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Top 10 Smartest Personal Transport Gadget Innovations Part 2

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Top 10 Smartest Personal Transport Gadget Innovations Part 2 ***Personal Transport Gadgets Review: http://www.top10-zone.com/topics/outdoor-zone/ Best Personal Transport Innovations List: 1. Segway miniPRO 20:51 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2guz0qX 2. Blizwheel 17:48 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2I4Bvw0 3. Mercane TRANSBOARD v2 15:33 Amazon link:http://amzn.to/2yIMA4q 4. Smacircle S1 13:11 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2ibYcDa 5. Xcape Smart Folding Electric Scooter 11:03 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2gKgjzR 6. EON Scooter 09:28 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2xvcZzk 7. Taga 2 0 05:52 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2G90p0U 8. ZoomAir 2 04:26 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2DY9SlM 9. SWAGGER by SWAGTRON 03:04 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2yFWPGb 10. SPECTRA by WALNUTT 00:14 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2DY9SlM ***Top 10 Smart E-bike: https://youtu.be/9cLwfFRd0YU ***Bike Lighting System: https://youtu.be/eUr8hgxeuj0 ***Transport Gadget: Part 1: https://youtu.be/cMDqYphVTVQ Part 2: https://youtu.be/ImKu2liEP88 ***Personal Transport: ***Part 1: https://youtu.be/cMDqYphVTVQ ***Part 2: https://youtu.be/ImKu2liEP88 *Electric Skateboards: https://youtu.be/6fbj6hjtaD8 *E-Bikes: https://youtu.be/t7QK-xazVoU ***Car Gadgets: https://youtu.be/OKtE1uPfQEo *** Bicycle Accessories : ***Part-1: https://youtu.be/BsTgXBtqwqc ***Part-2: https://youtu.be/kpJdC8BhmUE ***Part-3: https://youtu.be/LY84LqJdw10 ***Part-4: https://youtu.be/8k0Enzf1tak ***Part-5: https://youtu.be/EaCpqLPy8Qo ***Part-6: https://youtu.be/bKX1QuFDwsA ------------------------------------------ We are also on: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/top10zone Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/top10zone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/T10zone Web: https://www.top10-zone.com ------------------------------------------ If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. ------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The footage in this video was created as promotional/educational material. If you are the creator or owner of the footage and have reservations please notify us via YouTube comments or email and we will accommodate you.
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boaz krivorot (1 day ago)
Lillian (9 days ago)
The primary issue for me is what to do once at my destination. I have three e-rideables, and none are compact enough to put away and/or hide. The spectra's the only one that would be perfect except I'm not a skateboarder and would need to try it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu_U3DUA6O0&list=LLZQNYDlO-v4wvO05hpgQG2w Please watch this real review by Aarush.
Ashraf Ansari (11 days ago)
sameer Khan (12 days ago)
Dennis Stevens (13 days ago)
Love IT.👮👣 🙋💨💨💨 How much? And where and how to order? Need BADLY to get the gadgets.
Nandhitha Bhat (18 days ago)
wow it is super
Jiya Pmk (26 days ago)
Saptia macha aprom we tell fool OK shelaamy samynathan
Home Ban (27 days ago)
Home Ban (27 days ago)
Home Ban (27 days ago)
Deepa Jadhav (28 days ago)
Alpa Gondaliya (1 month ago)
Where we can buy these gadgets ?
olmo bruera (1 month ago)
buy a bicycle and have some fun while doing exercise (also most electricity comes from not renewable sources)
olmo bruera (1 day ago)
"I hate bikes" then it's all said. Enjoy in New York.
