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Deerpark Karen Villas | Fly-through

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Text Comments (26)
Daniel Ligayi (15 days ago)
this is a scam. why are they using graphics design instead of the actual house. even the car is animated!!!
Isabena Kilonzo (28 days ago)
In kenya ama?
Asha Ismail (1 month ago)
How much
Rain drops (2 months ago)
What a farce! Approved by the UN? stop with the bullshit.
Savan Shah (2 months ago)
Approved by the UN? What next? Approved by the Kremlin?
Powell Benard (2 months ago)
Ati approved by the UN for residential accommodation!!! #Dead
Patrick Njenga (4 months ago)
It would have been better if the gated community was much bigger....10 houses is a bore. I like the quality though...good work there Boogertman.
mso Jordan (4 months ago)
This property is exaggerated. Too much of earthly things might make us forget heaven
Mary Mary (4 months ago)
Gerald Muchiri it's not a big deal even you ,yourself you can live there just like anybody else silly you. In future believe in yourself nothing is too hard before the Most High.
mso Jordan (4 months ago)
Mary Mary why insult someone then involve God. What a cruel remark.
Zima Lesabe (5 months ago)
Approved by the U.N.??
Ahmed Bashir (1 month ago)
Zima Lesabe hapo pia nimechanganyikiwa... ay
kiatu kichafu (5 months ago)
kizungu chenyewe kimenishinda hata bei sitauliza wacha niende kayole
mwendapoleee (1 month ago)
kiatu kichafu lol nimeishi huko na msee kunabore fadhali kayole nothing happens there!
Lina Artan (10 months ago)
Is this house for sell
yoshiotamura (10 months ago)
Website?build schedule? Price? Specs?
karubandika sigalame (10 months ago)
itsjustme me (11 months ago)
number and how many dollars?
Houses Homes Kenya (1 year ago)
Deerpark Karen Villas
Selina Njeri (2 months ago)
Houses Homes Kenya can I please get prices if this development is complete.
Christine Antonsson (1 year ago)
hata common mwananchi anajua kweli kama estates ka hizo zinaexist Nai
Dubs (1 year ago)
Is this real
Gerald Muchiri (1 year ago)
nani wanaishi huko ?
mwendapoleee (1 month ago)
Mimi kkkkk...kķ
mso Jordan (4 months ago)
Gerald Muchiri N.G.O.s
GospelGuy (1 year ago)

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