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Should You Upgrade a Prebuilt Gaming PC?

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Upgrading a prebuilt desktop into a gaming PC is easy but should you even bother? Dell Inspiron i3650: http://amzn.to/2bqOFVO AMD Radeon RX 460: http://amzn.to/2brhlgL Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Add me on Snapchat! https://www.snapchat.com/add/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3216)
Nite (14 hours ago)
i have a 1050 ti in my pc, what would a 460 do for me
Troxing (1 day ago)
Saad ッ (1 day ago)
Gt 1030 > RX 460
Hey My dad has That
Andres (2 days ago)
do you want to kiss me?
jake charlesworth (3 days ago)
Oh so you can upgrade intergrated I’ve been told by so many people you can’t
jake charlesworth (3 days ago)
How do you disable the intergrated graphics though
Games Life (5 days ago)
can you upgrade your graphics card to nvidia gtx 1050 ti with 520 watts psu? Just tell if this power is enough and no problems with the bios right now I'm running AMd Fire pro v4800 which is not good for gaming
marstone276 (6 days ago)
I swear man he made it look so simple, first you have to remove the scres then the face plate then the protector shield then also the clips that mount the gpu and then plg it in.
ArticSquid123 (11 days ago)
Could u change the case and unprade to an intel i5 or i7
HetBaksteenKanaal (12 days ago)
I did it with a old pc and i replace the part with: 1050Ti M205 bazooka msi 8gb ddr4 250 ssd Intercore i5 6700k
Artie Juarez (15 days ago)
Can I play fortnite on it
Neo Mags (17 days ago)
i want to upgrade my pc from 8 gigs to 16 gigs do i need to have anything orrrrrr btw my pc is a prebuilt but its from ibuypower and has a 1050 ti and a amd fx 6300 so it isn't bad i just want to upgrade ram but i was wondering if i need anything pls halp
Cboat (20 days ago)
Before seeing this I can safely say yes
L Gaming (22 days ago)
this video is 4k....
Classic Comedian (24 days ago)
Thank you for making this video! My friend doesn't have a lot of money and doing something like this would help. Thanks!
Mikeysaur \ HD BOB (24 days ago)
boi i got rx 560 XD
Jacob Ertl (25 days ago)
*really not baaaaaadddd*
3xPhoenix 525 (26 days ago)
It would be logical when ur in Australia
dan k (26 days ago)
does anyone know if its possible to add an msi gtx 970 to a pc with intergrated graphics? ive had one lying around in my cupboard waiting to be used for my new build but ive never got round to it and i never realised i could add it to my crappy pc because it has intergrated graphics
Majiks (21 days ago)
Yes... yes you can. Almost every CPU comes with integrated graphics by the way. Just make sure to plug in your monitor to the port corresponding to your Graphics Card and not your iGPU! Just do what Austin did here.
jeremy tang (25 days ago)
dan k I’m pretty sure it depends on your power supply as a GTX 970 draws quite a bit of power. I’d check how much power it draws and your power supply before u upgrade
So a gtx 1050 ti needs 75 watts right? Can I put it on this pc . Also I want the Gigabyte gtx 1050 ti g1 gaming that needs PCI-E connector does that pc has one or should I go fir another version like EVGA that it not needs that cable
RiceFlavoredGum can I change the psu?
RiceFlavoredGum (29 days ago)
A GTX 1050 Ti will work. Find one that does not need a PCI-E power connector as that Dell power supply does not have a PCI-E power connector
Sent Imax (1 month ago)
If I also upgraded the CPU will it increase performance?
Gokul Das (1 month ago)
Make a video on 200 dollars PC for school studies and office
Cooper VH (1 month ago)
I have the one with the i5 and 12gig ram will the card work with my version, it’s the exact same (I think)
Beefi Boi (1 month ago)
Will a GTX 1050 2gb work on the pc in the video?
Microsoft TM (1 month ago)
Does it come with a windows 10
IM STARING AT YOH SAUL (1 month ago)
Anyone who has good heart who is willing give me a gaming pc/pc parts or your old pc that you are gonna get rid off really need em Comment if you wanna donate to a poor gamer haha
75$ rx 550?
Lucius Torsiello (1 month ago)
Would a 1050 ti work for that pc??
DannyMC (1 month ago)
I have a computer just like that but with a core I5... should I upgrade it with a gpu? Would it be worth it?
Sergeant Flipper (1 month ago)
Prebuilt office systems with something like an older i5 are the secret weapon for gaming on a budget. Find the right upgrades and it‘ll be high end performance for as high as maybe 500 bucks, couldn‘t find any cheaper option without stealing or receiving as gift
Hadi Bady (1 month ago)
Austin Evans, if you could put another graphics card instead of the RX 460, could that card be a GTX 1050Ti or GTX 1050?
