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Toshiba creates a battery: for cars that offers 320km of autonomy in 6 minutes of charge

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Toshiba creates a battery: for cars that offers 320km of autonomy in 6 minutes of charge. One of the biggest problems of electric cars could be history thanks to a new Toshiba battery. The Japanese company has just presented a battery for electric cars that in only 6 minutes of loading offers 320 kilometers of use. The new generation of Toshiba car batteries, based on Ion-Lithium, is focused on changing one of the most well-known drawbacks of electric cars, charging times. Although companies like Tesla have managed to improve the speed of charge of their batteries, it still takes about an hour to have most of the battery charged. Depending on the type of electric car or even the type of battery that is selected, these vehicles could take several hours to charge. This is not an option for most people who come from a combustion car. Suzuki Solio Hybrid, one of the few electric cars that uses Toshiba batteries. Photo: Suzuki Motors. The new Toshiba battery offers high energy density and reduced charge time due to the use of titanium oxide doped with niobium. This element is also used in solar panels or even in superconducting images, such as those used in particle accelerators. After 5,000 charge / discharge cycles it maintains 90% of its original capacity. The battery is not yet in production, has been tested a prototype with a capacity of 50Ah, hence has extrapolated the results to what may be the future of this technology charging. Perhaps one of the most important details for the future of this battery is that after 5,000 charge / discharge cycles, it maintains 90% of its original capacity. This will result in an electric car would not have to change battery after a few years of use, even end up with rental programs. Toshiba hopes to start mass-producing this battery in 2019. For now only the electric cars of Suzuki and Mitsubishi use their batteries, also some brands of buses. Toshiba faces companies like Panasonic, associated with Tesla, which is nowadays one of the most important vehicle companies in the world.
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John Smith (1 month ago)
This gives me hope and a reason to wait on a new EV. That being said and though this is a big one that alone is not the only consideration. They also need to get the prices down to the same level as a gas model of the same size. For instance my Corolla was around 16,000 out the door. Also they  need to get the distance up to around 500 miles using full air or heat.
Matthew Vu (2 months ago)
I just hope these come to market, so many have these types of claims in the past but never come to anything, lets hope this changes with Toshiba, still don't like getting my hopes up when it comes to these things.
Basuki Sugito (3 months ago)
How much power for 320km? put that power in 6 minutes. Where do you get that power from? You home outlet will not be enough. Borrow neighbours outlets?
Vasileios Petropoulos (3 months ago)
If this is real and can offer 320-323 khm with only 6-10min charging time it will be more than revolutionary!!!but is this real??whey did not sell this battery on the new Nissan leaf 2019??model??
Vasileios Petropoulos (3 months ago)
I hope in 2019-2021 to be produce in massive scale
realvanman (4 months ago)
50 ah. Ah Ha! Ahhhhh....
DaRK LiFE (4 months ago)
How much it costs/it's price????
AWildBard (4 months ago)
computer voice = dislike
Darkest Nile (4 months ago)
I will believe it when I see it
Hans Kruse (4 months ago)
Teslas do not need to get batteries changed after a few years. They are estimated to still have 80%+ of capacity after 500.000 miles. It does not take an hour to sharge a Tesla. Typically going from super charger to super charger on a long trip you need 20-30 minutes of charging. Which corresponds to a nice break after several hours of driving. I welcome better batteries, but the info about the current state as it applies to Tesla in simply wrong.
Hans Kruse (1 month ago)
The video mentions battery change and as mentioned this is not needed on Teslas. Since Tesla has the supercharger network you only need to charge as much as needed to reach the next one and it is just waste of time to charge to 100%. This not needed and during my two years of ownership of a Tesla model S I have charged to 100% twice and it was not even needed. The normal charge you need even when driving fast on German motoways as a charge for about 2 hours of driving and this is accomplished in 20-30 minutes. When I'm at home I charge to 90% on the street and never wait for the charging. So in practical use of the car, the charging time for zeo to 100% is irrelevant as it is never used on trips where you have to wait for the charge to complete. Even faster time than 20-30 minutes would be nice but already now this works really well and when you factor in normal rest time during a long trip there is not much waiting for charging.
John Smith (1 month ago)
No it is NOT irrelevant the time it takes to charge. The video is accurate.
Hans Kruse (1 month ago)
The Tesla batteries can be charged to full if you want to. That was not my point. Reading my post I think it is pretty clear. The video is pretty ignorant about current existing tech as in Tesla cars. The batteries last for a very long time and is quick to charge to what is needed.It is irrelevant how much time it takes to fully charge the battery from zero to 100%.
