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Car Air-Con Service at Wearnes Autohaus | EvoMalaysia.com

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Air-conditioning maintenance is often neglected by Malaysian motorists, and I am guilty as charged. Had my Waja's air-con serviced at Wearnes Autohaus Segambut complete with Airconmatic treatment to remove germs and bad odour. Cost of air-con service at Wearnes ranges from RM120 to RM180 depending on model. The Airconmatic package is priced at RM99. Subscribe after watching and give us a like at www.facebook.com/aurizn. Our team also includes: - Bobby: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzamhkOmpSnZ7BSBikvKnA?pbjreload=10 - Beng: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHA1qOxygNKl3HX8EBuQlw www.aurizn.com www.evomalaysia.com www.estatemalaysia.com www.caratmalaysia.com www.idmalaysia.com
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Text Comments (27)
G ZC (9 days ago)
Wah price really ok ler
G ZC (9 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen Next service 👍
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Bring your car over anytime
Peter (10 days ago)
nice chatting with u just now at wearnes. keep up the good job.
Peter (9 days ago)
hehehe.. new video please:)
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Can always drop by for coffee and nasi lemak. HAha.
Peter (9 days ago)
sorry. u have answered my question. tq
Peter (9 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen haha.. drop by means car got problem lo.. just curious.. my ori myvi has not serviced the aircond.. how much was ur car? tq
Kon Wai Luen (9 days ago)
Pleasure's mine sir. Do drop by more often.
jimmylim85 (15 days ago)
I just use Mitsubishi evaporator cleaning can around RM 80 or below. It uses chemical foams to clean your aircond fan blade, goes to the evaporator and down to the drainage pipe. That Voltronic AC22 can is merely anti bacteria air refresher and doesn't really clean the evaporator.
jimmylim85 (14 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen I bought the can from Mitsubishi SC and I do it myself. There is YouTube video made by Mitsubishi that guide us step by step. The whole process is around 5-10 mins. And that evaporator cleaner is made in Japan.
Kon Wai Luen (14 days ago)
RM80 is a very reasonable price. Where did you do it?
CarGuy66 (15 days ago)
Does this really clean the evaporator? Where does all the dirt and nastiness go? Very nice and easy...
Kon Wai Luen (15 days ago)
well... I don't believe it will be as thorough as opening the air-con up and scrubbing it la
Nizar Ahmad (15 days ago)
CarGuy66 .... true. my aircon guy open the evaporator, chemical wash it, put new expansion valve and seal back. then add gas with some compressor oil additive. plus wash condensor. service caj rm180. brg2 I buy cheap2 at aircon sparepart. .... my car 12yrs iswara.
ng yc (16 days ago)
The price for the service is quite reasonable.
Kon Wai Luen (15 days ago)
Yeah, they benchmark against official 4S centres and set a lower price.
Ganesh c (16 days ago)
thanks for teaching me
Kon Wai Luen (15 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Shaun Tan (16 days ago)
Kon. Wonder if any specific range of timeline to service a car aircond? My old kancil use to be service once around 2yrs. Old method unlike what in video show. They took out to wash& flush the radiator. Check the aircond gas etc. But didn't mention release old gas and input new ones. Pls advice as current new car is 4yrs old. Haven't service aircond yet since is still cold and didn't notice any issue yet. But I did do the anti bacteria vaporator thingy
Shaun Tan (15 days ago)
Kon Wai Luen I wish also. But I live in penang
Kon Wai Luen (15 days ago)
4 years is quite an okay timeframe yo service it. Bring your car over la
navind chitty (16 days ago)
Nice, share location in description. Need check for leakage
Kon Wai Luen (15 days ago)
Wearnes Autohaus Service Service Centre, 39, Jalan 2/57B Jalan Segambut Tengah, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.
purple man (16 days ago)
How much does re-filling gas only normally cost?
Dylan Ch'ng (16 days ago)
what I don't understand is that workshops bother to place plastic protection over driver seat but not on passenger side yet they sit on passenger side. 1:35
Kon Wai Luen (15 days ago)

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