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Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee

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Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee is an important case for the application of the tort of negligence to skilled professionals, particularly medical professionals. It gives its name to the 'Bolam test' - a professional is not guilty of negligence if he has acted in accordance with a practice accepted as proper by a responsible body of professionals skilled in that particular art. The most relevant section of the video is at 0:3:50 -- 0:8:34. A High Court case, Bolam has subsequently been endorsed by numerous Court of Appeal and House of Lords/Supreme Court cases. Rather than a 'judgment' the text rather takes the form of McNair J directing the Jury on the law and providing a summary of the evidence that they had been presented with. This case was later supplemented by the House of Lords in Bolitho v City & Hackney Health Authority [1997] UKHL 46 (coming soon to this channel). Presumably because it was 'only' a High Court case Bolam is not available on BAILII. However, I was able to find a copy on the website of the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies: http://oxcheps.new.ox.ac.uk/casebook/Resources/BOLAMV_1%20DOC.pdf In this recording I have not read out the case citations following the cases referred to because I found it was rather distracting and likely not of much use - far better to follow the link above if you wish to find the case itself. Feedback is welcome, as are any recommendations for future cases which deserve to be recorded. I do not own the case report from which this recording was made. I do not own the PDF document from which I read. I am not am not in any way affiliated with the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies. The purpose of making this recording and its distribution is purely educational, and is not for profit.
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Kathy McMahon (1 year ago)
An excellent summary. more please.
DianaMarkina (2 years ago)
Thank  you, nicely read !
simon g (2 years ago)
Thank you Thomas! Now... Bolitho??

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