Lillian (1 day ago)
I hate bikes. I have yet to see a vehicle that's slower than a traditional bike. Do inform. To assume that speed matters despite humidity or clothing is unfounded. Not to mention sweating one's hairstyle out on the way to work. Park it and have parts stolen? Park it where when bike racks are unavailable or overcrowded. And have you ever taken a bike on a crowded subway, bus, elevator, escalator? Not a New Yorker, eh? And dogs pee on bike racks. Ew. I don't live in the woods among drifters, so yes I consume electricity. Lazy? First, many of these e-rideables require some muscle engagement, folding, carrying and pulling. Just as a bike allows one to coast on different terrain, there's coasting but some muscular engagement. My regimen: 5am at the gym 5-7 days/week. 12pm sometimes again. Weekly swim. 2 mile walk almost 5x/week. But thanks for the free fitness tips :)
olmo bruera (9 days ago)
"Sweaty crotch, arm pits and screwed up hair" depends on you because you can ride slow and still be faster than this fancy vehicles, then you can park your bike wherever you want with a bike chain and, of course, you can stop consuming matter and electricity and be zero carbon producer (or at least for short distances). But you can also be lazy, argue this beautiful common sense facts, and instead of doing excercise by just walking, running or cycling you can grab your car or some of these inventions to go to a gym and use a running machine or cycling machine... :)
Lillian (9 days ago)
Plus a sweaty crotch, arm pits and screwed up hair once at work. Plus, where does one put a bike? See? What works for one doesn't work for all. Some hit the gym or do other things for exercise. E-rideables may be more fun for some as well as an alternative form of transportation. It doesn't mean that they/we don't exercise. To the contrary.
Cleo Maclobo (1 month ago)
I have half of these things in my room
张学银 (1 month ago)
Aha, you do test and review ?
Khalilullah Baidya (1 month ago)
where are we found this scooty
sadique aman (1 month ago)
Hindi ma better hoga
max zeng (1 month ago)
tecmo fags could suck zuckerfag's dick
The Flannel Dragonfly (1 month ago)
All these products should come with extra batteries so a person can ride it longer for longer rides.
张学银 (1 month ago)
Good idea. With removable battery, then you can switch easily when one battery pack run out. And this kind design also suitable for renting biz. If you do have interest, email me: sales11@yjc-china.com. Got a model meet your demand
The Flannel Dragonfly (1 month ago)
I would like xscape to go longer distances on a charge.
Ty Penrose-Wallner (1 month ago)
How much do the gadgets cost?
Lillian (1 day ago)
You can go to the website of the manufacturer(s). Some searches will lead you to defunct Kickstarters :)
Alec Stout (1 month ago)
More like a skateboard a bike and the rest are scooter
Isley Claymore (2 months ago)
Awesome and informative
Top 10 Zone (2 months ago)
Thanks for your support!
status world with Aarya (2 months ago)
Yar koi yesi vidio banao jisme stylish shooes hi o
Ravi Kumar (2 months ago)
Prabeg Katwal (2 months ago)
SAVANNAH BERRY (2 months ago)
Prabeg Katwal the links are in the description
Prabeg Katwal (2 months ago)
Where to byy
nu nu (2 months ago)
thaynk u <3 z =)
Ramu Erumalla (2 months ago)
Laurent D (2 months ago)
si vous souhaitez que vos produits soit testés en France faites-le-moi savoir
Louay Laabidi (2 months ago)
Prix svp
Crown Wheel (3 months ago)
NEW!!! World's Most Powerful Crownwheel S5 DT mini Dual Motor Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter! Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JxhmNMLJQg Welcome order online on alibabahttps://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2017-Hot-36V-10-4ah-carbon_60686899492.html?spm=a2700.8293689.201713.4.vPw3lK
Angela Moon (3 months ago)
And yet still what is the toga price????
Yogitha Surana (3 months ago)
Which battery u used
Yogitha Surana (3 months ago)
Where is battery placed
Rob Daniels (3 months ago)
Great list, you should also checkout JUPITERBIKE, it's a great bike for last mile, it folds extra small. https://www.jupiterbike.com
ken elsley (3 months ago)
Wish pedestrians would look, and not rely on hearing the roar of an engine, when crossing roads etc etc !
Lillian (9 days ago)
Pedestrians on their devices while crossing the street are so common that it makes me not want to ride my Segway(s). I see that all of the time in NYC.
游客 (2 months ago)
pornos hub
Johan Phillips Vlogs (5 months ago)
wish it wasn't banned in traffic
The Boss potato Man (22 days ago)
Which one
Holly Dinsmore (2 months ago)
Johan Phillips Vlogs which one

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