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Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird!

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Pixelbook is a $1000 2-in-1 laptop/tablet and it's super weird. Google Pixelbook (i5): http://amzn.to/2hX8yr5 That hoodie: http://amzn.to/2hiy9dE Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (6589)
Francisco Tripodi (9 hours ago)
Brian Kurtz (11 hours ago)
dude.....youre weird
Siddham Awasthi (1 day ago)
but whats the dougscore
faktv Hcc (4 days ago)
Wow. Such a straitforward and honest review. Thank you
Jordan Johnson (4 days ago)
Should I go with an iPhone X and a used MacBook... or Samsung Note 8 with the Chromebook Plus?? Which combo would you guys get?
Alex Hedtke (4 days ago)
What do you mean, "a small group of people"? You have it backwards. The vast majority of people can do all their work just fine inside of a browser. Windows/Mac/Linux are the OSs that should only be recommended to small groups of people.
Electronica (4 days ago)
Who has an extra grand to WASTE?
angel Calderón (4 days ago)
excuse you? Plays store has about 3 times more content than Appstore..
angel Calderón (4 days ago)
128gb SSD?
Derpy Chanthapanya (5 days ago)
So there's no Black version to go with my Black Pixel 2 XL?
Matthew Semones (5 days ago)
great review, as always! keep em coming Marques!!!
Cristian Bara (5 days ago)
It looks like the first Lenovo Yoga designs
CentLess Channel (6 days ago)
What can an iPad do that a Pixelbook cannot do? @Marques or anyone else.
spiceboy9000 (6 days ago)
What else can you get for 1000? iPhone X
Avoka Timothy (6 days ago)
Nice l
Avoka Timothy (6 days ago)
Avoka Timothy (6 days ago)
Know:in:Mins (6 days ago)
Seems Google is afraid of his reviews :D
TheJinestylez (7 days ago)
Okay, here's the thing, it's a very bare bones os and a bare bones no BS system. The build is cool for Google peeps, really slim and sleek. Is there any way to work on the pen touch sensitivity? I thought that was a thing? Also how hard is it to just sit your pen somewhere than have it magnetized to the side. That's not a major feature that should be a deal breaker. It looked a lil overboard on that aspect.
Tech Help (7 days ago)
Dial - 1844-353-5969 toll free to get instant support from our technical experts and get solution for your problems.
292angelo (7 days ago)
Google Will be angry
mike miranda (7 days ago)
Google is adopting the same strategy they use on software department, they test a lot of ideas and keep those that work. Simple as that, Fail fast and quick
Moses Frost (7 days ago)
What is MKBHD stands for?
Brandon Kolar (7 days ago)
It's just a weird HP Spectre it looks like. For the same price you can get better specs with the Spectre
Mark Alexa (7 days ago)
I like that despite of your channel being sponsored by all those makes who are providing you with devices to make a review about, you didn't let that affect your judgement. If you found something that feels off to you, you say it live to people. This Pixel Book is a gorgeously engineered device but thanks to your insight I can see not everyone would be happy with it. And having it flipped to tablet with a keyboard on the back that would feel strange to me too. Besides it doesn't justify the pricetag. It's still premium device with an advanced browser on it. If you need to run Photoshop or CAD you're screwed. Speaking of games. You can play only online games and Android games, period.
Joyal Patel (7 days ago)
weird? Whats weird?
im poor. 200 dollar is life🙂
Douglas Faria (8 days ago)
You sir have a great selection of hoodies, hats off
Sam Strickler (8 days ago)
Just because something is redefining the industry, doesn't mean it's weird, or it will fail. The Google pixelbook reminds me of the iPhone, people thought it would fail because it doesn't have "necessary features" such as a hardware keyboard. They all said it would fail, now look at it today. I think the pixelbook will be the same way, along with all other Chromebooks.
Iain Canzano (9 days ago)
I bought this Laptop shortly after the holidays with the intent on making it my mainstay machine for work (and personal use etc.) I was happy with my old Lenovo (at the time) but the motherboard died on me and the cost of replacing it wasn't worth the value of the computer yada yada yada (we've all been there). I'll begin by saying that I have prior experience with a chromebook having owned an acer chrome computer so this is not my first rodeo using Chrome OS. Out of the box immediately I could tell that this is easily the most well-built machine I have ever laid my hands on. It looks and feels amazing. Basically Google nailed the 2-1 (I like Marques but he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about this time around - there's nothing weird about how comfortable this Pixelbook looks and feels); whether you're in tablet mode or in a laptop position it just feels brilliant. The keyboard is crisp and responsive so typing 90 words a minute laying on your back is actually made possible. In tablet mode with the pen things are a bit more relaxed and slower-paced but with google voice you can dictate an entire essay in one go if you want - the processor is powerful on this thing so expect no delays. Speaking of using your voice - the "Google button" is friggen awesome. I find myself using it constantly even if I'm in the middle of engaging wth a Google Play app and/or Chrome app - it works seamlessly and its response time is quick. For the record I love the idea that Google is implementing this feauture more in its hardware designs because tech is headed towards a more voice-activated world to the point where I think keyboards will be a thing of the past and this laptop has made a huge step in that direction. One thing that is simply amazing is when splitting screens to an external monitor I can use Android apps on the external screen and have regular Chrome programs running on the home screen which is an excellent feature for multitasking. After saying all that I discovered that with my new profession I'm not able to get around not being able to use Adobe - off-market PDF software won't cut it which unfortunately means I'm having to return the device and buy a PC laptop instead (which kills me because I love the Pixelbook but no Adobe Acrobat Pro for Chrome has turned into a deal breaker). All-in-all this is a fantastic computer that will set the stage for Chromebooks going forward. Forget all the previous chromebooks you've seen before - THIS is the new flagship hardware that will get people thinking about making that switch to a more simplified OS existence. All we need now is software providers like Adobe to start making deals with Google so we can start divorcing microsoft from our lives completely for those among us that don't want to have anything to do with either Microsoft OR Apple for that matter.
