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The 🍎 Ecosystem: Explained!

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Why we can't stop using iPhones. iPhone X Review: https://youtu.be/9Ca8zWJOlFQ Apple HomePod Review: https://youtu.be/mpjREfvZiDs MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Max Linx (4 hours ago)
>its ecosystem I am clueless in tech so I buy everything with apple logo
Mopar Roc (6 hours ago)
As crazy as it sounds, iMessage in itself makes me not want to leave Apple. I'm a huge fan of Android products, and love google ( I actually use google drive and photos over iCloud) - but the ease of sharing high quality videos via iMessage and air drop keeps me hooked. My friends and I just got back from Whistler B.C. One of us had an Android, the rest iPhones. Every time a video was shared in a group message with him it looked like it was from 1991. When that barrier is broken, good shot I jump ship.
Uncle Damfee (7 hours ago)
Here I am in 2018 with a new LG V30 that I like alot. Being an Apple Smartphone owner since 2012, and frankly being rather bored of buiying what feels like the same phone again, and again. Being in the Silicon Valley all the people around here and infatuated with the Blue bubble, myself formerly included. iMessage will always be superior, and Apples keyboard is just flawless. I do miss a lot of things from my iPhone but I'm glad i broke out of the ecosystem (also own an iPad pro) and am figuring out this android lifestyle. The longer I've been away from iPhone the less I miss it. Lets get a few things straight though, Apple seems to have better reliability, Apps are built damn near flawless compared to androids versions (Snapchat/Instagram look horrible through android) But I've loved the freedom of my LG V30. Sure the selfie camera sucks, and the camera can be a bit laggy. But its so awesome to be able to have no restrictions. Plus that QUAD DAC thing called a headphone jack. HEll YES! (Despite it being on the top of the phone) The camera software is dope, Google play store isnt as bad as i thought it would be, and there is definitely an adjustment period. But I've finally enjoyed being on the other side. Too many people around here are walking iPeople hipsters. I never left iPhone because of one thing. iMessage. Now, its not so bad. sure texting isnt as seamless but it gets the job done. The LG V30 has plenty of faults, as did my iPhone 7. But I've enjoyed both phones for very different reasons. But god damn that LG V30 screen is pretty nice, and it doesnt have huge bezels like every iphone has had. And fuck iPhone X's face recognition. Fingerprint will always be superior, and more comfortable.
Japan Switch (7 hours ago)
I am part of the apple ecosystem I had an android and windows back in 2014 but I had so many problems and i had the latest flagship at that time samsung galaxy s5. I also had an alienware desktop. I had been tempted to switch to apple at that time but I stuck with samsung and windows till the 6s came out. I saw the 6s and I tried it at my local apple store and that day i saw the simplicity of it and bought it and sold my s5 the same day. Then i had that for 6 months and bought an iMac but i still kept my alienware for gaming. Everything was so simple as all your information was tied together. Everything u do on ur phone happens on ur computer. I bought an apple watch because i found one on offer for $169.99 brand new and that worked seamlessly. Now i have an iMac pro and a macbook air when i travel. I also have an iPhone 8 plus, apple watch series 3 and an ipad pro. Everything works together which made me switch.
Cheap Kiwis (7 hours ago)
rich people problems
David Xiong (7 hours ago)
Biggest scam in 21st century
Christopher Boyer (8 hours ago)
I think what might ultimately lead to consumers, like myself, leaving the ecosystem, is the price of the iPhone. It's true, there are "lower cost" iPhone models now, but most of the completely or more new products start out at over $800 bucks after taxes. MacBooks and iMac have a longevity reputation that Windows computers can't seem to match right now, but I don't know if the iPhone has the reputation. Thoughts anyone?
Jasmine Blair (8 hours ago)
I haven't found another "family of products" that works so well anywhere else. Although I think soon Google will be a major competitor with their own line of products.
nozrep (11 hours ago)
in investing jargon, aka, a company's "moat", aka, ecosystem
nozrep (11 hours ago)
in this episode, mkbhd wears a tshirt of a picture of his own hand in lotus position, hashtag long fingers
nozrep (11 hours ago)
holy fuck what is that amazing tshirt he is wearingggggggguh?!
Ed Vincent Calaguas (20 hours ago)
Reasons why it’s hard for me to try Samsung again because of my important notes in my iCloud. I don’t know how to transfer all of them to Samsung phone
Sanskriti Shah (23 hours ago)
I made the speed 1.25 × Lol 😛
brilliant (1 day ago)
Can you make a video explanation about google’s ecosystem?
