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The 🍎 Ecosystem: Explained!

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Why we can't stop using iPhones. iPhone X Review: https://youtu.be/9Ca8zWJOlFQ Apple HomePod Review: https://youtu.be/mpjREfvZiDs MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (15559)
Mike Ackerman (1 hour ago)
"Collab?" "Nope" 😂
Mike Ackerman (1 hour ago)
I've been part of the "Apple Ecosystem" since the iPhone 3GS. I already have a buyer lined up for my iPhone 8 Plus 256GB, Apple Watch Series 2 42mm, and my AirPods...for in OCTOBER when the Google Pixel 3 XL comes out. I'm breaking free. I NEED TO BE FREE!!! (despite the hundreds I've spent over the years in apps)
Antehh (3 hours ago)
Is this 21 savage... and i use Apple but don’t use the ecosystem
Eng Lion (4 hours ago)
dear apple user stay in youre garden the outside world is contaminated with windowes and android
Frank Rosati (7 hours ago)
I love your HS5’s. I’ve had HS7’s for a minute now and they’re the greatest monitors ever. As much as I would love a $350 standalone speaker (LOL) nothing will ever compare to those bad boys. You just earned yourself a new subscriber, sir.
savon boone (19 hours ago)
Said *ecosystem* so much it doesn't sound like a word anymore
Yahir Vite Lugardo (22 hours ago)
Is it just me,or do somebody look at his hands often?
SMARTART (1 day ago)
As long as those within the ecosystem act petty towards those outside of it. I know people go out of their way at times to keep what they use and sometimes who they message inside; that's when I start to look at someone sideways.
jorgech11 (1 day ago)
I have apple products and I appreciate the integration. I also use google's info-system for many things
I would disagree with this too an extent. I am in the apple ecosystem, but not fully. I use 3rd party Wireless earbuds(Bose) and they work great. Same with all my Bluetooth speakers and sound system, not one apple product there, no issues. Same with my Alexa, while it’s not as nice as if I was using a Siri speaker, I generally don’t use it to set reminders on my phone, just at home or my workplace. I use iCloud and google drive about the same. iCloud for photos, keychain, and the like, and google drive for my contacts, files, and school(as I use a PC at both work and school). I’ve owned android devices before, and honestly, apple deals with thirds party better than android did. iCloud is useless on android, while drive on OS is great, almost as great as iCloud. Apple Music on android is horrible, but Spotify on apple works perfectly fine. I’m in the camp though, of I use apple because I love the OS, so much that I can’t stand android. My iPad, iPhone, and MacBook do anything I ever could want, and more, and for the things I use that aren’t apple, they still work great😊
Areesha Hasan (1 day ago)
I love hearing him talk???
HAGO TV (1 day ago)
The ecosystem
Furnace Furn (1 day ago)
It's a trap
Steven Warren (2 days ago)
I’ve been with android for 6 years I just switched to the iPhone 8 Plus so I could get into the Apple ecosystem my mom my brother my wife my friends all have iPhones so it made sense to switch so I finally gave into Apple after 6 years so I see your point but I have an old iPad and an old Apple TV from when I had the iPhone 4s lol and screw the Apple home pod I have a JBL speaker that sounds amazing and it works with any device and has a usb charging port on it
Theman703 (2 days ago)
Lol I just bought the Iphone X because I love it's design, it's very easy to use/userfriendly, I discovered FaceID and love it and I don't really game on phones or so only music so no need for 16Gb of Ram and 8 cores. With phones (atleast for me) it's kinda Form > Function.
ScreamShot (2 days ago)
Apple is like Trump's wall and Samsung and all the other Android companies/brands are like Clinton's bridge (I don't support either of them, just sayin').
Zeus 56 (2 days ago)
the "ecosystem" is a way for companies to lock you in their product circle.
Marion Dela Cruz (2 days ago)
ecosystem ahahahaha
bluepeng889 (2 days ago)
The only Apple product I have is an iPhone. I have Pre-Apple Beats and Bose QC 35 headphones and Bose Soundlink Mini speakers. I have a dell desktop
VTREX2010 (2 days ago)
"That ecosystem though"!
Vincen Cohan (2 days ago)
Its too late for me. I love their security. You can stole but you can’t use it. I will find you, where you are on earth... ipad pro, macbook pro, ipod, apple watch & iphone
Annel Moreno (2 days ago)
That's why I think that's unless you're extremely wealthy and can afford all these Apple products, the warranties to cover them and can maintain the whole ecosystem, don't use Apple.
