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TOP 5 BEST Smartphones To Buy in 2017 !!!

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Hii guys. in this video i show you TOP 5 BEST Smartphones of 2016.All are best company smartphones like Oppo , Samsung , Asus , Blackberry , Sony. All mobiles have best camera's, highgraphic's, Full HD Display. 4G LET, Long Battery's , best RAM And ROM , Best Processer, AND Best Gaming experience. Contact : technexthelp@gmail.com smartphones list And Price Approx :- #1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Price :- USD=835. INR=55,900. #2. Asus ZenFone Zoom. Price :- USD=567. INR=37,999. #3. Blackberry Priv. Price :- USD=807. INR=53,999 . #4. Sony Xperia XA Ultra. Price :- USD=410. INR=27,499 . #5. OPPO F1 Plus. Price :- USD=380. INR=25,599. i HOPE you all enjoy this video. -------------------------------------------------------------- Connect Tech Next On Social Media : 👉 Facebook : https://goo.gl/GQetuL 👉 Twitter : https://goo.gl/WNhCUA 👉 Instagram : https://goo.gl/NQViqm ------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE ; we do not own any of the trailers,music,logos,songs shown in the video any they are all the copyrighted contents of the respective owners.
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Text Comments (204)
Tech Next (1 year ago)
ThankQ All 5 Million viewers.
kency lumaniog (5 months ago)
The s7 edge is super fake!!!
IBG 69 (7 months ago)
We all know that no one beats the newly released RAZER PHONE!
Rmonster_ pro (8 months ago)
Blackberry is dead bcs no 1 use it any more
Éliz Favelado (8 months ago)
Raza Raza (8 months ago)
Music zLover (8 months ago)
Sir aap copy karte par copyright bahi lagata hain
Lisa A (8 months ago)
krishh kanth (10 months ago)
Nokia 1020 epic
Mr. Tushar (10 months ago)
need HElp can anyone tell me how can we make these type of videos
maznah ismail (10 months ago)
Where is Huawei p10??
Mang Kanoruu (11 months ago)
skk and myphone?
Lherry Villarba (11 months ago)
Alcatel is also best !!!!
Kwadman (11 months ago)
how about huawei
Alex Reindeer (11 months ago)
The quality compare to the price. OPPO is the BEST. Great Spec. Not too expensive.
Geovanni Tamson (1 year ago)
sony is the best!!
ssniper foxy (1 year ago)
#1 galaxy s8 , hell no
Sidewa Jane (1 year ago)
how,to look,aftart,hens
Sidewa Jane (1 year ago)
Garv Talware (1 year ago)
samsung was tha best
HBK (1 year ago)
where is nokia 6 and 9 in Android
Faty Brada (1 year ago)
qunfdh dream (1 year ago)
like for XA
Lawrence Fernandes (1 year ago)
NEVER buy any Samsung phones however much you are tempted by its looks. I bought a J7 Prime and it went dead within a week. The service center (in Mumbai Mira Road) wasn't helpful. They go to all unethical levels to prove your warranty void, including in my case putting water drops inside the phone themselves and claiming that I may have dropped it in water and hence the warranty is void. I lost Rs.17000. I am not the only one with this issue. There are many with this issue, even with S8. Go to their facebook page and you will see the number of complaints on Samsung mid and high range phones. Never buy Samsung, you will thank me.
Jonathan Castro (1 year ago)
where's apple and nokia?
maria danganan (1 year ago)
Oppo phone is better than any other phone brand. More cheaper but the quality is awesome. Believe me you won't wasting your money if your chosen OPPO.