Direct M (1 day ago)
D.Trump participated in making this video, just the "wall" parts I guess lol
crab leg (1 day ago)
Have you asked the 13 year old girls why they have an iphone
Gugz Mandare (1 day ago)
Why u be so gay and posh reviewing items ..just be normal man be specific we dont wana know your likes or dislikes .right
Cal Mclaughlin (1 day ago)
Afridi Mohomad (1 day ago)
Apple haha hahaha haha hahahahahhaha haaha hahaha hhaha haha ha haaaha..............
Swapnil Bhartiya (1 day ago)
There is no such ecosystem. Google Music is far better, Assistant is far better, YouTube is far better...there is NO ecosystem, it's only fanboys. I carry both iPhone and Note 8 and most of the time carry Note 8. Why? Google ecosystem.
Christian Daniel (1 day ago)
Hard for the Apple lovers but it is so true! (coming from someone who has a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge)
Corey J (1 day ago)
Wish dumb dumbs would stop saying the services Google offers are free. Your personal information is worth money, hence why Zuckerberg is rich af. Apple services like iCloud charge you in cash instead of data. I, like many, prefer this.
Why_it (1 day ago)
spotify is "clearly better" I disagree
PRO LIVE TV (1 day ago)
this is the second time i' watch the video . and fantastic great production .
Mohamad Mansour (1 day ago)
Honest !
Andrew Teal (1 day ago)
Can we get a link to that Macbook wallpaper?
MTM (1 day ago)
My thoughts to a T. Literally!
Bhargav Sripada (1 day ago)
Make an android ecosystem vid....
Alexis Smith (1 day ago)
Thanks for taking the time to explain....now I understand.....
John vape (1 day ago)
the ecosystem apple sucks you into is a costly one which makes them more money which is why they use their own proprietary connections... It's garbage.
John vape (1 day ago)
Speaking of migrating from one to another it's much easier to go from android to apple then apple to android have noticed and I am the guy everyone goes to for tech advice and troubleshooting. apple users, I find, have the lowest technical knowledge.
John vape (1 day ago)
Android has have all these features for years now. Apple is just playing catch up but at a high cost. I remember re-coding a NAS server in 2003 and now look where we are? NAs servers are pre made and pre coded with interconnectability with our smartphones
Pradyumn Vij (1 day ago)
It's hilarious watching someone who is use to the Apple ecosystem try and operate with a normal person. Why doesn't my * work?? Wahh do you have air * i* apple* ??
lamp007 (1 day ago)
It’s already too late!
Vojtěch Mach (1 day ago)
I kinda dont get the point. As a customer I DO want my tech to cooperate and apple has managed this best so far. I have recently bought macbook as my first apple device and I already see why (for average user) it actually is superior. The tech should serve you, not the other way around, it should work as smoothly as possible with minimal steps required from the user. Just compareing OS X to windows, the difference is huge, it actually is the best laptop for everyday usage (notice that Im saying this while not being hooked by the ecosystem). Its shameful that other manufacturers haven't gotten even close to what apple has going on. One more thing - google should have released their desktop OS years ago. If they did, I wouldnt have to switch to OS X. If they build their own laptops with their own OS, in the way apple does it, I would use that instead of macbook. Basically I would use anything just to ditch that fu***ing windows.
Gagan (1 day ago)
Starats livevil (1 day ago)
F the ecosystem. Every company has the best things for certain items. Computers definitely Macs, Phones Androids (i like samsung I have an s9+) Speakers arguably Bose, JBL, Harman.. etc... Headphones I love audio technica. TVs I prefer sony. Smartwatch Mehhh Id rather wear a nice rolex.
Aakash Gorde (1 day ago)
It should be more like a-co system
Carlos De Leon (1 day ago)
Well fuck I just bought an iPhone X. Gonna need to avoid any other Apple product
jakub pacyna (1 day ago)
It's prison not ecosystem
J.J. Rohrig (2 days ago)
Ha, it's called communism.
GreatGrandmasterWang (2 days ago)
I don’t understand the imessage and facetime argument. Why not use the facebook messenger instead? It already has those features plus it is multi platform.
Steven Grey (2 days ago)
This video is like step one in AA meeting ... Hi my name is Steven and I have an Apple problem. Can never leave... too deep in. I have way to much content, apps and accessories that moving to a better phone is super expensive because of the sunk cost. And I am very aware of the fallacy. Leaving is a slow careful exercise that will take a long time.
Gimberg Preval (2 days ago)
Who else is Rocking the iPear Z
Movie Games (2 days ago)
I hate how Apple shoves their ecosystem down your throat. I would probably use an iPhone if Apple made it easy to use Google for everything. All I want to do is set my default Mail to Gmail, maps to Google maps, photos to Google Photos, etc etc. But Apple makes it impossible without jailbreaking.
