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The TRUTH about XIAOMI !

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Xiaomi is releasing the Mi 8 and opens new stores across europe with the Mi8 launch. With the Xiaomi Mi 8 they are going to conquer the western countries. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in Tech! ►►► https://www.facebook.com/techmagnet/ https://twitter.com/techmagnet_yt Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information on products from China, then head over to our platform! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! 😃 ►►► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by : music (bought) - Epidemic Sounds Links marked with * are Affiliate Links
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Text Comments (639)
Shahria Uddin (9 hours ago)
Österreicher = automatische abonnierung
siddhardha k (18 hours ago)
Watching on mi max 2
Keya Kinan (1 day ago)
morpheos111 (1 day ago)
Xiaomi is great. I hope it developes its own chips, because the US government is coming for them.
The Gamer-Atg (1 day ago)
3:00 who plays clash of clans?
Jakub Mačuha (1 day ago)
cagalliyula atha (2 days ago)
Watching with redmi 5. Awesome phone.
MONIKA KAUSHIK (2 days ago)
Very good mobile brand in world
FTV (2 days ago)
3:05 why is there jio app present in your phone. you aren't seem to be indian
Pau Bofill Sala (2 days ago)
Hi! Does anyone know what are Xiaomi's environmental policies and policies concerning workers rights (minimum wage, unions...)? Also, does anyone know where they cobalt comes from (RDC?)? Thanks!!!
King Arthur (2 days ago)
thanks to globalization China is the first ever to benefit a communist lol
藤原正彦 (3 days ago)
Dont buy chinese phone!
Mohammed Adeeb (3 days ago)
I'm using mi note 5 since a year believe the mobile works flawlessly I never ever experienced something called stucked/hanged. Thanks Xiaomi 😍
Apple loot fools
PC GaMeS (4 days ago)
Watching on Redmi 5A 😁
MMedic (4 days ago)
>complains about non removable apps >uninstalls the non removable app uninstaller Nice example footage you're showing there!
Aushaf Saif (4 days ago)
Mi 5 and iphone X user, now i want mi 8 !!!
Hero Hour (4 days ago)
No more stores, no more clerks, just go online and click and wait 3 days for delivery. Life is great.
The Entertainer (4 days ago)
*Mi Note 4 is Love note 4 is Life!*
deaamir (4 days ago)
Yea, but what was the secret ?
Xin Tian (5 days ago)
LOLL. Are you OK???
R4MP4G3 _ (5 days ago)
please upgrade your gps problem xiaomi.. sadlife
dantes peek (5 days ago)
But the other fact that I don't like is supporting chinese products. These guys are manipulators and taken the whole world by killing the market at their own expense in the beginning. The tech is not from them initially, they focused on copying every other tech since all the major tech factories are based in china. Now they are emerging as the japanese in the 80's , 90's and 2k's only that they did not earn or acquire the discipline by themselves. Its other peoples work put together and sold at a cheap price with mass productions. So no, I'll stick to my samsung's and Sony's though they cost a bit more. Even kung fu doesn't belong to them enough said.
Manoj Choudhary (5 days ago)
Xiaomi has become a very big brand in India. IAM also a Xiaomi user but there after sales service and flash sales sucks.
Prob_io (5 days ago)
Well considering the air in china I'd rather stay less advanced ...
Md Yusof Pauzi (6 days ago)
watching on my redmi 5plus
bleulenyer (6 days ago)
xiaomi fucking sucks.
Angry Kaka (6 days ago)
Xiaomi don't come with blootware
Deadman Plate hii (6 days ago)
Watching with my xiaomi mi mix 2s
kike garrido (7 days ago)
Xiaomi redmi 5 plus👍👍
Commander Apsarak (7 days ago)
You know a lot about India and Its smartphone market
Shadow _Robot (7 days ago)
The truth about Xiaomi, It’s is a copycat company.
JayKaiiGamer123 _YT (7 days ago)
CEO of xiaomi is gay
Mark Velasco (7 days ago)
Watching on my Redmi 5 Plus
Romeo Rome (7 days ago)
Am not a Apple fan, they made with low cost and over price phones. At least every other phone you know what you are getting for.
Ru_su (8 days ago)
China, like usually, wanna take your money, and don't wanna buy your products. What’s why they ban foreign everything.
Robert Winkler (8 days ago)
You can remove Xiaomis bloat apps with the xiaomi debloater tool when in fastboot. Just google it.
Robert Winkler (8 days ago)
I use MIUI only because of the outstanding edge gesture control. They did so well with these. I never want to go back to buttons. Once Android P releases with well working gestures I will switch to stock though.
Denden Bacay (8 days ago)
Watching on my redmi 4a
Slice of Life (8 days ago)
I bought mine online last year and do not regret a bit!
