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Switching from iPhone 7 Plus to Galaxy S8? Impossible?

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iPhone vs Galaxy S8! We see how group messaging, FaceTime, pictures and more are impacted when you pop the sim out of your iPhone for the S8. What do you guys think? iOS or Android? Social Networks: Twitter: http://bit.ly/1ItDLeU Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Q7GoH4 Facebook: http://bit.ly/22zYfsO Snapchat: uacreviews For business inquires email: UrAvgConsumer@gmail.com
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UrAvgConsumer (10 months ago)
Hey guys! Thanks for watching. I ultimately chose the S8 as my daily driver but ran into some issues along the way which I shared in this video. Response to frequent comments: - Definitely not here to "fanboy" over Apple nor am I paid by apple lol... that REALLY wouldn't make much sense since I ultimately ended of choosing the S8 as my daily driver. -Group chat was tough because the people around me all use imessage and do not want to use third party apps (ex. in group chat with family and parents that are 60+ and don't want anything to do with third party apps like whatsapp, duo,etc..) - There's a sim card in there lol. I have two, one for my daily driver and whatever phone I'm testing. I wouldn't lie to you guys. So relax, put your pitchforks away my android ppl and watch until the end of the video!
roni wales (5 days ago)
Iphone it is
Lavonte A (1 month ago)
UrAvgConsumer currently I have a iPhone 7 Plus an in April I’m thinking about switching to the Samsung galaxy note 8 and I also have a Apple Watch what can I do?
PukiemanGamer Eisert (1 month ago)
i went from apple to android. i like it because you can customize your device without the hassle of jailbreaking it. i just ordered the S8 two days ago and am waiting for it to arrive.
simique (1 month ago)
Darren Gloster Same thing here in Finland
Creeper Mishra (1 month ago)
Then why do you brag so much about the iPhone 8 although it being almost a decade old design..
Imtiaz Taibi (4 hours ago)
Yeah.....let's but apple guys......let's but iPhone x.....its only 500 bucks more than Samsung with only about half of the specs...so.. yeah....why no but apple right, can't go wrong there.
Matt Supertramp (2 days ago)
The whole iMessage thing is dumb. Just use GroupMe or Facebook or an sms group chat. Why would you use a service only Apple products can take advantage of?
TheRealJohnJ (2 days ago)
Great video! I think you gave an excellent summary of the pros and cons. Very balanced and free of fanboyism.
TunersTeam 69 (3 days ago)
Facetime and iMessage? Just use Mesanger for both, it's better since you can connect with iOS, Android and Windows.
IAMJAYYTv _- (3 days ago)
Don't forget headphones jacks lmao
Martin Kirkov (4 days ago)
fvck apple!
AJ Anderson (5 days ago)
s8, i already have one and I have been a samsung person my whole life
Natalie Carpenter (5 days ago)
You literally are talking bad about the galaxy because it doesnt have imessage... how old are you again?
Natalie Carpenter (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who absolutely hated the iPhone after a year?
samuel wake (6 days ago)
you know i tried to switch before but the samsung blew up in two weeks😩 that’s why apple is my best friend
ABO TOYAB (7 days ago)
Can you give me one s8
Amelia Blue (7 days ago)
No. I definately agree with you. I've always been with Apple and when the Samsung S8 came out I was compelled to switch over and it was never because of the looks. To be honest. I just want a phone that does what I both need and want but I was hestiant and unsure to switch because I had grown too comfortable and confident in the IOS system to even bother investigating other devices and what they offer. But I watched the Samsung Galaxy S8 presenation, watched hundreds of reviews and the more I discovered about Android the more it won me over. It's been almost a year now since I got my S8 and I'm in love with it. However, 95% of my friends and family have IOS devices so I did find somewhat of a struggle to join group chats and such but thankfully they offer third party apps. I've definately found the perfect phone suited for my needs and wants. To be honest. Apple will have to really wow me before I even think of it again. The first month of owning my very first android device was challenging because I was so use to the IOS navigation & etc. But I'm in love. I'll be sticking with Samsung from now.
Ani Mat3 (8 days ago)
Good choice
Katelyn Davis (8 days ago)
Does it come different colors. And plus I have a iPhone 6 and it’s turning off by itself opening apps I need to switch what do you think
GamerGrrl (9 days ago)
Eh, don't care. I was an android user the whole time. By the way, I'm watching this on a Moto E4 and I really want the Samsung Galaxy S9+ Or S8 Really badly.