Mind Of Virtuoso (9 months ago)
yes but oppo display has very very cheap quality and most of the time that is what we use
Dennis Groxo (1 year ago)
note 7 is quite the bomb 😏
Arul Thomas (1 year ago)
where is vivo
Alek G7 (1 year ago)
So, you say: The Sony Xperia xa is better than Huawei P9? You are funny. The only phone on this list who can compare with P9 is S7 edge.
stevengotts (1 year ago)
learn to talk
Md Shah Alam (1 year ago)
this is too knowledgeable about phone 😇ttttt
Gabriel Salazar (1 year ago)
How did u not ass apple
johndelf mangulad (1 year ago)
those phones are expensive,
Arthurfederico Ganaba (1 year ago)
how to touch the Samsung galaxy s7 edge?
cobra (1 year ago)
now every phone will fucking copy galaxy edge brand ~>_<~
Aman Yadav (1 year ago)
Oppo😂😂😂😂 ghanta best
sharon ugaban (1 year ago)
sharon ugaban (1 year ago)
XGrapplixX (1 year ago)
I love sony
ava gymnast (1 year ago)
XxArvindTheGamer xX (6 months ago)
Full HD Gameplay ok?
Vinayak (6 months ago)
XxArvindTheGamer BoyxX but its already written duh😂
XxArvindTheGamer xX (6 months ago)
Full HD Gameplay im trying to say that bruh
Vinayak (6 months ago)
XxArvindTheGamer BoyxX dont you understand the difference between "best" and "one of the best"?
XxArvindTheGamer xX (7 months ago)
Ava The Gymnast Is not the best anymore
ANSH p (1 year ago)
Milos Djokic (1 year ago)
Lol, so wrong. You put XA as a 4th and OPPO as 5th? Phh. Too biassed.
Yunfei Wang (1 year ago)
oppo please out
Narindersingh Sandhu (1 year ago)
Sony great
madelo santos (1 year ago)
Apple #1
Andler Lack (1 year ago)
Andler Lack (1 year ago)
Adelaide Aviation (1 year ago)
Oppo R1 is better than Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
Michael Enefe (1 year ago)
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Niklas Kühnert (1 year ago)
What is that for a phone on the Thumpnail?
Martin Horák (1 year ago)
Thanks. But I at the end of 2016 ordered to myself just Chinese Uhans H5000. On a super sale with super characteristics. for 109USD 3GB of RAM+32GB ROM,4500 mAh, 8MP. It's cool
Luka Bakaric (1 year ago)
the galaxy s7 edge is not like that
Kol Samad (1 year ago)
Yeah, it wasn't S7 edge.
Rafe Hamer (1 year ago)
Pixel xl ?
Tech Next (1 year ago)
THANK U ALL 1 Million viewers
Elijah Smith (1 year ago)
That s7 edge does not look like the real one
The cartoon Store (1 year ago)
Are you have any copyright claim for this video?
Olivia Mikaelson (9 months ago)
The cartoon Store2122990
The cartoon Store (1 year ago)
How you managed it?
Tech Next (1 year ago)
Tony Tran (1 year ago)
The Oppo R9 Plus is better than the Iphone 6s and the Oppo F1s. Because it has way better specs for the price duh. Meaning Value for performance & money. R9 also has a better CPU 8Core 1.8ghz, 4gb Ram, 6inch Display, 16mp Camera Front & Back, 4K 30fps Recording, Fast Charging, Long Battery Life.
где LEECO???одинешенек из фаворитов ABUNTU
Musab Khan (1 year ago)
Fake s7 edge!!!!!
Vivek Devmurari (1 year ago)
really Samsung s7 edge it's different and cool
Vivek Devmurari (1 year ago)
Samsung s7 edge is fake
Raad Alhaseni (1 year ago)
لمعرفه الجديد والمزايه المتوفره
Raad Alhaseni (1 year ago)
ممتاز لمعرفه ايهما افضل التلفوانات والاطلاع على ماهو جديد
Raad Alhaseni (1 year ago)
ممتاز لمعرفه ايهما افضل التلفوانات والاطلاع على ماهو جديد
jack jacques (1 year ago)
never buy samsung its so irretating phone
broken. music (1 year ago)
What's the music on 4:34
Selangkir Putih (1 year ago)
Damn no nokia
Islalisa TV (1 year ago)
samsung is the worst, should be out of the top 5
Islalisa TV (1 year ago)
i use oppo
Kunal Saini (1 year ago)
Kawaii Squishies (1 year ago)
But APPLE is good too
Kawaii Squishies (1 year ago)
I Use An OPPO f1s And I Works SOOO well I Think It's My Favourite Phone That I Have ever Used
n_ h (1 year ago)
Livstar 123 i'm already buy it, oppo f1s truly the best phone, good camera and good charging 😍
Liv (1 year ago)
n_ h defiantly. I have the opportunity f1s and it is amazing. so fast and also very slim.