Johnny Li (2 months ago)
Lol, my old prebuilt is so old it doesn't even have pci slots
Oscar plays Minecraft (2 months ago)
*Can you make a 2018 version and test it on Fortnite please!*
Sorenex 44 (2 months ago)
my old brother bought this pc and he regerts it alot
George lugg (2 months ago)
That’s not a bad option actually, sure it’s not ideal but it’s actually fairly cheap when you add it up
The Nintendo News (2 months ago)
If you have a pre build gaming pc can you still upgrade the graphics card,Ram,And The Processor Plz Reply
Skuliator (2 months ago)
Can you do a 480? 480 can pretty much play any game, so would it work?
Richie Pignataro (2 months ago)
I'm getting a pre-built gaming PC that has really high ratings and stuff and I feel like I'm going to switch out the graphics card for the$4,000 one. Is this a good decision, will some parts not work with others?
Don Mack (2 months ago)
what about gtx 1060
TheKnows (2 months ago)
I love this video because (I love pc's) but also because it is a short, and interesting video. KEEP IT UP
Thesquidguy78 (2 months ago)
One year later the door doesn't close
PlantingJeans86_2 YT (2 months ago)
Can I do this with a Dell Inspiron 570?
THE FALLEN WARRIOR (2 months ago)
AMD is shit!
Chris The Phoenix (2 months ago)
My desktop is the ten-year-old Dell Precision 390 with an Intel Pentium and 4 gigs of RAM, along with Windows 7. I got plenty to do for my computer if I want to start uploading again.
Fugal Mosquito08 (2 months ago)
Hey Austin its guys.
Sauce (2 months ago)
I have this computer ty I might buy this
Caleb Tsai (2 months ago)
isnt a gtx 1050 a 75 watt card?
Colby D. (3 months ago)
now its a good idea because of all the bitcoin bullcrap with gpu prices and all things expensive
hailtothethrone (3 months ago)
What are itergrated graphics
Colby D. (3 months ago)
graphics built into the cpu
Beanmachine91 (3 months ago)
HP omen is better
Jalex!! (3 months ago)
What is the best preforming graphics card that runs off the PCI slot?
Jalex!! (3 months ago)
Colby D. Thanks man, and what about 1050ti
Colby D. (3 months ago)
or 750 ti cause gt 1030 is overpriced
Colby D. (3 months ago)
gt 1030 is ok
Night Flerovium (3 months ago)
I've loved my experiences with Dell computers. They're just, brilliant!
Nikola Kobacevic (3 months ago)
Just saw the video anyone know the price of the graph. card?
Dillon Persad (3 months ago)
I have this pc, but with a i5-5600k and a nvidia gtx730, should i do the upgrade?
Dillon Persad (3 months ago)
wizzgamer ok then thanks
wizzgamer (3 months ago)
Yes but go for geforce 1050 as it's cheaper with same performance.
Cain2k (3 months ago)
Would this be a good upgrade to my Ironside grunt ??
Charles The3rd (3 months ago)
Was up my man
GC (3 months ago)
i bought a dell xps with a i7 processor but the graphics card was like a 740 or somethin so i got a gtx 1060
Joshua Kuriakose (3 months ago)
You should have a gaming channel
oldcracker (3 months ago)
should I upgrade a 8gb ddr3, pentium G4560, 1 tb HHD pre built? with a case fan missing of course.
xXxInfernoGamingxXx (3 months ago)
i have this exact comp, thanks. ill start looking at graphics cards cause your right, its being held back by graphics. i run overwatch on everything low and get 40-60 fps. so i need a graphics card, noe
BK Boi (3 months ago)
I have seen everything on how to build a pc and basically have it drilled in my memory but now I'm deciding to go with a prebuilt gamin pc which is why I'm watching this. My only problem is having windows and other stuff installed, and what to do for future upgrades
Ermi Tafili (3 months ago)
on the start of the video you said inside like 5 times
Max Montesi (3 months ago)
Anyone know if there is an equivalent card today that will work as well?
XposeD _U (4 months ago)
Where do u go to install the GTX 1050 drivers?
Melvin Redberg (3 months ago)
Xposed _13 google is your best friend
Uv_Plasma (4 months ago)
oh god... it's the dreaded clamshell case this brings back memories of the dimension 8300!
The Hyper Gamer (4 months ago)
An i3 skylake using ddr3 ram? I...is that possible?