John Smith (1 month ago)
You are trying to compare apples to oranges. The video is talking about a full charge from near empty to full and you are talking about a partial charge. If the tesla cannot receive a full charge due to damaging the battery their claim of distance is bogus.
Hans Kruse (1 month ago)
John. I did not say you could charge from 0-100% in 20-30 minutes. That is also rather unimportant because charging from zero should not be done and charging to 100% also should not be done except in very rare situations. What I said was that the typical charging time when going between superchargers is 20-30 minutes. I drive my Tesla model S a number of times every year from Denmark to Italy and this is the timing I usually experience. Except in cases where I spend time on having lunch or other time consuming things. In these cases I charge the car to the typical 90%.
A Garland (4 months ago)
Totaler Mumpits
Electron Resonator (4 months ago)
Japanese companies that supply batteries are like ninjas, they hide in the darkness doing their mission, they don't brag about supplying Tesla or any other big companies, Panasonic didn't talk much about Tesla, and I think Toshiba will do the same for this battery
Debasish Ghosh (4 months ago)
Sir, what is the cost of the Battery? And how long the Battery will work at least 80% retention capacity?
Paulo Yoshizaki (4 months ago)
TOSHBA ; new era BATERY ; com carga RÁPIDA. Maravilhoso Gostei Muito Bom Revolucionário Batery !!!…………………
fidel catsro (4 months ago)
Fabrique au japon.
Paulo Yoshizaki (4 months ago)
TOSHIBA; Bateria com 6 Minutos de CARGA ; um carro da para RODAR 620Km ???…………Será ótimo Aguardar o TESTE ; Final ???…………………Aguardar !!!…………………BATERIA???……………………………………………………………………………………………
Paulo Yoshizaki (5 months ago)
TOSHIBA ; bateria carregar em 6 MINUTOS SERÁ ÓTIMO Parabéns Lançar BATERIAS ASSIM PARABÉNS!!!!………………………TOSHIBA………………………OK!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Raymond Garlick (5 months ago)
Just sayin'.... Robert Heinlein had it right with his shipstones while writing his sci-fi. A universal storage unit that fits all vehicles and can be changed out for fresh while out and about, or charged while parked......
guitartec (5 months ago)
1.21 gigawatts
guitartec (4 months ago)
sorry, no
Jason (4 months ago)
Spurious Effect (4 months ago)
@ 88 mph.
JFK (5 months ago)
The end of oil is near, and I can't wait.
jwkivy (4 months ago)
+Zaki *Did you even watch this video or did you just start spouting your ignorance immediately? Thanks to Tesla kick starting the movement, battery tech has been progressing at a much faster pace than was predicted. The price/kwH for batteries has been slashed by 80% just in the past 6 years and continues to drop!! To state that ICE vehicles will still be around in 50 yrs is just asinine and demonstrates your ignorance of the facts.* "People may compromise with 30-45 Mins charging time but not the price !" *Nor do they have to!! Charge times are also dropping while prices continue to drop!! An EV is much cheaper to maintain since there's no transmission, no exhaust, no oil, etc... Plus, an electric motor has one moving part compared to hundreds in an ICE. EV's will very soon be the cheaper option to purchase than ICE. It will be cheaper to maintain and sheaper to fuel. This is a no brainer. EV's for the win!!*
Zaki Adam (4 months ago)
So does the price of oil also reduced compare to 20 years back mesure it with gold price, And it became cheaper to produce ICE cars compare to 20 years back, EV doesn't make economic sense, People may compromise with 30-45 Mins charging time but not the price ! nobody want to spent extra money for EV upfront.
jwkivy (4 months ago)
+Zaki "I have been listening since 20 years and no one ever came with product cheaper then a current battery," *Then you may want to get your ears checked. Battery prices have dropped like a rock over the past several years.* "Oil will be there for next 50 years." *It'll be here a lot longer than that since our usage of oil is about to drop like a rock as well. In 50 yrs, the internal combustion engine will be considered a dinosaur and people will laugh at the fact that it took so long to figure out that EV's are a far superior option to the ICE.*
Zaki Adam (4 months ago)
I have been listening since 20 years and no one ever came with product cheaper then a current battery, All just lab experiments no real product to work in real world environment, Oil will be there for next 50 years.
cosmo1kramer (5 months ago)
JFK i am stacking up on put options
Thomas Sutherland (5 months ago)
Need to fire speaker and writer of the dialogue.