Cardiff Maxwell (9 days ago)
Hey that's the best thing u did 😎
human (9 days ago)
Android is still better df ITS ALSO CALLED WHATSAPP BB
Maria Tyre World (10 days ago)
How abt battery life?
سعودي شنب (11 days ago)
I,m with samsung from 2007 and I love it
Himanshu Jagtap (12 days ago)
Below Average Consumer: oh first hiccup, I can't post to Instagram it's very hard, I don't have access to iCloud. PRO: Just save the damn pic to Google drive and sync folder, open Google drive on phone and upload the pic directly to Instagram. Below Average Consumer: Video call is very bad, FaceTime is fucking great! PRO: Just use Google Duo! Below Average Consumer: oh fuck I can't use imessage. Oh shit group chats aren't showing up on my Android phone SMS. But woh they are working perfectly on my iPhone. PRO: Just sign out of imessage from iPhone! All the messages will be sent to you as SMS. Also, imessage isn't the only chatting platform. Instead of using a closed platform, use a cross platform service that is all inclusive! DAMN THESE DUMB YOUTUBERS🙆 Apple has made you dumb sheep using their amazing marketing!
Endri Mirto (13 days ago)
food wars ❤
Carson Tin (14 days ago)
Whats the wallper u r using, pls tell me I love it, thank u bro
Ashley Stratford (17 days ago)
nothing to gain from those edge panels - except the ability to use it for the apps edge panel maybe ?
Jatz (19 days ago)
Android Messages will have Duo in it soon, so you will be able to video. Also has RCS be much like I message! wait a month. Idk why Imessage has so much hype, as everyone u know would have to have Imessage?..most people I know have Android.
365darknlovely (19 days ago)
Android! I just did the switch myself from iphone 6s+ to Samsung Galaxy S8. I absolutely love the S8. It's so much more freedom.
Delvon Milner (19 days ago)
I own ipx and the note 8 but I like the Samsung more
ahmed kijan (20 days ago)
S8 for suuuuur i have one and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it
Davy Chin (20 days ago)
I just got mine s8 plus yesterday I was satisfied with it
Internet Troll (12 days ago)
Davy Chin dude the s9 is about to be released 😂
Hoji23 gaming idks (20 days ago)
The wallpaper looks like it moves is it free
Hoji23 gaming idks (12 days ago)
Internet Troll cool
Internet Troll (12 days ago)
Hoji23 gaming idks yeah
pinkjeanniebottle (20 days ago)
Turn off iMessage, your number is still linked to your iPhone.
Clara Wafflez (20 days ago)
I think the real problem is apple not wanting to cooperate with iMessage and group chats
Oscar Mondaca (21 days ago)
I had iPhone since they release iphone4 to iPhone 7 , I really loved them but I got bored of every time they released a "New model" was almost the same to the previous version. So I switched to S8. I really love this phone... I think it offers wide options than Apple does. Love Camera !!!
Toney M. (22 days ago)
Disable iMessages on your old phone, wait 24 hours.
asvpjoey evdo (26 days ago)
Is there a 3rd party app for FaceTime ?
If you love games, get video game emulators. They are only for Android and not iPhone
Great choice my friend :)
Carissa M (27 days ago)
Wish when you mention a different video you'd link it so I can watch it also. :)
Google User (1 month ago)
Use skype or viber instead of facetime everyone has that
Soreya Thach (1 month ago)
Soreya Thach (1 month ago)
You have to turn off your iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime I had the same issue
John Yoon (1 month ago)
I'm a current iPhone user (has been my daily driver for the past 7 years or so) but am considering switching to the S9 (once it's made available).  1. Facetime. I think Skype quality beats FaceTime out and, as long as you have a Skype account.. which most people who do any sort of video conferencing have .. you can make video calls with a push of a couple buttons too. 2. Group messaging works fine with Android. The only reason it's getting pushed onto your iPhone still is because you didn't turn off your iMessages before switching your phone. 3. With certain software, Androids are actually more "cross-compatible" with MacBooks (especially if you have an older one) than iPhones are (I know, crazy). 4. Agree on the USB Type-C. I don't know why Apple hasn't switched over their iPhones to USB-C yet. 5. So sad that I will not be able to use my Apple watch anymore :( but looking forward to getting the gear S3 too!
