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Google Pixel 2 Review: This Thing is Smart!

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Do Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have what it takes to be the best smartphones of the year? Pixel 2 Unboxing: https://youtu.be/a-9IZz8Ry5I Top 5 Android 8.0 Features: https://youtu.be/qfy6Bbro8GI Reddit on the display: https://redd.it/77gm3r Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Liquid Spirit (20syl Remix) ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Google for review.
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Text Comments (11664)
If only Google have designed it better.. The back, for me, actually looks cool but not as ellegant as the other competitors.
William Yale (14 hours ago)
Android phones are ugly. they should bloody learn a lot from apple on design
MrLangam (1 day ago)
Lmao, without seeing him first, I thought he was a white dude. When his face appeared I was really surprised.
Gemaima Poole (1 day ago)
how is the storage on this phone?
Ash Ketchum (1 day ago)
Your hands are so huge, 6 inch phones look so small it's so deceiving
Devon Stone (1 day ago)
at the point where he talks about the dark background that's what i really need cause i have bad sight and sensitive to light soo a bright white screen sucks for me so if a smartphone would have a dark mode or something would be so nice i feell like that should already be a thing
Isaac Russel (1 day ago)
I like how you explain about the SRGB colours and relate it to your experience on editing images with the phone. Loving your videos the more I watch them! :D
JammyNarwhal (1 day ago)
The pixel two XL looks so nice but the normal Pixel two has ginormous bezels.
A-Maverick8 (2 days ago)
Sumit Grg (2 days ago)
this motherfucker's face is too much irritating black
TheThunderSound (3 days ago)
6Million subs... ON POINT!
Joe Nimens (3 days ago)
Very informative... I hesitated at the 12 minute length... glad I looked. excellent work
CatKingCole82 (3 days ago)
I love my google pixel 2 xl. Got every defensive mechanism available to keep it safe.
Andrew Burley (3 days ago)
They do come with headphone jacks for those of you who still want to where your shity beats although personally id suggest upgrading to some wireless bose or samsung in earbuds. Got mine a week ago used it against an iphone an x and my god its so much better also has a 4k camera and sound quality is pretty much out of this world as well for a smartphone. Easily the best smartphone to date. Hell apple couldn't beat it even if they made an Iphone X + wich know doubt they will.........
Phantoms (4 days ago)
was the issue about the saturation of the screen already been addressed with the new update? please answer me T_T
GrimTech (4 days ago)
Honestly idk if it's on your end or on mine. But I can't tell the difference between the P3 colors vs sRGB on the pictures.
jhonathandio1 (5 days ago)
I'm watching this on my galaxy s9+
Yoda (5 days ago)
Currently on Iphone 8 but am definitely considering trying out the pixel, it has a really clean and smooth os which reminds me of ios. If next years pixel xl is not plagued with hardware issues I may try it.
Joshua Gall (5 days ago)
For me picture in picture works with videos in chrome but not YouTube. Do you need YouTube red for it to work? I'm using a OnePlus 3 on Android 8.0
Chandru Ntr (5 days ago)
Google pixel
Abdul Rashith (5 days ago)
I’m the one still using iPhone 5s n it’s really hard to switch bcoz of it’s compact 😂
Gops (5 days ago)
Hey. I got a new phone and I want to use it without a back cover. However, I am concerned about getting scratches on the camera lens, since it protrudes a little. Suggestions anyone?
Greve von Dy (6 days ago)
You sound so dubbed
Brian Burrous (6 days ago)
Ordered a refurbished pixel first generation 32 gig the other day. Package just came in, accidently sent me a 64 gig pixel 2. Oh no! :p
jacob Google chrome (6 days ago)
Grab it a little too hard that's what she said
Karlo Miguel Perez (6 days ago)
Love the reviews man but this phone went from oooh to meh the moment you mentioned no headphone jack. I understand companies would want buyers to buy their wireless exclusive stuff or so but they just shouldn't force nor make it a necessity by totally removing a basic function a phone has to have.
Daniel Kwon (7 days ago)
I'm here waiting for the 3 and 3 XL to come out
Vadim Kavecsky (7 days ago)
That is very 2010 looking phone.
KAV - 82 (7 days ago)
Google's own launcher is one of the ugliest launcher
imserious2187 (7 days ago)
Camera is amazing, apple is no competition
Dawn Somerville (7 days ago)
Thank you for this amazing review. Detailed and to the point. I currently have the first google pixel and have loved it from day one. I changed from Iphone and its been the best choice I have made. Again thank you for you great video!
Dawn Somerville 💯
optytrex (7 days ago)
Or maybe a comment on the Customer Service/Customer Support problems that have been littering the internet for supposed crap service?
Shivam Pawar (7 days ago)
Hey, are you still doing Pixel 2 XL giveaway?
