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The Property Show 6th May 2018 Episode 259 - Western & Nyanza Region

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94110mission (1 month ago)
The sample apartment at Le Rosey could've been done better. The staging was sub-par. They should've used better quality furniture. A design consultant would add touches to make the place look less stark. Didn't like the plain beige tile flooring. And why no extractor over the stove in the kitchen for the prices they're asking?
Munene (1 month ago)
looks like le rosey needs tarmacked accesses roads or buyers cars will be breaking down
Cabdala Abdirahman (1 month ago)
Bright future for all Kenya's
94110mission (1 month ago)
The future (and present) doesn't look so bright for Kenya's Gays and Lesbians, does it?
crazy entertainment (1 month ago)
nyc show
I love kisumu

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