John Yoon (18 days ago)
Yea, I completely agree :(
Eric Cire (18 days ago)
John Yoon well, I gotta said. Present Apple aren’t think different like before anymore..
Vipul Srivastava (1 month ago)
Regina S. Bell (1 month ago)
Lol i dont think I want an apple no more seem like you selling your soul to the devil or something. Lol I see some apple users or just hooked from day one. I tried Apple but I can't get accustomed to it. I guess whatever you start out with whether it's Apple or Android you will be hooked to their user interface over the other.
wero454 (1 month ago)
That kind of transition is wrong. Samsung is too complicated for an iOS user whose main focus is simplicity. Pixel or OnePlus is the way to go. Maybe Motorola but their softeare support got crippled thanks to Lenovo
AlanaFieldsTV (1 month ago)
So when I got my s8 I kept going between the iPhone I had and my Samsung because I wanted to weigh out the pros and cons. But for what I used my phone for and the features I wanted and needed I could not stay with apple. Plus I found a lot of cool features 1 mainly that you can only do on Samsung. So I in the end chose my Galaxy.
REGINALD GREEN (1 month ago)
Had to switch, thanks for the video. The Note 8 is where I at.
sydjaguar (1 month ago)
FaceTime and iMessage are the reason why I am still with Apple. There is no comparison with android
Patty_ Pattaratorn (1 month ago)
S8+ is better in my opinion. I chose the S8+ over the iPhone X
George G (1 month ago)
More views equals switching to android
samy cherai (1 month ago)
IPhone for snapchat
Akshay Garg (1 month ago)
I dont like anyone dis respecting s8
Jaimie Leyva (1 month ago)
Abdelilah Hilal (1 month ago)
Guys. I'm having Huawei mate 10 late. And I'm thinking of changing to Galaxy s8+ So my question is did the speaker on Galaxy is good? It does making loud and good sound quality? Cause I hate the sound quality on my current Huawei phone. Please help me
Christian Gamer (1 month ago)
I had a iPhone I went back to Samsung and my SIM card is now in my android but I still get messages on my iPhone any reason why that is
Internet Troll (12 days ago)
Christian Gamer disable iMessage
Swarp_Plays (1 month ago)
2:1 nope, they can be quite useful! it could be your own view on it but atleast say that it is..
Bernard Evasco (1 month ago)
want to have both one for multimedia one for the rest
DipsyMum29 (1 month ago)
I loved my note 8 and was constantly making little notes and send I live message gifs etc. In the end though I sold it because although the note 8 screen was beautiful like you said it was form over functionality and I found typing on it really cumbersome. It didn’t matter if i was using stock keyboard/swiftkey/gboard etc my palms would keep hitting the keyboard as I typed and the swipe function would activate as I was typing and mess up the words. I don’t know if the iPhone X is the same but my experience of a bezel-less phone was enough to get me to get a iPhone 8 Plus instead.
JAZZY J (1 month ago)
This is a very biased reveiw
bloodbath10010 (1 month ago)
UrAvgConsumer HAS FOUND DE WAE!!
bloodbath10010 (1 month ago)
OmarJ Enriquez (1 month ago)
Samsung forever
HumanCloset (1 month ago)
The edges are boss. I use my edge panel every day. I dont see things warped.
Merab Zukhbaia (1 month ago)
man ur retarded if you don't know how to do group messages in android, there is so many different options, are u kidding me, big fat dislike from me
Merab Zukhbaia (1 month ago)
It's so funny, that you make such a big deal out of changing a phone ! impossible to use galaxy s8? you are overreacting dude
Sphereslip (1 month ago)
When most of your friends have Apple phones, of course you are going to have these problems. Apple tries really hard to have this monopoly where iPhones talking to iPhones are almost exclusive. You also need MUCH more time on the Android platform, especially nowadays. It is completely different to a few years ago, feature and app wise. Not a bad insight video though.
Jounin Plays (1 month ago)
Sure, losing all of your group chats is annoying, but you can just download whatsapp, which I think is better than I message because of accessibility
Nikki Timm (1 month ago)
S8 is a beautiful phone, I'm impressed with it. I don't own it, I love ios but if I can afford both phones I would!! Imessage is easier to text on though in my opinion
Michael Margono (1 month ago)
Use google duos smh
Timothy L (1 month ago)
Android fanboys are probably one of the easiest people to get riled up over the tiniest little things... Second only to feminists.
