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The Property Show 18th March 2018 Episode 252 - Sacco Movement

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ombima ochieng (30 days ago)
Bogani Houses just nailed it.
Laurenti masero (2 months ago)
Those Bogani park houses damn! thats the life.
Allan James (3 months ago)
Bogani Park I love those houses, I just need a tender with the government to buy one
Tafari 98 (19 days ago)
+Allan James I hear you brotha! 😂😂😂
Allan James (3 months ago)
I can take both the house and the lady all en suit
Rayhab Wambui (3 months ago)
I've seen this house before online, and i must say there aren't many kenyan houses that are well thought out, this one is well done and practical
94110mission (3 months ago)
That first featured property in Bogani Park was gorgeous. I loved everything about it. The sample home was beautifully designed and staged. Large room with lots of light. I'm sold. I could move right in. I'd take the four bedroom house just for me, and have room to roam.

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