FCK U (9 days ago)
Too bad it doesn't run Windows 10. If it did, oh boy.. I would run out and buy it this instance. P.S Blame the ghosting/stuttering on the refresh rate of the shitty panel used, not the processor!
Mason Landolt (9 days ago)
But can it run Crysis?
Oscar x (10 days ago)
100 bucks. subbed
Cameron Robbins (11 days ago)
The HP Chromebook 13 G1 is great at being a Chrome OS Driven Laptop with USB type C support for half the cost being an IT guy and mostly remote desktop into servers and other machines all day it has become my main little on the go device for work and it does about everything the Pixel book 2 does even has a 2K display that makes witching your videos really nice. :-) Oh and it pairs with all USB Type C docking stations for dual 1080p monitor experience just perfect. Please review this device or wait for Gen 2
your pen is mightier (12 days ago)
i love 2in1's, functionality and power of laptop with size and portability of tablet. i don't game or anything like that, so don't need full laptop type power. and don't travel with it so don't need tiny tablet. of the few i've used, surface is by far the best. if i didn't need a machine to run actual programs or need to do any actual stuff beyond basic mobile stuff, i'd prob use an ipad. but for productivity and versatility, surface is spot on. can't justify these mobile tablets seeing as they're just big phones, no idea how someone could justify a mobile laptop. but there's a market for everything i guess.
Venser (13 days ago)
Awesome hoodie
Raymond Coolidge (13 days ago)
Fact: Marques keeps using weird to substitute bad because he’s cool with google lol.
Wally Hagerty (13 days ago)
Not into apple werild
Satyam Anand (13 days ago)
Hey MKBHD please do a surface studio/surface book 2 review!
Jon LeVert (13 days ago)
yikes- google dropped the ball on this one.
Ed (14 days ago)
So its *_Google WeirdBook_* :)
E to the V (15 days ago)
Carlos Dasilva (15 days ago)
What do you expect from a computer  named Chrummey
pat (15 days ago)
Excellent review. Very well done.
Snoodballla Jfud (16 days ago)
fantastic review.
Christopher Carr (16 days ago)
This review is wierd. He has general issues with the form factor, and presents them like they're Pixelbook-specific.
Deli Alves (16 days ago)
E o Brasil como sempre fora. Das coisas boas e bem feitas que o Google tem e vamos ficar só com o rasto!!!
Chr Faz (17 days ago)
They should have named the pen the 'Pixel Pen'.
THE REAL ARNAV (18 days ago)
Crapy on its own. Perfect if you install a linux distro on it.
Drake Gao (18 days ago)
1000 dollars for a high-end chrome browser mostly.
Cameron L. (18 days ago)
Lots of really good points!
systematic planning (18 days ago)
I'd get it
StrafeGR (18 days ago)
1000 for a chromebook? I prefer to buy 2 1+5T xD
dave frie (19 days ago)
Why would anyone buy this
Harpocrates (14 days ago)
The same reason people buy luxury cars, it`s a nice place to be.
UXO22 (19 days ago)
Surface Pen also used Quad A batteries.
Joao de Boer (19 days ago)
immediately pressure suddenly questionnaire frequently arena vacation coach satellite.
Penhalion Wolfe (20 days ago)
Great review and made me actually laugh out loud when the pen rolls off into oblivion. That pretty much summed this thing up for me. 100 dollar pen that is basically a 100 dollar tax for idiots. Google need to step up their game or get out of the laptop business.
Patrick Richardson (20 days ago)
Kiss gasoline damage mix gasoline near suit list.
Hannah Jenoo (20 days ago)
Google also copied the name wow
Erin Jones (20 days ago)
So people like me who do not iOS or Windows might like this?
Harpocrates (14 days ago)
Exactly, the simplicity of chrome os without the limitations of low budget components.
vh9network (20 days ago)
The funny thing is that Microsoft's Surface Pro has actually come down in price now that they got rid of the RTs. I would definitely get that over this.
rac coun (20 days ago)
If it were cheaper or specifically for gaming I could see myself looking into it. Nice idea, okay execution
Bautista Guerrero (20 days ago)
quit fence tear tight painful reduction senior run.
