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Does Frame Rate Matter?

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Do you really need 60 FPS? What about 144 frames per second? Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Asus VG248QE 144Hz Gaming Monitor: http://amzn.to/23T2OQu Between gaming and video frame rates are everywhere but how much do they actually matter? To find out I tested video at 15 FPS, 24 FPS, 30 FPS and 60 FPS to show the difference along with playing some Minecraft on an Asus VG248QE monitor on a gaming PC to see if you can see the difference with 144 frames per second. Kevin Kenson: http://www.youtube.com/kevinkenson Amy Schmittauer: http://www.youtube.com/savvysexysocial Marques Brownlee: http://www.youtube.com/mkbhd Ralphy Cervantes: http://www.youtube.com/ralphycervantes Add me on Snapchat! austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (8132)
Kristijan Jozić (4 hours ago)
Long story short. *YES*
Tom (18 hours ago)
No, they don't. Fuck the Switch is a great system. The Wii was a great system, PS2 was a great system... Hell the NES and SNES classic are flying off shelves.
PeterBoy36 (19 hours ago)
ThE HuMaN eYe CaN OnlY SeE 60 FpS.
Obnoxend Roblox (21 hours ago)
My camera is 15 FPS
JohnyHDKing (1 day ago)
144hz monitor is good for fps it looks smooth but use the monitor of 60 hz you see the diffrent
tastyfood gaming (1 day ago)
60 for games
Nate Springer (1 day ago)
144hz is the BEST anyone who doesn't have a 144hz monitor for there pc get one now!!
Dabi Games (2 days ago)
i have patato pc 30 fps is a miracle for me
Master Turtle (2 days ago)
i play minecraft at 350 fps
diskretakillen (3 days ago)
Huh now you know how it feels to be me and only play with 10fps
Joel Klone (3 days ago)
I mean personally I literally just bought a 240hz monitor from Alienware for my first ever monitor and I havee t been able to use the full 240hz because I am still building my desktop! : ) I am so hyped! : )
PixelSplatMC MC (4 days ago)
Why do people not like minecraft ;(
Midi (5 days ago)
Yes it does
Logan Pennington (5 days ago)
You basically could of said “Hey guys, this is Austin. FRAME RATE DOES MATTER YOU FREAKING PC NOOBS”
A Real Memeist (6 days ago)
∞ Fps is enough for me! Exept when i play Minecraft i get 10 fps on all lowest settings.BTW i have a lenovo G50
But... does size matter lol?
GamerAlexPlayz (7 days ago)
60 is the w\sweet spot
Salah Hossaini (7 days ago)
Damn bro, ur ass at Rocket League.
M Game Nielsen (7 days ago)
about 1000 fps but it there is almost no diffrence from that to 144 fps
Brandon Carter (7 days ago)
30fps is quite a great framerate to clock but once you go 60, you never go back.
The_Great_Funyun (7 days ago)
you already know when clicking on this video that everyone watching it is a console gamer
Blue eye (7 days ago)
anything Under 60 Frames is Noticably different cause i human can only see 30-60 FPS Then if it goes to 1000 theres not really a big Difference if u have a Strong eye your eye will hurt to see all those Frames
xXUltGamerX x (7 days ago)
The highest I’ve gone is 12
yis bou (8 days ago)
I don't need anything more than 60 'cause I have a standard display.
Wouter Derksen (8 days ago)
120 Hz!!!!
PratyushSharma TECH (8 days ago)
I only need 25fps
DJ Lanuza (9 days ago)
144 hz on any fps 60-75 hz on anything else
Roni_112 (9 days ago)
TheSpoopyGhost (9 days ago)
Seeing Minecraft at 10 fps was really nostalgic, I remember quitting and loading my world every 5-10 minutes so that I could get back up to 15 frames a second because I didn't know about F3 + A, and I remember being able to click on leaves and they would break in one hit because that's just how slow the frames were.
scottyboy5451 (9 days ago)
60 is not enough
mr rendangz (9 days ago)
CarterDaPro (9 days ago)
Review that asus monitor vg
Kami Sama (9 days ago)
120 fps seems to be the sweet spot, i know I'm late but that's my opinion, 60 fps should be basic for all now and 120 fps for gaming for the smoothness
RegisteredPixels (10 days ago)
honestly all you really need is 90fps
DefaultGen (10 days ago)
"Whoa this still sucks", exactly how I feel that we're still dealing with 30fps games in 2018.
WisniaPL (10 days ago)
Everything more than 15 frames is like super fast on GT 540M.
Roaming Knight (10 days ago)
That girl is rude asf
Roaming Knight (10 days ago)
xXCoolGamerPro2635Xx (10 days ago)
*It looks like N64* but n64 has only a few/1/2 mb RAM
Coolfortnitegamer 77 (11 days ago)
My moms lap top can even run fortnite on low settings it runs like 1 to 2
Muhammad Umer Tariq (11 days ago)
The more the better.
John Gotti (11 days ago)
No shit
Gaming w/ Junior Gamer (12 days ago)
Probably 1000 fps is okay. Lol😂😂😂... XD Just kidding. 60 is what is required but 30 can also do the work in having because I m a gamer
Fenress (12 days ago)
i dont get my laptop of how it works... i get 40-60 fps on overwatch with low graphics and medium texture quality with 75% render scalling but any other game? thats another story i get 30 fps on wind waker.... I GET 20 FPS ON SONIC GENERATIONS
wind waker is capped at 30. and there is a difference between playing a game that has been disigned to be run on a pc and playing a game which never was supposed to be ran on pc hardware.
