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Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird!

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Pixelbook is a $1000 2-in-1 laptop/tablet and it's super weird. Google Pixelbook (i5): http://amzn.to/2hX8yr5 That hoodie: http://amzn.to/2hiy9dE Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (7017)
Yaya Marghani (7 hours ago)
i have the pixelbook it sucks all the Android apps are not supported for the Pixelbook like ( google Duo + whatsapp and Also games on android I only thing that i like it works as tabet and laptop
Jason Hunt (13 hours ago)
I bought one, and made some adjustments to my workflow and I love the feel of the keyboard, track-pad and screen aspect ratio.
gphillimo (1 day ago)
Google about to send a hitman for you after this review bruh lol
Julián Iván (1 day ago)
1000 dollars for that piece of shit?, my 200 dollars pc can outdo and play videogames far more better than that crap
William (1 day ago)
Install windows on it.
Skyler Warren (2 days ago)
Sad part is most people forget its supposed to sit like a tent if your going to press on it while in tablet mode.
Calibrius ' (2 days ago)
So, im the 7000 commentator
Izzat Syamir (2 days ago)
liya sharyf (3 days ago)
How many times did u say wierd?
Robbie Macalpine (3 days ago)
Hardware looks stunning - but the software still feels like it’s a beta
Amd Btr (3 days ago)
It is toooooooooooooooooooooo expensive!
Nicko Valentino (4 days ago)
chromeOS is the sole reason to not consider this as your option
len 114602 (5 days ago)
Nobody uses these things as tablets, I use my tablet/laptop screen as an extra way of using the mouse
kirker87 (5 days ago)
Anyone wanna hook a boy up with a link to find his sweatshirt or something similar to it?
Terence Wu (7 days ago)
My SONY VAIO Fit13A has a stylus also using AAAA battery. I'm curious that, can you install Windows on this thing?
Batman (7 days ago)
can i install linux on it?
Veritas Man (7 days ago)
Machines are getting more & more intelligent while people are getting more & more DUMP...
databits (9 days ago)
This Google tabtop/laplet is just too weird for me. I'll stick with my Dell laptop! :) Thanks!
blue cigar (9 days ago)
I'm that one consumer who can never justify any extra cost for "extra features". I think these "features" are just some means for producer to get that scrap of extra money from you without any significant benefits.
Ivo Pinheiro (10 days ago)
Just stick with apple people for christs sake
I like ur honest opinion man
ldinakis (10 days ago)
Common peapple, common problems... Just try to think that switching to Chrome OS is like switching your diesel powered VW Golf with a low powered Tesla electric Car in 2018. Well Done Google. (writing this on $149 Chromebook)
Paul Casper (10 days ago)
thank you...i wouldnt have it ever for free lol
Devin Blair (11 days ago)
Better screen, U processor, run windows this thing would be perfect
Chris K (11 days ago)
There are 6 AAAA batteries in a 9V.
Midhun S (12 days ago)
you could land a helicopter in those bezels
Jenney N And N (12 days ago)
Most schools can't afford this. Why?
Ben Skywalker (12 days ago)
hey marques, legit; i bought one for $899 and it's pretty dope. does everything i need.
Dominik Naß (13 days ago)
I really dont regret getting the 17 iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.
JustCornelias (14 days ago)
Chrome os plus android and with minimal work windows and Ubuntu ...its a great luxury buy I’ve got mine to run OS X via virtual box and it’s honestly not bad I use it for final cut true you sacrifice render time but it offers more than a mac
Nicu Dan Ciontu (14 days ago)
Apple fan-boy video
ABM W (15 days ago)
Very weird!
It’s Icicle (16 days ago)
I am watching on iPad Pro 12.9 inch
Neel Mistry (17 days ago)
Pls make one for microsoft pro from student prospective
minkya1010 (17 days ago)
ok... NOT gonna buy that
David Metcalfe (17 days ago)
6+ minutes of bitching about the device before highlighting the software and Assistant integration. Marques is usually pretty good at reviewing in a fairly unbiased manner. Not so with this one.