Ancient Apparition (2 months ago)
You can't really fire a synthesized voice
Rick Trischuk (5 months ago)
It's all about the damn government. The reason they told tesla they only expand there battery life no more 3% a year. USA government controls everything SUCKS
Rick Trischuk ----- FYI...there are dozens of countries that don't give a shit what the USA wants. Remember that little factoid when you're dreaming up your idiotic conspiracy theories.
David Drake (5 months ago)
I hope they make one for the Chevrolet Bolt! With all it has going for it up against all the other electrics, that would put it over the top, and GM would be forced to make more, open Europe and go world wide!! I would buy the Bolt I am leasing now (35k and only one minor glitch in the infotainment system. AI controller unlocked 0-60 in 5 seconds and 275 miles at 70 MPH consistently! ) and buy this battery, and make my already fantastic Ride-share car the best! Right now I loose an hour to two hours charging per day that I can’t make money and potentially losing long lucrative rides ( like San Diego to LAX or Ventura or San Bernardino, not being online while charging. This car is fuuuun to drive. With one pedal and sophisticated cruise control I OWN the freeways!!!!
Rumple Stiltskin (5 months ago)
Unless they incorporate Graphene into the battery, or create a total Graphene battery, what they are describing here just won't do much better than what Tesla cars now have. If that battery cannot be considered a true Capacitor then it is really not new or innovative.
jwkivy (4 months ago)
+RS "I did not say a battery was a Capacitor." *I never said you did. You said if a battery could not be considered a TRUE capacitor, then it was not novel, but no matter how 'innovative' or 'new' the technology is or will be, a battery will not be a capacitor so, your statement makes zero sense.* "maybe you can enlighten us with your brilliance !" *You're the one claiming to know that whatever tech they are referring to in this video, it can't be much better than what Tesla already has, even though 'how much better' was specifically addressed in the video!! Where's your research paper to back up your ridiculous claim?*
Rumple Stiltskin (4 months ago)
Ok, I'll bow to you Mr. Jwkivy, maybe you can divulge just what you know instead of trying to put me down. When I used the term "Battery" I was referring to any storage device. I did not say a battery was a Capacitor. So my friend, maybe you can enlighten us with your brilliance !
jwkivy (4 months ago)
*So, you're a battery expert? You've written a published paper describing why it's impossible for a non-graphene battery to achieve these high efficiencies? Get a grip. You have no clue what is possible.* "If that battery cannot be considered a true Capacitor" *A battery is not a capacitor. If it were a capacitor, then it would be called a capacitor.*
Colin Tan (5 months ago)
If this is true, Telsa could buy up Toshiba like Amazon swallowing up the supermarket chains. In fact, Toshiba is nearly bankrupted by its Westinghouse Nuclear division.
andgate2000 (5 months ago)
Not if Elon musk has anything to do with it.....he has an interest in keeping batteries coming from his factory.
terrance leacock (5 months ago)
thats cool call us back when you got the stuff not before.
sahaj patel (5 months ago)
Tiger (5 months ago)
Lucky Goose (5 months ago)
I call bullshit on this one. 6 minuets if the car get hit by lightning maybe.
quadbravo (2 months ago)
You're absolutely right. It's a claim for a future battery that is in development. They show photos of their current SCiB battery which is 22Ah @ 24V and can charged at 125A for 200 seconds. Close to 3 C. Nowhere even close to what they suggest the new battery would be.
Richard Alexander (4 months ago)
Wrong. Capacitors easily handle that rate of charge, and could very well be part of this new technology, but the charging stations would need to be massive to supply that kind of energy. The potential downside of capacitors is that they also tend to be able to discharge all at once as well, and could be dangerous.
Kevin Prasad (5 months ago)
Lucky Goose 1.71gigawatts
Tracy Hazenstab (5 months ago)
Buy one off of Ebay, Test it , I have . They will carge at that rate, I have used them to DC weld and they hold up. The only draw back is the weight. For me that is not a problem
Thomas Sutherland (5 months ago)
Yes total BS...not even enough time for energy transfer
Ronald Chan (5 months ago)
What will happen to Toshiba first?!
Justin Mileman (5 months ago)
it would also help if the electric car manufacturers would stop artificially suppressing the allowed mileage on their vehicles. Really! When the hurricanes were threatening florida, Tesla did "an adjustment" in their computers that suddenly let every tesla electric car get enough mileage to get out of florida. You can BET other manufacturers are doing the same thing.
niceslug (5 months ago)
telsa will simply buy it from them, but that is if it is true, remember Japan power plus
ab bc (6 months ago)
Samdee2017 Sam (6 months ago)
tesla will bust
Kevin Prasad (5 months ago)
Samdee2017 Sam no

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