M Marino (7 days ago)
Love your reviews! I purchased the Samsung galaxy s8+ last year, after watching your reviews and a few others. Best decision I ever made.
phantomphoenix (7 days ago)
There a way to use headphones with this camera?
shivanie10 (8 days ago)
I found that you are not really honest. I mean objective. When i look at pixel 2 review with sam s9. It looks a little bias. Short xample sam s9 also has spotify colours. And did you know u can unlock sam s9+ without touching powerbutton first and then fingerprint. Thats the fastet way to go. And yes i use the sam s9plus. But i do not have a youtube channel with 6m followers. I thought that you where objective but you cannot be that 100%
Daisey Daniel (8 days ago)
how much did it cost
neil welch (8 days ago)
Note 8
Zacsss (9 days ago)
I'm watching on a xl
Unknown Person (9 days ago)
Has anyone in the comments got one? Would you recommend?
Priyanshu Agrawal (9 days ago)
Does this phone still has touch sensitivity issues? Please reply. Thanks 🙏🏼
Jordon XPR (9 days ago)
I would buy a Google pixel 2, but try don't have headphone jacks.
yxng menace (9 days ago)
Congrats on 6 mil
William (9 days ago)
I need a RED Camera. jeez.
Adolf Hittler (9 days ago)
so they are changing people premium price for a phone which doesn't have any exclusives but a good camera which is worse than the s9 camera and faster updates etc that phone is the most expensive piece of shit.
optytrex (9 days ago)
When's an updated review coming up?
Benjamin Rogers (9 days ago)
Google complexic unverifiable works better👅. None profit Layer
Chintan Dholakiya (10 days ago)
Hi, make that portrait video please
Demian Florin (10 days ago)
you made a mistake. Htc u ultra desn't have squize mode :D
Fraser Alfad (10 days ago)
May i know which app did you use for demonstrating video screenshot while editing a photo in your video? thank you much appreciated
Andrew Burley (11 days ago)
3.6k people clearly regret buying samsungs or iphones. Waiting on mine to arrive cant wait to use it after testing it out in store the iphone x has jack shit on this phone.
gamefrick (11 days ago)
Hi Marques, we are waiting for your full tech review of the camera on the Google Pixel 2 XL please!!!!
張J (11 days ago)
stealing features from htc u11!! :(
gamefrick (11 days ago)
that's because the phone hardware was made by HTC
lanxpcs (12 days ago)
Says he likes the squeeze feature on the Pixel 2, but said he dislikes the squeeze on the HTC U11. Kind of biased eh?
Juan David Redondo (12 days ago)
Tune for payment let shape Muslim race mere dry detective.
joshua senior (12 days ago)
I had a bad experience with stock Android it lagged a lot and their was bloatware from my carrier
XAD (12 days ago)
Still stuck with my Nexus 6p😅😢
Diamond Black (12 days ago)
it's UGLY who agrees with me?
Rominati Jantar (12 days ago)
When he said "ok google" my Google assistant pops up 😂😂😂😂😂
Nhe ry (12 days ago)
Imperial Trooper (12 days ago)
Which Tesla model do you own MKBHD? P100D?
Dr Richard M (13 days ago)
Marques did you know LG is responsible for the OLED display in the Pixel 2 XL the entire Pixel 2 XL phone is manufactured by LG ?
goofy toofy (13 days ago)
Half of the views are probably from GOOGLE .
Eno Beano (14 days ago)
Pixel handsets are sooooo ugly No if ands or but I would never troll around with that ugly phone It looks like they couldn’t make up their mind what material to use and it looks so cheap What ever happened to google glass? Oh yeah now I remember They need to stick with their software and leave the hardware to Samsung Just saying
*I Like Dogs* (14 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL Pros: Great rear camera Great Front camera Large Screen Good finger Scanner Placement Stock Android Dual Stereo Front Facing Speakers Easy use of google assistant Ip67 water resistance Amoled Display Android 8.0 oreo Small Bessels High Resolution Screen Cons: No headphone jack (Rip Jack) Blue Shift Dull Colors More Common Burn-in No Wireless Charging A glass metal plastic hybrid back (which feels mostly like plastic and very cheap due to it being on the outside of the metal and where you usually put your hand) Bessels larger than most other besseless phones Ip67 water resistance only compared to other phones with ip68 No micro sd expansion slot Its an Lg oled panel not a Samsung which at the time Samsung has the better amoled technology Overall I'd say its probably got one of the best cameras and speakers for a phone. The stock android helps it always stay up to date. It fingerprint scanner isn't in some weird spot. Like many other phones it's got small bessels and a high resplution screen, However for social media, photos, and video the phones Lg amoled panel is not that great with higher chances of burn in and the blue light shift. Googles choice of RGB also makes the colors duller. And the lack of the headphone jack and micro sd expansion is always annoying. Plus it's only ip67 while other phones are ip68 which still have a headphone jack and micro sd expansion (and a pen for the note 8). No wireless charging isn't a deal breaker, but the plastic coating over metal makes the phone feel cheaper. It would be assumed in the hands that it was a plastic and glass back. And because of its speakers there are many phones with better screen to body ratios. It's a good phone but as someone who rarely touches the camera and usually is reading comics online or on youtube, this phones poor screen problems and lack of a headphone jack make it not a phone I would use as my daily driver.
TheThunderSound (14 days ago)
On Point!
