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EverymanHYBRID: Explained - Part One

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Don't you just hate it when life interrupts your workout routine? For the EverymanHYBRID crew, it was the other way around as a simple workout routine ended up interrupting and unraveling their lives. EverymanHYBRID: Explained - Part One introduces the story of Jeff, Vinny, and Evan, three friends who developed a fitness series on a whim and found out just how quickly a light-hearted joke can get out of hand. EverymanHYBRID [Official Channel]: https://www.youtube.com/user/EverymanHYBRID EverymanHYBRID Twitter: https://twitter.com/EverymanHYBRID CanYouSeeTheWords (From 1st Entry): http://canyouseethewords.tumblr.com/post/652132390/from-the-book-of-genesis CanYouSeeTheWords Twitter: https://twitter.com/youseethewords All footage from EverymanHYBRID and CanYouSeeTheWords is copyright of the respectful owners and legal propery of the creators. Night Mind does not claim ownership of, participation in, or exclusive rights to EverymanHYBRID, CanYouSeeTheWords, or any affiliated media. All footage used under fair use for purposes of entertainment, education, and review. Music used royalty-free courtesy of Kevin MacLeod. Opening piece is "Shiny Tech II", all other pieces from Kevin MacLeod's "Horror Soundscapes" "Shiny Tech II" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ------------------ Night Mind Twitter: https://twitter.com/NM_NickNocturne Night Mind Tumblr: http://nick-nocturn.tumblr.com/ If you're all the way down here, it means you're a pretty dedicated reader! Thank you for your incredible support of the Night Mind channel and your viewership. All of the support is extremely appreciated.
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Text Comments (2242)
IzMo2000 (21 hours ago)
This comment is clearly not timed well, but on Animal Collective's album "Sung Tongs", "Who Could Win a Rabbit" follows the song "Leaf House", which references House of Leaves. Spooky.
Marcus Dobson (1 day ago)
as a wise man once said: "Watch your profanity,"
Robert Dragoiu (1 day ago)
In every single clip of them you can see they are lying in their body language, damn.
Derpypixlz Boi (3 days ago)
Its fucking slender seven scrolls 1/7&2/7
Allison MacMelville (3 days ago)
The beginning is a direct call out to me and I know it
Derpypixlz Boi (3 days ago)
In car pushing 👎if u noticed the guy in the woods
Derpypixlz Boi (3 days ago)
Also if u saw the huge mass in affordable gym equipment
Shadow (3 days ago)
best character is sparky.
MaxEze (3 days ago)
Me when the Operator doll shows up: This is gonna be one of those days.
Alexander Walloch (4 days ago)
This reminds me of marble hornets
Paddy mooney (5 days ago)
Does this not count as gamejacking? Sorry if I'm way off Base but it seems this would have worked just as if they had made up a new spooky ghost man.
andrea campbell (6 days ago)
Marina Perroni (6 days ago)
this is quite boring, i hope troy wagner knows about this
tacos4lolz (7 days ago)
I wonder if anyone found this channel early into its life genuinely wanting health tips
Mr Purpl3 (7 days ago)
its like, Grandma's watching this channel for health tips. Has heart attack.
Ghost Girl (7 days ago)
32 teeth not 36 though
000 000 (7 days ago)
Sean Gillespie (8 days ago)
The question is....Rabbit? Or habit?
andrea campbell (6 days ago)
Sean Gillespie I dunno
Unoriginal Username (8 days ago)
this subtle stuff is so much scarier than any horror movie
Unoriginal Username (8 days ago)
theres a dude in the back of the car pushing video
Why was that intro so fucking long? 2 minutes?? Also why the hell do you spend 1 minute explaining us some things we have in us? Just get to the point already, we don't care about this stuff, nor does it contribute anything to the video
Soul Evans (10 days ago)
House of Leaves is a great book
Emily Steele (12 days ago)
The Black Shirt Vinnie's Wearing Is Actually A "The Division Bell" From Pink Floyd Teeshirt.
Shito (13 days ago)
I swear all these comments are about slenderman
Josh Christian (17 days ago)
Blair Witch done right!
Sarrina Alexander (19 days ago)
Who else caught the new video from EMH and needed a refresher course?
tre14321 (20 days ago)
People push cars for fun?
holy shit pulling this creepy shit while live streaming? these guys are serious bout this ARG.
Allie Petschke (20 days ago)
I think emh is one of the best arg's on youtube
Happy Fun Times (20 days ago)
How dare Jew make a holocaust joke
Astip (23 days ago)
Just got to the point where you pointed out every time slenderman showed up... how did i not see any of that?