Elektromaniak (8 days ago)
I'm afraid it's not true that the first Mi Store in Europe was opened in Vienna, in example Mi Store in Cracow was opened on 28th of march 2018, and in Warsaw on 12th of may.
shadoom (8 days ago)
Xiaomi has absolutely terrible support. The official forums is infested with raging Indians closing proper bug reports with random reasons depending on their day. There is a bug in a couple of Redmi devices that stops almost all sensors and hardware accelerated functions (e.g video playback) but they've been hiding bug reports and force closing them.
blues nspire (9 days ago)
Purchased a 10,000 MAH powerbank from xiaomi. Within a day or two it stopped working. By curiosity i had the power bank opened. Guess what i found inside!!? Inside it read 8,000 MAH and that too from an unknown manufacturer. Thats one of the ways they are cashing in big time 💰.. i wasnt shocked. But now i have a different perspective about Chinese brands (scams)
Narendra Sawalkar (9 days ago)
I am using redmi note 5. Have to say mind blowing phone ever seen in this price!
Filipino Hart (9 days ago)
Redmi 5a user😍💞❤️
ich ich (9 days ago)
Can't wait to get my hands on the next mi mix
underwaterman (9 days ago)
i like Xiaomi products and price.
Shin Jara (9 days ago)
Across CHINA Smartphone Brands, I'm in for Huawei first and Xiaomi second.
erebus N (10 days ago)
I've used Xiaomi Redmi 3s and 2. Even used Redmi note 4 but lost it recently. Im buying Redmi 5 note pro tomorrow from #mi store online. I'm from India.
Pavel Krizhevkiy (10 days ago)
I like the atmosphere of electronic market very much too. You can always walk, talk with coneccers, have a nice time. For me it is also such a pity, that all selling goes to internet, and the live - markets are doomed to die out.
Jonas Thomi (10 days ago)
nice. i have imported a mi5 and its very good.
ABDU PRO (10 days ago)
You steal their logo
Łukasz Tokarski (10 days ago)
Well, before Your "first" in Europe Mi Store, there was an opening of Mi Store in Kraków Poland on 24 March.... So no, You weren't first, I'm afraid
Øystein H (10 days ago)
Im a big fan of xiaomi hardware. Low cost, high quality, always!
YupGaming (10 days ago)
Your logo looks like Mi but without the i
Jai Verma (10 days ago)
The only reason I disliked your video is for the misleading title and thumbnail
Kenneth LNOR (11 days ago)
Just received two Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One phones from Banggood. Good phone, great price. Much better than my Motorola Moto G4 plus. My next phone will probably be an Android One from Xiaomi.
Mr Cookie (11 days ago)
When you seeing this video from xiaomi redmi note 4x charning it from a xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10000mAh wearing a mi band 2 and wearing xiaomi smart shoes on... Yeah i like xiaomi
Stas Vissarionovich (11 days ago)
your such a big noob man... so suprised by china, seems you didnt do any research before you went there
TheBuddiesForever (11 days ago)
Great info. I am a user of mi phone from India. And their mobiles hardware quality is pegged at 80% of best ones and their software quality is a tad low at 70% of the best ones. But when you compare it for 'value for money' proposition, it beats up everything there in the market!!! And they are growing day by day learning fast. Updates too are quite frequent.
Elinzar (11 days ago)
Honestly, i cant care a shit about the Mi Brand I care about the Product, since is what im gonna use
Justin nitsuj (11 days ago)
how on earth did Huawei get to west before Xiaomi? Xiaomi too firm in their no distributors may have cost them the number 3 spot. Seagull watch has similar issue trying to sell their own brand watches in N.America...
yakidk89 (11 days ago)
Using Guy Falks mask image as video icon.. Lame & pathetic.
Rob ert (11 days ago)
Hey du, vielen Dank für das informative Video. Wollte kurz fragen ob es die Laptops mit deutschem Tastaturlayout im Wiener Shop verfügbar sind :-D?
thesuperproify (11 days ago)
Proud MI user
Florian-Clemens Wagner (11 days ago)
Gutes Behind-The-Scenes Video! Danke!!!
Aceslade (11 days ago)
I have been using xiaomi for quite sometime now, but don't actually feel proud at all having this chinese lower cost pirated/carbon copy of samsung galaxies (apple notch soon?). The only reason I am still using it is due to the aformentioned lower cost and me not having much money to afford "the originals" at the moment.
Erosion Creations (11 days ago)
very fitting thumbnail. good job
Rob Devine (11 days ago)
Only thing I don't like about Xiaomi is that I cannot use Google as my main account. It keeps trying to get me to use Mi Cloud and other Mi sync apps. All my stuff is in Google so do not want to start syncing to another provider. Other than that very happy with Mi Max 2
Camrenizreal (11 days ago)
Watching on my redmi 5+
mPky1 (11 days ago)
its kind of sad, how all shopping malls are the same.
