android (1 month ago)
That is the key 🗝 you must find the key it can not be handed to you or you will not prosper in your endeavours.
GrumbleGamer 18 (1 month ago)
NothingButTech88 have you ever reached out to a company before though? Also, how’d you go about doing it?
NothingButTech88 (1 month ago)
GrumbleGamer 18 Good question they actually reached out to me.
GrumbleGamer 18 (1 month ago)
What camera do you use?
GrumbleGamer 18 (1 month ago)
Batzvideos (1 month ago)
First comment:)

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