GODLIKE (2 days ago)
Can I get in the eco system
Lou (2 days ago)
The wall is to keep out the bloatware, viruses, and other bugs. That is why inside the wall everything works together in harmony! And Mexico didn't pay for the wall, we did.
Seamus Lewin (2 days ago)
i stay with apple because in canada so many people use the ecosystem.. apple isnt the best these days but it was for about a 5-7 year window and it drew so many people in that crucial period in tele communications history 2008- 2014.. IMO
Joseph Esteban (2 days ago)
I have the iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPods, but plot twist, I have an echo. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUH
Adi Wijaya (3 days ago)
Apple Ecosystem is pretty much like the N. Korea. Amaze its users with new outdated features. IOS 12 just released group notifications in mid 2018! All the apple fanboys are clapping and celebrating! Really?? Are u being drugged already? That feature has been on android for quite a long time. I really see it like the N. Korean citizens who were shocked and amazed with a very normal hybrid car in year 2018... So pity. The prime minister has been so well in building up those walls...
Alexandre M (3 days ago)
WOW! That make so much sense!
Anisur Rahman Lavu (3 days ago)
how many phones do you have?
Beverlyyy_ (3 days ago)
I will forever love Samsung phones but I cannot live without my Apple computer.
the broken (3 days ago)
Yea I’m made a horrible mistake getting the iPhone 10. expensive mistake, I hate the ecosystem because it’s so enclosed. I’m going to sell it on let go.
Steven Lee (4 days ago)
apple is a cult
KD Pictures (4 days ago)
Could you do a video about the google Ecosystem?
Gamer_Boiii 77 (4 days ago)
To break that huge wall on an iPhone, we use a jailbreak... It lets u do pretty much anything an Android phone can do...
samir .k (4 days ago)
I'm not an apple hater but to spend so much on an overpriced product only really comes down to fitting in with friends, I think if everyone sat down at a computer and educated themselves on smartphones I really do believe most will use android.
samir .k (4 days ago)
Apple has the freedom of North Korea
gxame (5 days ago)
TBH the only reason I use an iPhone is because. Everybody has one and I need to be apart of society. Green bubbles Make me look poor
samir .k (4 days ago)
gxame that's why most people buy them
Arshad Abrahams (5 days ago)
This pretty much sums up everything. As someone who recently switched from iOS to Android, switching ecosystems was by far the hardest thing to do.
Spinn TV (6 days ago)
For me :Android = Freedom
chamka destina (6 days ago)
I’m locked in. I just ordered another iPhone 7 Plus after breaking my last one. I was close to buying a galaxy s8 plus but I just couldn’t do it... they got me.
Rian Hidayat (6 days ago)
so its pretty much "north korea" to me
The Wolf (6 days ago)
One of the best video :) always try different things if don't like its OK but at lest you try :)
Bruno Umoffia (6 days ago)
That had been my 1 fear getting an iPhone. This so called eco system that sucks you up too deep
Chris Keele (6 days ago)
Anyone else irritated with the alignment of the black and red sound proofing behind mkbhd. My OCD is being racked.
Clark Kent (6 days ago)
that average consumer guy is silly "you're gonna tell me to go download something" - newsflash homie, most of your apps are downloaded. tell me that cunt didnt download facebook, instagram and snapchat.
Georg Steeb (6 days ago)
Yes, the walls are high in Apples ecosystem, because they want to sell their expensive products. In Googles ecosystem the walls are low, because they want as much data as possible from every platform. You pay Google with your data, then Google sells your data. In my opinion both ways are not good. But I'm using both systems too.
Shannon Creech (7 days ago)
im fine tho, I don't want to leave
Cole- Play (7 days ago)
Weirdly I used to be in the ecosystem and then left for a Google pixel, however I find myself wanting to go back into the ecosystem. This is because even though the Android phones are better, as a casual consumer I would prefer another iPhone. All the features that are better on Androids are only marginally better and (to me at least) not that noticeable. At this point the primary use for my phone is communication and the iPhones have much better means for communicating.
ChrisPewKreme (7 days ago)
For me, it’s the tiny features. Like tap the status bar to scroll to the top. Or swiping to go back a page. Or double tapping the home button to enter a one hand mode. Apple just has some unique, and intuitive features. Not to forget how well their products work together. I love the Pixel, but it’s lacking. It’s those small features that draw me back.