Pro Gia (11 days ago)
LOL at 5:18 some guys arrested in front of the xiaomi shop??😂
sunny steve (11 days ago)
Comes with bloatware LOL someone clearly doesn't use xiaomi
ThYr0N (12 days ago)
We have already two Xiaomi stores in Spain........ Madrid and Barcelona so I doubt Viena is the first one :S
R-Type (12 days ago)
Xiaomi makes amazing products that people really love here in Europe. Problems are the warranty issues when they import stuff, the import itself with long waiting times and taxes and the manuals and software which were not or just poorly translated. If Xiaomi manages to get those things right without increasing the prices to heavily they will have a massive success in Europe.
T Suwardy (12 days ago)
speechless for xiaomi.......
Jack Rousseau (12 days ago)
They have low profit because they're honest. Their products are the best when it comes to Price/Quality. A 400$ phone from Xiaomi competes whit a S9+ from Samsung. This is what I call a good deal. Also, their new gaming laptop may not have the best specs on the market, but compared to bullshits from asus and msi, it actually have good cooling so the CPU and GPU won't downclock and you will be pleased with the gaming performance. They're so underrated because of the brands that don't deserve their profit because they sell products for 3x their cost.
t0nito (12 days ago)
I'm a huge fan of Xiaomi products, my first buy was a 10400mAh power bank which was cheaper than powerbanks with half of the capacity at the time, I then bought a bluetooth speaker that still impresses me today by it's sound and build quality, I then bought a Redmi Note 4 that I really love, great specs for a lower price point, I also have a Xiaomi wifi repeater that works really well for less than 7€. Xiaomi has really high quality products with affordable prices, I hope that they keep at that way and don't start cutting corners in the future.
kima khiangte (12 days ago)
Xiaomi advertise a lot in India including TV Ads.
AH HENG (12 days ago)
True Xiaomi is learning from Apple. Specially on phone power management
Rushdie Nuwanna (12 days ago)
I hate Chinese products, that’s it! “Just Copycats”
Biking Blues (12 days ago)
Whatever, but Xiaomi is making quality products, really sturdy and durable, from my personal experience...world needs more of these kinds of brands to keep the price of the products in check...
Johnny Walker (5 days ago)
xiaomi and huawei are the only chinese brands that i trust. 👌
Simon King (11 days ago)
Xiaomi was indeed the first company that pushed the price down for almost all smart phone, except for apple...
Tokiri (13 days ago)
FYI, SCS is in Vösendorf, not directly in Vienna >_>
fun fact crapple is notsmartphone maker all si amde by foxcon crapple dont make nothing
xiaomi destroy crapple even cant stand with huawei
Riku Falck (13 days ago)
**Black dude touching head meme** You don't need to spend money on product devolpment if other companies do it for you.
sivanesan c.u (13 days ago)
Flipkart is in Europe???
Farel Chen (13 days ago)
Price never lie, xiaomi is good enough for who doesnt have enough money to buy samsung but need high spec, but samsung had best user experience
Simon King (11 days ago)
I am android user, a very experience one, i know how to keep my phone fast with no lag even after 3 years, and i can tell u, touchwiz UI is one of the lousiest out there.
rakzr (13 days ago)
What truth did you even talk about? Just threw vague assumption and said market share more than 100 times. Useless video.
Vishesh Likhitkar (13 days ago)
I love my Mi phone, I have an iPhone too, but I like the Mi more
SUNNY DOGRA (13 days ago)
Very low quality products that’s what make them cheap
Jared Galorport (13 days ago)
My phone is xiaomi redmi 4a the specs are so good, but the price was cheap! Xiaomi is worth it!
Abhishek Gowda (13 days ago)
Watching on mia1
Valerius Romulus (13 days ago)
Do not buy anything from China.
timeofsage (13 days ago)
Forgot to say that they spy on their users hard.
Simon King (11 days ago)
Stop using facebook, google, instagram, Whatsapp, twitter, snapchat, ... just stop using any device that are connected to internet.
Synday (13 days ago)
xiaomi sounds like it's great, but I'll stick to huawei for now, as they're currently the best on the market with the mate 10 pro. oneplus 6 is also very nice but doesn't fit my taste, as it may have awesome hardware but it's not optimized towards it's software. i guess my next phone in one or two years will be a xiaomi.
Vikram Srinivasan (13 days ago)
What's the conclusion?
Bo Wan (13 days ago)
Low cost is because: 1 in China all these smartphone makers keep 0 inventory. Chinese people buy everything online even furniture, they produce phone when they receive order that is why they pre-sell new models to make a buffer. 2 xiaomi use profits to support startup none of mijia product or smart home devices are owned by xiaomi, they invest them and embed them into they ecosystem 3 they don’t expect to earn money from their hardware but their ecosystem
FinalCPU (13 days ago)
I like their laptops, using latest Intel and Nvidia processors, hopefully they'll start using AMD/Radeon products soon too as they get more popular. I am worried about the human aspect of the fast progressing autonomous manufacturing machine business.
Gee Dee the cat (14 days ago)
Dude I'm watching this on my new mi 5 a

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