AbigailAnn (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this honest review
Haydan (1 month ago)
The fact that you dont have access to icloud imessage, or facetime isnt samsungs fault, blame apple for branding everything and constantly trying to be different.
DivineFinesse [GodZ] (1 month ago)
U can use I cloud on s8
Gtune (1 month ago)
I have an iPhone 7 and when the Samsung Galaxy S9 comes out I’m most likely gonna switch to it
Ahmed Amin (1 month ago)
What's the wallpaper
ansi ansari (1 month ago)
Ill gooo with s8 all day
Raymond Greenwood (1 month ago)
My issue was going the other way around for work. My work phone I will only be using for work but going on a business trip I found handicapped with the iPhone. I had no ideal how much I used google assistant and how much better it is over Siri .. I means tons better.. I am not saying that the iPhone is bad its not what I am used to and I have to learn how to use this phone so it works to my advantage
Samsung galaxy s8 vs iPhone 7 plus
The Darklord (1 month ago)
Dude. Stop being a noob. No use for the edge??? Bruh!!! EDGE SCREEN!!! And wtf is imassage?? This is samsung. Not apple. We don't care about "i" stuff. Leave the ios apps and start using android apps. Facetime? What is that? Just use skype.
Milan Chokshi (1 month ago)
You need to make sure that u call Apple and disconnect your phone number to iMessage. Remember, iMessage is a cloud based service. A phone number and email are just ways to get penis
Blackice929 (1 month ago)
iMessage and Facetime are your biggest complaints even though it’s obvious af one cannot use them on Andriod? Maybe you should stick with Apple then...all his complaints were basic af honestly and. weren’t a big deal too me, the tech ignorance is wild BUT I’m glad he did realized how customizable Android can be.
Vee Amorin (1 month ago)
UrAvgConsumer where can I get that live wallpaper 😍😍
Battle Hero (1 month ago)
I love how you mentioned iMessage and FaceTime. Literally no other youtuber mentions it
rupertldn (1 month ago)
I just swapped my Galaxy S8 for an iPhone 7 a few days ago, a month with the Galaxy S8 was enough me. Android has come along pretty far in recent years but it’s still nothing on iOS’s polish and presentation. Hardware wise the S8 beats the iPhone, but I much prefer the user experience on an iPhone.
NyHmii Gaming (2 months ago)
YOU CAN USE your APPLE watch on your android. Lol
Roger the Dodger (2 months ago)
Subbed.... Love the honesty on both phones
M0E G (2 months ago)
Apples ecosystem is real Also I had major issues with s8 ,s8 plus and note 8 in regards to duplicated contacts!
Martin Waring (2 months ago)
I have used both iOS & Android on a daily basis. I prefer Android (Galaxy Note 8 user)
Reginald Thevenin (2 months ago)
I go with s8 uravgconsumer
Christy Mccullough (2 months ago)
I'm about to get the S8. Super excited about it!! All of the things you have problems with, I don't even use, so I'm not sweating it. Glad you're liking it. I've always been an Android person, never had an iPhone. Don't think I ever will
Mitch Moeller (2 months ago)
Use gramblr you can post from your laptop straight to Instagram
Hertox (2 months ago)
I will stay with iPhone. Everyone like something diffrent. I have iPhone 7 and it is the best phone i ever had.
Navanjana Abeysekara (2 months ago)
I am addicted to FaceTime & iMessage because of that I’ll never leave apple..Apple is secure than android & I think its simple & easy.. S8 & Note 8 is also awsome devices bt I am stuck with apple
Grammar Nazi0 (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me why everyone gives a damn about iMessage and FaceTime? Just install WhatsApp or something.
J Determann (2 months ago)
Making the switch. Just ordered S8. We’ll see!
Internet Troll (12 days ago)
Anfernee Neal yup😂
Anfernee Neal (15 days ago)
J Determann dude s9 is about to be released 😐
Christian Holden (2 months ago)
Just use Snapchat for group chats
Urho Pajala (2 months ago)
S8 much better impossible to switch to apple for me I always had Samsung
Arismendy Feliz (2 months ago)
Welcome to Android i got it and love it
Michael (2 months ago)
To video call I would use duo
TheBoltMaster (2 months ago)
Download whats app and google dup, they're miles better than imessages and facetime

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