José Ángel (2 days ago)
That's why I only use multi platform apps so you don't have ties & can work in any pc & smartphone.
DopeBoy Troy (2 days ago)
Im locked in the apple ecosystem and im never leaving 😭
DopeBoy Troy (2 days ago)
Did you see how he came for the iphone x with the samsung note 8 😂
Sanketkumar Parekh (2 days ago)
Philosophical video??!!
Reza Yusuf Haryono (2 days ago)
everything works so beatifully~
Julian Dahl (2 days ago)
Just got the iPhone 10 a few months ago... Probably would have gotten a Pixel 2 if Google's 'ecosystem' didn't work as well as it does on iPhone.
Rajith Sharma (2 days ago)
Aswin Achuthan (2 days ago)
One of your best video!
Vraj Patel (2 days ago)
I jumped the wall! iPhone 5 to S8😁
David Ransom (2 days ago)
This video, Marques, may be the best one you've ever made. Great insights.
Fred Aqui (2 days ago)
Before it's too late 😅😅😅
Dalibor Klobučar (2 days ago)
Its all OK. You drive Tesla: Ask yourself why Musk is afraid of Google's dominance, and compares it with Skynet. EVERY PRO who keeps to their privacy want nothing to do with Google
Jatinder Flora (2 days ago)
Vendor Lock in
colonforsecs (2 days ago)
Apple is done for.
SMRRF (2 days ago)
When they make an Apple iWashing Machine. I'll start gardening.
Victor Martinez (2 days ago)
None of that won't make me go to Apple lol, ever!
Roberto Villani (2 days ago)
Apple è come provare del Crystal meth lo provi ti sembra di stare in paradiso. Poi... SE ti riprendi ti accorgi di averlo preso nel c*lo speso una valanga di soldi x fare cose che puoi fare con altri ottimi prodotti con un prezzo molto più umano. Benvenuti nel mondo Apple 😂
arvee vista (2 days ago)
they make you buy more apple products...which are overpriced...
TYLER B/ OHIO FISHING (2 days ago)
iPhone user for a long time now, Just bought the pixel 2 Xl Comes in tomorrow. Hopefully I made the right decision! Been really frustrated with how Apple slows down the previous phones. and been having serious problems with mine. Hard to go spend $1,100 on a phone that they admit there going to throttle in a year or so... After watching your vids all week I’m really pumped for the pixel. Keep up the good work man! 👊
Info Sun (2 days ago)
A hypothetical question. If iPhone X was the first iPhone ever. What would you thoughts be about it? Would you like iOS?
Conor Larkin (2 days ago)
Anyone know where he got that awesome neon wallpaper on the Mac book?
Sagar Sany (2 days ago)
Google ecosystem hands down is the best.
taltigolt (2 days ago)
My dad hated how locked his iPhone was and how everything was complicated so he got an android
Gera Roginskii (2 days ago)
I’m an Apple slave and I don’t even care!! =)
jacky sew (2 days ago)
Well explain, thanks for the video. :)
Ronald Lockwich (2 days ago)
lmao loved what you did there with slowly raising the S9
Ketan Dua (2 days ago)
Apple is like the Tech Wakanda. Apple needs a T'Challa.
Quan Tran (3 days ago)
Love your channel, love your videos and tech opinion, but finally noticing that your wall decorations are ever so slightly crooked triggered me lol. Keep up the awesome content though
Saumya Rastogi (3 days ago)
For which one should I go for... iPhone X or Google Pixel 2 XL?
ReyXtractor (3 days ago)
Wow! You definitely know what you’re talking about! Great video! Will definitely consider your advise!
Justin Mayfield (3 days ago)
I know that tech people tend to have an affinity for Windows and Android because of the customization possibilities and when I was younger, I did too. But I don't have time for that any more. I recently built a new PC as a file server. Countless hours later I was still configuring - even after finishing the physical build. I finally just broke down and bought a Mac Mini. Worked right out of the box with almost no configuration. Even as a remote FTP server. Plus it works like a dream for interacting with the rest of the Macs in the house. ECO SYSTEM FTW
crame (3 days ago)
just came for the vacuum cleaner. Disappointed.
Jaime Lannister (3 days ago)
We don’t buy a Samsung device because we value our safety. Paying $900 for a grenade is quite expensive, imo.
Tide Pods (3 days ago)
No thanks...i’ll keep my Google Ecosystem, it’s not like North Korea, but Apple Ecosystem is...you only get to choose what they want you to choose...