n_ h (1 year ago)
LPS Kenzie I want to buy the best phone after samsung,should I buy oppo f1s for saving my battery for a whole day?
It is better to take cheap Chinese Uhans A101 for $57 4G, MT6737, 2450mAh, and then to change it in a year on new with new design.
cyred ordeped (1 year ago)
i have note 2 and note 4 and it was totally crap :( i'm planning to buy a asus phone is that ok?any suggestions pls.
tom jones (1 year ago)
I have a note 3 and have been totally satisfied with it
regie de pedro te recomendaria el oneplus 3 o el oneplus 3T que hace muy poco presentaron, es increiblemente bueno
Tech Next (1 year ago)
asus is the top best company. i suggest the Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (4GB RAM+64GB) price approx :- IND=17,999. USD=270. (OR)Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (4GB RAM+128GB). price approx :- IND= 22,999. USD=345. (OR) Asus ZenFone Zoom (ZX550) price approx :- IND=37,999. USD=570. (OR) Xiaomi Mi Max Prime price approx :- IND=19,999. USD=3000. After selecting the mobile commetnt me which mobile you select.
jothi john (1 year ago)
Kerron Hope (1 year ago)
The Day Oppp, BlackBerry and Asus makes the top 5 best phones the world will end. 😂😂😂 This video is bullshit and 100% inaccurate. Is that a special edition s7 edge? 😂😭😭
anupriya bangari (1 year ago)
Samsung is t he first
AS Parihar (1 year ago)
Add a very fine
Nawaz Ahmed (1 year ago)
Motorola is best phone
Sebastian J (1 year ago)
The LG V10 Should Have Rather More Been On That List...
Strider XO (1 year ago)
op 3 ftw 2016
tuki ukick (1 year ago)
you are idiot where is lg v20 ???
Ernst Augustus (1 year ago)
Schwachsinn top 5
Jo's Channel (1 year ago)
#1 samsung s7? you just ruined any credibility. but if samsung sponsored you I can understand. we all need to eat.
Yuvraj Singh (1 year ago)
where is iphone 7 ?
Sevgi Meleyi (1 year ago)
Heldimar Chagas (1 year ago)
muito e bonito
Madi Madi (1 year ago)
Where is iPhone7 lmao
peter kabiu (1 year ago)
I just knew Samsung would be the best. love it
Angga Perdana (1 year ago)
Where is mi 5?
suku doma (1 year ago)
Salim Hudda (1 year ago)
Salim Hudda (1 year ago)
Angel Rafael Lopez (1 year ago)
por favor, soy encamado cuquiera o alguien que vea esto y me compre uno barrato y me lo envíe a esa dirección. se lo suplico
Angel Rafael Lopez (1 year ago)
I need 1 place 2228 E 113 TH TAMPA FLORIDA 33612. LOPEZ MENDEZ
Lamine Dz (1 year ago)
huawei p9 !!!!!!
raj kumar (1 year ago)
where is one plus 3 phone?one plus 3 is one of the best phone in this year(2016)
muazie (1 year ago)
Unbekannt Annonym legit question why is it so good?
brown bobby (1 year ago)
blackberry copied samsung
Tahir Shafique (1 year ago)
where is iphone 7?
Shanth (1 year ago)
Hi team #TechXZO pls temme best smartphone for only CAMERA under INR 20K Lenovo vibe X3 (heating issue) Moto X (no fingerprint sensor for safe) so which is best :(
Cla Gamer02 (1 year ago)

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