Jose Carlos (17 days ago)
looks shit!
Trevor Brass (17 days ago)
Chromebooks have become so long-in-the-tooth they're now the very thing they were meant to replace: expensive devices that are way more than most people need.
Louie Angelo Cunanan (17 days ago)
Take a shot every time Marques says weird
J Ls (17 days ago)
the google pen is totally absurd!!!!!
J Ls (17 days ago)
Macbook pro 2015 is the BEST!!!
J Ls (17 days ago)
Fuck Chromebook. It is not user-friendly. Imagine you touch the cross to delete an app.
Musa Saleh mohammad (18 days ago)
1000 doller for this machine? no way
Zinzile Dube (19 days ago)
Can you do another iPhone x giveaway
Dwight Walker (20 days ago)
Marques,  a great review of the Pixel Book.  Thanks for the unbiased review.
Karo French (20 days ago)
Not a very objective review.
Beecher Adams (20 days ago)
If Google gave the option to install Windows on it, then it would be amazing
steven sandy (20 days ago)
quadrupedal a batteries no i havent not something in my stores i can say that for a fact
Mustafa Zain (21 days ago)
Wtf is Googles problem in naming products? Chrome cast, chrome browser, chrome os and chrome book? Don't even get me started on the google now crap... Ever tried searching for specific information on these? For such smart people they can't get simple things right. Stupid !
Phrep (21 days ago)
Thank you for the review. I really like the design of the pixelbool. Like REALLY like it. However not very useful for me since its running chromeOS. Dont like the display either and i really dont need the tablet mode.
Aleksandar Velichkov (21 days ago)
Thats weird
kim nas (21 days ago)
So u never touched HP laptop?
ProMC PVP (21 days ago)
U could also get the iPhone x
Illy Khan (21 days ago)
weird review. To recommend tablet instead a laptop is stupid. All the time MKBHD is comparing Pixelbook with Apple and from time to time with Microsoft. Apple Macbook pro starts from 1299$! Do you know that? In the same time Surface book with same CPU is 999$. Stylus you say.... "Who need a stylus?" And you recommend Apple. MKBHD, you are so biased.
Love Reloaded (22 days ago)
I like your sound..... It's pretty nice one....
Eric Huynh (22 days ago)
this is not weird, it is complex tech
Eric Huynh (22 days ago)
shut up
Earrape God (22 days ago)
hi dad
Golden Life Gaming (22 days ago)
You know you can make an 5X stronger gaming PC
Patrick Presley (23 days ago)
Dial - 1844-353-5969 toll free to get instant support from our technical experts. We are happy to help you out.
Andrew T (23 days ago)
mebombu (23 days ago)
I don't see why this is so hard to recommend, I get why the chromeOS is weird, but other than that it looks better than an iPad or a surface because it's fantastic hardware. This looks like it's a great device. By calling it weird all you're doing is making people not like it already. Besides, a similar surface is twice the price of the pixelbook, and you can't get a surface for $1000. (one that's worth it anyways.)
tamyboy1 (23 days ago)
great review dude, agreed with worst of both
Wilson Fu (23 days ago)
It is a 3:2 display, not 4:3.
Henry Edge (23 days ago)
reveiw the acer r11
$1,000 for 128GB? Screw them, I rather buy a desktop computer 🤔
Tri Trang (24 days ago)
Ok Google. What are some synonyms for "weird"? Haha what a subjective review.
Karan Lahkar (24 days ago)
Man, that hoodie is looking awesome
Nathanael Hutchison (24 days ago)
Among a lot of things, he also misses the fact this is a good alternative to android tablets for people who want something with better productivity. I believe this is the largest portable device with native android app support.
GAMERS COLONY (24 days ago)
I would buy a predator Helios 300
Victor K Flores (25 days ago)
Can it run fortnite? Nah? I'm good then
Filetbanger (25 days ago)
why u look like wes from how to get away with murder?
ΛDΛM (25 days ago)
Again... What is with Google and HUGE bezels... Absolutely ruined, also why don't they make 15"-17" Chromebooks...