Terrell McCoy, Jr. (7 days ago)
Thank you for taking the time out to break this down. I will admit that I, myself, am a slave to the ecosystem within Apple, so this video is a great explanation to those who may not understand exactly how everything works. With the recent update that Apple just dropped, the ecosystem only got stronger with the new FaceTime system as well as the new emojis. Once again, thanks for this video and keep up the great work!
Jake Wade (7 days ago)
coming from an android fainboy
Talha Siddiqui (7 days ago)
His shirt literally made me say 'Very Nice'👌👌👌
Mardy (8 days ago)
The Apple ecosystem is how technology in 2018 should operate. And it works so well because it's a single company doing all of it. But all the limiting factors involved still make less viable for most people. It's still a great example of how things could be though. Wether you like Apple or not, they've always been pushing technology forward. They're the first to make bold moves that they then receive a bunch of backlash for, only for the rest of the industry to copy their ideas. The only Apple product I still use is a 2nd gen iPad, but as a consumer I still profit from the way they change the industry.
Rush Apolonio (8 days ago)
I'll just stick to google ecosystem
Thibault Libat (8 days ago)
can you make a review of the vivo next ?
I’m just A HumanKid (8 days ago)
At least Apple don’t drop support from 2-3 yrs
Uchu Bunganuing (8 days ago)
I'm watching this video on my iPhone 7. The only Apple's product I have.
Liam Jaffray (8 days ago)
If you buy one Apple product you get sucked into their ecosystem. I bought a £319 iPad first, then Airpods and now I'm getting rid of my Android phone and getting an iPhone. I've just been so impressed how well everything works together.
Blazing Hit-O (8 days ago)
hi (9 days ago)
Apple is like having one solid house to live in in the suburbs, but you can only interact in that area. Android is having easy access to the rest city, and taking trips though the suburbs every now and then.
Ethan Goore (9 days ago)
Personally I like the Apple ecosystem
Angus Au Yeung (9 days ago)
I’m a Apple fan I hate watermelon.
CSharp (9 days ago)
Honestly don't see the appeal of the ecosystem. Just recently my bt earbuds started to malfunction, leaving me to use my wired ones--yup, I have a headphone jack--until I replaced them. What I finally did was get a bt adapter that allows me to use those wired buds wirelessly. That also means I can connect it to the aux jack in my car to play audio there too. Point is, I can grab any of the compatible accessories and they work with my phone, 'cause Android.
CSharp (9 days ago)
While talking about the walled garden you were practically describing the movie The Village. LOL
kinglouie93 (10 days ago)
But is it worth spending those thousands of dollars extra for a few things?
AZIZ (10 days ago)
because simply, Apple has build the (most perfect 'ecosystem' ever) I tried to get out of this ecosystem, and I got Samsung Note 8, it's very good device, good battery, good screen, and tried to use the Microsoft ecosystem with all OneDrive etc.... but thru time, I didn't really felt it is great, I love to feel all my devices are connected in everything, I use iPad and MacBook a lot! so I need them to be connected so bad, that's why I got back to the Apple's ecosystem, and I'm not even regret it
AZIZ (10 days ago)
bruh ur t-shirt is 666 illuminati confirmed
Jameel Seidel (11 days ago)
Report from inside the walled​ garden: Not too bad at all...
DANEIL LEE (11 days ago)
ilight next
Cardboard Box (11 days ago)
BUT, all this can be done on Android and more
Goldstone (11 days ago)
"because...that ecosystem though..."
Danial khan (11 days ago)
Never used Apple in my entire life but this ecosystem makes me want to try Apple and get into ecosystem.
lolly pop (11 days ago)
i hate apple.... i think they have nothing... ooooh yak but many people buy apple products . because they are expensive, they have different standards ,afcourse they have different logo..i believe that if apple remove its apple logo from next products... then very small amount of people will buy the iphones...
Michał Włodarski (12 days ago)
I'm watching from outside of the ecosystem
Zatharos (12 days ago)
Ew unbox therapy
Parikshith Ram (12 days ago)
Mkbhd can u suggest which ecosystem is better according to u..apple or Google And can u also make a video bout Google ecosystem too
Liam Dale (12 days ago)
"The AirPods become useless". That's not entirely true. AirPods do work with Android phones, but you're just missing out on Apple-only features such as double tap to activate Siri, auto pause and that quick pairing.
