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Best Practices for Minimizing Errors during GNSS Data Collection

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Aimed at surveyors and GIS professionals who use geodetic-quality GNSS equipment to determine positions for land planning, coastal monitoring and other purposes, this video covers best practices for reducing errors in the areas of: 1. location and environment, 2. equipment setup and 3. observation times and accuracy checks. For more information on geospatial infrastructure, visit http://www.geodesy.noaa.gov/. For more information and a gallery of reusable resources from this video see https://www.meted.ucar.edu/training_module.php?id=1197 See COMET's MetEd website for hundreds of other geo-science training resources: http://www.meted.ucar.edu.
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Danface Ochako (1 month ago)
Navanath Raut (4 months ago)
it is very good information for surveyors
Patrick Cabrido (4 months ago)
Very excited to study land surveyor. Anyone have tips or recommendation what books should i buy for my study?
Patrick Cabrido (4 months ago)
Andrew Widolff thanks
Andrew Widolff (4 months ago)
Depends what you'd like to do! Many people start in the field where they learn how to use the equipment quickly as a Survey Technician. Crew Chiefs are experienced with equipment and its limitations, many types of projects, multi-tasking, communication, and supervising crew members. If your goal is to be a licensed professional and oversee this work and legal obligations, look up a survey program in your State! Otherwise there are dozens of reference books by Robillard, Wilson, and Brown. (Used on eBay..) As for equipment, great idea to read manuals and user guides - you will find that many underutilize their equipment. Good luck
Alfinsyah Suhendra (4 months ago)
thank a lot :)
EngineerSupply, LLC (8 months ago)
Very nicely done video. We sell GPS / GNSS Equipment http://www.engineersupply.com/gps-equipment.aspx
Engr Raja Sheraz Ahmed (9 months ago)
#Static with leica GPS this video make by me.for Urdu language users https://youtu.be/URnYxBzCFZY
Oscb Oscb (2 years ago)

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