JaredT (4 months ago)
TheCookieMonsterGaming (4 months ago)
I have a dell Inspiron 3847 with a gtx 1060 6gb a 250gb ssd 8gb of ddr3 and it smashes whatever i throw at it well into the hundreds on max settings
MK Daner (4 months ago)
I got a 1050 ti duel and I’ve spent 7 hours trying this instal this and after when I did it ran fortnite at 10 fps on low like wtf I need help anyone have discord to help edit: don’t buy the 1050ti it runs fortnite on low at 10 fps and dips to 1 and freezes constantly the graphics card the pc comes with is better than the 1050 ti
MK Daner (4 months ago)
Silas Boyden I honestly don’t know what’s wrong :(
MK Daner (4 months ago)
Silas Boyden yep
Silas Boyden (4 months ago)
DanerBaner did you install the drivers and plug the monitor into the gpu?
OoferAndAHalf (4 months ago)
Why do you say its 120 dollars? The amazon link that you provided in the description puts it at about 360 usd.
Silas Boyden (4 months ago)
Gabriel Sedora this video is old prices will have gone up alot
Max Rawalt (4 months ago)
HP Pavilion Power 580-023w Gaming Tower, Intel Core i5-7400, NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB Graphics, 8 GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows 10 please do a review
JorgeTubeHD (4 months ago)
There is advantage of buying a prebuilt system and upgrading it. And that's is that you save like 140 dollars in Windows and a wifi card
Vihanga Mayadunna R (4 months ago)
mine is inspirron 3250. can i install a gpu i already have gt705 oem in it
Astryx (4 months ago)
I put my g t x titan v in it. Then I replaced the psu. Now it's a gaming rig. After replacing everything in it
MK Daner (4 months ago)
Could this pc be upgraded with a 1050 ti duel fan
Silas Boyden (4 months ago)
DanerBaner yep but might need a psu upgrade
MK Daner (4 months ago)
Please help I need to know
DaPunchyDude YT (4 months ago)
i have a dumb picked pc  Specs : No RAM No GPU No HDD No SSD Only Motherboard Upgraded : 7GB DDR3 Ram GTX 1050ti 4GB GDDR5 RAM Gigabyte 1x 4TB WD Blue HDD 1x 1TB Samsung Evo 850 SSD 2x Optical drive
Jordin Anderson (4 months ago)
man screw cryptomining!!! it was $120 last year, before the 560. now, after the whole 500 series, the 460 is like $160
Voltage (4 months ago)
Does the rx 460 fit in any case?I wanna upgarde my pre-built desktop
Andy (4 months ago)
Same system, just with an 7100 and a 1030
Pear Pear (4 months ago)
Hey can I just say as a rocket league player who had to deal with bad FPS in the game for a long time there are certain maps that will give you much worse FPS in game such as champions field and this needs to be considered when you say the pc can run it
Ryan Sorensen (4 months ago)
I have a 90's Dell Monitor with a 90's IBM PC running Windows '98
adam wiacek (4 months ago)
yes yes yes yes yes holy fuck yes its worth it if you get the right size prebuilt
Roberto IsHere (4 months ago)
What was the power supply?
Skuliator (4 months ago)
fuck it I'm going to buy both.
ZBoostHDTM (5 months ago)
Clorox Bleach (5 months ago)
this kinda turned into a rx460 review
Rockinrocco 1 (5 months ago)
Dat laugh though lol
Frosti (5 months ago)
What other Gpu's would work well with this system?
1 1 (5 months ago)
With a 950 ti how would this work?
X13 Mac (5 months ago)
Should I upgrade my Ryzen 5 to a Ryzen 7? I have an AMD Radeon RX 580 gpu
RainbowLower (5 months ago)
If i have g3120 with Nvida geforce gtx 550Ti 4Gb Amd athlon II X4 645 quadcore processor 8gv DDR3 memory 1Tb hardrive I wanna upgrade my grqphics card to an GT 1030 will it fit? Someone knows?????
MK Daner (5 months ago)
Guy would this setup run rainbow six seige on descent settings and descent fps?
MK Daner (5 months ago)
How would this work with rainbow six siege?
katelyn ast (5 months ago)
holyshit this is perfect its almost my model but mines a newer version and it had a Nevada gnu and i7 processor
Nery Vyce (5 months ago)
God please tell me, will it run Fallout 4 well with good graphics? Please try to be exact
Ayan Najeeb (5 months ago)
Can change the intel i3 to a i5 is the intel i3 removeable
Blueberry Tech (5 months ago)
hey austin, can you do a one on a programming pc? that would be nice :)
Sybren van den Akker (5 months ago)
Why not GTX 1050ti?

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