Headphonelovex2 (24 days ago)
uggggghhhh so close to to where I live lol
X'Elias of Rivia (24 days ago)
I'd like the EMH story so much more if it was wayyyyyyy more condensed tbh.
reaper Green (21 days ago)
X'Elias of Rivia it's still goin holy shitttt
X'Elias of Rivia (21 days ago)
yeah, it crosses over with Tribe Twelve. What I mean is, the story is too damn long and convoluted and complicated. It's lasted eight years and is still going
reaper Green (21 days ago)
X'Elias of Rivia I heard it crosses over with another web series is that true
reaper Green (21 days ago)
X'Elias of Rivia what do you mean
mc bad robot voice (24 days ago)
*very negative repercussions*
mc bad robot voice (24 days ago)
Did they replace this YouTuber with a robot while we weren't looking?
Hahnium0801 (24 days ago)
I'm binging watching all his vids wish me luck
reaper Green (21 days ago)
Hahnium0801 have u watched it all
sharon douglis (25 days ago)
Do it stab the slender man do it
Luma (27 days ago)
Why do people just bull charge at Slenderman?
I am not at the end of the video yet but I'm hoping he realises "Did you see the words?" Is also an animal collective song...
Cassidy (27 days ago)
I always thought Evans acting was cringey and ruined the series
Jon Jackson (28 days ago)
Slendys got sum mad editin' skillz.
Jon Jackson (28 days ago)
Guys, I just coughed. Help.
Foksi Hamada (29 days ago)
Did you know that if you drink apple juice late at night it gives you vivid and lucid dreams? I wonder if Evan ever brought that up
The Deception Bruticus (30 days ago)
Evan got me into Motörhead
CardboardBoxGamer (1 month ago)
Slenderman is an Animal Collective fan, who knew
Andrewtheantivirus (1 month ago)
I love the dedication and also following the lore and things in this 'arg'
Little Miss Artist (1 month ago)
When I saw Slender for the first time I just laughed at if they did edit this how did they not see him. (Also why is he so short lol)
Various Artists (1 month ago)
I’ll never get over the fact that nick is NOT a furry, by definition.
Various Artists (1 month ago)
Dude, I wish that someone would invent sweaters but like, for feet.
Korra 228 (1 month ago)
Evan is Slenderman!!!!!
Korra 228 (1 month ago)
392Firepower (1 month ago)
is it justme, or is the whole "Slenderman" motif getting boring? It was done for me when MH ended...
Makoto UK (1 month ago)
After the first 2 minutes of what I saw, Nick's soothing voice is the only thing that can steady me.
Transformative Pepe (1 month ago)
Logan Paul wasn’t the only one to record a dead body excerpt this Dead body is fake because she i saw her still breathing
Did you notice in the intro when it glitches it says “habits”? In TribeTwelve, Evan turns into Habit. Is this a coincidence?
WheatlyTheMoron (1 month ago)
“Did you catch that flash in the background?” Yes a ‘flash’. Definitely not a human man. It’s super fast.. fast like boomy.
WheatlyTheMoron (1 month ago)
LOL when happiness switches to habits and you get the joke
taylorstuff (1 month ago)
10:28 i CANNOT believe you didn't point out the obvious slenderman in the fucking trees. There's probably a reason though lmao
Mr. Caca (2 months ago)
I should visit Hoagie Haven one day. They sell sandwiches. Nice.
CreepsMt (2 months ago)
Speaking of that, the holocaust was fire.
Reverbose (2 months ago)
Oh fuck. The coughing and people acting weird, codes, fucking messing with cameras and "slenderman" the fucking operator. The fucking Ark, college students making videos. Fuck man. I didn't expect this shit.
Vincent saraiva (2 months ago)
Is It weird that this scares me?
Joymaker Jack (2 months ago)
Ender Sunrise (2 months ago)
Who needs jumpscares when you got sudden audio distortions!
Xix Xax Xorux (2 months ago)
45:07 me when i hear EMH dropped a new video
L0RD SM3XY 2 (2 months ago)
Coming back from the long hiatus 4/13/2018. Feelin fine.