ATH133T3 (14 days ago)
You were rigth, I prefer tonned down colour
Mateo Gobo (15 days ago)
What camera did you used for this video? Quality is great! Congrats!
Herecomesdatboi _ (16 days ago)
I have a cheap LG because I'm a broke teenager and my parents don't want to buy me the pixel lol
Nuky93 (16 days ago)
No headphone jack? Instant ditch, sorry.
Johnold13 (16 days ago)
2 things they needed badly but 4 things to he worked on for the pixel 3. Put the headphone jack back in. Put the expandable memory card slot back in. Work on getting IP68 & Put a better amoled QHD screen. Then the pixel 3 will be unstoppable.
Matthew Hanson (16 days ago)
How are you able to reach 5hours on screen time for battery usage? My battery on my pixel XL 2 is great, it does a 9am-6pm work day no problem.. but i get about 3 hours on screen time maybe 4? and then my phone will need to be charged. Would love some tips or something to help get more screen time out of this great phone!
Ikram Ahmed (16 days ago)
Just got one today and my God it's the best phone I've ever used.
Andrew Caudell (16 days ago)
Are there any launchers that allow you to open the total color gamut?
Raoul Ramsaran (17 days ago)
"the iphone of the android world" in that it has no headphone jack. I bet some dumbcunt ex apple employee came up with the idea
Pisa Toast (17 days ago)
Which would you prefer. Google pixel 2 xl or Galaxy Note FE
gooldii1 (17 days ago)
Thumps up! Good Video, thanks a lot! But...take xl or normal??
Blvck Wrvith (18 days ago)
Luckily the lack of a headphone jack isn't a big deal for me. I prefer to go wireless anyway. I think I may actually purchase this phone. Great review!
Robyn Morales (18 days ago)
if you lock it down via corporate google environments- does the pressure question work?
Victor Monaco (18 days ago)
This thing is entirely too expensive.
Tim Kalonji (18 days ago)
Hey, what camcorder did you use to record this video?
SandStorm (18 days ago)
Everything On point.
User Name (19 days ago)
No headphone jack is the reason I will keep getting samsung. These companies are losing customers by removing the jack.
Celina Crawshaw (8 days ago)
User Name realistically you are staying in the past by grasping to the headphone jack. They aren’t losing customers, look at the amount of people who own any of the iPhones back to the 7.
Jaysann22 (19 days ago)
No headphone jack, no included headphones, gimmicky squeeze feature, and MASSIVELY overpriced for it's hardware. Google pulled an classic Apple-like dick move with this device.
RandomKitKat (19 days ago)
Marques Brownlee > My Grades In School The way he talks just makes me happy and school doesn’t Happiness is important More than knowledge I now have a damn good excuse for my momma if i get bad grades
DubDon (19 days ago)
Yess funn yesss
Wilson Yeo (19 days ago)
What's that wallpaper? It looks great! Someone could send a link please?
Goh Jovan (19 days ago)
What is the wallpaper on the pixel 2 xl?
Joel Casas (20 days ago)
Choice = IPhone X
Andrew Caudell (20 days ago)
Regarding the screen issues, don't be too envious of Samsung's displays. I JUST got off the phone with Verizon Tech Coach because I had to order a warranty replacement for my S8 Plus due to screen burn, and it's pretty egregious. There's a ghost image of basically my entire Google keyboard as well as the top status bar and the dock with the multiscreen, home, and back buttons.
Ramona S (20 days ago)
Take a shot everytime he says 'smart'
Satya Sandim (20 days ago)
Still it doesn't feel as fast as one plus 5t
Kid Android (20 days ago)
Just got myself a Pixel 2 XL and the first one I had to exchange becsuse the bottom speaker sounded like it was loose or something it just reverberated really badly at anything past half volume. Got my replacement and wow the sound is great and the rest of the phone is as well. I was sick of my Note 8 camera and taking shots that were constantly out of focus and the Pixel 2 XL camera has had none of that issue, this camera is amaze balls! My first phone was manufactured in October of last year and my new one just 3 weeks ago (first week of March 2018) so I was curious about the displays and the new screen doesn't have the blue shift barely at all which is great but the first display actually was brighter and the whites looked a little crisper to my eye. I actually like the old display better so it sucks that first phone had an issue with the speaker but I'd rather have a slightly dimmer display than not be able to turn my volume past half without hearing a major reverberation from the bottom speaker.
Ivan Aristy (21 days ago)
my google home turned on when you said ok google
skyclasp (21 days ago)
For those of you who have got this in the UK, have you bought this on a contract or bought it outright for the handset price? Which option do you recommend? I'm on 3 at the moment.
Tendayi Mavhima (21 days ago)
no headphone jack, no thank you
Faraz Farooq (21 days ago)
when he said "Ok Google" you triggered my google home ahah
Mahmood Ashraf (21 days ago)
Google pixel 2 xl. My favourite.
chew kok (21 days ago)
he goes from bashing the camera to praising it
Alpha_Amin (22 days ago)
which should i get and why . . . Iphone 7 , google pixel 2 or the Razer phone?which one would you get?

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