Stiles (12 days ago)
All these companies want you to be drawn in to their ecosystem so that they can monopolize the industry. That's why they're able to charge so much for everything in their ecosystem. It's ok if you genuinely like the products but the reasons you listed are why people don't want to leave the "ecosystem" which is really a monopoly. That being said though, I've only maybe run into a 2 people in the real world who are apart of the ecosystem. Most people I know might have a macbook or an iphone but not both.
Anthony S (12 days ago)
Airpods work on android for fucksake!!!!
Daniel Abudu (13 days ago)
"Entire companies have been born to make the switching process easier. " Lmao.
M&M (13 days ago)
Iphone is so expensive because people are stupid and they fall for that shit Apple sales to them. It's true the I phone is good and runs smoothly more than any other smartphone but it is always double the price.
M&M (13 days ago)
Nicely explained
Larry Simpkins (13 days ago)
Larry Simpkins (13 days ago)
Anas Ahamed R (14 days ago)
You should a video listing the top ecosystems for smart phones, we need to know
Ryan Love (14 days ago)
I had an Android many many many years ago. When iPhone 1 came, I became an apple user for life. I really am not a religious devotee of apple but i have used iPhone 1,3,4,5,6,7plus. I also have iMac, iPad Airpods, i sold my MacBook and Apple TV because work is easier on iMac and iPad. Regarding the ecosystem issue, the reason why I will never leave Apple is the American lazy convenience. I am reminded every year that I can convert to android or Samsung but knowing all the conversion process and inconvenience to convert is very unattractive to me. Also, I tried playing with a Samsung Note 8 from a relative and it gave me a headache! You have to use your brain to use an Android. How despicable when an iPhone was easy breezy beautiful covergirl. From that day I made the resolve to stick with Apple regardless of their slow progress, lack of advance tech because my life isn’t about tech race. It’s about convenience. Also the culture is LA mirrors the same. If you have an Samsung and something goes wrong—you have to talk to the ChingChongman and deal with crap service. If something goes wrong with the iPhone, you go to the mall and get it fixed ASAP and move on. Also it doesn’t help to notice that the people who own Samsung and androids are poor people who cannot afford nice expensive things. I’m a very vain person and I like luxurious lifestyle and I cannot help that many of these illegal foreigners are using Android. Sorry not trying to sound racist but it’s true. When you look at AT&T all the androids are Buy 1 get 4 FREE and Apple products are always at a premium. All these contribute to the winning victory that I will always use iPhone and iOS. Call Me a sheep or dumb or any other name but I don’t experience crap service or crap stuff with my iPhone. I know plenty of Samsung S8 Note 8 have crap complaints all the time. “Customization” they say but Android is nothing but lags, bugs and headache. Also their resale value mirrors their buyers—POOR.
KeyboardWrecker (14 days ago)
Don't forget sunk-cost into platform-specific apps. I really like my Android phones but I still miss a couple of apps I left behind.
Reece Fullerton (14 days ago)
I totally agree. Many people I know have the iPhone X, and when I ask them why did you get an iPhone X, they say “well duh, because its Apple.” When Apple was obviously surperior many years ago, many people joined Apple and its ecosystem because it was better. Now, the competition is much steeper, but Apple users dont even bother to look into the othr products made by Google, Amazon, etc. They are set on the Apple ecosystem because its all they’ve ever known. This was an interesting strategy by Apple, because many people dont care or know about the other great products out there that are not in the ecosystem.
john kirk (14 days ago)
i use a windows pc, macbook pro, airpods and a galaxy s8..... Fuck the Ecosystem. 😂😂
Infinity Fifty (14 days ago)
i love the intro so much hahahahahahaha
italiancapo7 (14 days ago)
Great explanation
S (14 days ago)
"it takes courage" for Apple to treat their users like drug addicts
shogun Otaku (15 days ago)
Who can see attack on Titans here ??
abinvarghese21 (15 days ago)
now i understand.
Rossen Kamenov (15 days ago)
You said a new phone could come out with a better battery twice
I really liked the “Walled garden” metaphor, that you have used. It describes the Apple policy very well
Spencer - Gaming! (15 days ago)
Well I’m in the ecosystem then
Cypher360clothing (15 days ago)
It's called a Eco Cult!!!!
Julian Joubert (16 days ago)
Yea thanks for ur info i was almost cought in apple's ecosystem so i didn't like the fact that android hase a file manager for example so i can manage my file and not my phone managing its self and also android is got more on its plate for example u can download cool apps to make ur phone look different then other phone so yea thanks for "warning" us not to get tangled in the apple web

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