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Top 5 Smartphones With Unique Concepts

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Hello friend's here is the top 5 Smartphones With Unique Concept.Smartphones have become our biggest friends in a day to day life. We probably spend more time with our smartphone than any other device daily. But the most difficult thing today is to find a phone that stands out in the crowd. But that’s not the case with these 5 smartphones in this list. These are some of the most unique smartphones right now. If you’re looking for a unique smartphone, I hope you find one of your choice. All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup.All smartphone work very well. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! check this video also:- Upcoming Amazing Nokia smartphone :-https://goo.gl/sogHGB Top 5 best smartphone with 6 GB Ram :-https://goo.gl/UkmQe1 The Smartphone Pc :-https://goo.gl/a9f4ol Top 5 best smartphone with 4 GB ram under 15000 :-https://goo.gl/FA5GjW Top 5 best budget smartphones:-https://goo.gl/xksg08 Top 5 best smartphone under 30000:-https://goo.gl/P5oEwt Top 5 best smartphone under 20000 :-https://goo.gl/vBOvL7 Top 5 best smartphone under 15000 :-https://goo.gl/5xYgbV Top 5 best smartphone under 10000:-https://goo.gl/YjtgQv Top 5 best smartphone under 7000:-https://goo.gl/p3XW02 Top 3 best 4G/LTE smartphone under 5500:-https://goo.gl/iIxuP4 Subscribe :- http://bit.ly/2e1ZOkE Facebook:- http://bit.ly/2dXOzoV google plus:-https://plus.google.com/u/1/111669875983746769268
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Text Comments (126)
aniket bhagwat (14 days ago)
click here new unplugged song #aniketbhagwat
abhi shek (25 days ago)
i hv the 3 one
Raju Das (1 month ago)
The smallest 4g phone js Jio phone now...
Afrose H (1 month ago)
Did Graalphone come out?? Then so definitely I would go for that
Lwanga Aloys96 (1 month ago)
#Graal phone
road runner (1 month ago)
2 and 3.
where can I buy the phone all this like, cat,jelly and changhong h2.
Abhinandhan Reddy (2 months ago)
Looks like they forgot to mention the Meiju pro7
Muhammad Hamza (2 months ago)
You take videos from other channels and publish on your channel that's a foul
Pradip Dey (2 months ago)
Graalphone is best
wahaaj khattak (2 months ago)
I did not find this ChingChonG H2 phone on internet , anyone knows about this phone ?
Live VOICE (2 months ago)
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tyson ty (2 months ago)
not bad
sohel world's (2 months ago)
can you bay one phone for me ples i bage you
Pravin Patel (2 months ago)
Background music sucks...
Erwin Parreno (2 months ago)
I like the CAT phone.. :) thermal is very useful in many ways.
SHEN Peter (2 months ago)
Wow ,Some Chinese brand ! great
Unique TechChip (2 months ago)
RAJESH s (2 months ago)
I IU impressed graal phone
Afzal Sk (3 months ago)
grall phone is the best
Narendra jagan (3 months ago)
Diamond DUDE (3 months ago)
medican pill not recognized (cheap outdated database) lol
Diamond DUDE (3 months ago)
lol now even the guy take serously that part 'we want...smaller phones.." thats why he hesitated to say it
Rovin Singh Solanki (3 months ago)
SUNDARA S (3 months ago)
Sami Lashari (3 months ago)
Sami Lashari (3 months ago)
Sami Lashari (3 months ago)
Sami Lashari (3 months ago)
Sami Lashari (3 months ago)
Stevie Mcnichol (3 months ago)
I'll support jelly if you give me a few free ones to get people to try
waw !!! (3 months ago)
انا احب الرقم 1 اعجبني كثيرا Le numéro 1 ma beaucoup plu
Rohit Timung (3 months ago)
I love the phones
zero vizible (3 months ago)
PLEASE someone give me tha name of 7:12 music?? :D its awesome
suri baby room (3 months ago)
Olson's Telugu
suri baby room (3 months ago)
gulam mohammad (3 months ago)
Raviranjan Singh (3 months ago)
Hi friends best hai aapke lea please click the web page gdbye
陈世力 (3 months ago)
Althaf Mon (3 months ago)
wery naise phone brilent warking
hack games world (3 months ago)
is it available on flipkart?