Blc ME (26 days ago)
Pixel book is a big joke.. simply ugly n useless.
Darryl smock (26 days ago)
Been a couple months since launch, loving my pixelbooks, and updates have fixed most of these issues, especially with the pen.
Adam M (27 days ago)
This is how Marques Brownlee does his videos: Hey guys: CTRL +C -> CTRL + V blah blah blah blah blah blah Operating System Chrome OS Display 12.3" LCD 2400x1600 (235 ppi) Audio Dual speakers • 4 mics Processor 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor Memory & Storage RAM: 8GB or 16GB Dimensions & Weight 11.4 in x 8.7 in x 0.4 in Materials & Color Aluminum Battery Use time of up to 10 hours Wireless Wi-Fi • Bluetooth Keyboard & Trackpad Backlit keyboard • Edge-to-edge trackpad Camera 720p @ 60FPS Security Hardware Security Module Sensors 3-axis Gyroscope • Magnetometer Ports USB-C™ • 3.5 mm headphone jack And yet he has no knowledge in computer science, or software engineering. Only "IT"..... But alas the millions of followers........
Tamer Bekir (27 days ago)
Absolute waste of money. People throw shots at Apple for their pricing. And what the hell is this? And a 100 dollar pencil that NEEDS batteries? Both the Chromebook and their skimpy pen isn’t weird, it’s a joke
Dominic Collins (27 days ago)
Jesus Rodriguez (27 days ago)
This review seems very very picky to be honest. That's all i'll say.
Otex 11 (27 days ago)
Kilroy was here
Jason Weber (27 days ago)
Those bezels are extra THICC
jack g (27 days ago)
thanks for get honest about such an expensive chromebook.
Lps Slate Music (27 days ago)
I found the pixlebook at best buy for around $400 so get that is you don’t mind only having around 30 or so gigabytes
Jason King (27 days ago)
MKBHD Listens to Muse. Awesome.
Daniel (28 days ago)
i would prefer an macbook over this, i have an chromebook and it isnt really inovative, you cant run exe. files on it and you cannot have anything on your desktop.
Mrs P (30 days ago)
Bought this for my husband this afternoon. He loves the form factor, the resolution, the keyboard, the touch screen. He kinda misses the home and end buttons and the delete key. He's editing his youtube videos he recorded this afternoon. So far, so good. He did say it's funny how you take some things for granted. Things you're used to (on his pc) when they're not there. I'm sure he'll have very few complaints about the Pixelbook. If there are things that bug him he'll just use his pc. In terms of price, yeah of course, there are less expensive ones out there as well as more expensive ones. He always researches the heck out of stuff like this and had no issues spending the money. He's worked extremely hard the past 12 months and the work bonus was very generous. So why not treat yourself, which he did!!! 👍🏻
b brady (1 month ago)
Google really needs to step it up. This is getting embarrassing. The pixel is Almost broken with the recent updates. The fingerprint sensor is trash because of software. The bottom of the screen has a dead zone after update. The swiping is broke. I mean am i missing something here? The actual android dev can't make stable software for a phone they designed in house? wtf google. And now the release this thing? just Wow
Nicolas (1 month ago)
hihi, I like how you let it roll & fall ;p (the pen)
Sudharsan Kalidass (1 month ago)
Could you review lenovo yoga book?
≈chiefkutyma≈ (1 month ago)
soundz like this device suckz(
Christopher Rivera (1 month ago)
If they made a true competitor to the MBP, I'd consider it. Until then, Apple wins.
mochabetty (1 month ago)
So I guess it's a No..sorry Google!
xyz2k (1 month ago)
Copied Microsoft surface book
Senquan Chen (1 month ago)
the thick display black board.... the Product manager should leave the highly paying position..
Christopher Powell (1 month ago)
You are weird
Rushikesh Raskar (1 month ago)
Logan Huynh (1 month ago)
For the common user, just get an iPad and you don’t have to worry about weird design.
Hakeem WankingZoe (1 month ago)
I’m goons by it!!!Weird
Tom Mee Clyde Castello (1 month ago)
Can I play MTGO on it?

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