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Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Level 3) at Otago Polytechnic

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This programme is designed to provide a good range of skills for working in the automotive electrical and mechanical motor industry. Graduates will be able to carry out basic automotive engine servicing, service a four stroke spark ignition engine, carry out basic automotive underbody service procedures, and diagnose faults on, and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems. They will have the fundamental electrical knowledge and servicing skills required for working with ignition systems, automotive electrical circuits, electronic fuel injection systems, and automotive wiring and lighting systems, and possess the fundamental engineering and welding skills required for working in an automotive workplace. For more info phone 0800 762 786 or visit http://www.op.ac.nz
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Ambessed Feargod James (2 months ago)
Good work
THANH DAU (2 years ago)
that is cool. i like this

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