Thatschwiftykid 1275 (2 months ago)
45:25 he be doing the dash
Grim Scardango (2 months ago)
Habit: *sees tall man with a nice suit* *hits him with a fucking baseball bat for not letting him finish his food cooking*
PhoenixHawk (2 months ago)
i love how it says "not for public release" at the start yet here we are watching it
Spencer Marcus (2 months ago)
I know this is gonna get creepy soon but my only takeaway so far is that Jeff needs to be fired
Yin Yang (2 months ago)
"I, for one, am a fan of Motorhead" Me: What's Motorhead? Is it pure static? Plays weird noise Me:Not static but close. Wow. I must be psychic.
AlphaShire (2 months ago)
~9 mins holy shit I live close enough to that park to bike to. That made me fall out of my chair holy shit!
AlphaShire (2 months ago)
Seeing the town I grew up in on a channel which I admire
AlphaShire (2 months ago)
This is crazy
AlphaShire (2 months ago)
Shit I’m skimming through this series and I recognize a lot of these locations
Anonymous Mouse (2 months ago)
goddamn tumblr fairies
locodesert 2 (2 months ago)
9:18 *Ears bleeding* thanks for the ear rape warning man
ZMC (2 months ago)
Cool background it is really soothing
Am i the only one seeing the shadow guy in the basement moving and the guy in the forest
BlockyNinja (2 months ago)
I just came here for workout tips
Joymaker Jack (2 months ago)
"That wasn't motorhead!"
Jupiter's Godzilla (2 months ago)
The beginning part just *looks very cheesy* makes a *B-movie look good* (sorry) If this thing is *still going* i would *rip this APART*
Meem Lord (2 months ago)
Ok that beginning had me confused but I got it now
A. J. Hollins (2 months ago)
So this randomly comes on my screen (recommended by YouTube), and I just happen to realize that today is the date on the graphic in the beginning. Spooky.
Dogmooser (3 months ago)
The logo is kind of like Subways
protovision (3 months ago)
just seeing the fucking slenderman in the background while everything else seems normal is the best scare tactic
furryhugger4 (3 months ago)
goddangit, i just saw the first sighting of my boy slender and i didnt realize this was one of his stories i just got over marble hornets too
furryhugger4 (3 months ago)
but i do have to say, just randomly having him watching through the window and in the forest as they push the car was a nice way to show him
joslyn budd (3 months ago)
What if slender just wants to get fit
Violet Rousseau (3 months ago)
9:36 "Hello there!"
NemFX (3 months ago)
"A guy down the street overdosed" Milo Asher? If the two stories are connected, that would be a subtle nod.
ravioli ravioli (3 months ago)
returned to watch these again because i was bored, checked their twitter most recent tweet 13 hours ago nice
Glenden Reuer (3 months ago)
I really wished they made slender slightly less noticeable, it's too damn easy to spot him right off the bat.
Bomberguy (3 months ago)
EMH has better writing than most horror movies that have come out in the last 5 years
Hopeless Peaches (3 months ago)
I am writing this only at 11:48 , but was that a MAN stood in the woods during the car pushing?? NM, why are you not mentioning this? Or is this to be saved for later? Either way, I'm spooped
10:29 well this seem—wait......IS THAT SLENDERMAN IN THE FUCKING WOODS!?
Ashleigh Euse (3 months ago)
wow I sure do love accidentally signing up for a slenderverse
frustrated lad (3 months ago)
bruh how did i not see slenderman in the door while he was talking about the treadmill and elliptical. When he replayed it it seemed so obvious but it totally slipped by me the first time
Gloom Moon (3 months ago)
When ? Evan I think went after Slenderman I was really hoping he'd get him lmao I know he wasn't but all I could think was how the character was so ballsy I had to root for him 😂😂
Freakish (3 months ago)
9:21. That guy behind the pole scared the hell out of me.
Smokey McBongwater (3 months ago)
Man, The tumblr girl is such an annoying part of this story, Just her character is so that loser girl that takes her self way to seriously, and they made that person a huge part of this story, like why would you make the worst kind of highschool girl a main character in anything
Closed Hue (3 months ago)
I just feel like 44 61 6d 6e 20 66 69 64 64 6c 65 73 74 69 63 6b 73 20 66 75 63 6b 69 6e 67 20 6d 65 20 62 65 69 6e 67 20 6c 61 74 65 20 62 79 20 79 65 61 72 73 20 6a 75 73 74 20 66 75 63 6b 69 6e 67 20 64 61 6d 6d 69 74
TheAsianpie (3 months ago)
I love the dudes/Evans run in the background with the girls - like it's spose to be strange and spooky considering the whole story unfolding, but he looks so goofy. Its great
Jose Cabrera (Student) (3 months ago)
what if slenderman just wants to sell free real estate?

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