THE LIGHT OF LIFE (3 months ago)
I love the last one most wish if I had
Chen Sokunthy (3 months ago)
Azly (3 months ago)
I would like buying the graalphone! It's awesome! Just a plan to buy....lol
Edward Watson (3 months ago)
Durga Venushree Gopal (3 months ago)
12344 Aaa (3 months ago)
محمد احمد درويش
sumanth mullapudi (3 months ago)
can you give their prices in india
Official Trailers (3 months ago)
is the 1st phone a real one
Robert Michael (3 months ago)
Am Ok
Mansu Goyal (3 months ago)
How I'll get it?
Pankaj Kumar (3 months ago)
How can i buy changhong h2 smartphone.
have fun (3 months ago)
Awsome phones
Hebi Maulana (3 months ago)
Gralphone awsome
Arun Sharma (3 months ago)
Where i get phone that is on no1 positon i am from india
TS World Series (3 months ago)
Chang Hong has a very good concept
cinemaya magic (3 months ago)
where I get this? Plz share link.
JVC ZTE (4 months ago)
Imran Khalifa (4 months ago)
meme memem
valery labiche (4 months ago)
i really like it
Yogendra Singh Lodha (4 months ago)
Missing #Nokia plz come back...
ninetenduh (4 months ago)
Okay the First place one got me interested in it. Too bad it's fucking huge and as thick as a Car.
Avishek Bose (4 months ago)
The Nokia 3300 needs to make a comeback...
Sayef King (4 months ago)
Avishek Bose
A.N Studios (4 months ago)
Its awesome
Pradip Regmi (4 months ago)
Worst phone ever
Love You (4 months ago)
I love jelly phone..
prasad Patil (4 months ago)
Gralphone is so nice
Anshu Majhi (4 months ago)
Ali Bukhari (4 months ago)
4:36. What that music is called ? Can anyone please help me ? :(
Abrar Illuminati 666 (4 months ago)
Jyoti Srivastava (4 months ago)
Best was no. 1
RV (4 months ago)
Jelly the phone you'll never find when you forget it somewhere !! :-)
Dan Dadanmul (4 months ago)
RED MOBILE uk (4 months ago)
If it loads porn fast and it's splash proof I will buy it
Vijay Singh (4 months ago)
Useless stuff
Danang Agus Sanjaya (4 months ago)
Rupesh sharma (4 months ago)
http://zipvale.com/43i9 see this phone 😍😍😍
Imdia Clasher (4 months ago)
Graalphone share me link for buy this phone
gmon78 (4 months ago)
Info Box Pro google.com
THE ONE INDIA EK BHARAT (4 months ago)
Display par show kiya hua PHONE kaun da hai ?????
Prince Kumar (4 months ago)
I know about jelly pro but I can't buy it on online stores or mobile stores near me do you know any website to buy it please tell me I'm from India
gmon78 (4 months ago)
Prince Kumar You're from India.
Bhardwaj’s Art (4 months ago)
How can I purchase phone which is at Number 1 position
Prabij Shrestha (4 months ago)
I think they re invent Nokia n98 for graalphone 🤔
parth Acharya (4 months ago)
I 😍 phone
Abdul Bazim (4 months ago)
Shaham Shamz (4 months ago)
vivek Verma (4 months ago)
fajrudeen ahmad (3 months ago)
Mad Explores hudjjyh
Mad Explores (3 months ago)
Suraj just Dance (4 months ago)
Awesome so beautiful
Taha Sultan (4 months ago)
No 1 price
Dody Kurniawan (4 months ago)
lol drop-proof that cat s60 phone, may also cum-proof
Mohammad Anees (4 months ago)
changhong H2 is awesome
DK Vines (4 months ago)
1 is osm
from outside (4 months ago)
Jelly is great
Karthik Gandhi (2 months ago)
Y yug m
Sachin Shere (4 months ago)
Seekiz Lc (4 months ago)
Last one is great
Souvik Nanda (4 months ago)
The best is no1
Lucifer Prime (1 month ago)
just 19000
Edward Watson (3 months ago)
UsR Life (4 months ago)
Sneha Dheer (3 months ago)
Its grEate dude.
Edward Watson (3 months ago)
UsR Life (4 months ago)
Zatchbell Iron fist (4 months ago)
No1 is better than other phone
Rafi Khan (7 days ago)
13 years ago HTC made that style phone & Sold in the world by O2 & i-mate, O2 Xda Executive & i-mate Jas Jar...then 12 years ago HTC made a Similar style phone with magic magnet keyboard & distributed in world HTC X7500
Abdul Waresh (2 months ago)
Mad Explores (3 months ago)
downney xtyawan85jogja (4 months ago)
prateek patel (4 months ago)
bahutai khatarnak
Mad Explores (3 months ago)
The Luke (4 months ago)
i think that the last is the best and i want it

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