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Samsung GALAXY S5 DUOS SM-G900FD shimmery white color

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Samsung GALAXY S5 DUOS SM-G900FD shimmery white color Wholesale laptops and mobile phones from Dubai UAE CompDubai www.dubai4order.com

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Text Comments (12)
jhenzkie21 (3 years ago)
is it a water resistant?
MrZiffos (2 years ago)
+jhenzkie21 Yes.
gleb sinelnikov (3 years ago)
What country is the company LTE because I bought one and it says that on the back of mine
Ammar Abdul Rahim (3 years ago)
Electro Montaj (3 years ago)
U missundestood me. I am a buyer not a seller.
Electro Montaj (3 years ago)
Al Dhafra Coop - Mirfa , Medina Zayed western region - mobile shops
www.CostPrice.today (3 years ago)
+Electro Montaj how you sell mobile and dont know what is original and fake ? 
Electro Montaj (3 years ago)
+CompDubai Not India. I am afraid not to be made in Dubai in Jebel Ali , cuz last year i buy S2 and was fake..
www.CostPrice.today (3 years ago)
100% you from india , and indus
www.CostPrice.today (3 years ago)
and after ?
Electro Montaj (3 years ago)
Very expensive, In others store same models are chiper
www.CostPrice.today (3 years ago)
where did you see the price ?

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