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10 Awesome software tips for the Huawei Nova 2i!

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If you own a Huawei Nova 2i or any other recent Huawei smartphone with the EMUI skin, you're going to find this video extremely useful! My unboxing of the Huawei Nova 2i - https://youtu.be/kF6yqQYne_o Twin apps video on the Galaxy Note 8 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62CyvJM7Hs4& Stay tuned on Social Media for the latest updates from me. Subscribe to the Andro Dollar Youtube channel for more awesome and exclusive videos and stay tuned to https://www.androdollar.com for the latest from the Tech World. Don’t forget to share! ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Checkout the Andro Dollar Network - https://www.network.androdollar.com Check out the Andro Dollar Tech Blog - https://www.androdollar.com Check out the Andro Dollar Services - https://www.services.androdollar.com ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Contact Info - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AndroDollar Twitter - https://twitter.com/androdollar Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+AndroDollar/posts My Personal Contact Info - Personal Website - www.banu.androdollar.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/banuathuraliya Twitter - https://twitter.com/banuathuraliya Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+BanuAthuraliya Feel free to contact me at anytime.
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Text Comments (65)
Andro Dollar (6 days ago)
Subscribe now - https://goo.gl/DqgSP3 Checkout my other videos - https://goo.gl/XpY1se Enable 🔔 Notifications so you don’t miss any uploads! 😉
Chandana Wijekoon (1 day ago)
Andro Dollar
Anne Marie Abad (1 day ago)
Keisha Mapalad (1 day ago)
Thanks for the tips!
Caryl Soliman (4 days ago)
Does it have its own default browser?
Andro Dollar (4 days ago)
+Caryl Soliman You can use Google Chrome 😀
Hussein Chahine (6 days ago)
How to put the Touch ID
Andro Dollar (6 days ago)
+Hussein Chahine What do you mean?
Eliel Ignacio Cruz (12 days ago)
The Slow motion is really bad quality! :(
Hi Thanks for ur tips. Need to add the viber in to twin app for Nova2i. How to do?
Andro Dollar (8 days ago)
+Shameera N. Wijendrarachchi We will have to wait for official support to drop on that. But you can do this using a 3rd party app cloning app. If you want I can make a video on that in the future.
mark jade amador (14 days ago)
is it posible to do 3 or 4 application in twin apps?
mark jade amador (13 days ago)
thanks for reply
Andro Dollar (14 days ago)
+mark jade amador only the apps shown are available
mark jade amador (14 days ago)
i have a facebook ang messenger in my twin apps,i want to change a messenger lite and whats up?is it posible to change?
Andro Dollar (14 days ago)
+mark jade amador unfortunately not with this official method
Chiro The Great (15 days ago)
Dude is it smooth to play NBA 2k18 on that phone even if its on high graphic settings? I also like your tips bro
It's a me Mario (15 days ago)
Nice video but most were pretty obvious
where i'll get screen mirroring option of this cell phone? pls mention..
ken giron (8 days ago)
Md. Gias Uddin Chowdhury yes it has! Mirror share to be specific
Erick Joseph Castro (16 days ago)
Thanks for the great info!
Andro Dollar (16 days ago)
+Erick Joseph Castro Glad you enjoyed! Please subscribe for more and share with your friends 😊
Imran Hassan (17 days ago)
tnx a lot bro
LoVeNoOr (18 days ago)
How to Active Voice Control? Please said, please
sagar sidana (19 days ago)
bro i have this phone but there is not any font change option how i change plz help
chinoypi pasaway (19 days ago)
new sub here... thank you for sharing....
SIDRA ALI (20 days ago)
Looks like mate 10 lite.
power XB in egypt (3 days ago)
Andro Dollar (20 days ago)
+SIDRA ALI It is the Mate 10 lite. In some regions it is called the Nova 2i.
Roxanne Chua (22 days ago)
Camera review please 😊
Rommel Avila (23 days ago)
Why my themes aren't working ng doesn't have categories
Anthony Legarde (23 days ago)
Hello sir! How to use knuckles to open apps. Thanks
Were Mutt (23 days ago)
Help! Whenever I use the aperture mode, the buttons that adjusts the aperture and beautification were at the bottom corner, its so low that I cant almost see it. Please reply I cant click it :(
mrlongshen (23 days ago)
Thanks. Any other tricks?
Dinesh Ong (25 days ago)
well done! thanks for the clear notes and highlights! :)
Andro Dollar (24 days ago)
Glad you found it useful. Enjoy! Subscribe and stay tuned for more!
ohh yeah (25 days ago)
Ill be back for that camera guide 😆
Jie Shi LIM (26 days ago)
good explain,thank you so much!!! pls teach us how to use nova 2i camera efficiently?
Branreb Batican (26 days ago)
How to full view the taking camera on nova 2i
Branreb Batican (21 days ago)
Thnk u so much bro
Christine Rafols (23 days ago)
Branreb Batican change the resolution
can the app drawer be summoned when swiped up?
Andro Dollar (26 days ago)
+Carl Thomas Condevillamar Not in the default launcher. But you can easily install a 3rd party launcher like Nova or action launcher to get that functionality.
Makru Saiyo (28 days ago)
Do you know how to transfer apps to SD card? I keep finding the way on settings but I cant. Help
Dexter Praile (25 days ago)
Im also getting the same issue :(
Makru Saiyo (28 days ago)
Andro Dollar No. I just cant find the button or anything that says transfer to SD card
Andro Dollar (28 days ago)
+Makru Saiyo Do you get any error?
Kenneth Rempis (29 days ago)
Hello. Pls make video in how to use yhe camera if nova 2i and how to enable palm gesture on camera as well as how to manage or change theme of message
Andro Dollar (29 days ago)
+Kenneth Rempis Yes, a dedicated camera video is coming soon. Stay subscribed and enable notifications on my Youtube channel to be the first to see it when it drops!
Ian (29 days ago)
Hi, will this phone receive android oreo and EMUI 8 update later on ? Thanks in advance
Ian (28 days ago)
Andro Dollar Thank you
Andro Dollar (29 days ago)
+Ian According to Huawei Sri Lanka, "the Nova 2i will receive the Oreo update sometime next year"
Mae Zherilou Halago (30 days ago)
please do more tips or tutorial on how to use the camera on this phone
Mae Zherilou Halago (30 days ago)
Andro Dollar (30 days ago)
+Mae Zherilou Halago Yes, that video is coming soon! Stay tuned! 😉
Noel Malinao (1 month ago)
awesome thanks bro.
Andro Dollar (1 month ago)
+Noel Malinao Gald you found it useful. Enjoy :)
liza Jane Bernal (1 month ago)
Need that wallpaper man
Andro Dollar (1 month ago)
+liza Jane Bernal It is a default Huawei wallpaper that comes bundled in with the Nova 2i
liza Jane Bernal (1 month ago)
So where I can get it?
ThisIsJeer (1 month ago)
Nice video man! :)
Andro Dollar (1 month ago)
Thank you 😊
sudarshana dissanayake (1 month ago)
Spuerb and thankz
Andro Dollar (1 month ago)
+sudarshana dissanayake Enjoy 😀
Mihin Waidyasekere (1 month ago)
man that is the same wallpaper i am using in my j2 prime !!!!!
Mihin Waidyasekere (1 month ago)
After a long time

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