Adam's Tricks (12 days ago)
MLNDR (12 days ago)
Of course it does
ITS RED (14 days ago)
Charlie Bailey (14 days ago)
I bet if you were to tell someone something is 60fps, and it was actually 30 fps, they would not be able to tell the difference.
RationalLllama (14 days ago)
30 is playable only if the game has an insane amount of motion blur to hide it. Otherwise 60+ all the way!
DDoD SX (14 days ago)
You don’t notice the difference in the transition going from 60 fps to 144 fps, but try going down from 144 to 60
Ruben Knijn (15 days ago)
Best FPS = 43.34M FPS
Gaming With Gabe (15 days ago)
Is this even a question?
Caleb Henning (15 days ago)
I’m sad that I haven’t played or seen a game at 144 fps :(
Nick's Universe (15 days ago)
I usually play at 80fps
DAnte Jackson (15 days ago)
man the actual sweet spot is 69fps
BrickeiPlaysMC (16 days ago)
2K Doctor (16 days ago)
Yea my regular laptop plays fortnite all on epic at 8 FPS
vedanta neogi (16 days ago)
Minha Akeel (17 days ago)
Honestly all about the consoles so I’m fine with 30 frames However 60 frames is a blesssssing and *smmmmmmoooth*
Antonio HC (17 days ago)
i m fine with my 60fps
Ben Robinson (17 days ago)
80 to 120
Jared Tweed (17 days ago)
Please subscribe to my channel!
Farm3 r8 is not a number
Dragon Man3000 (18 days ago)
Anything lower than 300 fps sucks
Expo Jiban Legend (18 days ago)
Kevin’s hair looks so weird
Daniel27D (20 days ago)
it matters when your craptop cant get over 2 fps on a FLASH GAME
Juancarlos Mimbella (20 days ago)
Amoledgamer 8 (21 days ago)
Austin I'm a rule breaker I watched this video in 480p instead of 1080p60
L Gaming (21 days ago)
for me games are unplayable if below 60,
Jay Yu (22 days ago)
60 is just right...
robotomo (22 days ago)
i have never experienced fps past 40...
The Legacy Mikario (22 days ago)
When I was super little I played games like Counter-Strike on the computer and when I would get over 30 fps I would tell myself (my PC is running so fast today!)
asskings (23 days ago)
MineMaster (24 days ago)
It doesn't matter..
TheLegitWaffle (24 days ago)
I think that going over 60 FPS is a bit much. 60 is the great point where the game runs smooth and controls are responsive. Going for anything more like 200 FPS is pretty absurd.
Yanak Noah (25 days ago)
60 or 30
Sans (23 days ago)
AngelNations (25 days ago)
Misga (27 days ago)
It matters. It affects your aiming, own expirience.
Lyn Ferguson (27 days ago)
30 fps is good enough...
Carson Julvezan (22 days ago)
30 fps is a slide show
DARKP (28 days ago)
100fps is the best!
Dhari Jaafar (28 days ago)
i say 60 is a good balance, but for some games like cs i cant for the life of me play at 60.
Theosmush (28 days ago)
faisal gaming532 (28 days ago)
45-60 is good for me
Walkthrough Gaming (28 days ago)
30fps Movie-so cool Games-wtf!!!
COOLBOY 7371 (29 days ago)
My pc can't even run mc on 30 too it's just 5 to 6 fps my pc is beaten by a raspberry pie
Freezehelmet (29 days ago)
It definately matters in competetive play, especially in fighting games
Stratilex (1 month ago)
Is this why Kevin wear beanies?
Marťanek tv (1 month ago)
Fortnite 5-15 FPS.☹️
PlatinumMitchell (1 month ago)
30 frame rate is all i need 10 frames per second is annoying Constantly stuttering is just utter hell.
Xylitus (1 month ago)
i think below 30 is bad, and i dont get quesy at 60, so either is fine, but if i can have 60 i'll take it please, idc about 120 siince im not much for pc games and cant buy an expsenive pc anyways
HigherPower57 (1 month ago)
I know hat I'm like... 2 years late, but 120hz is the best, even now
OrT (1 month ago)
I never actually noticed the difference between 30fps to 60fps+. It *does* matter whenever it drops beneath 24fps though.
MaddenedMine (1 month ago)
Yes because I can't win at 15fps
MrCil 0,1k (1 month ago)
Sure does frame mates matter
MultiGamer123 (1 month ago)
The girl :This is like so junky like you
Bozata BG (1 month ago)
i would say that for me 30 fps is the sweet spot and btw im so used to having a slow pc that even 20 fps seems smooth for me on some games
DrSwaggy Bro (1 month ago)
Actually 0 fps is Nothing it just stays there still and freezed i think
Fox Powerzzz (1 month ago)
have you ever heard of 240 herz xD
Fox Powerzzz (1 month ago)
just kidding I don't like 240 herz cuz the most have only 1080p
Jim PSX (1 month ago)
lol im watching on a 240 hz monitor...
Hamilton De Farias (1 month ago)
I got used to the 50-60 range on my ps4... so now I really notice when playing games on my low-end pc...

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