Ryan Daniel (3 days ago)
Brilliant video
林柏亨 (3 days ago)
icloud is by far the worst cloud service i've ever used, photos saved there are kind of in a jail
Boyd R (3 days ago)
Staying with android.
Abdullah Al-Marhuby (3 days ago)
The main reason I use Apple devices
Som T (3 days ago)
Apple knows a lot of its users are locked into this ecosystem. That's why they've been slowing their older iphone models. Because they know they that people will inevitably upgrade to another iPhone. This is a fucking scam in my opinion. But apple fanboys are too stupid to realize.
Tech Urdu.PK (3 days ago)
who is watching in 2020 ? :P
Satoaki E. (3 days ago)
One mistake: Apple Air Pods have the ability to connect to bluetooth.
Jishnu Warrier (3 days ago)
Loved the video...!!!
Eggy (3 days ago)
Samsung has an ecosystem to... It is worth checking out.
Suryateja GT (3 days ago)
Apple sucks, always and forever it has the basic phone specification like the camera 12 mp, 2GB RAM, LOW BATTERY LIFE, SLOW PERFORMANCE AND LASTLY ITS FUCKIN EXPENSIVE DEVICE FOR A COMMON MAN TO BUY! BETTER CAN USE BLACKBERRY, SAMSUNG,SONY,ETC!
Abin Benny (3 days ago)
The Ecosystem?
Quacktics are Go (3 days ago)
Google and microsoft should really try and work better together. I love my windows 10 pc and my android phone, but they just don't talk to each other well.
About The Fact (3 days ago)
Brandamonium (3 days ago)
It is possible to leave the Apple Ecosystem. I did it!
Nikita Bajpai (3 days ago)
The way he held up the s9 😂😂😂
Jamie Christie (3 days ago)
Only really a fan of the iPhones / iPads just purely because of iOS. The UI is simple and easy to use. Not a fan of Mac OS though. Also don’t really use the Apple services like Apple Music and tend not to use iCloud
Esteban Albanesi (3 days ago)
Marques, you say that we shouldn't get locked in an ecosystem and that's great. But its kinda tough to do when apple makes it so hard to get into! I mean, I use a windows pc and an android phone and I always have used windows (or ubuntu linux) and before that a symbian OS Nokia. But Apple makes it so hard to use just one of their products. I actually owned an ipod back in the day and it was fine to be used in windows but switching to an iphone for me is just out of the question.. first of all when I try using one I feel dumb since I cant figure out the UX right away coming from every version of Android.. then it forces me to do everything by their rules.. its just too bossy for me.. like you said.. its either all apple or nothing and I prefer a little diversity.. apple drives me away by wanting to pull me in. I'm not saying that the products are bad, in fact most of them are great and some better than what you can get in other ecosystems.. but I feel like apple wants to suck my blood!!
Esteban Albanesi (3 days ago)
Also I have to say that what apple did in the US is amazing.. folks just can't get enough of apple.. its sorta like a drug to most users.. thay need their fix! Most apple users are so blinded that they wont even consider something different even if its half the price with the same or better quality.. marketing rules!
ÝəÆh ÕœØ! (3 days ago)
A completely better phone... but that ecosystem though 😂
myusernames1967 (3 days ago)
Yep,within those walls you have software security issues,bugs,not a lot of features but you iSheep dont know what you are missing because you stay inside the walls stroking each others dicks telling each other how good it is.....
Brianna Rand (3 days ago)
Don't get me wrong I understand where you are coming from with the "don't be blind to other great products out there" but has anyone ever thought that maybe people like apple just because they are comfortable with it and its ecosystem. Nothing more nothing less.
Lars Leion (3 days ago)
I have actually never really cared for being tied to ecosystems. I've been drawed to solutions that can be used across devices. I recently got an iPhone SE for cheaps as a replacement for my Android, and I just received and answered my first call on my macbook. So. Smooth. And. Seamless. Man, I can feel the ecosystem grabbing me like the Kraken haha. Made me think of this video. I still feel the same way about ecosystems, but it'll honestly be hard for me to go back now.
Nikhil Anand (3 days ago)
F**k ecosystem
Tim Harmer (3 days ago)
I've been a long time lover of Google and that won't change but the thing i really want to get rid of is Microsoft. Using a 5 year old laptop now (when new it was top spec) but every-time there is an update, something breaks or stops working. Also, why does one day my laptop works fine and the next day it takes an age to open a file! This is why I really want to integrate a iMac into my Google ecosystem. Is it easy to do?

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