Ivan Navia (21 days ago)
C'mon ... Say weird just...one ...more ...time...
AMG (21 days ago)
Great review. I will not buy this crap.
JOEL HIDALGO (21 days ago)
Cool sweater. Who makes it? Love your videos, as always.
Hari Amin (21 days ago)
weird quirks?are you Doug demero now?
Harpocrates (14 days ago)
Doug would say its worth every penny.
Hari Amin (21 days ago)
you can get a much more powerful pc for the same price
Rick (21 days ago)
$1000 for a chromebook. o so maybe most people pay a lot for computers but for someone who paid $600 for a asus k501ux that crazy
Dastan Khan (21 days ago)
Can it run Gta V?
Uroš Golob (21 days ago)
Looks like perfect solution for Linux on the go.
amir koren (21 days ago)
Because of u my friend device been better.thx
andy lopez (22 days ago)
You should do laptop awards!
Mr. RDCS (22 days ago)
I have the Tab S3, but I am looking to switch to a newer rumored Samsung Chromebook to have a detachable keyboard any thoughts?
ImperialClone12 (22 days ago)
That shit for a thousand bucks?!
Art Spanjer (22 days ago)
I just bought the base model. Before I watched the 'weird' review which i just watched on my new weird machine. It is really is a nice piece of hardware. In my job we use Macs and Windows because we can't get specific software that might run on one OS, but not on another. That's a long term industry problem which is the most frustrating thing ever. My sense is Google is up and coming. But are they just a 3rd wheel? I like the feel of the keyboard, the screen is nice, I see the weird point, but do think Google is on to something. I hope so.
socrates112 (22 days ago)
Thank you Marques for an excellent, 'truthful' good review.
Joni Subroto (23 days ago)
Can you install Windows on it?
Daniel W (23 days ago)
You can get a MacBook air for right around $1000.. Google is shitting me.
Murica Reimu (23 days ago)
My point is same. Why I have to spend 1000$ to buy a browser OS with a not good pen? Oh, I found iPad Pro with Apple Pencil which are really worth this 1000$.
Olivia Berry (23 days ago)
Practically happen solve its aim discover warm slide African former nomination dark.
Jason Weber (23 days ago)
Overpriced piece of crap. A MacBook can do more!
Arnold Melvin Xavier (23 days ago)
Google could have made the keyboard into a touch sensor buttons which is backlit like the ones you find in Android phone when you flip it into a tablet mode the lights switches off. what are you doing Google?
S TR (24 days ago)
Really hate those bezels
Max Sayenko (24 days ago)
I bought this, and I don’t do crazy editing, it fits in the Google Ecosystem perfectly, and even though there are some things I don’t like, I think it’s worth it
Fabian (24 days ago)
IOS is bad, Microsofts Surface is crap, Windows is silly. Chrome OS? ✔️
Diamond Streak (24 days ago)
For rich families that want to give their kids their first laptop...
A Google User (24 days ago)
copied from Microsoft surface
WhatsApp Babu (25 days ago)
Super 😍
G K (25 days ago)
This might have been designed to prove how advanced Apple and Microsoft are
Harpocrates (14 days ago)
Google are playing the long game, the user experience is outstanding.
G K (14 days ago)
Harpocrates. Deviants are welcome when they are better than the rest. 1000 bucks and every ones? They entered into high end market. Based on this review, I am not yet comfortable using this for pro apps.
Harpocrates (14 days ago)
It`s designed to be everybody`s go to first machine, resistance is futile.
Random Person (25 days ago)
Apple: We make the worst stylus in the world! Google: Hold my beer 🍺
Roadman Tyler (2 days ago)
V. Sriram Sundar piss off apple sheep
V. Sriram Sundar (18 days ago)
Apple's stylus is far more better than this shit.
Neui Stouff (25 days ago)
AAAA batteries are used alot for surface pens.
Kaden Clark (25 days ago)
Mike Camello (25 days ago)
I have an S8, had an Iphone 5 and 6, so I've had imessage and android messages and this just further proves my point I've made countless times, Google is just taking on too much at once. They are not releasing finished products, it's always to get their foot in the game. Can we get a serious messaging app for once that will rival iMessage? Is that so much to ask? Apparently so... MKBHD is 100% correct, not worth $1000. It's an unpolished product with way too many issues like many other features of the Android OS. I am continuing to stand by Google's side with the S8 but come on get it together Google.
hmm (26 days ago)
MKBHD: Do you know what else costs $1000? Me: Oh. I don’t know. A crazy expensive iPhone X?
whateverhater (26 days ago)
whateverhater (26 days ago)
love that Laferarri in the background
Taylor Brost (26 days ago)
Why in the world would Chrome OS need an i7... Really Google?
Celymar Valentin (26 days ago)
The surface pen also uses an AAAA battery.
DK (27 days ago)
Money to burn...

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